Monday, December 31, 2012

RUN NO. 2314 - SPG 420 JLN MUARA - 25DEC12

RUN NO. 2314
DATE: 25 DEC 2012
HARES: Trailblazer/Tina
HORNS: Non as not left for run!

The Christmas Hash Run started at Spg 420, Jalan Muara (Tina’s house). Festive spirits were felt all around, as Hashers exchanged warm Christmas Greetings, took loads of photo shoots around the Hash Christmas Tree and dressed windows prior to starting. A proud total of 16 Hashers turned up.

The run began with the ‘On on’ shout by Christmas Day enthusiastic hashers along the road through a residential area following the papers laid by the hares. Some of the hashers commented that they saw a very brief glimpse of what could only be Santa’s Elf among the trees on the hills ahead. Some hashers thought they were only imagining this…. Shortly afterwards, the track veered to the right onto a forest clearing on muddy grounds before spotting a check sign on the ground. Hashers then went in all directions looking for on on papers and nothing was found on the flat muddy grounds.

After searching for a good while, a shout from Peahen and Eastern Promise “ Onon paper!” was heard coming from a hillside. Hashers then started their way onto a short hill climb before being led by the papers through a forest area and then climbing down slippy hillsides onto tarmac. The track continued into Simpang 370 on flat ground through a new residential area where some hashers recalled that in days gone by these built up areas were forests through which many had enjoyed their hash runs.

A short run along the road led hashers to a familiar route from the week before following the storm drains all the way back onto the main road in Jalan Muara, where hashers appeared to slow traffic down with the display of their Christmas festive gears especially Eastern Promise’s red antlers, all the way back to Spg 420 returning to the On On site.

The run took about half an hour and 3,720 steps on my pedometer. With some spare energy left, some hashers ventured back out to follow the initial trail to pick some durians before the shout up began, led by Squeak and Ready Mix.

Hashers welcomed guests “Stephanie” , a hash member previously, and Nadya whose mother is a Hash member. As the festive spirits soared, and more laughters ensued, it was felt inappropriate to give out the Hashit at this merry occasion.

Hashers were then served with a candle-lit Christmas dinner and delicious sweets under a bright moonlight and entertained later by carol singers organised by Jenni from the block.

Many thanks to the hares for organizing a beautiful Christmas hash dinner celebrations!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.
On On Hashers!


HARES: Alison/Cheryl/Zur

Monday, December 24, 2012

RUN NO. 2313 SG TILONG - 18 DEC 2012

RUN NO. 2313
DATE: 18 DEC 2012
Hares: Sticky Rice/Zur
Front Horn: Domestic Goddess
Back Horn: Ryvita

It was hot and humid but we arrived at the site early having being forewarned that we would be bussed somewhere.

Domestic Goddess took the front horn whilst Ryvita took the back horn.

Alas, that was not to be as walkie-talkies were told to start off first. We set off and the scant paper led us through the housing area and then along storm drains where there were lots of bananas and fruit trees. We emerged through a fence along Jalan Muara and a van was waiting at the bus stop to ferry us across to ‘BSC’ on the opposite side of Jln Muara.We followed paper along the storm drain and continued along the simpang. Soon first check was called and people went in different directions checking. It was a back check and Jeani soon found the on paper. 

We went down a short simpang and continued along more storm drain to emerge back on spg 370 to find us on familiar hash site but the jungle was no longer there. As we turned a corner, second check was called which was found again by Jeani. By then the front runners had already caught up and we proceeded back along more storm drains.
Just when we thought we are nearly back at the pick up point, the paper veered off left from the storm drain which took us into the jungle, crossed streams and slidded down steep banks and walk along the river to emerge out of the jungle. We were reliefed see the van waiting to ferry us back to the other side of Jln Muara as it was getting dark.

What a run! I must say it is an unusual and interesting run. 

We then trek all the way back to the on site where burgers awaited us by the poolside.
At the shout up Kim received her 50th run award followed by some announcements.
 On ! On!

NEXT RUN: Spg 420 Jalan Muara, Kg Sg Tilong -Bring a chair.
Hares: Trailblazer/Tina K

Saturday, December 15, 2012


RUN NO. 2312
DATE: 11DEC 2012

In the absence of the two very sick and poorly hares for next week, us JMs took it upon ourselves to write this week's short and sweet run report. This time of the year, the group of hens gets smaller and smaller each week, tonight there was only 30 of us taking on the jungle that is still Lucky Gardens.
The run was a lovely, short run with two checks. An good decision to make it slightly shorter this time of the year when the night falls earlier and earlier, and with the amounts of rain we have been having recently.

We had two first time guests tonight, CJ from Philippines and Ika from Indonesia.
We also had two canine friends, Spot and Jessie, up the front who apparently helped in finding both checks, sniffing out the right route without hesitation!
Kiwi girl Shantal ran her last hash, as she is leaving Brunei for a totally different experience next week - she's moving to SWEDEN! :) Good Luck there, keep warm!

The on-on followed, and that too was short and sweet! The "50 years of hashing"-celebrations were mentioned and more information has followed in an email to all H3 hashers. Apart from that there was no more announcements so we proceeded straight on to the yummy food! Mmmm, springrolls, filled pasty packages and a selection of German Christmas goodies for dessert. Lovely!

The hareline is looking fantastic at the moment, currently the next available run is not until the 26th of February! So quick, quick, get your name done if you have a specific date in mind! Don't wait!

IKEA & Ryvita

Monday, December 10, 2012

RUN NO. 2311 DIPLO 4 DEC 2012

RUN NO. 2311
SITE: DIPLO - Psycho's Garter Run
HARES: Psycho/Squeak/Erin

The hares Erin/Psycho/Squeak

First time guest

Beautiful sunset over Diplo

Tonight we were celebrating Psycho’s hen night, so we have her, Squeak & Erin to thank for laying such a pretty run through the jungle, with appropriate paper brides  dotted around the trail for the hens to find and claim a prize later.  Only two were not found – maybe I should go back and look for them and claim a prize next week!!!

Diplo… is a long time since I have hashed at Diplo and although it is the only venue I have once been lost in, and on another  occasion, caught in a tremendous thunderstorm with the sound of trees falling around me and light quickly fading,  I remember feeling at the time, a little afraid.    However, I still think this is my favorite place to hash… hopefully it will remain untouched for years to come.   Diplo jungle has a bit of everything – pretty winding trails, a few not too challenging hills to climb, small streams with wide logs to balance your way across or, for those not so brave to wade through the lovely cool water.    So… 5.15 with the sound of the horn and a shout of on on , we were off running across the field into the familiar jungle trails.    There were a couple of not too difficult checks found quickly by one of the young, sporty front runners  - ‘On paper ‘was heard  on a couple of occasions and off we all went again, following the paper round the bends and up the hills until bright sunlight ahead indicated that we were on our way out, back to the tent, sign out and a welcome beer.   After a short chit chat, and a few photos taken especially of the hares all dressed beautifully as brides, we were called to order by our  G.M’s

Judy "Survivor" signing in before the "Meragang Beach" run. Photo with Glamour & Tima K.

