Sunday, December 28, 2008

RUN NO. 2103

HARES: Tango/Amanda S

Last week's run we set off to a nice clear sky and no rain clouds gathering which is unusual for this time of the year.

The run went a different route to the usual Morley movers runs, firtst up the hill to the water tower, then up to a ridge, through a quite thorny area but not too much water and mud for a change, then out in the opposite direction to where we normally exit at Morley Movers.

Survivor impressed those who did not go in by walking up the water tower hill by herself. Well done Judy.

The first runners were out in under 45 minutes and all runners were out in an hour. Everybody commented favourably on the run.

We had one new guest tonight, Helen from the UK visiting her sister Rachel. Miss Tango celebrated her 100th run and Sarah Hill celebrated her birthday. Speedo and Miss Pink told their amusing duty jokes. When it cam time for the hashit, I, Never Wong was awarded it again for forgetting to take home part of the hashshit equipment and Maria again had to take it with me. Sorry Maria, and Miss Pnk for going in early to keep Glamour company (feeble excuse). I am taking good care of the choook as the last person to have him broke his neck. Thank you to the hares for the delicious and healthy rolls.

on on


RUN NO. 2105

DATE: 23 December 2008
SITE: Spg 370 Jalan Muara
HARES: Peahen/Bini Hutan/Gaby
FRONT HORN: MadMarg BACK HORN: Trailblazer

For new comers, Site 370 can be very misleading as there are a lot of trails from 370. However for those of us who know where Sigi lives that is no problem, but my heart always sinks as I have not got used to the hill from her house. Since the first time I stepped on that hill I have always huffed and puffed going up.

This week, I arrived late at Sigi's house and all the hens had already gone in. As I was not feeling very well I did not want to tackle the hill on my own so I decided to take a short walk, along the road and quickly got back to the house, and had a chat with Survivor.

Two front runners, Lee and Carol were out at 6.05. Since I did not go in I then went round asking hens what the run was like. I was told that after the hll the run was very interesting and that I probably could have managed it. First check was found by Sita, first time guest, Lee found the second check and the third check was found by Tango. All were out by 6.30 and had a good shower by the poolside.

The shout out began with teh arrival of the two JMs dressed as Santa and each carrying a bag of presents, all the way from Greenland for the very few hens who had been left stranded in Brunei. The shout out had only gone half way when the JMs were interrupted by the music from the Three Wise Kings (Tango, Mad Marg and Lynn) and baby Jesus (Dizzy). They entertaind us with a few songs, while pieces of gold (chocolate) were tossed around and incense burned as baby Jesus lay on the floor.

After the entertainment Juergen Broda, Sigi's husband, our Honorary member was called out of the kitchen, and after having been ordered to remove the apron and to put his kitchen towel down, he was given a down-down, for once again, he made and painted some beautiful H3 signs for us. What could we do without him? Thanks Juergen.

The evening continued with the draw for the Xmas presents for everyone present including Juergen. Each hen was only allowed three seconds in which to pull out a present from the bag.

The Hashit was awarded to the JM Amanda, who confessed that she did not sign in or out, and Satu Lagi and Dizzy for not signing out the previous week. However amanda craftily decided that as it was a festival run no one should have a hashit. We then sang Christmas carols and a few jokes were cracked.

The Hares put on a mouth watering dinner which included Turkey with stuffing, potations and vegetables followed by dessert. Thank you very much Bini Hutan (Sigi), Peahen (Bettina) and Gaby. All in all it was a great evening!

NEXT WEEK: Lucky Garden -- Bring a plate to share
HARES: Trailblazer/Not Yet

Friday, December 19, 2008

RUN NO. 2104

Date: 16 December
Site: DST
Hares: Never Wrong, Miss Pink and Norma
Hens: 29
Front Horn: Carol Back Horn: Alice in Wonderland

Driving to the Jerudong area at an early stage of the afternoon in order to be at the hash site on time, I still was helt up at work and heard the horn when I arrived. It took me a few minutes to get ready and after signing in I started running to catch up with everyone following white paper.

After a few meters along a road I hit a sewerage plant, which had a fence line, but no actual fence. From there it was a big open trail to follow all the way to first check. Soon I caught up with the tail of the runners, Naj, Speedo and some others.
Some areas were a bit muddy and swampy, but all in all it was nice trail.

First check was a back check; Carol just arrived picking up papers and we
followed her to where Alice in Wonderland was standing with a squeeky back horn.
On we went, through some shrubs, ferns and razorgrass until we hit a road. I realized that this was the same road we used to take going to the lake area, which has been blocked off for cars. From there on it was a nice stroll back to the hash site. We were out before it got dark, a good 45 minutes walk.

The shout-up was quite short; there were not many hens around as usual during December and no new guests. After a down down for the hares and a few announcements, Glamour brought out some jokes, which Carol was kind enough to read aloud.
Thanks to the hares for the delicious samosas.

Satu Lagi offered to join me collecting the signs, which by the way are in a very sorrow state. Only five of them are left including one made out of cardboard. Lets see what Santa can do!!!!

On On
Peahen, Bini Hutan and Gaby


Monday, December 01, 2008

RUN NO. 2101

DATE: 25 NOV 2008

A few dedicated hashers turned up in the pouring rain and the refrain, “It always rains at Rimba!” was heard more than once. I would like to congratulate Boel for bringing a first-time guest to the run – excellent persuasive skills considering the weather conditions!! I am sure we’ll be seeing her again.

The downpour turned into a shower, and then a drizzle, and then to a deluge, back to a rainstorm and finally a storm. Carol was very keen on training up some new horns and the back horns function was re-defined as not having to be the last out, but as ensuring that the paper is clearly laid through so walkie-talkies can easily follow it.

While some of us managed a short “umbrella walk”, other hardy hens were off on the paper and into the bush for a run, slip, slide, crawl, shuffle, stagger, climb, descend, dash trek.

Carol and Amanda came out in matching shirts singing, “Meet the JM’s” from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum. At the on-on the previous year’s committee was thanked for their hard work and Not Yet drunk a down-down. It has been decided that each week a joke will be told. This week Alice and Madam Sin both had good ones to share.

I was told that the food was delicious, but I didn’t have a chance to sample it as I had to hash dash after risking life and limb to collect all the hash signs (almost jumping into traffic to avoid a snake!! – although it turned out to be a dead one when I looked more closely.)

Off to a good start!


Monday, November 24, 2008

RUN NO. 2100

HARES: GM Ready Mix/JM Carol
FRONT HORN: Magic BACK HORN: Trailblazer

Neither one of us did complete the whole run but this is our version of what we did and saw last week:

It was a live hash - the first for some of us and so it was quite exciting because the hares were given a five minute head start before the rest of us began the hash. Nellie kept time and started us off. It was basically a road run for about half the run and then it turned further left up a hill. Since the uphill path looked rather muddy and wet and many came with regular shoes expecting a shoreline run. One large group steered away from the potential muddy path and did a U-turn back in anticipation of Founder’s night preparation.

Back at the ladies restroom, hens were clucking and adding feathers and paint whilst competing for mirror space getting ready for the odyssey in space. Founders night venue, despite being a last minute decision, lived up to expectations. Who were there - from aliens to princesses to Spock and the rest is left to your imagination. Food was superb with enough for all palettes and taste.

We received goodies on a random draw basis - torches, iron, raincoats, caps - all well appreciated. Of special interest is the list of special awards - longest run, shortest, wettest, and the imaginative list was quite long but neither of us took notes so no names mentioned here except one -Madam Sin received her 400th run award and spent it doing her hair.

It was a long night but this is only a short account of it. Bottom line is that the leaving committee did a wonderful job giving us a bash to remember and going out with a bang.

Welcome new committee!

On-on / Mani & Sarong


Monday, November 17, 2008

RUN NO. 2099


We seemed to be a bit low on numbers as the hashers gathered but as 5.15 neared, more turned up. Mad Marg was front horn and Cheryl volunteered back horn and to a pleasant surprise the run was not up straight away. We ran along the road for a few hundred meters… and then it was up. The front runners were all but half way up a very steep hill when they hit first check… There were only two options – to continue up (which was hard work)… or to go back down … so with some ahead and some on back we all checked for the on paper. Sure enough... it was on back. Cant remember who found it but Cath and her guest Felicity and Satu Lagi were in the right place. Even though we had gone back down, it only meant we were going back up the hill again but on a different trail. Yes we got the hill that we had been promised which went on up and up and up… until we hit the ridge which still was a bit up and down but rewarded with lovely views of the river... including a huge black and grey cloud in the distance.

Second check was at a split in the path…mmm... was Dizzy going to take us down into the depths of the jungle and round..perhaps stopping for a cup of tea at my house in Subok or back down. Well someone had to check so I dragged first time guest Felicity with me and we checked on down. As others checked in different directions, we soon heard the ‘on back’ call and struggled back up the hills again. The on paper brought us along the ridge a bit further and then on down to the sign in board. Just in time too as most hashers managed to come out before the torrential rain.

On on was at Dizzy’s with many first time guests which we hope to see again next week. There was a group of hashit holders this week – Dizzy (for forgetting the Hash signs last week), Mandy Webber (for talking through the shout up), Mad Marg (for selling while the shout up was on) and Sigi (for forgetting to sign in... or was it my fault as she asked me to do it for her…) They all took it is style and it was thrown by a professional… Smurf. We all tucked in to lovely food from Dizzy... posh pasta and sweeties.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

RUN NO. 2098

SITE: Lower Diplo
HARES: Sid/Kate/Fiona

Not for the feint hearted? Well i thought it was great and not nearly as hilly or long as i expected. At least it wouldn't have been had we not got caught in the dark, but first things first.

The beginning was a repeat of the previous weeks Hetro Hash for Halloween, but in the day light without Ghouls Ghosts and Gunk, had a decidedly different atmosphere. A steep hill followed and then as usual i completely lost my bearings but generally it was up down swim and pant. First and second check had been found by the illustrious before my arrival, so my contribution was at third which proved to be a challenging on back. A lot of helpful calling ensued which unfortunately hid the calling of those who had been checking forward. We almost had campers in the jungle but Melissa, Tango and others put on a spurt and caught up.

