Friday, August 31, 2007

RUN NO. 2036

Ladies Hash: Log. Star date 28.08.20007

Hares: Claire & Carol

Location: Subok Nebulai. Menteri Cluster.

Mission: To locate and follow the trails left by the intrepid explorers, Claire and Carol through the Wormholes of Sungai Akar.

Front horn: Tango. Back horn: Trailblazer.

Present: 43 hens and 5 chicks

Last week’s words, annotated with details of major events have just dematerialized. They were here a moment ago and now they’ve gone. That’s the problem with time travel. Things get side tracked into parallel universes… Ah! Good they’ve come back.

Well, the pack set off in good order. I followed until they went up an eroded and fearsome hillside. The trail followed on through bamboo groves and along and over streams. Luckily people’s feet didn’t get too wet because of the easy crossings. There were at least two waterfalls and two men waiting for Durians to fall from a tree. [I wonder if they are still there or if they went home for their tea] It was a long hash with lots of steep bits. It went up to the top of the ridge: visited on a recent hash from the other side, of the hill that is, not the grave, and then they came back. Or so we hoped... Alas there was an obstacle of fearsome proportions. A loathsome swamp lay in the way of gallant hashers wishing only to return to base for polite conversation and light refreshments: A walk along a spindly twig, their only mode of escape. As darkness fell on this evening of total eclipse, the hares returned to the rescue of their fellows and brought them safely over the log and so home.

During the shout up it was revealed that Julianne was fifty and Carol a venerable one hundred. In celebration of this anniversary, Carol bought eight trees; the number you need to provide you with enough oxygen to survive. So that was a good thing. If any one else wants to continue breathing they should do the same.

This was followed by a happy birthday down-down and song for Sarah. The hash-it was awarded to two ladies: Dianna for awkward parking and Alice in Wonderland for forgetting to sign in. Ha well, not to worry. It’s all part of the fun.. At least you get to look after the peculiar paraphernalia associated with the aforesaid honour. Some people have never had the luck to be the Chosen Ones.

The hares then provided us with some excellent nosh in the form of kari Laksa so that was a good thing too. Thanks for that.

Next Week: 4 September at Diplo

Monday, August 27, 2007

RUN NO. 2035

DATE: 21August 2007
BACK HORN: Ah Struth

As I left work heading towards DST, I was optimistic that even though it was raining where I was, it would be clearer near the coast.  Sadly the rain followed me to the site, with only a few hashers there early.  Nevertheless there was a good turn out with only a few fair weather hashers staying at home.
Mad Marg was front horn and led the run up a very long (with a slight incline) road.  We met Glamour on her way back from first check, which was laid on the road with a huge open area for us to check.  Looking for footprints as it was quite muddy by now, but the hares were very careful not to leave a trace.  Well done to Mandy for finding first check which led us on very quickly to the second check (found by Irene).  Front runners headed of quickly up the trail, for it only to be a back check.  By now it had stopped raining and the back check took us up a slight hill for some lovely views looking out to sea and the Empire.  Hoping that the on on would be there, we diligently followed the clumps of paper along an open area which took us back on a trail to the road back in. Front runners were back within 40 minutes and others soon followed. 

Cooled off by a little rain and a reasonable length run with no hills, left the hens very clucky and noisy at the shout up.  Pussy Pelmet (unofficially) brought some new guests who were willing to loan out their men and the French cohort are increasing in numbers.  While the two hares fetched some yummy roti, Mad Marg and Mandy were actively selling their wares. 

Big debates followed on whether Dizzy should get the hash it for dropping her dog off at the top of the road and letting her dog run to the hash site while she drove in her car, but evidence of cruelty was not supported and she was let off the hook. (Besides Mad Marg had forgotten to fill the hash bucket with any water.
Prior to the shout-up there was a bit of a flurry as a scorpion was spotted near Survivor, various plans came into action and JM Naj bravely shooed the creature back into the bushes while a photo opportunity for some who have not seen a scorpion before had a good study.—ED)

Run on 28 August
Spt 564 Subok, Kg Belimbing
Hares: Carol & Claire

Monday, August 20, 2007

RUN 2034

DATE: 14 August 2007

It was an interesting run for me, I was driving to the hash site with Amanda discussing arrangements for this weeks run when I had to brake to avoid a black royal mercedes and heard a bang into the rear of my car. After exchanging names, addresses and insurance details we proceeded to the hash site.