A ‘down down’ was given to the hares, a first time hasher, and a new member who were actually sisters, and welcomed with a ‘down down’  and in the absence of ‘dizzy “ welcome, welcome welcome” December birthdays were given a beer (that was Clare and I), prizes awarded for the paper brides found in the jungle – a prize also given to Nicky for the best dressed bridesmaid – we had some entertainment from ‘hash wit’ with wedding jokes guaranteed to make any new bride think twice before taking the plunge!!! ("Survivor" on her visit to the Abode was given her belated leaving certificate showing 437 runs when she departed for Penang last 19 July 2011- ed) and then it was time for some well earned nosh with pretty cup cakes to follow.   On on & looking forward to next weeks hash ..Domestic Goddess

The bride
NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens, Spg 542-48 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Hanching
HARES: Peahen/Eastern Promise/Jeanni

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

RUN NO. 2310 KOTA BATU 27NOV2012

RUN NO. 2310
DATE: 27 NOV 2012

The weather leading up to the run on Tuesday had been fairly wet, which promised a slippery run ahead.  To add to the excitement factor weather warnings had been coming throughout the afternoon of heavy showers on the way with the possibility of flash floods.  Luckily as the front horn signaled the start of the run the sun was still shining and we all set off down the road to find the trail into the jungle. 
As the paper trail led off the road we began to climb… and climb… and climb!  The trail led up a rather steep incline that delivered on the promise of slippery.  Back Horn slipped a few times, landing on the horn and signaling to the hashers following the way to go.  Handy.
When we finally reached the top of the hill it was to the call of first check.  This was swiftly found “on back” and we all set off again, only to find that it was now time to head down, down, down the hill.  For some of us this proved even trickier than climbing up.  Once again there were some very slippery parts, and at one stage I even tried to create my own slippery mud slide. 
At the bottom of the hill we reached the road.  The sky was looking pretty ominous and a few raindrops were starting to fall.  Some of the front runners had turned right to head off to find the rest of the trail, but we, the back bunch, decided to turn left and head back to the on-on site.  We arrived in plenty of time to avoid the heavy rain, but the front runners were not so lucky, four of whom didn’t make it back until after it had started raining cats and dogs. 
During the on-on a farewell was made to GPS (Briony) as she is leaving us to return to Australia for new adventures – don’t get too lost out there GPS!  We all wish her the best of luck and hope that she will be back for a visit at some stage.
A plea was also made by Hash softies and water who needs some help as they will be away for the xmas holidays.  If you are going to be around and are able to help out with this please let them know or get in touch with the JM’s/GM’s.
A range of beautiful handmade cards were on sale at the on-on for $2 each to raise money for the occupational therapist in RIPAS.  These will also be on sale at the next run so bring along some money.
Hash Wit handed out the electiric tariff sheets, and then it was time for dinner, pasta and homemade bread provided by the wonderful Hares.
Next week’s run is at Diplo.  With the weather we have been having lately be prepared for some very slippery terrain.  Make sure you are wearing shoes with good grip (unlike me last week!) and also be prepared to get a little bit wet  J  The run is a Hens Party celebration so don’t forget your bridesmaid outfits!
On on,
Erin, Squeak and Psycho.


Monday, November 26, 2012


RUN NO. 2309

A new year and a new run, and it was great. We all parked our cars sensibly as requested (something to be done requested or not).

We set off following the road round the loop and swiftly came to the first check.  As there was a pack of dogs ahead, sense dictated that the check must be back, and we duly followed a small track to the large water duct. A left and right for most, across the planks for the brave. Along side the stream and into the tunnel running under the coast road. It was not deep and with concrete underfoot was very safe, but it didn't look inviting and a few were weary of continuing.  But it was worth it.  Once through and up the bank we had a short distance to run alongside the highway, and then headed down the road to crocodile beach.  I have not been down here for way too long, so for me it was lovely to have a long walk along the beach, passing places where i remembered having bonfires with the children playing in the sea, and the adults watching over them in a very responsible manner. Ha. The night was mild, the sun set lovely and calming, and lots of friends around to share the experience.

We all had a lovely long run/jog/walk and were rewarded for our efforts with a very welcome drink at the end of it.
Not to mention the bus.

So - a new run and an A to B run to boot.

I had to leave at this point so on on, and Words will kindly fill in the rest.  Dizzy

Um… Hi… Psycho here… Um, ok, lets see… uuhhh… We had a first time guest from Jersey, USA… Food was watermelon… Dhal… Pratha… and stumpy phallic shaped sponge cakes. Announcement was email Words to get onto the emailing list, and kids hash on Sunday and Santa will be there. That’s all I can remember… On on!
It was drizzling when we all gathered for shout up. Mrs Pingu read a poem her dad wrote, well funny titled ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, a description of geriatric S&M porn, lesson learned, sleep is way better than sex regardless what your age is, and safe! Hash shit went to Ryvita and Claire for jaywalking across the highway. Dizzy forgot the hash shit so they made do with using the water bucket to shower them with, after kindly removing the ice and cold water, Ryvita got most of it! On on.
NEXT RUN: Kota Batu - Pls bring a chair

Monday, November 19, 2012


RUN NO.2308

On a cloudy night in Serasa, up Jalan Ping ping - the site of the final run of this year’s committee. A short run in grassy terrain, with slippy areas that challenged the best of us, (well those of us that bothered to venture out, rather than making their way directly to the party). The heavens opened just as many of the hens made it out of the jungle. So there was a mad dash back to the cars.

A magical night was had by one and all. There were magical creatures and mystical people everywhere in the yacht club. The three blind mice made an appearance; a ladybird collided with tables and chairs, a wolf was caught scaring little red riding hood. Characters from nursery rhymes and favourite fairy tales were seen sipping cocktails, reminiscing about the hashes gone by, each delving into the goody bag given upon arrival.
Then it was down to business, we celebrated Cheryl’s 500 runs, welcomed a new hasher Sue Sawyer, and a returning hasher – Helen Swan (Puteri) and Survivor (ED). Awards were given to Mad Marg for the most runs laid (but in her absence awarded to Trailblazer - ED), to Ryvita for being the front horn the most frequently and to GI Jane and Squeak for the back horn. Dizzy was given the annual hashshit and told not to lose the chicken this time. Prizes were given out for the hardest on the feet run, the hottest run and the wettest one. A yummy meal was served and devoured whilst all this was going on.

The hens were asked to parade around in their costumes. Suddenly the 6 dwarfs (not sure what happened to number 7 – perhaps still wandering around in the jungle) broke into song “Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it’s off to hash we go!!!!” The judges awarded the best costumes to the Wolf (Mrs. Pingu), Ladybird (Sticky rice), Snow White (Alice) Mermaid (Ryvita) and not forgetting the 6 noisy dwarfs.

The old committee members were thanked and new members of the committee were welcomed in, in traditional fashion. Many thanks to the committee of 2012 for the hard work, commitment and dedication, making it a successful year. We loved the mementoes, hash shirt and photos (we discovered on the stick) and look forward to trying the nosh.

NEXT RUN: JLN MERAGANG, KG KAPOK Please leave your cars in the designated car areas as the spg is too narrow. It is recommended that you wear long socks and shoes that are not brand names as they may get wet. --- Pls also bring a chair.