And then it started to get dark. And then it did get dark. Julia and i nosed ahead and managed well following plentiful paper and without a torch. Along some good new trails (Well done Hares) and cooling water for the now weary feet. We short cutted out when i saw street lights and recognised the nearby simpang, arriving back at about 7pm. Last ones were out by about 7.15 i think. And then it rained as it does sometimes at 7.15 in Brunei.

The run was well laid and is a reminder to us all that going into the jungle without a torch and water has its risks. We should all be responsible for ourselves without having to be reminded. I really enjoyed it and was sorry not to be able to stay for the on on. So well done and thanks to the Hares.

NEXT RUN: Bukit Serdang, Jln Kota Batu (Yacht Club end)

Monday, November 03, 2008

RUN NO. 2097

DATE: 28 October
HARES: Trish/Carol
SITE: Bukit Marakucing, Jln Subok

Halloween Hash
ghouls and goblins gathered in their annual celebration. They were joined by a new guest – from the other side of the world.

The run was notable for visiting gremlins hiding in the jungle to add spice to the proceedings.

Despite these trials and tribulations during the run, some energetic ghouls completed the run three times despite negotiating the pineapples at the end.

Riff Raff It's astounding
Time is fleeting
Madness takes its toll
But listen closely
Magenta Not for very much longer
Riff Raff We've got to keep control
We remember doing the Hens’ Hash
Drinking those moments when
The blackness would hit us
Riff and Magenta And the hares would be calling
Chorus There goes the Hens’ Hash again
There goes the Hens’ Hash again
Criminologist It's just a hill to the left
Chorus And then a creek to the right
Criminologist With your hands on your hips
Chorus You bring your knees up tight
But it's the pelvic thrust
That really drives you insane
There goes the Hens’ Hash again
There goes the Hens’ Hash again
Magenta It's so dreamy
Oh, fantasy free
So you can't see me
No, not at all
In another dimension
With voyeuristic intention
Well secluded, I see all
Riff Raff With a bit of a quick flip
Magenta Right down in the mud you slip
Riff Raff And nothing can ever be the same
Magenta You're spaced out on libation
Riff Raff Like you're under sedation
Chorus There goes the Hens’ Hash again
There goes the Hens’ Hash again

All attending made a special effort with their finery and many awards were given.

Many thanks to the hares for a splendid run with a especially heartwarming gruel to feast on at the end.

HARES: Sid/Lee/Kate/Fiona
Rocky Horror Hash Warning - tonight’s hash is not for the faint hearted. Large hills have been provided and some of the trails are new and have required cutting.

Monday, October 27, 2008

RUN NO. 2096

DATE: 21 October
HARES: Amanda S/Tango/Tina I/Gill L (virgin)
FRONT HORN: Carol (with apprentice Sarah G) BACK HORN: Naj

It was a nice change to run on the ‘other side’ of Serasa Hill, but it was still a hill. The hens gathered at the start of the run and we had a newbie front horn - Sarah G. There was a bit of confusion as we could not find the paper to start the run, which we thought was a bit of an early check, but it was soon found hiding under the parked cars. As the location suggests, we were on a hill straight away…up the road and into the jungle..up and up we went. The trail led into the thick of the jungle, with plenty of bamboo, vines and thorns in and around the area and the trail just kept going up.

There weren’t many options for other routes and we soon found ourselves at the top of the ridge and on to the right. As the path split there were discussions as to which way the on paper would be…but as a dutiful front runner, I accompanied the front horn (who was in training) to the check point and checked on ahead. Of course ahead for me, meant going back down the hill and past the cave, with only signs of old paper, and it was not surprise to hear the call of ‘on paper’ by Anna who had found the trail just before the trig point.

We scrambled back on to paper and continued along the ridge…I had not even caught up with the horn, when the hens were checking again. This time the checkpoint had been down the hill a little and the on paper (found by Magic Roundabout – I think!) took us along the ridge even further. The third check was further along the ridge and gave us an option of up the hill or down. Maria, Claire and I decided to check down and Maria was pleased to find the on paper (her first).

The paper led us down and down and down…traversing along slippery muddy slopes we traveled for quite a while. It was quite slow going as we walked along sloping edges but I was quite glad that we were at the front as it had not been too trodden and it was not that dark yet. From the slopes to a flatter overgrown area, we soon heard civilization and saw some houses, which led us on to the road. As I read the simpang numbers I knew we had a fair way to go and so I got myself into a running stride and nosily explored the residential area that I did not know existed by the yacht club.

First runner was out before dark and the rest of the hens came back in trickles until we were all safely back in the coup. That is to say except one runner…Glamour …you were lucky this week…fancy forgetting to sign in!

So …. to some up the run..when the venue has a the know there is gonna be a lot of ups and what goes up….must come down.

…. And there were three virgins tonight. There was a virgin hare – Gill, virgin front horn – Sarah G and a virgin ‘on paper’ finder – Marie. I am sure I know a song about that….but we will let Madonna sing that one.

NEXT RUN: Bukit Marakuching, Jln Subok (Halloween run) - 6pm start - Bring a torch.
it should not be too long a run..will just depend on how fast you can go up hills….yes I know Bukit Marakuching is a hill!
HARES: Carol/Trish
ON ON AT: #52 Spg 564 Jln Subok for the shout up and get yourself dressed up.

Monday, October 20, 2008

RUN NO. 2095

DATE: 14 October
SITE: Diplo
HARES: Alice in Wonderland/Not Yet

Tuesday 5pm..its got to be Diplo! (i hope.. but which one.. upper lower.. middle.. inner outer??? eeeeek!) After making my way to the hash and becoming confused by the lack if signage, i was very relieved to turn the corner,after them posh houses and see other hens cars!(serves me right for being one of the few who comes from Muara.. the dark side of Brunei ,where no one seems to live!!)

Well the tent was errected.. the chairs were stacked.. the sign in board was ready..
The hens gathered, and a fair few hens there were..
the front horn was the sporty spice of the hash, naj.. and the back horn was the ever so lovely Marg!(who did explain that no slacking on the long run would be tolerated.. and she wasnt gonna hang about clearing up the slowies!!)
After the last few runs. the scene was set.. but we had a short and longer run option.. mmm thats NOT normal!
pink paper for longer run.. pink napkin for the shorter.. mmm there was a worry the rain would dissolve the napkin paper.. but.. hey guess we only had one way to find out!

Thar she blows, the horn went off at 5.15.. and off we dashed (ok bimbled) into the jungle..
straight into a down.. ooh ,now that threw me, as its usually an up!
There were many trippy vines and a vast amount of fallen trees.. far more than id seen before..
and the ants.. well .. you could have saddled some of them up, and ridden them around the jungle!
Over, under,over, under.. oooh errrr matron... some of them trees were rather huge to spreadeagle yourself over.. nimble i may not be.. but some of them twigs reached places id forgotten i had!!

We paddled thru some water.. a mere puddle in hash terms, not a foul smell or deep bog in sight!
the first check was found by melissa..AS was the 2nd, a hasher in the making me thinks..??
The front runners appeared quite fragmented after the 1st check, and i think some of them were unable to hear the ON ON cries! never a good thing to be alone in the jungle..I think we need to watch out for each other FAR more than we do, and make sure NO ONE,is left behind!!

As someone , who on the last 3 hashes .. had a sense of impending DOOM when they had to come out of the jungle IN THE DARK, i opted for the shorter run>!(im not proud.. i know my limits!!!)
The run split into two, so i cant tell u how hard the long run was, but i can tell you, that the shorter run was just about right for a weary unfit hasher like myself!
I made it out of the jungle in just about 35 minutes, not quite my shortest hash yet.. but ... it was still light, hurrah!
I gather the longer run was quite muddy in places(its not a proper hash without mud!!) and the majority of the longer hash runners were out in about an hour!

Gin and not much tonic was available for them that wanted after the run.. (dont expect that on next weeks run!!)

some of the comments i over heard about this hash were..

"shorter than expected"
"I like good length"
"Its not a hard one"

and no.. i didnt make them up!

Alice and not yet both celebrated birthdays, with cake and candles..(no indication of ages were given..)
and Not yet gave us a monologue Ref the month of October!
cherries were mentioned but i wasnt sure why>!

And the hash shit went to....?????
im not entirely sure as the rain was so hard i couldnt hear!
But anyway, diana forgot to bring the hash shit back to the hash.. so maybe , we should bestowe that honour upon her, just one more time..

The food smelt good.. curry i believe, but i resisted, as i had Jamie Oliver at home cooking for me!
(ok it was my Steve but hey.. he made a mean sausage n mash!!)

Thanks hares for setting the run.
ON ON........

NEXT RUN: SPG 276 JLN SERASA (Before Serasa Yacht Club - RHS)
HARES: Amanda S/Tina I

Sunday, October 12, 2008

RUN NO. 2094

HARES: Lee and Nancy
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

Rimba is my favourite site as there are very nice trails and the jungle is till unspoilt with very few hills (not too steep) which is just perfect for me. The theme last week was Pink to mark breast cancer awareness week. We arrived to a very well decorated site all in pink with pink balloons, thanks to Nancy and Lee for reminding us all of the need for breast check ups and for a job well done.
The words stated that the run was long and flat and would take one hour and 45 minutes for Walkie Talkies. So since it gets dark very quickly I decided to remind everyone that in order to be fair to the Hares it would help if the very slow hens like me did not go all the way round.

We all set off in an excited mood as hens always do, but much to our surprise we went up and up for the first few minutes. I heard one hen say “I thought this was a flat run.” There after there were no more hills for the next ½ hour. As the scriber for this week’s run, I decided to go all the way round which meant keeping up with fast walking hens. “Nellie that is not slow walking,” a few hens teased me. However, what we hadn’t realised was that we were gradually descending, because before we realised we found ourselves going up and up again, and this took about 5 minutes which to some of us felt like 15 minutes.

Like many runs there were thorns to the right, thorns to the left and thorns below. We then came to thorny bog which smelt like rotten cabbage. How does one avoid getting wet smelly shoes and socks going across the bog when the only support around is a thorn bush? WelŬ, that is part of the excitement of hashing in Brunei. Hills or no hills, there are thorns, muddy bits and trips.