Hens were busy organising a temporary sign-in register as sign-in board had not arrived.
We were promised a short run with a couple of hills and a great view.

I proceeded up the first hill and thought I had reached the top only to see that it kept on going, I eventually reached the top and as promised the view was great.
We kept walking, following printed paper along a picturesque trail till first check and followed white paper which went off in a trail to the right along a pleasant track. After being informed that only one type of paper had been laid the hens returned to first check. I decided to return back to the start with the majority of hens and had another great view of the Brunei river on the way down.
It did turn out to be a short run for most as no one worked out in which direction we should have headed.

Only the front runners Claire, Carol, Lee and Tango who kept going did not make it out till much later.

At the shout up the hares avoided the hashit for not picking up old paper but Mad Marg's mobile went off so she ended up with it anyway. Survivor and Lee celebrated belated birthdays and Dizzy was presented with a housewarming sailing photo.

We then ate delicious sausages and salads. Thank you Mad Marg and Dizzy.
I would like to thank Readymix for translating and attempting to negotiate with the driver who hit me and claimed it was my fault. Also to the JMs for not awarding me the Hashit when my husband arrived to try and settle the situation, although he did put on a sarong for the shout up.

Legolass presented GM Trailblazer with a souvenir shirt from her hash in Hongkong as she is GM and Ladies Hash reciprocated with a 2000 run shirt.

Run on 21 August - DST
Hares: Never Wrong/Amanda S

Monday, August 13, 2007

RUN NO. 2033

DATE: 7 August 2007
SITE: Spg 370 Jln MuaraHARES: Bini Hutan/Bettina & guest hare Michaela
GUESTS: Returning hashers Gail & Legolass (Karen Heddeman)
SPECIAL RUNS: Sue Johnson celebrated 350 runs

Lots of ladies back from holidays this week and lovely to see you all looking so brown from your trips to Blighty!
Well we were both late, but of course Dizzy was later than the mad one, so she set of at a roaring pace trying to get to first check, but Lee beat her to it.  Tall order when one has legs up to her arm pits and the other stop at her knees, so the higher she lifts her legs the quicker she runs.  Generally the shouting had to be very loud as we were accompanied by the tune of rat tat a tat and boom boom from various heavy duty musical machinery.
First check was 15 minutes in, and almost in daylight with the rapidly encroaching bull dozers in sight. The magic roundabout found the on ahead, and then we headed down to the stream, up the other side and onto familiar trails where the wonderer Legolass found the on.  Third check was found by Kiwi long legs and then on, and returning back on the in trail.
Bini Hutan, Bettina and Michaela will have a hell of a job to set the next run from the same site as unfortunately 370 is about to become 369. Scenery of jungle is evermore rapidly being exchanged for that of wasteland and concrete jungle.
We had no new members but it was great to welcome back Gail and Legolass. We don’t see enough of you.  Dizzy was in seventh heaven when she thought she had got rid of the hash shit to Nicole, who didn't sign out. Unfortunately, Dizzy being Dizzy forgot to bring the hash shit with her, so only managed to get rid of two thirds of it. Tracey was also collared as her phone went off at the shout up. Let’s see if Dizzy remembers it this week!  (Ha, it’s at my house so I will)
Delicious Fish and Chips Girls, thank you.

Next week's run:
Bukit Kg Serdang - Opp Spg 762 Jln Kota Batu - on on at Dizzy's. Pls return to on on site and change there, not on the road. Pls do not use Yacht Club carpark or Simpang for the on on.