Monday, November 12, 2012


RUN NO. 2307
HARES: Annabel/Satu Lagi/Clover & Wendy

Only one week left!!! It does sound like we haven’t enjoyed our year of mismanagement with that statement but we will all breathe a sigh of relief once next week is done and dusted, but the whole year has in fact breezed past in a blur of hash boots, shout-ups and wonderfully delicious On-Ons. So to our last hash before Founders Day and as always I’m arriving as the hens head off at 5.15pm. Bless them, I’m already signed in by my fellow mismanagement members and I can quickly lace up the boots and be off. Having been unwell and not done any exercise all week I was not looking forward to hills but thankfully Anna had stated in the words “nice run without too many hills”.

So off we go heading up towards the far end of the simpang and presumably looking for a gate into the jungle as Cheryl was carrying a ‘Shut the Gate!’ sign. Past Bini Hutan’s old house – I wonder if they ever sorted the landslide? Ah, now we are going down to Debbie Davidson’s old house, oh the On-Ons and parties that house has seen. At ‘The Gate’ we paused to attach the sign, got a little confused as the paper had fallen through the fence into the garden but with only a slight delay we were through the gate and stepping gingerly over the storm drain! Storm drains are bad enough but that one had a viscous slope to it too.

Into the jungle and oh yea, I remember this hill out of the valley, up, up and more up, but a good trail and lovely jungle area still surviving. We conversed with Glamour on passing to check out where to find the on paper as we had heard them calling for first check as we meandered our way up the hill. Sorry don’t know who found it. On right and then left to see the orangey paper for first check and off we go again along the trail. Good trail, lovely jungle and good chance to catch up on gossip until we spied the moonscape area and heard the dulcet tones of checking. Second check and ………………… carry on Sue. (Cheryl and I turned back at this point, as the rain softly started dropping on us and enjoyed the return jungle paths and rechecked that the gate was shut)

Second check was a back check and the light was getting dim already, as we headed back into the jungle after negotiating the crumbly clay banks. Jingle bells (Melissa on her last, last run) ran past me in hot pursuit of front horn, Ryvita. Some lovely trails soon led us to third check, yet another back check and found by Mad Marg (the only check I know who found it). By this point, the rain was setting in to a steady , but not too drenching patter. The rainclouds blotted out even more of the remaining evening light, but after meandering left and right several times, we finally emerged out onto a half completed construction site. Boots soon became heavy with all the cloggy mud, as we clambered carefully down a large bank.

This was familiar territory. We walked back along Simpang 462, which soon led to Simpang 420, which was exactly where GI Jane and Sid’s hash of a month or so ago started. Remembering that night when a lot of the front runners came out in the dark and pouring rain, I was thankful the rain had been kind to us this night. The resonant sounds of the mosque called us home to Hot Lips old house and by the time we completed the road run / walk back to Simpang 370, the rain had stopped completely. It looked like we might get lucky and have a calm, still night to celebrate the shout up, but that would be wishful thinking!
Go Cheryl…….. and the rain kept raining! Back under the tent we started the shout up by thanking the Hares for their combined efforts in leading the Hens through the jungle and also for the prospect of lovely food, the smell of which was wafting from the kitchen and round my heart!

We greeted a new member into the fold, Jenni, and Dizzy ‘Welcome, welcome, welcomed!’ her. Then a bit of excitement as four hens were dubbed with their Hash Handles.

Briony shall henceforth be called ‘GPS’, Marcela is now ‘Speedy Gonzales’, Debra is aptly named ‘Hash Wit’ and Call Girl has been renamed ‘Ikea’.

There were a few announcements about the forthcoming Chieftain’s Dinner (see Jan for more details) and drum roll, our Founder’s Day!

The committee have been hard at work to make sure we have a great night. All the ingredients are there just come and have fun!

Back to the shout up, that is all I can remember, the rain kept raining and we feasted on delicious chilli and baked tatties with plenty of health giving salad!

Sue, Alison and I would like to thank you and the committee for your kind support during our reign. We wish the next G.M and J.M.s smooth happy trails.

Cheryl on on

Monday, November 05, 2012


RUN NO. 2306
DATE: 30 OCT 2012

The sun had set, the night was dark with only a fast disappearing streak of light on the horizon when the hens set out on the Halloween Run. They left their few clucking companions in the warmth and safety of the tent and ventured unto the sandy track by Tungku beach among the Casuarina trees clutching torches and each other.

Debbie and I set out bravely behind the main flock thinking my glowing pumpkin lantern and her fetching flashing earbobbles would ensure a safe passage past all awaiting ghouls and zombies. However the rutted uneven path in the sand made walking quite slow and my companion’s injured foot began to hurt so she returned to the beckoning lights at the sign in.

Breathing deeply and lifting the lantern aloft I continued alone searching in the darkness for someone to catch up with. Soon I had to stop and scramble in my back pack for my wind up torch. Alas it had no reservoir of power and I tripped forward winding it for intermittent flashes to see silhouetted figures up front. Suddenly a ghastly apparition appeared out of the bracken and bushes. Startled I shone my torch to see a great figure of mystery and menace and a black cloak framing a grisly skull. It was the Grim Reaper holding a threatening scythe intent on grisly work. “Not my time for harvest” I resolved and swung the orange glowing pumpkin hoping its grimace would help in my demand to pass. A voice from the evil one spoke and initially refused but soon gave in to my repeated pleas.

Greatly relieved that no impossible riddles or magic words were needed I stepped past as the evil shape returned to the shadows and followed the tiny tea lights obviously provided by some good angels. Then joy of joys I caught up with some hens and paired up with the bold Thelma to face the remaining uncertainty. The track still held some evil forces because a hen, hitherto considered friendly, insisted on misleading us at a junction of the run. Soon we were met by the returning front runners who told us to turn back. What hidden dangers we escaped we cannot say. Hence we set off in the opposite direction towards the gloomy shore. Again we were met by hens this time warning of great black holes and threatening waters.
Joining forces with other hashers and again keeping our eyes on the lights we returned safely to the welcome tent which had become populated by gruesome but friendly creatures and thankfully gulped our 110pluses and H2o. Other hens enjoyed a bonfire on the beach.

Three witches, having abandoned their caldrons and Macbeth, deliberated over the Shout up introducing 2 visitors: a lass from Liverpool and Stephanie from Malaysia.

Briony was congratulated on her 50th Run and Melissa was wished good tidings for her departure from Brunei after 99 runs with the hens.

Appropriate jokes were told and sumptuous seasonal food including pumpkin soup and petrified trees was enjoyed. After that camouflaged members were photographed and feted.



Monday, October 29, 2012

RUN NO.2305 KOTA BATU - 23 OCT 12

RUN NO.2305
DATE: 23 OCT 2012
SITE: Kota Batu
HARES: Madmarg/Never Wrong/Mrs Pingu (Shop run)

5:15 saw groups of hashers head off from Dizzy’s house up past the Yacht Club to waiting water taxis. A lovely way to start the run with a short crossing over the river to the water village. Paper led in and hashers were greeted with lots of damp leaves underfoot which soon led into a climb up what seemed like an empty creek bed. Empty, that is, except for one lost croc lying in wait to startle people! Lots of moss-covered rocks made the guide ropes very handy. 

After the climb up the trail opened out along a ridge and the view back across the water to the mainland was lovely. But what goes up must come down and sure enough, the down came. This time the recent rain couple with mossy rocks made the rope very important and I am sure I am not the only hasher who hit dirt a couple of times on the way down! 