As it was getting dark I began to miss some of the trips or was it because my feet were getting tired? Eventually I got tangled up in one of the trips and fell over. “Are you ok?” Asked Sarah C who was in front of me in her caring manner. Luckily I was fine so we carried on. It took our group 1 hour and 5 minutes to get out of the jungle and a total of 1 hour 15 minutes before we got back to the sight. An excellent run, Hares.

As Carol my new partner in mismanagement was away, I asked Amanda Sparrow to give me moral support a job she surely did very diligently, thank you Amanda. During the shout out Lee explained the relevance of breast cancer awareness to us all and asked those of us who could afford it, to donate some money to the Breast Caner Research Fund and that all those who would donate would automatically be entered in a draw.

Nancy got knighted and as from last week’s run on 7th of October 2008 she will be called by no other name on the hash than Speedo a handle name proposed by Naj as a result of Nancy’s speed at getting up going for breakfast, and getting ready to go anywhere when they were in Sandakan Malaysia. From now on who ever will call her by other name shall surely get a hashit. This handle name shall not be changed without the knowledge and approval of the Mismanagement committee.

To end the evening event, and after a lovely nosh the hares announced the draw and Jane Woolley won a fancy pretty brolly, and there was a variety of winnings ranging from socks, mittens to lollies. Once again thank you Lee and Nancy for a lovely evening.

The Hashit was last week given to two hens, Diana for forgetting to bring the Hashit bucket and all its content and Dizzy for signing in her guest on the wrong line.

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - Bring a torch
HARES: Not Yet/Alice in Wonderland

Sunday, October 05, 2008

RUN NO. 2093

DATE: 30 Sept 2008
SITE: Morley Movers
HARES: Anna S/Boel
BACK HORN: Madmarg

I arrived late and played catch-up the whole way round; falling into the stream (splish-splash) and heading right along the trail (go-go) at first check only to turn round and go back in exactly where we’d originally started… Amidst the confusion I wasn’t aware of much so here’s what a few friends and fellow hares had to say …

“I enjoyed the run, bit a bit confused at the double paper. Good to see more new guests and the food was great. Quiz was good laugh too”

“It would have been great to finish last night but got as far as second check before fading light made it necessary to get back to site”

“Shit load of hills; I seriously enjoyed it. Good company”

“Enjoyed it, even if I did cut it short. Fab on-on, great food and quiz. It’s important to know the rules”

“I was swearing so much at how hard it was that I can’t really comment”

“I thought it was good – different hares for once”

“I really enjoyed it; I liked the hills, the fact you could run, and the length of the run too – it wasn’t short”

“Slack ass – you know the drill. Hills, water, view and cheap wine via a thimble (for those not doing the v..... shots – thanks hares!) . What more can a woman ask for?”

“Thought it was okay, felt it in my calves today”

“Upstream and uphill! Long, strenuous and killer on the calf muscles! Good to wade thru the streams though, very cooling.

“Don’t forget to mention the v..... shots as a welcome out of the jungle!”

“Very hilly, arduous, pretty stream and jungle. Quiz on the rules. V..... chilli and potatoes”

“LOVED it! Had a tiny glimpse of why people might hash and dash…! Will definitely be back tho…”

“Confusing at first check – on paper in two different directions? Front horn stayed behind to direct hashers till back horn arrived. Nice run - up & downs, streams & waterfalls”

“Lovely jungle. Too much standing around not knowing what was going on. Fun on-on. Pity about the ducking moon…”

“Fell on ass twice, knob fell off horn – went done the hill after the bloody thing and ended up coming out in the dark! G8t shout up”

All in all it sounds like everyone enjoyed the run, appreciated the food & drink, and had fun over the quiz. Three guests (a Kiwi, an Aussie & a Pom) were welcomed, as were two new (old) members (Fiona & Kate) . The hashit was shared between She who-forgot-to-turn-her-phone-off and She who forgot-to-sign-in.

Are there any rules for writing the words???? On-on

HARES: Lee/Nancy - Breast Cancer awareness fundraising run
Wear pink, pink, pink......

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

RUN NO. 2091

Date: 16 Sept 2008
Site: Lucky Gardens
Hares: Sue/Cheryl/Alison
Hens: 40 Chicks: 9
Front Horn: Peewee
Back Horn: Trailblazer

We arrived at the boy's Hash headquarters and those carrying, bins, eskys and drinks were glad to have someone willingly load them on to a trolley and move them.

The run in good weather began up through the dirt which was thankfully not too muddy into the jungle and along the ridge through a well cleared track; till we came to a split with yellow paper to the left for an easy short run for those feeling tired and white paper to the right for a much longer run.The long run proceeded further along to first check. The check was an on check which turned left into the valley through a winding, steep and slippery trail making the run longer than estimated by the hares.

Everyone made their way running or walking through the valley then turned right and down, then left along the edge of the lake, while keeping a eye out for sun bears till they came to another up and down and several log bridges to cross. There were I am told two more checks but sorry I cannot give credit to those who found them.
No sunbears were sighted but Jan and Ellin did spot Molly who had been missing since a Recce on Friday. Alison was relieved and happy to be able to take her home.

The shout up began in earnest and once again there were first time guests to be introduced and a new member Gill was welcomed. Lee celebrated her 250th hash and Sue her 400th.

Quite a lot of discussion followed when calls for the Hashit was announced. Claire's mobile went off so she was an obvious candidate and Tina I was accused of not introducing a guest properly. Madmarg's hubby had arrived with supplies for the hash shop and stayed but pleaded that he was an invited guest, so the decision was made to wet all three of them, though I think marg made sure Mark received most of the water.

The Hares provided nourishing rolls and salads.

Next Run: Salambigar Link
Hares: Jane W/Sarah H/Never Wrong

RUN NO. 2092

Date: 23 Sep 2008
Site: Salambigar Link
Hens: 34
Hares: Sarah H/Jane W/Never Wrong
Front Horn: Carol
Back Horn: Naj

Another Tuesday, another Hash... We were quite a small group of hens this week due to the public school holiday. But also maybe, because some hens got lost around Jln Muara and Sungai Akar trying to find Salambigar Link..? Tricky for some, as there was no (as Madam Sin kindly pointed out) green sign saying "Salambigar Link"!

The run started promptly at 17.15 by the sound of the... rooster?! Yes, no horns today, so there was some imaginative improvisations and imitations of horns along the track. We set off along some quite muddy and mucky trails; it was a nice and flat start up until the first check, found by Magic Roundabout. Then it got worse, with hill after hill, one worse than the other, and one even almost neverending, or so it felt. Don't forget though girls, it's good exercise climbing up those hills! And if it gets hard, keep saying the mantra: "I will get a butt like Kylie's, I will get a butt like Kylie's!"

It was a very nice and scenic route indeed, and some of us even managed to spot those boats along the way! We enjoyed jumping over a few streams, saw a beautiful waterfall and had a good trek through a bit that felt a bit like the woods back home, with lots of fallen leaves on the ground making noise as we came trotting along.

There were two more checks, one found by Trish and the last one by Anna S - both hidden behind huge fallen trees, little bit tricky and well thought out.

Most of us were out before or just at dusk, but two hashers were still in the jungle after almost 2 hours, and a few of their fellow hens started to express some concerns. SO, for the first time in a very long time (as I understood it), there was launched a little "rescue-mission" - three hens equipped with some 100plus, water and torches. The hens going back in did so the back way, and soon met up with the two missing hens - who had taken it easy but were still in good spirits.

Later we all went on to Sarah's house at Jln Muara for the on-on. It all started a bit late due to the dramatic end to the run. We thanked the hares, the horns, celebrated two birthdays (Jane's & Bettina's), gave a down-down to Boel who is taken over the Hash Words while Ah Struth is away - and also gave a down-down to four hens who celebrated 100, 150, 200 and 300 runs! It was certainly Jane's night, cause here she had her 3rd down-down, as she had done her 150th run.

Carol introduced us to two new members by saying "we are on a roll!" which is so true - for the 3rd week in a row the Hash has welcomed new guests! This week's two new hens were Sarah Thornton (like the chocolate) and Sharon Kidman (like Nicole!).
Carol also warned us that next week she will be testing us on our knowledge of the Hash rules! She prompted us to go home and study our rule book a little bit closer, something we should do every now and then anyway - but next week, there will be hashit for those getting their questions wrong!

The hashit got a new, reluctant, holder with Not Yet - who had failed to come to the site with the horns on time. She tried to protest, but there was no mercy as it is an HONOR to receive the hashit!

The hares had provided some gorgeous rôti that we all enjoyed, and there was plenty of food so noone had to go home hungry. Thank you hares! On-on!

NEXT RUN: 30 September
SITE: Morley Movers
HARES: Boel/Anna S

Monday, September 15, 2008

RUN NO. 2090

DATE: 2 Sept 2008
SITE: Subok 378 (Water tower)
HARES: Madmarg & sister, Paula/Gordon

With good weather and plenty of time on hand, I arrived on site and decided to park down the bottom of the hill because Alison was bringing the 100+ this week and I only had the bin to carry up. Heather had arrived even earlier and reluctantly taken on the role of car park attendant, making sure cars didn’t block the way for the tent truck to go up. I spotted Alison and Cheryl and walked down the hill again to help lug the 100+ and softies up. She was busy telling Cheryl tales of her brave encounter with a sun bear in Lucky Gardens – which by the way, is where you will be walking this week, so keep your eyes peeled. One of her dogs decided to try it on, making the bear rear up and growl. Then it saw Alison and her second dog and fortunately thought better of it and ran off. Plenty of time to see the huge claws at close hand though.

