Monday, September 30, 2013

RUN NO. 2353 SPG 355 JLN TUNGKU - 24 SEP 2013

RUN NO. 2353
DATE: 24 SEP 2013
HARES: Satu Lagi/Pee Wee

Another glorious sunset in Brunei
“The dirtiest run I have ever set!” “The dirtiest run of the year!” “I’ve never done so much cutting!”

Who said that? None other than our illustrious hares of the week!

Facts: 2.46km; FROPs 40 minutes; Brackeny, scratchy, muddy up top, soggy below, slow track

Moanna went checking for the first time. And what a start for a virgin! She sniffed out TWO checks, not just one! Congratulations Moanna!

And what about everyone else?

“Ouch!” – Everyone! “Lots of tripping” – Lucky Hash Hound

“Hot!” Squeak

“Should have brought long socks!” “Didn’t have my pants on!”

“White socks are going in the bin!!” – Lesson learnt! (But they were her husbands – so that’s OK!)

“Filthy dirty and didn’t bring pants to change into!” – Twinkle Toes

“Why haven’t I got a little map? I’ve just got a square!” – Duchess of Cambridge.

“I got trapped in a root and had to sit down to cut myself out of it!” – Glamour

New member getting her H3 paraphenalia
Departing "Clover" catching up with returning Hasher "Bini Hutan" after a long summer in Europe
Hilary - Hashit for not briefing her guest well!
What about this weeks hares? Well we didn’t do the run as we were busy cooling down beverages for post run rehydration.

Tonights run – H3 Oktoberfest! Sort of!!!

A good workout/run for the kmph/step-counters who will work up a thirst for H2O or 100+

Or, for slower hens, a pleasant country walk/meander to a “country” pub!


Hashing, refreshes the parts, other exercise cannot reach!

NEXT RUN: Kapok Kanan
HARES: Madam Sin & Smurf

Monday, September 23, 2013

RUN NO. 2352 DST - 17 SEP 2013

RUN NO. 2352
DATE: 17 SEP 2013
FRONT HORN: Hillary    BACK HORN: Never Wrong

♫♬♪♫♫ ← that is the horn! 5.15 and off we went! I think Hilary was front horn, not a job to be sniffed at - and let’s face it, you get a rest from checking. We set off on a gentle jog down one of the best roads to nowhere in the country. It’s much improved from a couple of years ago, less holes and mud, but still quite a long trot. We ran past the cut in to the left, right to the end, where the paper took us right and eventually down to the first check. (Not so, as it turned out) Clever clogs that I am, I was convinced that the on paper would be down the hill and in to the right, as several runs have taken us that way, and I’ve laid a couple myself, bringing us out on the gas line and back to the tent. However, the hares laid the on paper cunningly to the left. This took us onto a gravel path and then into more jungly terrain. We’d all bunched together (a sign of a good check) by this point, and were all snaking around the track when 2nd check was called. Having an excellent week’s checking, I checked back - wrong again!!!!!!!! It was on ahead, and brought us out onto the out-trail, albeit it a rather long one. Swampy, wet, muddy, but not bad if you wanted to stretch your legs and have a bit of a run. We finally hopped over the barrier at the end and up the road back to the tent. A thoroughly pleasant hash, thank you Hares!

A bit of washing down and changing later, and we all gathered around for the shout up. Our JMs and our GM came up for their down down for the good run we had just done - and they provided us with some very tasty Thai makan - thank you again Hares. We had 5 new guests, the only one I could hear was the Scottish lady - good to tell she is a teacher ;-) 4 other lovely ladies with very quiet voices so I’m unable to tell you anything about them. We had 2 new members - hurrah! Nancy and Zoe, welcome to the ladies’ hash, you’ve just joined a very special group of ladies, you won’t find a more independent, strong, adventurous yet caring and supportive group of women anywhere.
New Members....
This week’s run is very different to last week’s. Wear long leggings/socks as my legs got a bit scratched on our recce. Some different jungle, with a couple of stunning views - take the time to look, it’s part of what hashing is all about! There are quite a few pitcher plants along the way too. Only one real hill, a bit of water - in fact a bit of everything really! It’s the first Satu Lagi / Pee Wee collaboration, so we hope you enjoy it, on on!