The out soon came and we were met by Yvette and Marcella with the now-captured crocodile. Yvette was gracious enough to tell me when I asked that “no, we haven’t just been around for the second time”. We arrived on the dock just as the call to prayer began and enjoyed a pleasant boat trip back across. The short stage back to the shout up and we were met by Neverwrong bearing Hash Shop gift towels. 

Lots of announcements regarding next year’s committee and the founders’ day festivities, followed by Madam Sin’s confession that she managed to drive all the way to work last Wednesday oblivious to some lingerie dangling from her car door. I bet the staff and students at SM Menglait enjoyed watching her try to remove it discreetly! 

The shout up ended and it was on on for pizza, salad and some liquid refreshments. 

NEXT RUN: 30 OCT --- Halloween run 6.30 pm start, bring a torch!!
SITE: Tungku Beach
HARES:  Psycho/Erin/Rachel

Monday, October 22, 2012

RUN NO. 2304 MCFARM, RIMBA - 16 OCT 12

RUN NO.2304
DATE: 16 OCT 2012
HARES: Alice in Wonderland/Jenny on the Block/Mani Mouse

I arrived at a new run site for me and was happy to see no hills after last week's long up and down trek.

After walking for a pleasant fifteen minutes we came tothe familiar DST trail and entered through the clay area. Checks were found quickly.

I was enjoying the trail until I cam to the forewarned mud and was glad I had worn old shoes and socks. I plodded through the mud and water trying to find the shallowest parts.  We were soon out.

The shout up commenced, then Legally Blonde arrived back safely escorted by Mad Margz.

Readymix celebrated 500 runs and Debra 50 runs.  First time guest Vanessa and new member Masayo were welcomed.

Marcela was congratulated for doing the Mt Kinabalu Climbathon in 4 hours 13 minutes - well done!

The hens were obviously in a jovial mood as three people told jokes.  Mad Margz and Legally Blonde were awarded the Hashit for items left behind last week.

The hares put on a delicious spread of food - thank you!
onon Never Wrong

NEXT RUN: SHOP RUN (Mad Marg/Never Wrong) -  Bring a chair for the onon
SITE: Kota Batu

Saturday, October 13, 2012

RUN NO. 2303 SPG 420 JLN MUARA-9 OCT12

RUN NO. 2303

The run was a Breast Cancer Awareness Run to celebrate survivors and as a wakeup call, an awareness raising, for the more complacent amongst us. 

The hares were warrior GI Jane, Sid, Velma and Hot Lips.

This words is an alternative words- because we did the unthinkable - took a short cut in all innocence, utterly confident that it was the right route because we were on paper all the time.  Honestly,  we did follow paper all the time! Anyway, we went along our merry way enjoying the trail, waxing eloquent about the beautiful cool breeze, and new paths till we were rudely awakened to a vast wasteland of balding hillsides, a half-completed concrete jungle and a long concrete road to boot - sigh! 

Once out on the road someone remarked, "that was rather a short trail wasn't it?".  Another, "how come no checks?" and yet another, " this is not GIJane's style, she will only do challenging tricky ones". But, we convinced ourselves that this was an exception probably because of threatening rain and early darkness   
Once back, only us, the middle and back runners, were there - no front runners.

The pink ice cream that welcomed us soon took our minds off the non-appearance of the front runners. Then at 7pm we saw them trooping in one by one over the next half hour...they were on the right trail…long and found two checks! 

At the shout up we had two achievements:  Sid 550 runs and Erin 50 runs.  Well done gals!  Those who dressed up PINK received special gifts and some of us who were nearby also received gifts. Thank you for that hares. There was a call for hash shit - apparently the person did not remember her hash number but she claimed she did after a short while- forgivable senior moment perhaps?  Anyway two other eager beavers wanted to take on the hash shit for the reasons I don't really know actually cos I could not hear what they said.  In the end all ends well and harmony and goodwill should be our prime objective should prevail so says humble me.  Fault finding kept to the minimum please.   We are here to have some fun and to de stress right!   Thank you hare for the makan, and also front and back horns. 

Jenni on the Block

NEXT RUN: McFarm - Kg Rimba - Bring mossie sprays
HARES: Alice in Wonderland/Jenni on the Block

Saturday, October 06, 2012


RUN NO.2302
2 OCTOBER 2012

There were a smaller number of hashers this week due to school holidays but a keen and chatty group awaited the horn blowing at 5.15. We set off along the track and the first check was not too far away. A bit of scrambling in the bushes and the on paper was found on the opposite side of the road, along a grassy track. Ready Mix found the check with Satu Lagi not far behind. Back horn was also close by and sounded the hens through with a good blast of the horn.

The trail became more twisty and winding as we continued on between the trees, with some parts being more mud than anything else and the way became harder to negotiate. At this point Not Yet, having nothing other than a pair of crocs to wear, took the opportunity to turn back. Checking ahead. We are now on a ridge and with challenging slopes on either side. Debra searches of to the left and others are working away on that side. Alice in Wonderland calls the paper through and we cross a muddy patch to reach the paper once more. The next section is a series of ups and downs with a fair amount of trips, slips and thorns. We go along a stream bed and into a bamboo patch before coming out onto a grassy track. On right and up into more open ground.

Checking again, this time into the trees on the right. Some check back, others go in and the paper is again found by Ready Mix, over on the right. However all is not well. Front horn has slipped on green rocks and has injured her shoulder. When she reaches the tent at the end of the hash she is whisked away by the hares for medical treatment. We hope that she makes a speedy recovery. Back on the trail we are in more open ground going down a hill to a garden area with a small house. We pass by beside the fence and the banana trees and move onto a track and then a road. We turn right and further down the road head back into the tress again for the final surprise, a trippy trail with a orange swamp before the on out to the cars.

We had the shout up with only 2 of the hares present, as others were on medical duties. Well done ladies it’s always good to move the hash around to different places. Announcements included reminders to check your T shirt size on the list so that you get the right size for the founders day gift and to send in your hash recipe, story or joke for the publication which is being prepared. Committee members are needed. Please sign up before all of the best jobs have been taken! JM Sue told a good joke about speeding and we all tucked into some excellent home cooked food, with even a selection of chocolaty dessert items available. Many thanks. Twice round the hash next week for all of those who had seconds! On On Jane

HARES: GI JANE/SID/VELMA/HOT LIPS --- Breast Cancer Awareness Run-----
Take care to park on one side of the road. Big trucks come up and down to the construction site. Take a torch just to be on the safe side, darkness falls a little earlier these days. Bring a chair ---- and wear pink/pink/pink!! for Shout Up.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RUN NO. 2301 - SPG644 KOTA BATU - 25 SEP 12

RUN NO. 2301
DATE: 25 SEP 2012
HARES: Dizzy/Debbie/Mad marg

A very jungly jungle hash.

The scene was set by the threatening rumble of thunder and the ominous growing grey clouds above as we set off into the jungle.

The first check up a steep hill was found fairly swiftly by Hana and Kim. We were then led along the road, over a ditch and on up into the thick jungle. Second check was at the top of the hill.  It was on up.  Hill, hills and more hills making us work hard for the yummy food waiting for us at the end!!

Over rivers, through small crawl spaces among branches and bracken. Over the river again (glad I hadn't cleaned my hash shoes beforehand). Women looking all over the hillside but the on on was down the hill by the river.