Monday, August 06, 2007

RUN 2032

Date: 31 July 2007

Site: Mata - Mata

Hares: Trailblazer / Smurf / Cath C

Front Horn: Claire

Back Horn: Debbie with the support of Alice

For a change, I left work early, thinking that I had plenty of time to get to the hash. Unfortunately, I got stuck in a traffic jam on Jalan Tutong and only arrived on site at 5.45pm, just enough time to go for walk with Naj.
At least, Bini Hutan and Michaela made it, even though one of the hash signs along the road was pointing in the wrong direction!!!

We started, being just a small group, walking for a short while up the pylon track and then turned right and had very good running trails to follow, leading into a great landscape with lush vegetation. We crossed the stream so many times and couldn’t recall in the end whether it was the same stream or various others. It was slippery and very muddy, but what to expect after all that rain.

Eventually we reached first check with the front-runners long gone, as usual.
Continuing our way up and down along the stream and trying to enjoy the great jungle, as much as we could, we soon reached second check and then at some stage later third check.

Further we went along until the last steep hill, which we climbed, supported by a rope, and enjoyed the views from up there over the Mata- Mata area and the new government housing development. Soon after this we reached the on site.

It took a while until everyone got changed, before we started the shout up. A down down was given to the three hares, Trailblazer, Smurf and Cath C. Thank you for the great run and thank you for providing the food afterwards.
We had two new guests, Michaela and Jessica and one returning member, Rosemary, who were given a down down, too.

Dizzy tried her ever best to get rid of the hashit, but had no success.

All members were asked to try and park properly in future, as heavy trucks passed the site and had difficulty driving through. Glamour and Madam Sin did a good job directing the vehicles.

On On
Bini Hutan and Bettina

Next week's run: Spg 370 Jln Muara Kg Sg Tilong
Hares: Bini Hutan/Bettina and guest hare Michaela

RUN 2031

Date: 24 July 2007
Site: Crocodile Beach
Hare Never Wrong
Front Horn: Claire
Back Horn: Trailblazer

After missing the last couple it was nice to be back to do what I hoped would be an easy Beach stroll. Arrived under darkening weather conditions and a small group of us set out down the beach. Ahhh nice easy one.

Down the beach quite a way and the rain started… but only a drizzle so nice and cooling at this stage. Finally reached first check, which was on the other side of what had become a small stream. Claire our ever-faithful front horn waded thigh deep through the water to the pile of paper to hear the calls back on the dry side of “ON PAPER”. Thanks Claire anyway.

Feeling a bit sorry for Claire getting wet we headed inland along a nice path. About 2 minutes down the path the rest of us joined Claire in the wet stakes as the heavens opened up in true Brunei fashion. Trying to follow sodden wet paper proved harder then we thought.

By the time we reached the Coast Road the rain was bucketing, the second check was found and low and behold the paper was strewn everywhere thanks to the running rain!!! So after a while we finally found the trail properly and were back on course. A nice rainy walk back to the carpark, with help on directions from Smurf who we met along the way.

It was a great hash and the rain made it even that more adventurous. On arriving back we were able to quench our thirst with warm drinks. Apparently last week Dizzy arrived with a block of ice and this week arrived with the chilly bins but no ice. And where was Dizzy – gone off for her hash!! BUT NEVER FEAR – a big thanks to Smurf for getting priorities right – the amber refreshments were well and truly nice and cold!!!!

On On to Serasa Yacht Club where ladies all enjoyed hot showers … ahh the luxury!! Then for the shout up - we celebrated Never Wrong’s 150th run that was the week before and Dizzy was shown appreciation from all gathered for the warm drinks by having a nice warm bath in the pool – with a little aid from JM Naj!!

Thanks to all for my birthday song and loved the spring rolls and chips Never Wrong.
Great evening of hash and drinks!!