NEXT RUN: SPG 355 TUNGKU --- wear longs

Saturday, September 14, 2013

RUN NO. 2351SPG 492 JLN MUARA - 10 SEP2013

RUN NO. 2351
DATE: 10 SEP 2013

With the hard rain that we have had for many nights lately - it was a relief that tonight's run was dry. There was a good turn out of hens with several guests, making it a busy run. The quote of the day "The hills aren't so bad...once you've reached the top" from Rave really did sum up the run in many ways. The plural of hills was correct, with the checks leading us to go up and down them several times. First check was found twice, once on old paper and the second time on the right paper.  Well done Satu Lagi and Hash Hound, between them they found all three checks.

Once up the hills, there were great stretches of trails for the front runners to let off steam. The trail led us to Lucky Gardens and then back in the jungle for most, except the group that needed rescuing. The run was a good hour for front runners  (thank you very much!)  but the hares were kind enough to lay a shorter run, which meant that everyone was out in good time.

The second sign "don't park on the grass as it is soft" was left by the sign in sheets...oops you had to park before you could read the sign!- sorry! The shout up was a busy affair - with four first time guests and our celebration of the September birthdays - Happy birthday to Debbie, Doris, Hash Hound and Black Beauty. Also well done to Alison on her 1050 runs - wow. Everyone was being too good so no hash it this week, hurry up Dizzy - we really are waiting for you. Thank you ladies for the run and laksa and great job Rave as virgin hare.

Note on this weeks run. Yeh we are back at DST. Normal run with good trails and no hills, but be prepared to get muddy! take care to stay on fresh paper as kids hash was at this site on Sunday.


Monday, September 09, 2013


RUN NO. 2350
DATE: 3 SEP 2013
HARES: Black Beauty/Cheryl/Wonder Woman


Spice Girls? on site? with some fans

Goodies galore.....

More cupcakes


Last week’s run was laid by the ‘WISE’ women of our hash. Led by Mrs Pingu as the front horn (unsure on back horn), the ladies made their way around a lovely trail at Lucky Gardens. The first two checks were found by Ryvita and the third and final check was found by Pee Wee, all three being forward checks.

Big thanks to Hot Lips who was absent but generously allowed us to use her simpang for the On-On and thanks also go to the Brits who decorated the tent beautifully. To top it off, a delicious spread was set and everyone’s teacup was brimming with the yummy drinks on offer. A trivia quiz was given out all about the British Isles and prizes were awarded to some of the higher scoring teams. We all bunched together for a group photo before the rain began to fall and then shout up commenced. It was the usual announcements with one (I think) first time guest introduced to us all. Madame Sin had everyone laughing with her collection of one-liners from a selection of British comedians.

Although we didn’t do the run ourselves, due to a virus that’s been doing the rounds, we have been told that a great night was had by all.
NEXT RUN: SPG 492 JLN MUARA KG SG HANCHING ---- Bring a chair -------

Sunday, September 01, 2013

RUN NO. 2349 DIPLO 27 AUG 13

RUN NO. 2349
DATE: 27 AUG 2013
Hares Psycho & Rozi

Girls in pajamas with Jess.....
JM Ikea all enthusiastic at her first hash after the summer holidays.

Black Beauty being mysterious

Off  we went in Diplo on a fine, cool evening although breezeless, is that a word? The in went in where the kids Hash had come out on Sunday, making me think my  newly dried Hash shoes would soon be muddy again, correctamundo! A lovely sticky, muddy mushiness needed to be navigated before we offed into the jungle proper.

Fabby Diplo type hills and dips awaited us and our three pouches in tow as we clucked along fusing fitness, friendship and fondue recipes as we hashed.

The paper seemed to go randomly from white to yellow and back again but I'm sure there was a check there somewhere and it was a veritable confetti storm on the out trail, you couldn't have got lost on a dark night with a blindfold on and your Mother-in-law giving you child rearing advise in your ear if you tried.

Thanks Psycho and Rozie for the scrummy, fragrant curry, rice and little balls of asthmatic asphyxiation for afters, tasted good but lethal icing powder, need to register those a WMDs girls!
I won the pyjama competition in my green and white ice cream cone number......not. We had a first time guest and a new member but you better ask someone, who didn't eat from an aluminium cooking set for a year whilst travelling, their names as I have forgotten, sorry. Anyway Welcome, welcome welcome ladies.
New Member

Ok that's it. Enjoy the British Isles' run on on Sticky Rice.

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens -- Wise Run -- You might want to dress up for the onon at Hotlips!