It was soon time to head off up the slope past the water tower and along familiar trails. After taking a left hand fork, I was just settling into a very pleasant walk along lovely trails, when I managed to spike myself on a very sharp log that was jutting out into the track – not so pleasant after all! A bit further along I spotted a bit of old paper heading left, with the fresh paper going to the right. I was just thinking the hares had failed in their duties to pick up old paper, when the two tracks converged, so it mattered not. There was one tricky bank to slither down before crossing a stream to get to a nice waterfall. There were also a few other slippery bits to negotiate across other streams, plenty of logs and trips to avoid and of course, ups and downs, but nothing major. I can remember thinking how amazingly quiet it was, except for the occasional call of ‘on – on’ heard in the distance. The track came out onto a more open ridge which I knew to be fairly close to the out. The in and the out paper converged, and a ‘way out’ sign was spotted, making sure fellow hashers didn’t head back into the jungle. But apparently, a few hashers missed seeing the sign and turned the wrong way. They were called back and all were out safely before dark. I never even heard any checking, so the front runners must have been really speedy. I hear from a good source, our friendly JM, that she was the one to find all the checks – only 2 checks this week, but Carol was very pleased with herself that she managed to find them both. She was trying for the hat trick, but none to be had.

The shout up began with Nellie being welcomed back, and the hares given their well deserved down down. We had 3 first time guests – Claire from London, who has been in Brunei for 2 years, but has only just decided to try the hash; Eva, an artist, also from London, who has only been here for 2 weeks; and Lyn from Suffolk. There were a few vocal hashers at this point, so I hope I heard the names right. All 3 elected to drink water for their down down – what is the world coming to? Or is it just the new generation of Brits going soft?

Sarah was welcomed as a new member and Nancy was also given a down down for taking her duties as hashit holder seriously and taking her new friend, the hashit hen, all the way around the hash with her – well done you for great hashit spirit. Our JM gave a serious talk about how we should all be respectful of the religious ideals associated with the month of Ramadhan .ie. love thy neighbour. Everybody was asked to go and introduce themselves to a fellow hasher they didn’t know, which resulted in a raucous few minutes of ‘hash bonding’. There were a lot of announcements: Alice saying pay up by the end of September if you want your freebies for Founder’s Day and to think about signing up for the new committee; Sarah about the 350th Kid’s Hash this Sunday (29 years of hashing, the oldest Kid’s hash in the world); Claire (Pee Wee) giving instructions for the Hillathon; Ruth (Ah Struth) asking for somebody to take over Hash Words for 3 months; Alice saying to give advance notice if you want the tent. Greetings were passed on from Rosie Moten in Adelaide. No hashit was awarded this week because everybody was far too well behaved. And then it was time for lots of different pasta dishes and other delights - thank you hares for an excellent run and the yummy food.

The rain had squeezed us all together under the shelter of the tent, which certainly made for a very amicable shout up. The chin wags continued on into the night…

Next run: Lucky Gardens, Jln Muara
Keep an eye out for sun bears! Sun bear, Malay bear, honey bear, dog bear
Despite being the smallest of all the bears, the sun bear is probably the most aggressive, and will attack without provocation.
Body length: 120-150cm, Weight: female 27-50kg, male 27-65kg. They are the smallest species of bear.

Sun bears have short black/dark brown water-repellent fur, with a yellow crescent on their chest. They have strong paws with naked soles and long sickle-shaped claws. They have flexible snouts and very long tongues, which are an adaptation for extracting termites from nests. Relatively, they have the largest canines of all the bear species. Canine teeth are specialised for tearing meat, but sun bears are not particularly carnivorous. They may use their sharp canines as weapons or as tools for tearing at trees to get at insects. Sun bears feed on fruits, berries, insects, termites, eggs and small vertebrates. They will readily climb trees, using their long tongue to raid beehives of honey.

Sun bears live in south east Asia: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Sun bears inhabit lowland tropical rainforests

Saturday, September 06, 2008

RUN NO. 2089

DATE: 2 SEPT 2008

It was a beautiful evening (no rain clouds visible) as I set off for my weekly exercise being the hash. Having arrived at the site fairly early, I was able to enjoy a bit of a chin wag and browse through the items for sale at our hash shop. So engrossed was I with some new items of clothing that the horn suddenly sounded catching me unawares (where does the time go!) and everyone was dashing off into the jungle at the back of the tent.

So off I dashed trying to make up for lost time, thinking to myself “I am going to engage my brain and try to remember as much as I could of the run”. I started off quite well but failed to remember half way round what I had done! Sorry that’s age for you. We set off through a very pleasant part of the jungle, in fact I could almost say forest, which I believe was a loop as we came out onto the road. We went along the road for a while to head back into the jungle on the right, up a slight incline, and then along a shallow ridge for a while to drop back down (I may be wrong but believe this was where 2nd check was). Now I have a blank spot. I think we carried on for a while in the jungle until we came out onto the road again, but by now I had lost my bearings. Fortunately for me I was with Ready Mix who was explaining exactly where we were (god she is so knowledgeable), one had the feeling that you would not get lost if you stuck to her side! Unfortunately for both Ready Mix and I, as we were talking geography along the road some spiteful bee’s or whatever decided to shake us up a bit by stinging Ready Mix on the left cheek of her bottom and one on each of the top of my legs just under my bottom. This certainly woke us up and as you can imagine, we were running and jumping all over the place. We both felt why, we did not deserve this we had not disturbed anything (how could we, we were walking down the middle of the road). I believe we then went back into the jungle, walked a long a fairly wide dirt track for some while, then off to the right to which we came to a small, reasonably deep bit of a pool. Too wide to be able to jump across so did an obstacle course across it with a balancing act on rather narrow logs and a stick to aide us across. Although I personally did not witness this, I would not be surprised that a few hens may have ended up in the pool. We eventually came out onto the road again not far from the hash site. Because I’m not an FRB, although I couldn’t have been too far back as I heard 1st and 2nd check, I really don’t know who found the three checks, sorry girls. I for once to my surprise was soooo enjoying this run (maybe that’s because I didn’t have to climb ex amount of MOUNTAINS), that I could have continued on an on and on.

Excellent run girls, thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable, and for once we had no mountains to climb!! Thanks also for the scrummy salad and rolls (one of my favorites).

The shout up. Well what can I say such a number of things going on. We had two first time guest, Charlotte from London and Sharon from Australia. Carol brought to our attention that we had 12 guests; longest list of guests ever on the hash (would be nice if we get a few members out of that lot). Hashit. We had a dilemma as there were two misdemeanors – Carol forgot – or rather late to mention her own guest and Madmarg/Nancy for taking a first time guest on a longer run and off paper. It turned into a vote and unfortunately Madmarg/Nancy lost so the hashit they had.


RUN NO. 2088

DATE: 26 AUGUST 2008
SITE: Salambigar Link
HARES: MADMARG/NAJ (as a lion tonight)
Front Horn: Trish
Back Horn: Alice

Never having been to this site before I was a little worried about the “it’s just by the dump” directions, but not to worry, there was not a whiff of foul air all night! When we arrived there was already a gathering of giggling youths, intent on frolicking in the waterhole, and not at all put off by the presence of so many hens.

The new roster came into effect with Madam Sin delighted to be off on the trail and Never Wrong babysitting the supplies. The run started up a hill and then just kept on going up! An awesome workout for the calves. I am reliably informed that there were checks, but have no idea where they were or who found them – someone much fitter than me! The forest was beautiful, pigs grunted in the valleys, the trail was dry, the bridges were balancing acts and the last bracken hill was punishing. All in all, a great hash.

Back in our ‘enchanted glade’, the waterhole looked particularly inviting, but Lady of the Lake Maria was the only one brave enough to get in. (She informed us the water was cold)

At the shout up chairs unfolded (great selling technique!) and candles and mosquito coils were lit. We welcomed Claire as a new member and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Veronica. There were four guests, including returning hasher Erin aka Trips, and Maggie aka Miss Spain.

Thanks must go to the Hares for the delicious curry puffs, and also to Maria for her carrot and lemon muffins brought in as a pre-Ramadan treat.

Torches were mandatory on the trail back to the roadside!


Saturday, August 30, 2008

RUN NO. 2087

DATE: 19 August 2008
SITE: Rimba
HARES: Ah Struth/Never Wrong/Nancy
BACK HORN: Sarah Hill

It’s been a while since I have done a hash run at Rimba. The run started off on the road testing everyone’s stamina after the long holiday break. We headed right into the jungle following a well defined trail all the way to first check. The first two checks were found quite quickly, both by Magic Roundabout. The route was quite familiar. I'm sure we had been on this track before but in reverse. By the time I got to third check it had been called though so I'm not sure who found it. We then continued on trail thought the jungle until we got to the out skirts of the derelict houses which lead us on a newly cut track thought the long thick grass behind the abandoned houses we knew we were nearly out.

But there was one thing different this time - no Toy Boys!!

I have missed the runs where they were present, dressed in their gorgeous attire. Maybe next time I will get lucky!

At the shout up one new guest was introduced – Sarah from UK

Congratulations to Jan Murphy in completing 100 runs.

The Hashit went to three willing takers: Carol JM, Legally Blonde & Cath.

Thanks also to the Hares for the delicious food.

NEXT RUN: Salambigar Link
HARES: Mad Marg/Naj

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

RUN NO. 2086

Date: 12 August 2008
Site: Lugu
Hens: 25 Chicks: 5
Hares: Peewee/Kathy K / Trailblazer
Front Horn: JM Carol Back Horn: Mad Marg.

After a few false starts and driving along strange roads and following people who didn't seem like Hashers, we finally found our way to the start of tonight's run - the signs seemed in hiding!! Were there 4 or 5 or 6 signs?? I was confused already!!
We were all gathered under the tent waiting and reading the Words to get the low down on tonight's run, smaller in number due to school holidays but full of enthusiasm and keen to go!!. JM Carol told us to follow the pretty pink paper and just after 5-15pm the horn tooted and off we all dashed.

After 4 weeks away and very little exercise,(unless you count hugging the heater and pressing the remote control as exercise) I started off slowly and ambled along talking.

All too quickly there was the first hill to climb and it went up and up and up!! My legs felt like lead already!! but the temperature was pleasant and the scenery was lovely and when we stopped to catch our breath, the views were incredible - the tracks were mainly dry and we went up and down and up and down a few times, we ran over a couple of small streams with just enough water in them to wet our feet slightly and we climbed over a few huge drains and for quite awhile we did follow the road once we got out of the jungle - the cars sounded so close!! There was a small amount of sticky mud near the end to trek through which felt like an extra 5 kilos on our feet and one last hill to climb but after an hour or so, we found our way out- who found the checks is a mystery to me as I was so far behind the front runners though I did see JM Carol flash past me a couple of times at one stage looking for the checks and clutching pink paper in her hand and later on I could hear Naj calling out On Paper after another check but it seemed like miles away. We finally popped back out on the roadway and walked the last hundred metres to the tent for a welcome drink!!.

