Wednesday, February 24, 2016


RUN NO. 2479
DATE: 23 FEB 2016


What a very pleasant 5km run this week in Spg 420 Jalan Muara! Plenty of hills, plenty of road, plenty of winding trails and plenty of bridges. Four at the last count. Loved the reassuring little bits of pretty red, gold adorned paper along the trail to keep us on the right track.

The on-on at Tina was a plush affair in her beautiful garden with a resident frog that belched it's way through the night! Gave Smurf and Ripper some stiff competition.

We took the 6 hares away in style. Is that a record? Must have been the G and T's bolstering our confidence to sing.

Itchy feet and hornbill did a fab job on the horns.


Peachy keen had a first time guest who succeeded in not getting her the hashit! Miracles really happen guys. Oh dear, there was a second guest but...da, da, dah...005 had not introduced her to the JMs. Hashit! But no, we are getting soft!

Truly amazing food and hilarious dragon dance.

Thank you all so very much for a lovely evening.
Aunty Glamour, Survivor and Duchess

JMs in action

Chilling out in Red.

Yogi Beer

Monday, February 22, 2016

RUN NO. 2478 DIPLO 16FEB2016

RUN NO. 2478
DATE: 16 FEB 2016

I jinxed it when I was trying to positive and said out loud NO HILLS! All in vain and to be brought back to reality by Amanda, "Be realistic! It's diplo!" Off we all went on the paper trail with Peachi Keen on the front horn running with the front pack and Pedigree Pup on back horn.
I'm guessing front pack eyes were looking hard more so for the laminated hearts than the paper because they were 'lost' again when in search for the trail into the jungle. Up, up, up, up, some little downhills and a couple of streams we all went through the familiar and well used diplo trails. First check was found by Lykke and the second by Hash Hound. 
The third, the doozy.. reminds me of a  person plucking away at a flower, "He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me! he loves me not..." Gin Trap was first to shout, "On On On paper" (he loves me!) only to realise 3 seconds later that was the trail she just came out from. Had to keep calling upon realisation "Checking!", "Paper cancelled" (he loves me not..) further uphill she went and found more fresh paper (he loves me). Didn't want to make another mistake and asked for help to check, I went following the paper, it went for a good 20m then it stopped again (he loves me not).. Went hunting for about 10m and found more paper! woot! (he loves me!) Only to be met by the back of the pack walking towards me.. (he loves me not..) After much confusion and consultation among friends, Hash Hound finally found the correct paper trail with a super enthusiastic and relieved ON ON ON PAPER! (HE LOVESSSSS ME!!!)
Up, down over fallen trunks and more, out of the jungle we went. I found hearts close to the end of the trail and was sooo happy to get a heart. Ingrid took 3! Each of a different colour as a caution from a previous run where she lost out on the prize because she didn't pick all the required colours BUT for the two of us, it was all in vain cos ours weren't laminated.. boo! 

What players these valentine hares were but all was redeemed with peace offerings of cold Special Refreshment as well as Rose Bandung along with beautiful heart cookies and scrumptious carrot cake WITH creamy tangy frosting. Dizzy went around with chips and tzatziki too to tantalise the tastebuds along with little straw coin bags just for our tokens. (Thank you again Dizzy! xx) 

Hashed and dashed so all info from here on were gathered from other people.. At shoutout, Yogi Beer entertained with 2 jokes, there was NO hashit (Peachi Keen, you've been a good girl!) and Recruiter received her 100 runs award (Congratulations!).
Those who found the laminated hearts, traded them in for chocolates and we welcomed 2 new guests and a new member Rachel (woots! welcome, welcome, welcome).

Announcements; Kids Hash on this Sunday at Salziela Gardens and a reminder, no new guests for kids hash. Dinner I bet was scrumptious. Thank you Valentine hares for all your hardwork in decorating and just going all out in making it so lovey dovey.
Scribed by Rachael & friends

NEXT RUN:  CNY run next week at Simpang 420, Jalan Muara. Kg Sg Tilong. Please bring a chair as no tent ordered. 
LAYING PAPER: Trailblazer/What Butt/Rachael
FOOD catered by the Chinese members & some wannabes.