It was on up another beautiful hill. Next check was up another hill but the onon was down through the ferns. Through a guy's veggie patch and up to the road.... well confusing, and worrying, for those tracking the run progress on their GPS devices.... what's going on???... As having already run over 2 km and having already found 5 checks we were now heading in the opposite direction from the start!! With great relief though, after a couple of hundred meters on the road, we were met by the lovely sight of a bus waiting to deliver our sweaty tired bodies back to the shout up. Nifty!

The rain never did show and we had a great hash with five checks found by to name a few, Ryvita, Call Girl, Rachael and Trailblazer.  Thank you ladies and thank you hares - Mad Marg, Dizzy and Debby.

We had 2 first time hashers and a returning hasher, Nelly (Not Yet) who had been in Fiji, UK (Bristol), visited Sydney and is now back in the Abode of Peace.

Five September birthdays were also celebrated with cupcakes.  Happy Birthday.

All in all a good night was had by everyone.

Call Girl, Clare, Hana & Ryvita

HARES: Call Girl/Ryvita/Hana/Clare

Monday, September 24, 2012

RUN NO. 2300 SUBOK - 18 SEP 2012

RUN NO. 2300
DATE: 18 SEPT 2012
Hares Trailblazer & Peewee
Crossing the waterfall after first check
View from the top
Hashit well taken by Possum

HARES:       PeeWee/Trailblazer

Front Horn : Kathryn
Back Horn:  Mad Marg

Celebration Run 2300

So, we all showed up in our latest and greatest hash attire, from the fashion houses of Milan, Paris or perhaps it was Gadong.  The girls had all dressed up for a pre arranged group photo. Taken by our friendly pro, Ben, ready for the front cover of next months Vogue. Anxiously awaited by the masses.

The horn sounded and away we went. First we passed our friendly blow-up snakes, as opposed to our just our friendly blow-up boy...say, where is he anyway? A beautiful water feature came next which looked so inviting, just a shame it wasn't at the end. Next we headed up the hill to the right, ready to embrace the three camel humps above us. Over the three camel humps to the top of the ridge, which had beautiful views.  It was dissapointing to find that the coffee stop was unattended, no latte on offer which would have helped to get us through to the end. Further on we passed the Youth Hostel, again unattended. We stopped to admire the sun set, before the lights went out. Thankfully many of the back hashers had torches which helped with the tuck and rolls into the valley of darkness, to eventually surface, having tested our ballet skills walking across the ballance beam and on tiles and bricks, to arrive in the midst of a new housing development.. A long road trail then led home.

On arrival back we received. from the hares, a celebration T shirt - thank you ladies.  One new guest joined us this week.

Yann celebrated her 500 runs and Kathryn managed to pass on the hashshit to Possum for owning up to not signing in.

Thank you hares for the food

usual ups and down. Wear longs.

The Three Musketeers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


RUN NO. 2299
DATE: 11 SEP 2012
HARES: Smurf/Madam Sin/Satu Lagi
FRONT HORN: Ryvita  BACK HORN: Trailblazer

A new site for a few hashers today, always good! We all parked up around the tent, ready for our little foray up the hill. Ryvita was front horn AGAIN, (c’mon hens, Ryvita and Mrs Pingu more than do their bit - we need more front horn volunteers!). Off we trotted down the road, then in right and up a steep rocky slope, only to hear the familiar call of ‘Checking from here.....‘ Being familiar with this site and having laid a run here a few weeks ago for the Hetero Hash, I suspected the on paper may be back up the road and in through the orchards. Hurrah - I was indeed correct, however GM Alison got there first! The on paper was lurking by the fence, so off we ran, through some fairly difficult terrain, due to tree falls, until we reached the bottom of the hill. The paper then took us to the right and before long we were on proper trails. I have to say they (the Ketua Kampung and gang) ‘ve done a pretty good job! Up and up we went, over pretty little bridges, winding round and round, but constantly up - no letting us off! The trails took us past the caves, how many of you spotted them? And finally up to the ridge, which offers a breathtaking view over Brunei Bay. Marcela and Mrs Pingu lead the way to the second check, which if my memory serves me correctly, was down to the left. Mrs Pingu found the on paper at the trig point, which is now home to a lovely little pondok! The perfect place to stop, look around and enjoy one of the best views in Brunei. It is a reminder of how lucky we are to live here.

On we ran, towards the last check, which was ahead and to the right, 3 ways we could go here, I took the easy route - following the Kampung trail down the hill, and struck lucky! The last part of the run comprised a little dash down the hill, a few concrete steps here and there, but not so many as to spoil it. Then lo and behold - we came out to another little Pondok where we found Murphy’s Jungle Bar! The hares had very kindly put on a light refreshment for us. This was very much appreciated after strenuous run. Thank you hares! We then meandered down the concreted trail out to the road and back to the tent.

The shout up was very well conducted by our faithful JMs, hares were down downed for a great run, Madam Sin celebrated her 550 runs - well done! Remiss of me I know, but I can’t remember if we had any FTGs or new members (actually newly wedded Rachel Preece - ed). Smurf did give us a bit of background as to why we were at this site on this particular day, September 11th. I think most of took a moment to reflect and remember those who lost their lives 11 years ago. We then partook in a lovely makan of baguettes and fresh fillings, again, thank you hares. And so the evening wiled away, under darkening Brunei skies, as we enjoyed each others company, as we oft do.

Enjoy this week’s ‘special‘ run, and please bring a chair and a nice Hash t-shirt to have your photo taken in, BEFORE we run. It’s a bit familiar if you did the Spg 339 run a few weeks ago, but a lot were on holidays and so missed it. A bit of a twist at the end though. Enjoy! On on, Pee Wee.           
NEXT RUN: SUBOK 309 - CELEBRATION RUN --- bring a chair
HARES: Trailblazer/Pee Wee

Monday, September 10, 2012


RUN NO. 2298
DATE: 4 SEP 2012
HARES: Kathryn/Karlene


HARES: Kathryn & Karlene SITE: Lucky Gardens DATE: 4/9/12

OBSERVED BY: Madam Sin TIME: 4.55 – 7pm HOUNDS: 52


Hounds’ interactions on trail

Hounds’ completion of trail

Hounds’ interactions at On On

HARES’ INTERACTIONS (What did I see and hear?)PRE RUN: Visual aids/H3 signs had been placed in strategic locations to indicate run / On On site .Trail paper samples had been left. Hares had asked Erin to explain that pink paper would be used for laying through of all checks.




5.40pm Hares came down road from trail looking tired but pleased they had completed their objectives successfully.


SHOUT UP: 6.30 Hares appeared from house in matching hash t-shirts.

6.45pm Hares stood up as requested by JM Cheryl and held cans of unopened drinks in hands.

Hares opened their cans and drank on the words “Drink it down” and then lifted cans and held them on top of their heads. Hares smiled, looked relieved and sat down.

Kathryn argued with the hounds in defence of being let off Hash Shit for forgetting signs from last week.

ON ON:7pm: Hares rushed off to serve victuals (roti and dahl)

Hares sat down and drank and chatted with hounds.

HASH OUTCOMES ACHIEVED: Yes, a good trail. Hounds completed tasks set and interacted well. A quality trail.

HOUNDS’ INTERACTIONS (What did I see and hear?)

4.55pm Hounds started arriving, parked vehicles, signed in and commented on the heat. Some put on hash shoes. Softies were put on ice delivered by Sticky Rice and Smurf put green and blue cans of drink into eskie with ice.