Thanks to the Hares for setting a great run also.

At the shout up, JM Carol introduced 3 guests - 2 newcomers and 1 visiting Hasher from Stamford in Brisbane who brought greetings to us from her fellow hashers, namely Schnapps (Doris Ellis) and Stubby (Jo Ellis)!! There were calls for the Hashit and we managed to collar 4 victims this time!!!.
Sarah Hill didn't sign in, Trailblazer was caught using her mobile though she swore that it was on Silent Mode, Alice in Wonderland left behind the sign in board last week and it was found by Naj, and Mad Marg didn't sign in her guest. As we were short of ice, we threw a couple of bottles of water over their feet so they were not too drenched!!

Announcements were made - Jan Murphy's car is still for sale, Dizzy has a Sportage 4WD to sell also (see Mad Marg for more info), there is a group called Orient Express playing at Serasa on Thursday, we sang Happy Birthday to Mad Marg, Naj had an announcement but couldn't remember what it was, Ah Struth reminded the word scribes to get their messages to her in plenty of time, we signed a card to express our condolences to Heather Lieshout and then we all enjoyed a delicious supper provided by the Hares - thanks Hares.

As it got darker, the fireflies came out and it was like a mini Beijing Olympics with our own display of the beautiful colours seen as they buzzed around us. Too soon though, the mossies started to have their own supper and dine on us so we "Offed" them but eventually we packed up and left after another great adventure on the Hash.

HARES: Ah Struth/Nancy/Never Wrong

Monday, August 11, 2008

RUN NO. 2085

Date: 5 August 2008
Run No: 2085
Site: Salziela gardens Spg 38-96 Kg Bunut Kanan
Hens: 25 Chicks: 3
Hares - Legally Blond and Madmarg
Front Horn - Kathie K Back Horn - Naj

This was a short but perfectly formed hash in every way! The number of hens was small and cosy due to the summer break and the hash iself was a trifle short but perfect with good runs, uphills, a bit of water, beautiful jungle and 2 good checks! We followed the road left out of Salziela Gardens and turned sharp right over the large storm dran and off into the jungle. The vegetation was lush and followed a series of undulating features where the pack started to space themselves out.

The first check was found by Pee Wee, across a small rivulete and up a steep ridge. Carol, checking in the other direction, did a stirling job of running like a mad thing in the wrong direction and had a huge distance to make up - but caught up in her usual happy fashion. After a few more good runs up several more steep hills and down into a small gully, the second check was called. Gill who is a new member of the hash did a grand job in assisting with the checking but it was found by Mandy, again on a steep ridge over a small stream, this time on the back check. From then on, it was a pleasant run, up onto a wide ridge with lovely views following pylons and down to some houses and intregued workmen!

We were all expecting that third check but all too soon we had hit the road and were back to the Gardens. Mandy had war wound in the form of blood and thorns and Gill nursed her torn calf. We all agreed as we sipped our G&Ts that is had been a perfect little hash - just the right time for sundowners by the pool - thank you to the Hares for a great Run!

It was Carol's first shout-up as JM and did a great job. Great Samosas and cake followed. Thank you Alice for the food in celebration of her 250th run. The pleasant evening wiled away in a lovely poolside setting.

NEXT RUN: Lugu, Coastal Highway - KM 84.7
HARES: PeeWee/Trailblazer/Kathie K

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

RUN NO. 2084

DATE: 29 July 2008
SITE: Jalan Dadap
HARES: Jane/Julia
FRONT HORN: Magic Roundabout BACK HORN: Naj

There was a small gathering of hens tonight due to the school holidays. It was a beautiful evening and everyone seemed in high spirits and ready to go, waiting for that familiar blast of the horn. Off we headed in to the jungle following Magic roundabout, the beginning bit was very muddy, a good introduction to hashing for my first time guest.

It wasn't long before we got back onto a good running trail to the waterfall, where we went off to the right and followed a new trail crisscrossing a few streams until we were nearly at first check and heard “Checking from here”. It didn't seem too long before on on was called and away we went up a nice steep hill and then up and over a few smaller hills before getting back on a familiar trail. Third week guest Gillian found first check Great Job!

Sue found second and third check, Well done Old Timer. We had one more stream crossing then shortly after that we were out. My visitor enjoyed the lovely trail through the jungle.

It was a great run/walk.

The shout up was back at Julia's place. The hashit went to Maria for constantly arriving at the Hash with un unidentified MALE & Ready Mix - GM for forgetting to introduce our guest, OOPS! Yummy food was kindly served by Jane & Julia so thanks girls for another pleasant evening.

On On!!!

NEXT RUN: Tanjung Bunot Kanan
HARES: Legally Blonde/Mad Marg

Monday, July 28, 2008

RUN NO. 2083

DATE: 22 July 2008
HARES: Linda/Jess
HENS: 27

I had never been to Crocodile Beach before and I was pleasantly surprised, it must be one of the nicer beaches in Brunei. We started our run with a nice stroll down the beach, through some water and then we found the first check. Now I don't normally go off to find checks (mainly because I usually walk the hash rather then run), but today I thought I'd give it a go. That was until someone said, 'we're not supposed to check here because there is an unexploded bomb somewhere'!!!!! Now a hash can sometimes be a little dangerous; walking over logs and tripping over roots, but I draw the line at unexploded bombs!! Anyhow while I was mulling over the prospect of being blown to smithereens someone found the 'on paper' and off we went. We ran along a track surrounded by a few trees but I kept loosing the paper (I think the wind must have blown a few pieces away). Once I'd found the paper I could hear 'checking from here' being called ahead. By time I had got there Jill had managed to find the 'on paper' and off we went back onto the beach.

Once we got back onto the beach, we started to get a little confused because we were not sure whether we should go back the way had run down the beach or if we had missed some paper somewhere. In the end we came to the conclusion that we had to go back the way we came. So we waded through the water and strolled back to the tent.

Shortly after we arrived back at tent the Casbah Caravan turned up. I had to leave straight away to get to a meal but my sources tell me from friends who stayed on that the Casbah served delicious Red Snapper in batter with fresh French Fries.

As I drove down to the empire I suddenly realised that I had only picked up two hash signs for next week and that there must be another one still under the tent.....doh! I knew I needed to contact someone but I didn't have the mobile number for anyone on the hash. So I got out the WORDS and started randomly texting people. However it turns out that half the numbers listed on the words don't exist because I got message sending failed. Thankfully Jenny (who wasn't even on the hash) kindly forwarded on my message and Ruth texted me to say that someone had collected it.

Thank you Linda and Jess setting the hash on the beautiful Crococile Beach and thanks for picking up the hash sign for me and for the delicious Fish & Chips.

NEXT RUN: Jalan Dadap
HARES: Jane/Julia

Monday, July 21, 2008

RUN NO. 2082

DATE: 15 JULY 2008
HARES: Trailblazer/Cheryl/Glamour/Veronica L
SITE: Lucky Gardens

Pre-run whilst everyone was still arriving, parking (on the opposite side of the road on which we drive, so we had to turn around and head to on-coming traffic, which luckily there was very little), signing in and reading the Words (which contained some interesting ideas about bears being lured onto the run by honey previously laid, porcupine quills - so we may have been lucky and seen one, which we weren’t lucky enough to have seen - and spotting monkeys, which we also didn’t see) there was an announcement that at the beginning of the run there was a snake. But not just any snake a viper.

So at 5.15 the horn sounded and we all (well, some of us) went gallivanting off into the jungle at speed, wary of the snake, but failed to see, and found out later at the shout up that it had moved else where. We followed the lake for a short time before heading away from it, up and up.

Beautiful and interesting flora and fauna could be seen along the entire run. The Words had said that there were two runs – a short and a regular. The regular was like all jungle here; captivating, and of course smothering with humidity.

Linda found first check, for the first time, well done!

And on we went, continuing up and down and along. The lovely and refreshing thing about Lucky Garden is that it isn’t entirely hills; it has its flat bits for people to catch their breath without having to stop. Parts were trippy and slippy (because of the massive thundering, torrential storm on Sunday night).

Emerging from the jungle, not where we usually exit, we crossed the sandy abyss and headed back to cold 100 plus, cold water and cold beer and the shout up. Cooling down and chatting amongst ourselves about the “sneaky”, yet, all-in-all great run.

Before long Smurf was up thanking the hares and introducing the one guest Cathy (who was going on a walk and found the hash so decided to join the run). Linda was congratulated on finding the first check for the first time and was awarded with a beer. There were calls for announcements, surprisingly there were few, and calls for hashit. The new hashit holder I feel was a little bit unfair as it wasn’t her fault her family decided they too didn’t want to miss out on the fun! So she had to sit on ice and was given the ultimatum of drinking the water or wearing it. She decided to down half of it and then pour the remainder on her feet, well taken. Considering the hashit was awarded on a hash offence (No men allowed!! )

Once all that was over the food was served, it was delicious, and a truly varied array. Glamour and Veronica had prepared papadams and aubergine (for which everyone was asking the recipe for), a dahl, a chicken curry, and green salad.

Thank you for a really great run!

NEXT RUN: Crocodile Beach/Pantai Meraggang
HARES: Jessica and Linda

Sunday, July 13, 2008

RUN NO. 2081

DATE: 8th July
SITE: Morely Movers

Why is it I always get stuck behind someone traveling at 20kph on Jalan Muara? I left the house in plenty of time, tootling nicely, then here he comes pulling out right in front of me and then proceeds at a leisurely pace! Don’t these people know there is a Hash to go to on Tuesday at 5.15?

Morley Movers is my kind of site, no huge hills to park on and burn out my clutch, or hugely dangerous storm drains to slid into? Easy parking rules!

I hadn’t been to the hash for a few weeks so it was nice to catch up with friends and hear other people had been suffering from a ‘virus’, not just me!