Scribe: Virgin hare Cath C

RUN 2030

Date: 17 July 2007
Site: Spg 378 Jln Subok, Kg Sg Akar
Hares: Mad Marg/Tango/Alice in Wonderland
Front Horn: Karen P
Back Horn: Dizzy
A small but eager group of hashers gathered at the run site and hoped that wth all the mud around it would not rain and their cars would not be bogged. Dizzy arrived with the ice and it was discovered it was in large block form.
JM Naj then proceeded to take out her aggression on the ice to break it into manageable pieces.
Rosemary Norrish returned for a final hash before heading back to the U.K and praised the scenery in New Zealand.
I headed up the hill to the water tank and turned right into the jungle. It was a  scenic run or walk to first check At this point people went off in all directions checking. After about 10  minutes without  the on paper discovered, some hashers looked up at the ominous dark clouds and decided to turn back rather than get caught in a downpour.
Eventually Karen P and Jess discovered the on paper. A very tricky back check and I continued winding my way through the jungle. Second check was also a back check but as I was further back by then I do not know who discovered it.
I continued on and only getting my feet wet once at a slippery water crossing, though there were a few most unpleasant hills which were good exercise for my leg muscles. Eventually I found my way back to the trail I came in on and knew I was on my way out.
It was an enjoyable run, not too long or too short and the rain held off long enough for everyone to finish .
At the shout up we celebrated Alice in Wonderland's 200 runs.
Dizzy was awarded the hashit for the problems with the ice even though she was kind enough to volunteer  to buy it (The real reason for her hashit was the worst sin for a hasher—for not signing in! ed) and Jess kindly took it with her. True friendship.
Nancy was welcomed back and Ruth celebrated a belated birthday. Thank you hares for the delicious noodles and bruschettas.

RUN 2029

Date: 10 July 2007
Site: #13 Spg 462-80 Sg Hanching Baru, Jln Muara
Hares: Magic Roundabout/Tiga/Debbie
Front Horn: Mad Marg
Back Horn: Alice in Wonderland
Everyone began gathering at the run site, Magic’s house yet again (think she is trying to set a run laying record this year), around 5 o’clock. The usual jostling for car parking as near as was humanly possible to the on site took place, and by 5.15 most of the sprightly Hens were ready for the off.
Mad Marg led the charge as front horn, as we all set off down the road to double back before going off into the jungle and up the first of many hills. So up we went…… and up…….and up, coming out onto a ridge whereupon Trish (our very own WAG) landed at first check. Hens dispersed all over the place in search of the on paper; I thought I would give first time guest, the youthful and keen Anna, her first taste of checking. So down we went, right down to the bottom of the clearing, only to hear the call of ‘On paper’ right back up the hill and down over the other side.
Paper was found and called on by the ever glamorous Cowgirl (who excelled herself at the shout up).
The run continued in a most undulating fashion, second check came and went as we were still trying to play catch up from our disastrous foray the wrong way at first check. I’m assured this was found by ………………. Everyone did start to bunch up a bit, as the hills began to take their toll (where young Magic finds these is a constant source of awe and wonder, as well as sore legs), and we eventually heard the call for third check. As I was almost there, I saw the yellow flash that was Legally Blonde disappearing back down to the right, and sure enough she called the on paper but a few seconds later. We felt a wave of relief as we could see this was the way out, and it was DOWN hill! Back out the way we came in, down the road before doubling back again back to the house, where the usual suspects were waiting to greet us upon our return.
A very sociable group of Hens gathered back at the house for the evening’s entertainment. Naj and Ready Mix very capably conducted a slick, witty shout-up. Magic and virgin Hare Debbie were down-downed for laying a very good run, front and back horns Mad Marg and Alice in Wonderland respectively were thanked, first time guest and erstwhile checker Anna was welcomed, a couple of calls for Hashits were refuted (Debbie for ‘not getting’ how to use a shower and consequently flooding her co-Hare’s bathroom, and Cowgirl for sporting short shorts, Hash t-shirt and…………….her courtroom stils!).—Her defence was that she was dressing to match the celebration occasion and had posed as a New York hooker! - ed. I actually think she deserved a down down! As the evening progressed, fine American fare was served up by the Hares, as was a quiz, which intellectually challenged the intellectually challenged, and as usual the sun went down on the camaraderie and conviviality we Hens are famous for. On on!