Monday, February 15, 2016


RUN NO. 2477
DATE: 9 FEB 2016

Waitangi -  It is New Zealand Day commemorating the signing of The Treaty Of Waitangi between the British and The Maoris Chiefs of New Zealand, in 1840.

What an awesome run! A choice of the short or the long! Love a long one me. My generous tracker recorded a whopping 9km which pleased the "runners" enormously! "More like these please," they cried unanimously. It was probably between 7/8km - perfect! We even got a group photo. Honored to be included in this elite motley crew.

The long run itself is a bit of a blur, just kept going! I remember it started off with a bit of a tricky situation on the moonscape, we could not find the check paper! Ryvita found the check and we waited till the pack arrived to avoid any lost hens! Hash hound being a cunning sort, joined 15mins late and found it after a phone call to the noble hares.

So, on we went up and down, not too many evil hills after last week! The best was to come and we carried on deep into the jungle and took a right at the fence to head into more jungle and as far as the Mentiri dual carriage way.

Did a U-turn and bumped into Hot lips, Dizzy and Where's Wally which came as a surprise to me but it seems I had missed another out sign!

Kept running and all of a sudden had Hash hound and Mean Machine come up behind me and flew past me as we reached the golden yellow paper check found by someone!
After this I bobbed along and by now it was getting quite dark. Had to regularly stop and check I was on the right track. Started calling on-on to check who was around. Heard a call, so was not all alone! Popped out on the road to then have Ryvita appear close behind! Where's Wally had got a bit lost, living up to her name it seems ;-)

At the shout up, there was a parade of Waitangi run t-shirts of old and many wore our brand, spanking new caps! Thank you very much kiwis and token kiwis for your generosity.
Smurf managed the shout up all on her lonsome.

A round of applause for Els being the oldest hasher to successfully complete the 5km (short run) but a shame she forgot Icy Bitch's handle...senior moment!

We actually had a couple of awards tonight for "Over This" who made...sorry Ripper belched very loudly...50 runs for "Over This" and funnily enough, later, it was Ripper called up for her 100 run potty! Too funny!

Then it was time for a "Well done" to everyone who helped retrieve Tigermoth's car from the ditch. We don't normally have a pre-hash warm up! A special thank you to Dizzy who drove the car out!
Hash-it for Peachy Keen who was gutted as she has forgot her bathers and Over This who was excused for her crime, but reappeared to shelter Peachy Keen from the icy water! No recollection of the crimes - sorry!

Finally, a very important announcement, that "special" liquid treats may now become available for those interested. Details to appear on FB page. G & T, Rum & coke are the suggestions thus far. $1 for the mixer. Tokens as usual for the strong stuff!

That's it! No jokes, again! Will make sure we have one next week ;-)

Short run report—
The run started from the Hare’s house onto the road, then turned left into a moonscape area .

Was surprised to see the front runners standing around at a certain bush area which was a check but no check papers were found so they kindly alerted the back runners of the way in ( hares later confirmed there were check papers but nobody found it ) I believe Hash Hound who went in later did.

Good clear trail in except for some tree trunk obstructing the path, no big hills to grunt up on.

Approaching the Internal Security fence I saw an OUT sign and was happy to follow that. Turned out that was the Short run and there were only 4 of us at the front! Goodnight Kiwi found the check papers and she was very proud of herself! Racheal seemed to have gone AWOL but caught up near the lake. She had gone checking and lost her way!

Skirting the lake and walking along the hill side we made our way out.

Yogi Beer and Hornbill

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - VALENTINE RUN - Wear pink/red/hearts!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

RUN NO. 2476 DIPLO 2FEB2016

RUN NO. 2476
DATE: 2 FEB 2016

Hares Mrs Pingu & Goodnight Kiwi with GM Squeak
Hills, after hills....!! As we predicted, the run at our lovely Diplo done by our legendary golden duo aka 'True BITCH" hare Good night Kiwi and Mrs Pingu, succeeded to wear out all the hashers with its sharp and good distance trail. (Remind ya, it wasn't as BITCH as the one they laid at Subok Bloody Hells for Seven in Seven run though!!) Not sure the actual distance as everybody seems to have GPS or tracker with its own mood and characters. Let's just take the median which is probably 3.6ish.
The first check was found by Speedy Gonzalez, the second Ryvita, and the third Mean Machine. Thanks to the front horn Yogi Beer for her constant horning that made us certain we were on the right track, and to the back horn Tiger Moth for her thorough business, respectively.
Helping hands across a log