Before we set off we were told to follow the correct paper and with that we set off up that huge concrete hill into the relative cool of the jungle. Alison pointed out where she had seen a snake on a previous run and we kept a wary eye open for relatives.

I am reliably informed that Kathy K found the first check. The closest I came to checking was coming across some ‘on’ paper. Anyway, Alison, Yann (back horn) and I started to descend, down, down, down, the big hill which was not so muddy for a change. I didn’t need to slide down on my bottom, which is a good thing.

The next checks were found by Mandie and Mad Marg, well done.
We started to walk along the river and kept going on a pretty trail much further than I can remember doing before. I kept thinking we must at some point clamber across the river and go up that horrendous hill, (not so good for chesty people!) but no, on we went.

Somewhere along this stretch perhaps (perhaps – because I had no idea!), Trish found the 4th check. Eventually we bumped into Smurf coming from the other direction. We ambled on chatting away about holidays, and other important stuff, then out at the moonscape and back to the tent.
A really nice hash, well done hares!

The shout up started just as the lightning did. The hares were thanked, a guest was introduced, announcements were made, we were told off for talking, then the hens, who had dressed in red white and blue to honour American Independence Day, were asked to line up and be judged on their outfits.

Naj won, I was second (my goodness) and Nancy was third. We were presented with US goodie bags. Thank you hares for that. More chocolates were handed our for those who found American flags, which were handed over in all manner of survival.

Next the thorny issue of the ‘hash shit’. Smurf managed to persuade Pee Wee to sit on the ice for a misdemeanour involving some missing - then found papers. Alison was very grateful to get rid of the hash shit, thanks Claire.

These events might not be in the correct order, please excuse me if they are not as I was so busy watching the lightning and ‘oh-ing and ah-ing with Struth! It’s all her fault!!

The hares provided us with lovely grub, sausages and salad – under the stars and lightning, what more could you ask for?
Thanks Jan and Jan for a great hash.

NEXT RUN - LUCKY GARDENS: Two runs - A short and a regular! So all should do the run/s. Keep an eye out for the flora and fauna, and some inhabitants of the jungle, we found a porcupine quill, saw monkeys, spilled honey (so there might be bears!). Enjoy the trails after a day off for HM’s birthday.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

RUN NO. 2080

Date: 1 JUL 2008
Site: DST
Hens: 39 Chicks: 3
Hares: Cath Cato, Heather S and baby
Front Horn: Carol Back Horn: Trailblazer

DST. Always a nice On On site, even if we have now been deprived of the ‘9 Hills of Bukit Shabandar’. Holiday girls were back and an eager crowd was ready to see what was in store for us.

JM Sarah was kitted out in her bells as it was her last run with us before heading off home and back to school. Naj was resplendent in 3 layers of snazzy sock combinations to keep out the bugs.

We started off on a long slog down the sealed road to first check where hens scattered in all direction, front, back, left, right, plenty of choices as to what direction it could be in. It was called back check and we all raced down to the bulldozed site and up into the trees only to find ourselves back on the road again. Not a good start. Hens then dispersed all over to try and find where we had gone wrong, to the merriment of the workers still on site watching our efforts. Paper was eventually found and we all headed off again, only to come to a standstill again at 2nd check as hens ran up and down the gas line looking for a likely path.

We all knew it had to be up or back as on was too close to out !!. Does that make sense? but it took a good 15 minutes to find, much to the dismay of the hares when we all eventually got back to site as they said it was virtually at our feet. We all had a good workout looking anyway. After that the run was delightful, a change from darkest jungle as we ran on the tops of the ridges with views of the sea and DST Tower, cool breezes and pitcher plants at our feet. More work was in store as we hit 3rd check and then a 4th. check. Finally we hit the gas line again and were on our way out. Some hens had elected to walk back to site while they still knew where they were.

Anxious hares questioned us as to where it had gone wrong, and the general consensus was that the workers had thought it funny to trick us and pick up paper as the hares swore all paper was weighed down with rocks across the bulldozed site. None was on ground when we went through.

It was a good workout with a bit of homework involved as we had to work hard for our checks. Lessons were learned as many more hens had to search for checks and to never trust the spectators !!.

After the excitement of all getting back we settled down to the usual, with a farewell to JM Sarah and Carol stepping in to the office. JM Nellie will be away for month so Carol has the unenvious task of keeping us all in order. We promise to be good (Yeah, right)

A lovely feast of chile con carne and foccacia etc followed.

Thanks hares. All was well in the end. On On

NEXT RUN: A belated 4th of July at Morley Movers
HARES: Magic and Jan M

Monday, June 30, 2008

RUN NO. 2079

Date: 24 June 2008
Site: Spg 1046 Jln Muara
Hares: Rosie/Julianne/Amanda W
Hens: 36
Chicks: 5
Front Horn: Kathy Knell
Back Horn: Tracy

Hash for me started in the morning with a word of warning from some of the Hares to advise the ladies who like to take it “Slowly” that they might need to pick up the pace, as it’s a long run. Torches Please. So arrived at Amanda’s house mentally prepared to come out in the dark.

We set off down the road and into the jungle for a short bit where there were candles in the ground all ready to be lit (not a positive sign for a short easy run). Down the gravel road we went. I live in Spg 787 and never realized that such a network of roads or gardens existed right behind us.

Finally to first check… would they lay it through the gardens???… Would they take us all the way back to the main gravel road???? Ah paper on ahead. Down through another bit of jungle and then onto what appeared to be a large flat piece of land…. Brown land that much to our surprise and Boel’s scream (and Trish’s wee bath in it as we discovered later) we realized that it was full of mud pits if you stood in the right place. So careful footing and across we went – second check called and everyone busy hunting. On paper back and we’re back on track past the mini airport and wait on…. We’re back on the out trail that has lollipop’ed onto itself. Wow, going past those candles not requiring lighting and past Nicole’s for a wee chat and OUT!!!
OH NO – wrong paper was picked up on the second check – we should have gone through some very rough, swampy jungle!! OOPS. Instead we took a short cut picked up the out paper and out we came.

I thought the run was great!! It was especially nice to see some ladies back doing the hash that haven’t been for a while. Shout up was good with a special beer being given to Ruth for her excellent job with the words and of course her excellent photos of what really goes on under kilts!!! and the food…. something very close to my heart…. FANTASTIC!!! Thanks ladies for providing a great run, a great location and great food!! Loved the punch!!
On On

HARES: Cath C/Tania

Monday, June 23, 2008

RUN NO. 2078

Date: 17 Jun 2008
Site: Spg 370 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong
Hares: Sarah C/Lee
Front Horn: Trish
Back Horn: Ah Struth
Hens: 45
Chicks: 4

Slamming on the brakes and we look at the clock it's 5.28pm and guess what? We are late! As per usual, we run to sign in and start our run, Mandy has probably already found first check! Ziggy's pool looks inviting, do we have time for a dip? No, it's on into the jungle, down over the wooden bridge and we are already puffing.

Who is front horn? Who is back horn? No idea but still we push through, weaving in and out, up and down for the first 5 mins. We end up out onto the road which was once jungle. Paper led us up onto soft mounds of clay and along the ridge with a view back to the stadium and the sun still high.

Did we just hear back horn, aren't we close? Oh no we are still lagging behind, doesn't look like we will know anything about the checks. Onto another trail we go that takes us to a fork turning left onto the old route 8 track in 370. As we reminisce of the old times we come across a man and his dog who tells us we are going the wrong way - yeah right whatever! Of course we didn't listen but took the path down to the rocky flat as the sun was setting.

Across the swampy grass we hear the crickets chirping and guess who we catch up to, back horn, Ah Struth with Glamour and Veronica. Back into the jungle we go, down a bracken fern path and now we decide to pick up speed as darkness approaches. With a feeling of relief that the end is near we bump into Nellie struggling to keep the soles of her shoes intact. The exit path led us onto Spg 420 and with the sound of a mosque in the distance we jumped over the drain and ran all the way back to Sarah's house. We catch up with Mandy who tells us that there were 5 checks - Carol finding the 1st and Mandy herself finding the 2nd, 3rd was Anna, 4th was Angela and 5th Claire.

Thanks to Lee and Sarah for a great run - loved the jungle juice and the yummy food.

NEXT WEEK: SPG 1046 Jalan Muara, Kg Sg Tilong
HAREW: Julie Anne/Amanda W/Rosie

Friday, June 20, 2008

RUN NO. 2077

HARES: Trailblazer/Pee Wee/Tina I (virgin)

I misjudged it!  I thought that I could leave work at 4ish, go home to change cars and clothes and sort out kids and husband, have to take a detour to the coast road up jalan Muara to avoid the tailback on the M25 and then what a shame miss the beginning of the hash!  No such luck! I made it with minutes to spare.

I had conjured up all sorts of hills and rivers in my mind after completing the medium run of the Nash hash and I wasn’t looking forward to another 1½  in the jungle  Luckily the hares did us proud and laid a great hash that all of us could enjoy. 

We started off back down the road we had arrived on, over the drain and onto open land.  First check was right slap in the middle with so many alternatives hens were scampering around all over the place.  Luckily before I had gone too far the wrong way checking again the on paper was called and the hash disappeared into the jungle.  I then decided to get a bit of a move on but then quickly ran out of steam! Several late nights had taken its toll and I know that there is a high possibility of me landing flat on my face because I’m too tired to pick my feet up.

Second check Sue J and I decided to go down, down, down hoping that any minute the on paper would appear.  I chickened out half way down but Sue is made of sterner stuff and carried on down.  Unfortunately the paper was called on ahead so up, up, up we went.  I spied the rest of the hens and then promptly feel on my bottom.  (That’s the effect you lot have on me).  No damage done so off I went again.

Teamed up with Not yet and we started to put the world to right or Africa at least!  We passed Glamour and Veronica and this time they were going the right way!  On on through the long grass and murky water.  I confess I do not like not being able to see the bottom.  Pathetic I know but every step has my imagination running wild.  Through the lovely squelchy mud and then up and out over the moonscape.  I have absolutely no idea where 3rd check was.

Thanks to Peewee, Trailblazer and virgin hare Tina – you did a great job.  The rendition of Madonna’s “Like a virgin” was a bit dodgy though!  Food lovely and the home made piccalilli extra special. 