RUN 2028

Date: 3rd July Site: Diplo
Hares: Mad Marg, Trish and Trailblazer
Front Horn: Carol Back Horn: Claire

An eclectic gathering of hares, of all shapes, sizes and sexes gathered at our favourite hash spot for the 3rd run of the annual 7 in 7 event. Sunday hosted by the Sundowners, Monday the Tutong hash, Tuesday the ladies turn to host.

A very small gathering of lady hashers turned up to greet our guests but our fellow clubs made up in numbers what we lacked. Under perfect skies the horn sounded and we were off into the jungle on what we thought was a well trodden trail that we knew well.

A quick trot up the path and our first shock as devious hares had laid a trail sharp left down a narrow goat track that I had never seen before. We plunged into a sandy valley and soon 1st check was called that had first runners in a tizz as we spread out in all directions looking for a possible on trail. Those of us on the valley floor were disinclined to back track up that soul destroying path, and hoped that back runners would do the deed up top. As nothing was called through I had by now found a stream bed heading in and up so followed this which led to a couple of small ridges and valleys only to hear the on paper call somewhere above me. No choice but to forge on up a well cut path through asparagus looking ferns, this path I recognized as having only ever been down it before and steep it was going down,, never mind having to pant up it and the run just begun. Now we were back on the old familiar trail along the top ridge but the hares were not finished with us yet, 2nd check was a back check into yet more unfamiliar terrain and seldom used paths along side a stream. 2nd check was found by a gumbooted Tutong hasher and 3rd check was a communal effort lead by our own zippy Carol and a Men’s hasher trying to confuse the trail.

Shout Up proceeded, and we had the pleasure of welcoming 5 “well endowed” ladies from another hash. Down downs were given to GMs and JMs from other hashes, as well as a “Happy Hasher” from the Labi Rd hash. No hashits were awarded, the 5 ladies insisted on being “ladies first” when the food was served. And so we all settled down under beautiful clear skies for another evening in the Brunei jungle.

A good run, enjoyed by all, and worthy of any runs laid this week. Well done hares !!

On On

RUN 2027

Date: 26 June 2007
Site: Spg 702 Kota Batu
Hares: Sarong & Trailblazer
Front Horn: Mad Marg
Back Horn: Claire
When I arrived at the hash site it was a nice change to see a huge big car park to park and no mud around! We were privileged to be able to use these premises while they are building a rather large abode. (albeit a concrete jungle)
There was a good gathering of hashers tonight and ready to head off once the horn went at 5.15. We passed the house on the right and headed up the first rock climb and up in to the jungle. It was a steady climb up, up , up, up, the hill before we got to the ridge were Veronica Lai was resting waiting for Glamour to return from a longer stroll in the jungle and then they both headed back to the hash site.
It was a long way to first check Carol and Running Bare were first ones to get to the check. It didn't take too long before I found the paper and called the on.
The second check was called in a short space of time by Sarah B, the paper was laid through. It was good calling from the front of the pack. We continued winding our way through the jungle before descending down the steep valley to the waterfall, avoiding the thorns and vines on the way. I think Running Bare called third check thought, then off we went once again another steady climb up, up, up the next hill.
We met up with Keira who had come in on the out trail, it wasn't to long before we were  now back on the trail we came in on ( commonly known on the hash as a lollipop) we headed along the ridge then got to the known on the hash as a lollipop) we headed along the ridge then got to the last descending hill and back to the hash site.. Sarong had made a nice amber liquid and handed around curry puffs while we waited for a couple of hens to finish the run. Thanks for a nice run ladies.
At the shout up we celebrated Sarong’s 50th Birthday who also put the food on from Le’ Taj restaurant. Smurf and Trailblazer got the hashit for talking during the shout up.  - Much to the relief of Veronica L who had only got the hashit for one week.—The chook had not had time to grow any feathers…… on on
True to the words regarding the run many hens sighted the great rock formation, mushrooms, moss and even a few giant pitcher plants and the water fall although some hashers even swung on the rope which was not intended. Many commented on the run being the best one they had been on.