5.15pm Horn sounded by Ryvita. Hounds moved off to find trail paper at a variety of pace. Hounds clambered over storm drain railings and bridge. Some commented that this task was difficult.

5.30pm Hounds gathered at a pile of pink paper. Some shouted “Checking” and ran off looking for On paper. Some stood about chatting and catching their breath. Mrs Pingu found the On and called. Ryvita sounded the horn. Hounds ran/moved off towards the paper.

5.45pm Similar behavior observed as at first check and once again Mrs Pingu found the On

5.55pm Less hounds at third check and On was found by Marcella, a late starter (5.30pm) who had caught up with the pack.

6.15pm First hounds to complete trail ran out of jungle

6.15 – 6.35pm Other hounds arrived in pairs or groups. Most were sweating and drank water or isotonic drinks, and went off to shower or change their apparel.

ounds commented or shouted opinions about the run, “Nice to go the wrong way round for a change”! (Satu Lagi) Hounds replied, ”Yeah”. Some clapped. Possum shouted, ”Too dry!” Trailblazer started off the Down Down song. Hounds all sang.

One new hound, Alice, introduced herself and drank a bottle of water as a Down Down.

Front Horn, Ryvita, and Back Horn, eastern Promise, acknowledged the hounds’ gratitude for their performance of their tasks. Other hounds made announcements and Deborah told some witty jokes. Hounds responded appropriately.

Mad Marg threw a bucket of water over Kathryn with gusto.

Hounds rushed into house to grab bowls of food, which they ate quickly. Some left the site. Others remained for some time drinking and chatting before leaving the site after 9pm

NEXT RUN: Kapok Kanan
HARES: Smurf/Madam Sin/Satu Lagi

Friday, August 31, 2012

RUN NO. 2297 DIPLO - 28AUG2012

RUN NO. 2297
DATE: 28 AUGUST 2012
HARE: Satu Lagi
FRONT HORN: Mrs Pingu  BACK HORN: Eastern Promise

Welcome back holiday makers. There were a few tired but still enthusiastic hashers at tonight’s run at the old favorite site Diplo. Satu Lagi laid the run as no one else had put their hand up. Was lovely to see the few of the regular hashers who have returned from their holidays for a catch up and abit of a chat about their various exotic holidays.

Off we went at 5.15. It was quite warm in the jungle tonight, usually I like to run but the stifling heat and extra holiday kilos was turning me into a walker! On we go. Well it was Diplo ups and downs, no matter how many times I go into this part of the jungle I never seem to recall where the tracks go; it looks different every time – perhaps concentrating on not tripping on roots or falling into the stream is the problem.
There were 3 checks although I don’t remember who found them. But thank you. And being Diplo a couple of streams to cross. On the way towards the out path we came across possum and smurf who were pointing out the abundant fungal growth on a fallen tree. They pointed out to us that we must sometimes step out of the race and admire nature. However in a few minutes I was simply cursing nature.

Happily and as usual naively I continued on towards the out trail. Sometimes nearing the end of a trail can excite a person and so I decided it was time to begin a little jogging. I felt something hit me on the lip not unlike someone throwing gorse in your face hard. Out of bottom of my eyes (um the nose did not hinder this vision) I had thought I saw a creature clinging to my chin for life and then biting me! “Something bit me!” I yelled to anyone who would listen. No doubt the heightened hysterical voice of fright. Psycho looked and me and my lip with abit of drool hanging off (it became numb rather quick) and then told me to run as we were nearly out. A lovely lady ran with me to make sure I was ok. By the time we reached the end it was of course fine and just numb at this point.

After seeing the other sting injuries, Deborah’s eye and Mrs Pingu who had to go to RIPAS I became more concerned for them. Trailblazer and Eastern promise provided me with excellent first aid. Vinegar, antihistamine (very relaxing) and antiseptic cream. Now I’d also like to mention these were not the only mishaps of the night! Briony hurt her ankle and was icing it while Dee was also unwell and icing her knees.
The shout up was the usual singing, drinking and be merry announcements plus the extra Happy Birthday song. I believe the hash-shit bucket and chicken is still missing in action which of course is such a shame. Bring a plate was the usual table of delicious goodies. I really love seeing and trying all the different food items that people bring. I also have the willpower of a Labrador so added to my increased holiday coat.

A note that next week’s run will be at Lucky Gardens (not kanan kapok, my inexperience of hash sites meant I did not realize that Serasa Hill is actually kanan kapok opps! Many apologies next week’s hares) from the Hash House aka Erin’s. Also it probably won’t be a late one as some of us (not me) have to work. Bring a chair.
OnOn! Kathryn

HARES: Kathryn & Karlene (K2)

Friday, August 24, 2012

RUN NO. 2296 DIPLO - 21 AUG 12

RUN NO. 2296
DATE: 21 AUG 2012
HARES: Trailblazer/Duchess/Sarong

Not a lot of hens turned up this Tuesday at Diplo. Of course, some folk are still on holiday, some are celebrating Hari Raya but enough of us gathered at the site to carry out another successful hash!

The tent did not appear, despite phone calls between ‘tent-arranging’ hens. No tent meant there were no tables or chairs, but we managed.

I tried to carry out my duties as JM, persuading ladies to carry the horns, meeting and greeting guests, demonstrating my ‘Scottish burr’ for Debra’s amusement. (Earl Gray, Rufus, Roger and Roderick!) and generally trying to be efficient in case anyone reported me to Alison or Sue!

Mad Margaret kindly ‘volunteered’ to be front horn and led the hens into the jungle.

Debbie, Jan and I lingered for a few minutes to lock away the car keys etc. and then set off after the pack. Unfortunately we were not paying attention and somehow or other managed to enter the jungle by the out paper. Talking too much had absolutely nothing to do with it!

So we ambled along the ridge thinking to ourselves that the paper was pretty sparse, until we came to Legally Blond (who had also gone the wrong way!) looking very perplexed as the paper appeared to go in both directions! Legally Blond took off again, in what we figured was the correct direction and we trotted (not really a trot, more of a crawl!) behind her until we came to an obstacle which we decided not to tackle.

We were still discussing our mistake of going the wrong way when we got back to base camp and checked with Yann. Duh! We went in backwards. Glamour said she had watched us with some amusement!

Not long after that the front runners, including some of our first time guests came running out of the jungle. The consensus seemed to be it was a very nice hash and not too long. Karlene found the first and second checks and Mad Margaret found the third.

At the shout up Duchess, Trailblazer and Sarong (Irene wasn’t at the shout up) were thanked and down downed. We then sang Happy Birthday for Duchess. Ellen presented Duchess with a delectable chocolate birthday cake which we devoured later.

The first time guests, Josephine, Margaret, Lindsey and Rebecca, all from JIS were welcomed to the hash and they have promised to return. Rebecca bought hash shoes, so she has to come back!

Legally Blond entertained us with a joke. Naj announced a few things for sale and also told us that Cowgirl had become engaged. Congratulations!

Hash Shit was given to Mad Margaret for talking whilst I was prattling on and then shared with Marcella because she had the audacity to hurt my delicate feelings!

I’m not really all that delicate but the power rush is tremendous when you dole out the hash shit!

Our hares provided delicious chicken curry (cooked by Duchess) which was served from the back of Duchess’s new car.