Monday, June 09, 2008

RUN NO. 2076

DATE: 3 JUN 2008

It’s a Tuesday, its, so it can mean just one thing!!

The highlight of the week. Time to run (ok walk at a fair pace) trying to keep up with Captainess Sparra, through wild jungles of deepest darkest Brunei! Okay well.. Maybe Rimba isn’t actually deepest darkest Brunei.. But it’s kind of close?
Apparently we are Horny lot, us hashers .. as we keep losing our horns! (I thought it was an age thing??) Maybe we need to keep a hand on our horns!

Tonight’s run began on the dot (ish ) of 17.15.. With Naj wearing her little lycra number in a very fetching yellow and black. Running like a thing possessed up the main road.. We all followed like dutiful hens that we are, clucking as we went along! After a fair distance, the jungle beckoned, and was trying its hardest to wipe as many of us poor souls out, by trying to trip us up, with those darn trippy twines and blind us / remove my glasses with the pinging twigs! Ahh.. But we know NO fear, so ON ON we carried..

Up a few inclines(would be churlish of me to call them Hills, as all know what hills are in Brunei! and that wasn’t one!!) across some barren area, that resembles the grand canyon (was I hallucinating at this point??) where the first check was called a short while later, BOEL (the keenest new hasher on this earth) found the first check, so I decided to do my bit and yell ON PAPER but I committed a heinous crime by calling that whilst NOT being STOOD upon the paper! I was soon put in my place!

The run went on and up, and down and along, and Anna Wallace-Scott surprisingly found another check quite quickly!

We headed through a new area of Rimba, that I didn’t recognise, past some derelict buildings, where apparently, its been known to serve some beverages of the refreshing kind, on some hashes, but alas.. the bar was closed for today!
We ended up doing a kind of lollipop as we reached a bit more of an open area, and started to head down the trail, but were told to go back out.. Then.. something went horribly wrong!

Was it the fact it was going to rain and we would all get wet (wetter)??And like a previous hash... Washed away with the incoming tide?? NOO!

Was it the fact that Naj was still running around as front horn, frantically trying to find the paper that we had seemingly lost! Ahh yes maybe.. Did anyone actually know what was happening? Ahh possibly I think not..
Being a relatively new hasher.. and not one who tends to see the front of the hash very often (yes I admit, I am a walkie talkie!! And we can talk about ALL manner of things!) I was happy that for once I wasn’t at the back of the hens! So I carried on.. Following Nellie... (not yet) as she seemed to know where she was heading, and I didn’t!

Someone shouted which way is DST tower??.. so I guessed at this point, we had lost the trail! Then, Mandy ‘paté’ Webber shouts ON PAPER... Oh yes, we are meant to be on paper aren’t we, and not just aimlessly wandering! Oops!
So, incorrectly, I’m told.. we then followed the paper, as No one was willing to head into the jungle again, as the weather was setting in!

A short walk around the outskirts of the jungle brought us safely to the roundabout, where we were greeted by a beautiful rainbow.. And some cooling rain!
Apparently, there was another bit of the hash run that; somehow, we managed to avoid, sorry, miss!

All the hens were counted in, in good time, and the down downs ensued, with 2 first timers, Christine from the UK, who’s been in Brunei for a ‘few’ years.. and Ling from Salambigar, who’s run the Labi hash before (and ran this one on her own! well most of it anyway!!)

Suffice to say, that as ready mix’s ‘guest’ , Ready mix was proposed as this weeks Hash shit.. ooh the shame of letting a Guest run alone/by herself…, but in a ‘the lady doth protest too much’ kinda way, squirmed her way out of it.. again! (it appears Ling was a guest ‘By Proxy’)

She also wishes to announce that her new book ‘Hash related excuses for dummies’ is out soon…(thanks for that idea Cheryl!)

Smurf also mentioned that she and Heather (I think) saw 2 (yes 2) hornbills at the hash..! SO.. maybe we should have called this the Horny Hornbills Run??
Chinese food was served, and awesome biccies.. which I feel the recipe should be published in the hash words.. YUM!

To sum up. a Goldilocks run, not too short, not too long, not too steep, not too wet.. Just right!

SCRIBE: Virgin Hare Tina

NEXT RUN: Lugu - Coastal Highway Km 84.7 (where Nash Hash was held)
HARES: Pee Wee/Trailblazer/Tina I

Friday, May 30, 2008

RUN NO. 2075

DATE: 27 MAY 2008
HARES: Not Yet/Mama San

It was a calm sunny afternoon as we assembled at DST. Had the hens been here since that time we got kicked out from the coastal highway site and had to re-group at DST for a live run?

Well, the hares promised a nice and easy run, so we eagerly set off at 5:15 with Carol on front horn and Sarong on back “whistle.” We started off in the woods behind the tent, and some of us who had been on a hetero hash a few months ago were wondering if we would take a similar route (an infamous hash in my memory as a group of us were on wrong paper and came out at 9:00!....but that’s another story….) Would the hares lead us to that same waist-high swampy stream? It seemed so, and sure enough, I arrived at the water just as 1st check was being called just beyond. Been there, done that – call me a coward but I didn’t want to cross this time if I didn’t have to. (At the hetero we waded that water more than once as we went back and forth trying to find the on paper which turned out to be back.)

Maybe the on paper today would be at the same place? Ready Mix had the same idea and so we both ran back to a trail that led to the road, where she found the paper. Some hens had doubts and were afraid to follow, as the paper was wider than the tiny strips the hares left as a sample – after warning us to stay on correct paper. But we did find a clump of tiny strips hidden behind a bush, so we definitely were on the right track. (Later we found out that the hares wanted us to follow a mix of thin and wide paper.)

Down the road we went and soon heard 2nd check being called. Poor Carol must have been lonely at this (and every other) check as few people went ahead, figuring it must be a back check across the wide open lunar landscape area. Our guess was right – 2nd check was soon found by Lee and others (didn’t see who) after crossing the open.

3rd check was only a short distance away, and it was another back check up and down the hill and to a road. So far it had been a dry run (except for the unlucky ones checking ahead at the first swamp!), but just when we thought we had made it through unscathed, a bit of sludge had to be crossed. Oh well, what’s a hash without mud??

Back at the tent, while waiting for everyone to arrive and the shout up to begin, some hens were engaged in bottom-checking. Comparing insect bites, I heard. Perhaps a competition to see who had the most? Not sure…

At the shout up we welcomed first time guest Claire, who hails from Glasgow. Apparently she’s already been warned that there are usually a few more hills than this at the average hash, so don’t get your hopes up that it will be this “nice and easy” every week. (Having said that, next week is Rimba and there aren’t too many hills there either!) Claire was brought by Maria, who’s a fairly new member herself – well done Maria!

Thanks to the hares for lovely vegetarian food, which was enjoyed by all as the sun set on another balmy Brunei evening.
On On

HARES: Sarong/Sarah B

Monday, May 26, 2008

RUN NO. 2074

DATE: 19 May 2008
SITE: Kapok Kanan
HARES: Smurf/Madam Sin/Maria T
FRONT HORN: Pee Wee BACK HORN: Alice In Wonderland

When I arrived at the site there were very few hens but more arrived later. Soon it was time to set off, and as I called “listen up!” suddenly Pee Wee (Who? I think must have been in a hurry to dash off as usual) took over before I could say anything more. “The Bomba men had been in the jungle looking for lost Korean tourists but did not find the poor tourists but, instead, they left lots of white paper in the jungle. In order to avoid confusion the Hares used small strips of green paper instead of the normal white." Eventually, I managed to get in and called “On On” and off we went; I then saw Running Bare who was just signing in. So I quickly went back to my car to collect bells to give to her as that was her last run. I finally set off behind all the runners not intending to go very far but soon Diana caught up with me. As we were strolling up the hill, and much to our surprise, Magi Morris called from behind us asking us to wait for her. All three of us agreed that we weren’t going all the way. The jungle however was very tempting so we went on further than we had intended and met Glamour and Veronica who confirmed that it was indeed a lovely run and the jungle was very beautiful.

You see, the main ingredients of a good run in Bruneian jungle are:-
One or two hills,
A few thorn bushes,
Slippery trails and steep edges,
A good patch of razor grass.
Mix them and spice with rain and streams.

Then you have a perfect run. So it was not surprising that this run was no exception. It was Serasa Hill after all. After first check and a few thorns, slippery bits and steep edges I managed to persuade Diana that I wasn’t prepared to continue. Besides I had to be back early to prepare for the shout out as my partner in crime Sarah was away.

According to Ready Mix the hills, thorns, and slippery trails continued, then she and Jane Woolley found the second check. Jane stayed on paper and Ready Mix continued to call, “Back on Ahead! Back on Ahead!” which apparently caused some confusion hence the sketch by Carol and Pee Wee at the shout out. Well done girls.
Three Hens, Glamour, Tango and Smurf celebrated their birthdays. And thanks to Pee Wee for the cake.

When I called for Hashit, Alison the current hashit holder came forward and pointed out that as she did not usually get the hashit, she was very anxious to see what had been written about her. However, she was disappointed as nothing was written in the words. In addition, NEXT WEEK’S RUN read:- HARES: DST; SITE: Not Yet and Mama San. Well, Struth is away at the moment.
Thanks Maria for the good Nosh.

It was very sad to have to say goodbye to yet another front runner who has added some excitement to the ladies hash with her hash attire. This was none other than Running Bare. So we said goodbye to Vania and wished her all the best in Manila.

HARES: Not Yet/Mama San

Monday, May 19, 2008

RUN NO. 2073

DATE: 13 MAY 2008
HARES: Madmarg/Norma/Dizzy/Nicole

Here we were again back to Kota Batu. As Sarah C said “Another bloody hill!” Indeed! Lee valiantly took the horn, and at 5.15 sharp she blew and off we went. Of course the only way was up! Carol and Pee Wee, impatient little blighters that they are, turned into SCBs from the word go, and took a slightly shorter way up to the ridge. Once up there, we ran along beautiful trails which I am told are usually accessed from 702.