RUN 2026

Date: 19 June 2007
Site: Rimba Exec Housing
Hares: Ah Struth/Keira/Karen Mc
On arrival at Rimba, we found the tent at a different spot with hens making sure cars were parked at the right side of the road so as not to inhibit the few cars that seemed to come thru every now and then. We always expected the run at Rimba to be pretty easy and some even thought the toy boys might make an appearance. Alas, Smurf was away in “chilly” Scotland and Madam Sin did not have company to scour the estate.
Front horn was taken up by Carol as we headed down past the usual in with the pack hoping it would not be too swampy although the rain had eased after Monday’s downpour.
The first “hill” was bearable and a good warm up for the rest of the run. We found ourselves in some trippy swamp area but was soon in pretty trails. We were kept away from the “estate” and 1st check was found by Sarah B (it is becoming a habit—come on girls, you can do better than this…..). A good pace was kept by the coup.
Lots of slippery downs with a few of squeals every now and then as some of these were encountered. 2nd check I believe was found by Running Bare.
Back horn Mad Marg did an excellent job rounding up Veronica and Glamour who had gone all the way round—Well done.
The hares had provided assorted spring rolls—thank you.

run 2025

Date: 12 June 2007
Site: Spg 370 Jln Muara
Hares: Sarah C/Madam Sin
Front Horn: Magic Roundabout (how did I know? I found her calling on first check and yours truly found the on for 1st check!)
Back Horn: Alice in wonderland (who did a sterling job)

I always look forward to a hash at Simpang 370, a chance to get into the jungle on a well worn and pretty track before too much more of it disappears.   Just as most were leaving home for the hash a persistent shower seemed to arrive over the area, as a result a light rain began and remained for the hour that is lady's hash, the rain seemed to cool us off and reminded me of the South African saying " a monkey's wedding' which is said when we have rain and sunshine at the same time. In saying that as we entered the jungle due to the dense coverage of the canopy it seemed as if someone had dimmed the light and reminded me to bring a torch next hash,  mental note!

Once again the checks proved valuable to the back runners as we had a chance to catch up to the front ladies.  The run provided a great cardio workout with lots of climbing up the hills and a little climbing down to catch our breath. 
We arrived back to Sarah's house to a tent which came in very handy due to the slightly increasing precipitation - although,  after running in the rain for most of the run  and the sweat on our bodies we really did not care or notice too much.  Naj welcomed the runners back and dressed up as the Queen with a pretty ensemble, a tiara and all! Including a  belly dancing wrap ?? for a modern twist to help the Australian's celebrate the Queens Birthday Long Weekend, which the English celebrate on a different day, poor Elizabeth seems to have many birthdays each year.   Naj seemed much relieved to find that she could finally get rid of the hashit  and Gordon and Amanda Sparrow were called upon for not signing in. (see Hashit column for real reason— ed) They sat huddled and quivering together on a chair as they were drowned in refreshing cool bucket of water that only needed a squirt of hair shampoo to make it a truly enjoyable experience.   I always  love a bit of controversy and it raised its head as Maureen Shaw's phone rang a tuneful song as the shout up began.  There were many calls for the Hashit for Maureen and her sponsor.    Their defence was that Maureen is not really a member and therefore immune to the hashit.  Hmmm!     This little item will have to be sorted - perhaps after the 3 introductory runs (4th run), anyone is then entitled to the hashit and it is up to the sponsor to explain all this during the 3 introductory runs. Many thanks to the Hares for a lovely run and some yummy curry puffs to warm us up and fill our bellies.
Ruth Keira and Karen
(Thanks Sarah as usual for letting us use your house for the shout-up—ed)

RUN 2024

Run: 2024
Date: 5 June 2007
Site: Kapok Kanan
Hares: Magic Roundabout
Hens: 46 plus 1 guest.