Next week’s run was vacant and at the last minute Satu Lagi has stepped in to save our beef bacon! Thanks Maria.

As it is a last minute hash please bring some food to share.

On on   NEXT RUN: DIPLO---- Pls bring a plate of food to share--- HARE: Satu Lagi

Monday, August 20, 2012


RUN NO. 2295
DATE: 14 AUG 2012
HARES: Mrs Pingu/GI Jane
Having just returned from 3 weeks holiday and not doing much in the way of exercise except for the brisk walks from car to shops, I was a bit apprehensive about whether I would make the run or give it a miss. But, had to do the report as laying run next week - reality! Besides I was running late as was finding work really slow (mentally still in holiday mode) and when 4.30 came round was at Jalan Gadong at 4.30 and a detour back home before going to Dadap. Anyway, full steam ahead and wary of not breaking the speed limit was at Jalan Dadap by 5.30pm.
As I arrived, saw Eastern Promise gearing up to go but she was not going in, also saw Peehen and Possum walking but no recognition from them as I drove past- I must have been away too long. Quick sign in and followed the paper in by the waterfall. The waterfall seemed a long way in - third run at Dadap in three months for me so I hurried along mindful of my lateness. I did noticed the stream level was quite low compared to the run I did with Pee Wee just three weeks before. As usual the trails were very pretty and when we got to the top of a ridge, parted ways with GM and JM Cheryl. Kathryn and her mum decided to carry on and we stayed together for a while.
We wound our way thru the jungle and was pleased to be within hearing range of the mosque and when I saw the first check paper from the previous run, knew we would soon be out . All good, and although we were right at the back was out within the hour.

Thank you hares for a great run.
Shout up was a bit noisy and JM Cheryl had to repeat herself a few times trying to remind hens about the Founders Day Theme. No hashit was given and all soon tucked into the yummy laksa. Jetlag and mosquitoes got the better of me and yours truly retired early!
HARES: Trailblazer/Sarong/Duchess

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


RUN NO. 2294

As I drove to the hash site, as you looked up in the sky it was difficult to tell if the sky was still hazy or with rain clouds. The answer was soon apparent as I got out of the car and there were a few spits of rain; luckily this soon passed.

With the promise of good trails - we were not disappointed. Everyone set off, tempted by the campers at the water hole with their BBQ (but all resisted), and continued up the hill til the ridge. One of the advantages of arriving as the horn blew and everyone started (I know I only live round the corner and I am not ay work - so no excuses for being late) is that you're at the back when the rest of the group arrives at first check. So when I heard the call I had just approached a fork in the path which led me to the 'on paper'.

So now being at the front meant I was the first to find the second check point; obliged to check ahead I carried on down the hill, after some time I realized that this was not the right path so headed back up the hill. Before I could catch up with Ready Mix - she called "on on". So we were all on our merry way again- good paths through some beautiful trails. Naturally the hares had set the check half way down yet another hill. Again obliged to check ahead I followed the trail; random pieces of paper left me hopeful and also the thought that surely the hares would not set 3 back checks, I carried on with a few others. This was until we heard the call, which meant trudging up the hill again.

Thanks Squeak for blowing the horn until we had caught up, as we were a long way off and could easily have gone the wrong way.  The path took us straight out with a short run downhill back to the start. Thanks ladies for some good trails, there may have only been one big hill, but checkpoints down the hills meant that a few of us did a few more!

With rain holding off we had a good shout up back at Hotlips pad. All were in good spirits with Cfbters getting ready for their long awaited holiday. Welcome to a few newbies and Welcome back  to Debbie who is back for a few more years. On on.....


Monday, August 06, 2012

RUN NO.2293 SUBOK 31 JUL 2012

RUN NO. 2293
DATE: 31 JULY 2012
HARES: Karlene/Duchess of Cambridge/Nicki TC

Last weeks run at Subok was a real treasure! We havent been on such a pretty site for a while. We started with a lovely warm welcome from the local children on our way in and the thought of the impending, usual Subok hill was dispersed by the beautiful setting. We had it all. Palms, waterfall and beautiful flora and fauna. This made the walk so easy and pleasurable for all and we took our time for a change enjoying the scenery. The views from the top were stunning. on our way down we met with a local who kindly gave us some of their local fruit Assam Jawah straight from the tree. An unusual and very welcome treat .
Afterwards at the shout up we welcomed a new guest called Astrid whom we hope will come back again and our lovely Rachel was welcomed as a new member!!! Lovely food afterwards girls too - many thanks. A fantastic run!!

NEXT RUN: Salambigar waterfalls, Menteri Link
HARES: Madmarg/Hotlips/Hash Hound

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RUN NO. 2292 DIPLO 24JUL2012

RUN NO. 2292
DATE: 24 JUL 2012

Well it was an eventful night for a non-event. We all arrived at the trusty old Diplo site ready to set off. Hannah got blessed with the front horn, and her virginal front horm blower status would never be the same again! Young Nicky was given the back horn, and although less virginal in her experience, still entusiastic was she. So we were off, and made a quick turn left, coming in the way we usually go out. It was great! We all stumble across Glamour warning us of an impending check, and we very quickly discovered she was right!!!! Fancy that. First check. So off we disperse like little energetic ever ready bunnies, scurrying through the jungle seeking the bright beacon of the thin white paper trail we had lost. The back horn caught up with the check, as did everyone else of course, and we looked, and looked and looked. Finally after much searching there was a very distance cal that possibly sounded like “ooooon paaaaaaper....” we ran after the distant sound, caught the caller and charged ahead once more. The paper found was long! It was bright white! It followed a trail,all we needed to start charging ahead through the Borneo jungle once more!

However as the paper got thinner and thinner we started mumbling about how “old” the paper looked. How this paper was not entirely “fresh” in fact we soon discovered it was indeed used goods from a hash gone by and we were lead up the garden path without a paddle! Back to check one we all went. The search continued, however at 6:00pm the skies looked dim and the time ahead looked long, so the call was made to abandon the hash and return to where it all started for the good old Shout Out! We had plenty to celebrate, the one person who had in fact completed the hash that evening was the hare of the night, Alison. The run just happened to be her 1000th run so big congrats for that achievemnt and she was joined by Glamour in the celebrations as Glamour completed her 1,100th run! Amazing feats. Followed by amazing feasts. Thanks to Alison and Sue for laying the hash and stumping us all, and all the ladies for doing what they do best.

Next weeks hash is at Subok 339, and the Shout Out address is to be adviced but will be very close to the hash. See you all there!!!

Karlene :-)


Saturday, July 21, 2012

RUN NO. 2291 DADAP - 17 JUL 2012

RUN NO. 2291
FRONT HORN: Madmarg  BACK HORN: Squeak

It was looking like this week’s hash would be a repeat of last week with pouring rain most of Monday night and all Tuesday morning, but luckily the skies had brightened a little by 5.15. On Monday night I got a text from my co-hare to say she had been down with something-itis since Saturday and wouldn’t make the hash. With the GM also away, having a great time in Puerto Galera, it looked like I was a one woman band tonight – run the shout up, write the words for next week and collect the signs. A text came from our hare, Trailblazer to say “first check paper is timetable” (why is it the last 2 weeks’ hares have had difficulty using the YELLOW paper they were given for first check?) and “enjoy the waters”, which could have meant enjoy the beautiful waterfall vistas or have fun wading through thigh deep, swollen rivers! Only time would tell.