We had a decent run before we got to first check. It took us a while to realise where the check was being called from, Lee was calling like a good’un, not so everyone else………apart from Boel! Here we have found ourselves a damn good hasher – good calling girl! Carol found the on-paper, and although we could hear her call it, could we work out where she was? NO! It took a good 5 minutes of calling, yelling, straining our ears, to work out that it was in fact on ahead, a sneaky ridge or two foxing us! Off we ran again through bracken - glad I wasn’t wearing shorts.

The whippet-like front runners found and called 2nd check through very quickly. The run took us down to the beautiful big trees and past a stone wall – could this be the origins of the name Kota Batu (Stone Fortress)? It was a lovely trail down, past a small waterfall and we started climbing up…….and up……and up……and……..I could go on and on, but the only word would be up! Ropes were there to guide us up one of the steepest trails we have done for a long time, stunningly picturesque, but damn hard work. This then led us across the ridge and back down (or shall I say slid down) to where we had come from; my kind of run – good length, and intense!

We had a lovely on-site here, a stunning view over the Brunei river and plenty of fruit bats flying above. Dizzy had very thoughtfully got us all a very fetching hat for her 123rd run! Well done and thank-you Dizzy! Well done also to Linda who celebrated 50 runs.

The JMs gave all those involved for the Nash Hash a pat on the back – well done ladies! Lovely makan was served – thank you again hares! From there we spent the evening, under darkening skies, gentle camaraderie and light banter to wile away the hours. Until the rain of course, which obviously delayed our departure…….. On on!

Maria (with kind help from Pee Wee)

NEXT RUN: Kapok Kana
HARES: Smurf/Madam Sin/Maria

Monday, May 12, 2008

RUN NO. 2072

RUN NO. 2072
HARES: Sarong/Jenni/Tracey
HENS: 38

We descended upon Diplo once again. The usual rabble, searching out hashing boots, insect repellent, water carriers etc. At 5.15 the horn was very ably sounded by Anna, a recent trainee who is going great guns! Off we shot, for about 20 seconds before we realised we had gone off paper, duh! We were craftily lead in through the middle, not left and up onto to the ridge as we so often do. Drier conditions made a pair of trainers a good thing, unfortunately changing mid-hash is not an option.

We finally stumbled on first check. Not so many checkers tonight, and if I remember correctly, I think the on paper was found and called through by Carol (who was supposed to be taking it easy tonight……). Forgive me if I have made a mistake with that shaky recollection. On we went, front horn bounding through at a cracking pace. More of those lovely Diplo inclines to test our mettle, and to second check. After a bit of intellectual checking debate, the on paper was found by Angela, back up to the left.

Then lo and behold but a mere 5 minutes later we were checking again; the paper had led us up and over a ridge and down the other side and there we met the check. This proved to be back up and down to the right and was, I think, found by Trish. The trails were much clearer from here on, and provided us with a chance to stretch our legs and have a bit of a run. The hens were pretty much together on this run, checks having bunched us up on more than one occasion.

A sneaky fourth check was added, and speedily found by Sarah C (so speedily in fact that she couldn’t speak when she got out). A grinding hill brought us out, in pretty good time (especially for a Sarong run).
The shout-up commenced, and the JMs informed us that it was World Chicken Day (or something like that) and they had thoughtfully done a little lucky draw for us, with lots of…..erm…..chicken themed prizes! Thank-you JMs!

Sarong and Jenny celebrated special runs – Sarong runs and Jenni runs. Well done you two! And thank you for the makan. Under darkening skies, the gentle merriment and bonding we are so fond of continued, punctuated by final rehearsals for our nash hash extravaganza! And finally another hash successfully faded into the night. On on! Scribe: Pee Wee

NEXT RUN: SPG 672 Jalan Kota Batu - town end
HARES: Madmarg/Nancy

Monday, May 05, 2008

RUN NO. 2071

DATE: 29 APRIL 2008
SITE: Bukit Serdang, Kota Batu—Yacht Club end
HENS: 37

Hash night and the real race is on, trying to get out the door with dogs or kids escapaing and making sure I have enough cash for coupons, oh guess, I should take some water. Destination Kota Batu, not sure which end but try to keep one eye out for the dazzling signage whilst negotiating Kijangs and Lexus’s and hundreds of school children with the other eye. (Don’t’ they know its Tuesday?)
The road seemed to go on long enough for me to think, have I missed it, but then there was the welcoming group of cars and fellow hashers collecting on the side of the road. Adrenalin of course is already pumping by now as the front runners head off, over a stick bridge and up. I headed the back side. Ha ha and did my best to walk and talk. There was a lot of up and a lot of steps.

Stairway to heaven was a song which comes to mind, with a few down bits to break it up, oh and a very large beetle. We had to stop and admire whilst catching our breath, which was then taken away by the view WOW so stunning.
Not only did we have fabulous views to admire but also an abundance of pitcher plants, to ooohh and aaarh over, what a treat.

As we continued on our merry way, sweating and puffing, plantings of passion fruit in the jungle gave us more to wonder and talk about. A few hens had turned back somewhere about here as we still had a long way to go, but there was so much more to see. On on

First check came and went, apparently with slight confusion, back on paper and more fantastic views over the Brunei River and Kampong with butterflies and swallows to complete the scene. Apparently we were on a lollypop with some going one way and some doing the other, but all met up on the stick but, I guess.
Heading down now and just amazed at all the pitcher plants and even say baby ones, so cute!! Mosque call now fills the twilight air, as well as the smell of wild vanilla orchids and the promise of a good shout up at Dizzies, hurried the last hens out of the jungle and over the stick bridge.

Thank you hares for laying such an interesting run, the Kota Batu views and pitcher plants were really amazing and the hills are a good challenge for the old bods.
Sorry, I missed the shout up, but I am sure it all went down a treat. On on Tracey.

P.S. Thank you for the great chow from Ricky’s restaurant and the singing practice went on ……….

Monday, April 28, 2008

RUN NO. 2070

DATE: 22 April 2008
SITE: Diplo (ANZAC run)
HARES: Madmarg/Heather S/Linda G/Cath C

Well, last weeks run turned out to be a bit of a surprise for some people. In hindsight the first indication was when i passed Glamour and Veronica returning back to base having not been able to find first check. I should have realised that something was up then but at that point i was still trying to catch up with the front runners and my focus was on the first of far too many hills looming up infront of me. And there were many of them, slippery and steep; and streams too wide to jump with no bridge available. Three checks, both back and forward, but the back wasn't back enough for me to even hear the callers, even though i was passed at one stage by panting streaks of lightening. And... what a surprise to end up at Subok.

It should be noted that being last on such occasions has the huge advantage of not having to wait for all the walkie talkies who delay the return of the bus, (and that i was being a very conciencious back horn and not just slow!)

The onon looked like a fair without the rides. Scantilly clad women in various states of undress, shouting and laughter and music, ice cream vans selling fish and chips and girls shouting 'free t shits, come get one'.

At the shout up we had more fair ground antics, starting with two visitors and then an outstanding jewellery exhibition hosted by Veronica to celebrate 1000 runs, a truly glitzy occasion. More jewellery ensued with a gift from the Aussie Hi Com of entwined flags, Brunei and Australia, a symbol of the close International Hashing Bondage developed by some of us on our recent trip to Perth. The merriment continued to increase with the arrival of the latest Hash Group, soon to appear infront of Simon Cowal, our very own Tripple Severn Girls - "yes let's hear it for the 777" - with antics galore to relate from their recent trip to Mens Hash on the island of Moon, including singing and dancing a la Can Can. And after that there was no stopping some. Ghetto blaster at the ready Carol managed to be both conductor and sometime lead singer in yet another soon to be famous Hash Group, as yet unnamed, with a corageously wobbly rendition of a very well known Queen song, but i am damed if i recognised it. So keep practicing girls.

A big thanks to Hares for an excellent A - B run. Good fish and chips with coleslaw and Anzac biscuits from the ANZAC girls.

NEXT RUN: Bukit Serdang, Kota Batu (yacht club end) - on on at Dizzy's
HARES: Dizzy/Cow Girl

Monday, April 21, 2008

RUN NO. 2069

DATE: 14 April 2008
SITE: Spg 378 Sg Akar (Opp Rubbish Dump)
HARES: Jane W/Sarah H

Shortly after arriving at the site and parking my car, the tent arrived. It was decided that it was impossible to drive the truck up the steep hill as cars were parked on the side of the hill so the tent was set up at the usual area.

Once the hens had recovered after walking up the steep slope to the starting point, the hens set off at 5.15pm lead by front horn Carol. It was the usual trail in, but then within a short distance we turned left and were heading down the side of the steep hill. First check was two thirds of the way down the hill and it didn't take to long before the check was found by Sarah C who called the on on paper. We continued to the bottom of the valley, crossed a small stream and headed along a nice trail that I hadn't been on, before heading down into the valley again, with the support of a rope from the top of the hill. We continued along the unfamiliar trail until we got onto a well defined path. At this stage it took me a few minutes to realize where we were, actually on the Subok Ridge, we had a few steps to climb first then we were on to a nice easy trail with great views!

In the distance I could see Nancy walking further along the ridge and I was hoping that our trail would soon turn right and down the hill otherwise we were in for a very long run. It did say in the words to bring a touch! As it turned out, Nancy had missed the turn off and was called back and was soon back on paper. At the bottom of the hill we headed to the right, crossed a steam and continued along a winding trail though the jungle, climbing over a few trees that had come down in a storm and as well as the occasional muddy patch. We climbed the hill joining the main trail again and followed this until we reached the ridge, turned right and re-joined the in trail and then it was a short trot down the hill and back to the hash site. We were out just before it got dark and I have no idea who found second or third checks.

It was still very warm by the time the shout up started. The shout up was orderly but Kathy Knell was named for the hashit for forgetting to sign out. Lucky for her she had left early to go home—but watch out Kathy for next week.

The main event for the evening was the official naming of Nellie. Apparently in Perth they kept asking her if she had a hash handle—to which she kept replying “not yet” - so hence she is to be known from this day forward as NOT YET TINA TURNER.

Thank you hares for a great run and for the nectar juice and samoosas.

On On!

NEXT RUN: Diplo (Anzac Day followed by fish & chips!)
HARES: Madmarg/Heather S/Linda G/Cath C