I turned in to jalan Kapok Kanan and cursed my luck at being stuck behind a slow blue car, probably driven by a Haji on a mobile phone, driving at 5mph. I then realised it was Julia, who later explained that she often misses the Hash signs! next I had Pole Dancer up my **** doing 90mph in her Land Rover , racing to set up her shop!

46 runners turned up and so did a tent, after the run but in time to shelter us from the storm. The ladies set off on a road run up the hill and out of sight and enjoyed a very good 50 minute run or as Carol described it "a good free "Step Class" up and up and up!"  Very nice trails (well cut by Johnson), a beautiful bamboo grove and lovely views from the ridge with a good road run out.(Pity about the rubbish dumped at the end of the road but
T.I.B ) Front horn Caire / Uranus was beaten to the first check on paper by Back horn Jane Woolley. Carol found first check, Pole Dancer second and Claire third. Well done ladies. Thanks to Magic for again stepping in at short notice to lay yet another good run. (Is she going for the Laying record this year ?) 
At the on on Heather was congratulated on the birth of new baby Tom but was unsure if he was too young to be classified as a man on the hash.
Diana was given a birthday down down and we welcolmed first time runner Deb. Hash Shit was not given as holder Linda (or was it Naj) was absent and had not sent the hash shit along with anyone else.—The hunt for the hash shit paraphenalia is on!
Sadly we bid farewell to one of our staunchest hashers, Rosemary Norrish, who leaves us after over after over 800 runs (838 for the record) during the past 22 years. (She was given a certificate, a photo of the Ladies 2000 run group photo and a photo frame) We all remember her many runs, great on ons and chocolate cakes as well as the Hornet Hash. She generously provided curry puffs for us to munch in the drizzle. Good luck to you Rosemary in old Blighty.
On on
All the best to David & Rosemary in their retirement.

run 2023

Run: 2023
Date: 29 May 2007
Site: Tungku Beach
Hares: Tango/Naj (the Belly Dancers)/Sarah B
Hens: 35 and one Dog, 3 guest, a couple of returnees,  and one virtual hasher MOONLIGHTING” as Gordon
A slightly scatty group of hashers assembled at Tungku Beach still dithery from the thrill of the “Away Day” at Linggi’s on Friday night and  the Hash Relay on Sunday.
 After picking biddy bids (otherwise known as Burrrrs according to the Scots) off  our socks and trousers for the third time we were ready for a nice little run in the beautiful surroundings of Tungku Beach.
 Well. I did say we were still on a high, the run was tackled totally backwards, first check was missed completely, second check called as first and run adjacent to the first checkers on the beach running parallel to the second checkers, or was it third, but was there a third check? . Why were all the walkers so far ahead of the runners. Why were hens milling and pointing up the beach, down the beach and how many hens tackled the trail of paper on the rocks, while the rest of the pack strolled down the perfectly smooth road adjacent to the rocks. How many hens made it to the Empire Hotel? How many hens finally found the out paper which was actually the in paper and finished the run. The answers too all the above was nobody knows.
Every hen got the required 45 minutes in. All worked up a sweat, every hen had the chance of finding paper, never mind if it was in or out. Everybody got back in time for the sunset. Nobody got lost. We all had fun.
The Shout Up was called and hares given a down down for a great run. Guests were introduced, Debbie from Seattle, WA.
 Elaine was farewelled, and presented with a certificate for 639 runs, a framed photo and a sparkly throwover . But do not be sad, she is coming back. We will see her again, This is just a practice leaving.
Nellie was awarded for 400 runs and showed us her gift of gold earrings.
Photocopies  of nameless hashers from the relay were offered up for bidding of the originals.
 No one was awarded the hashit, although we had ample opportunity to dunk the hares  but such is the vagaries of hashing, they got away with it.
Food  was provided to round of a perfect H3 evening with one hasher commenting on her yummy pasta,  and carrot cake with Italian dressing. The lighting was bad!!
On on