The horn sounded on the dot of 5.15 and about 15 runners ventured into the jungle. We turned right off the road up a clay trail where someone had been busy cutting the long grass, to make easy going for all of us hens. We soon emerged onto open terrain, where I met Glamour on her way back. She said she didn’t get to first check, so it must have been a good way in. We passed through a bamboo grove and the trail had lots of very big dried leaves and trippy bits for quite a while.

Clearly these English teachers don’t know left from right. Just behind me I hear the call “Thorns on the right” (Squeak), followed shortly by “You mean left” (Rozi)! First check was found quickly and was called through with a rather strangled sounding horn. Soon after, I thought somebody had had a serious fall, not far behind me, but it turned out to be a tree crashing onto the track and down a nearby bank – luckily, no one was hurt.

After a very slippery, tricky descent off a ridge, we get to our first stream. Up the other side, Linzi tries a bit of stunt work, hanging from a tree limb when she slipped. We then headed on right to another wee ridge with streams on both sides. This then led down a very treacherous slope to our first waterfall. Along a bit further, we come to a rope to help us down a much gentler slope – I was thinking, why didn’t they put that rope further back, where I had much more trouble scrambling down in the slippery conditions?

Soon we came to another longer, gently sloping waterfall, where Linzi and I stopped for a much needed rest, while the whereabouts of the on paper for second check was found – well I needed a rest, even if my much younger, fitter niece didn’t. After that, the trails seemed easier going, although Linzi managed to nearly disappear in deep water on one of the river crossings. Much of the rest remains a blur to me, trying to keep up with my co-hen, There were a few more river crossings, more bamboo and another beautiful waterfall. It was a good workout for me, but I was pleased to be out. Thank you hares, for a very scenic run.

Then time for the shout up and I find out we have not only a virgin hare but a virgin hasher all in one (Trailblazer’s daughter, Sue-Anne). “She made me come”, she says. Anyway, thanks for helping out – we hope you enjoyed it. My fellow hens were kind to me this week, compared to the noisy rabble of last week’s shout up, so running the proceedings was a cinch. Satu Lagi informed us she would be away for the next month, so any hares needed to text  or email  her to confirm the on site for the tent in plenty of time. Erin said to make sure the words were sent to henswords and not Anna’s email address, otherwise she would not get them. Thanks for coming to the fore and doing a great job of the words.
Then came calls for the hashit. Karlene was expecting to get her dues for carelessly leaving her hash shoes behind at Serasa. During the shout up, another contender emerged, when a mobile phone was heard ringing the guilty verdict before the owner even had a chance to defend herself – aka Mad Marg. With both the previous hashit holders (Hash Hound & Sarah) in absentia, a large bottle of water was found to do the deed. It was very well taken by both hens and Karlene, who had stripped down to the bare minimum, even took great delight when she found it was warm water and proceeded to take a shower. It was soon time for makan and we all enjoyed the great varieties of food brought by everyone. The only glitch – Mad Marg forgot to bring the plates from last week. Not a problem. All and sundry quickly found a serviette, piece of foil, lid or container to help out and eating that wonderful pasta of Pee Wee’s with our hands didn’t matter a bit. All in all, another great night.

On on, Sue

HARES: Sue/Alison & Cheryl

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RUN NO. 2290 - DIPLO - 10JUL2012

RUN NO.2290
DATE: 10 JUL 2012
HARES: Fertile Myrtle/Madmarg/Legally Blonde

Oh…. how we wish we could stay dry every Tuesday – weather wise that is and not related to blues or greens. I had every intention of doing so last week on the wettest Tuesday we have seen in months and planned to assist Smurf with the very important little jobs around the tent ~ happy thoughts. But my plans were quickly squashed by the JMs who kindly volunteered me as front horn. And when I thought it couldn’t get worse, we were also warned of “creepy crawlies” about. Thankfully ones to collect for prizes. There’s a good incentive…here we go… another wet run, just make sure no one tells my Mum what I really do at the hash!

Seven of us brave hashers were waved off by the ones who chose to stay dry or more the ones not chosen as the rain gods’ sacrifice. My earlier fears of hashing in the rain were made worse by the state of the paper which looked liked they were laid two months ago. Even Mad Marg’s paper in the bushes did not fare well.
Up the top ridge we went. Too wet to run so we stay together and by the time Kathryn was greeted by a baby croc on a log , there was only five of us left – moi, Kathryn, Hana, JM Sue and her niece Linzi – why on the wettest of runs there is always a brave guest – Anna Morley will never forget her first run at Subok. Come to think of it I always find myself on the wettest ones! True hashers get wet – fair weather hashers smartly stay dry – some in more ways than others!
Here’s a bad joke:

Q: What do pantyliners and fair weather hashers have in common?

A: Both stay dry and odor-free on active wet days
Further we go and we come across a drenched first check guarded by a mighty green frog who becomes Hana’s companion. Back check found by Sue and we trundged up a side slope. A familiar up trail we turned left and eventulally we’re back on the original main trail – sneaky one hares and a handy detour had it not been raining crocs and frogs!

On we go, ever further from the tent - which is probably now filling up with more dry hashers exchanging laughs, probably having some nuts and some even sneaking in an early green or blue or two. Meanwhile where they were supposed to be, we get to a T and we turn right to go further into the depths of Diplo. We take a left turn and meet a mighy big ugly spider. He’s way too scary to ride with me so Hana kindly takes him. And we also find 2nd check. True hashers Hana and Kathryn go forward and Sue goes back to find the on paper again.

We have a croc, frog and spider and we now waiting for a snake or Gruffalo to appear. Instead its another spider claimed by Linzi. And we also get to the final check. Kathryn and Hana go bounding back down a trail behind and I go on ahead finding a baby dino on the way – have we reached Jurrasic Diplo?! I go up a very steep hill and find the paper – ON, ON, ON, ON, ON PAPER.

Kathryn asked me if I could smell “the dump” which had me confused for a few seconds! But in this case THE dump was a good smell to have as we were getting closer to the out. Rumour was that this was an A to B and we were getting closer to B.

The trails started looking familiar and fresh paper started appearing – thank you lovely hares. Up past a fallen tree and I knew were were 5 mins from the out and true enough we get to the opening and out at the water towers but without first jumping when we saw the snake on the log! WE MADE IT and it was still light!!! And despite the rain it was actually SO FUN (esp for you M.S). 

Ride back on the roomy bus back to the tent – probably the only good thing there was only 5 of us on the run! Quick change and we have the shout-up. Down-down to the hares, Mad Marg, Fertile Myrtle and Legally Blonde. Followed by a farewell to Fertile Myrtle who is returning to New Zealand and leaves us after 178 runs and that’s with four pregnancies thrown in! Also hash welcome to JM Sue’s niece Linzi.

Thanks to hares for refreshments and to Fertile Myrtle for hummous and the best vegetable curry. And Mad Margz’s chocolate fudge cake is always a treat that even a non-hasher was trying to sneak a bite!

Now time for the hardcore to get comfortable and and exchange epic tales from our youth. And a good night it was especially with stories inspired by “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Now haven’t I got you all perked up and wishing you sometimes stayed later?!
On On…
Satu Lagi

NEXT RUN: Dadap, Off Jalan Tutong - Bring a plate of food to share.
HARES: Pee Wee/Trailblazer