At the shout up, we were happily welcomed 3 first time guests, one hosted by 'Steam Machine' (is that how the guest called her host that gave her icy-bucket?)', Full Steam Ahead is her correct handle and two guests by Dizzy. Glad to hear all the newly arrived teachers loved the run and already showed the enthusiasm by acknowledging that they would need 'spiky shoes' next week. My sincere apology for not remembering their names except for Janine from UK.

Two criminals on the night, being taken away with a bucket of icy water by Peachy Keen, were Alice in Wonderland for her deadline sin of abandoning her wee bum stool last week and of course Full Steam Ahead for fatal sin of neglecting to train her guest.

As far as I remember there were no new member, leaver, nor jokes.  C'mon leadies, we gotta see the entertainment!! Oh be sure to please contact Dizzy for her farewell home party on 13th Feb at her place... and her long-term-loyal-serving Mitsubishi Pajero on sale.
The bestest part of the shout-up was beautiful Laksa from Spg 370... oh gosh, I was actually talking to Rush Hour how I had been craving for tasty Laksa badly lately, like preggies rave for random food. A hugh thanks again to Legendary Hares for fulfilling our hungry tummy with delicious cuisine.

We can negotiated with 'Waitangi Run' T-shirts that you have or all in black or anything representing Kiwiana. Sweet As.  By Peachy Keen.

-----PLEASE BRING A CHAIR--------------

Monday, February 01, 2016

RUN NO. 2475 SPG 370 JLN MUARA 26JAN16

RUN NO. 2475
DATE: 26 JAN 2016

Australia day and all the hens gathered to celebrate.  Many visitors swelled the usual weekly numbers and excited chatter filled the air.  The horn sounded and all were off on a most pleasant three kilometer plus walk or run, depending on individual inclinations.  The track was strewn with green and yellow ribbons which were eagerly retrieved with a promise of a reward later.  Once back at the run site, there was plenty to do.  "Sexxx on the beach" flowed freely as hashers busied themselves answering a testing quiz.  Music added to the overall frivolity of the evening.  

The shout up was a lengthy affair due the celebratory nature of the evening. Hares Pee Wee, Hot lips, Patsy, Lickety Quick, and Licker were thanked for their much appreciated efforts.  Awards were given for the previously mentioned green and yellow ribbons secreted along the train. 
Peachy Keen was commended for her role as front horn and Duchess of Cambridge received similar accolades for back horn. 
Lots of first time guests of assorted nationalities made for a busy night.  They included Mouse deer, Angela via her royal sponsor Duchess of Cambridge, Elizabeth, Helen, Keena ( phonetic spelling sorry). It was commented that the Ladies Hash appears to be growing and living proof of that, Ged and Keryn, were welcomed as new members.  Let's hope they have swotted up on the rules before the run this week.  Certainly they went away clutching the obligatory Hash Rule Book. 

The hash was also graced with the presence of Footloose, formerly known as Tongs, unable to stay away and visiting after a seven month absence in China.   

Peahen was called up and received her reward for having completed 500 runs.  It was also announced that the mystery of her Founders Day gifts solved.  A relief to all concerned. 

Announcements were many and varied. The Kids hash is coming up.  Dizzy is having a leaving sale although there seemed to be some confusion about starting times, A yoga workshop.  Velma and Garfield said hello via Never Wrong who had recently visited them.  Prizes were awarded to winners of the quiz.  A very funny joke was told once a suitable pair of glasses had been located, enabling the teller to read it. 
Towards the end of the shout-up one of the kind providers of food was heard to say that they were relieved at the number unwell in the community.  The superabundance of guests had not been foreseen and there was some concern about the amount of food provided,  It goes without saying that these fears proved groundless and there was a surfeit of Aussie tucker, from sausages to lamingtons and a whole lot in between. 
Thanks, Aussies.  You put much care and effort into providing a memorable evening.