Sunday, October 12, 2008

RUN NO. 2094

HARES: Lee and Nancy
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

Rimba is my favourite site as there are very nice trails and the jungle is till unspoilt with very few hills (not too steep) which is just perfect for me. The theme last week was Pink to mark breast cancer awareness week. We arrived to a very well decorated site all in pink with pink balloons, thanks to Nancy and Lee for reminding us all of the need for breast check ups and for a job well done.
The words stated that the run was long and flat and would take one hour and 45 minutes for Walkie Talkies. So since it gets dark very quickly I decided to remind everyone that in order to be fair to the Hares it would help if the very slow hens like me did not go all the way round.

We all set off in an excited mood as hens always do, but much to our surprise we went up and up for the first few minutes. I heard one hen say “I thought this was a flat run.” There after there were no more hills for the next ½ hour. As the scriber for this week’s run, I decided to go all the way round which meant keeping up with fast walking hens. “Nellie that is not slow walking,” a few hens teased me. However, what we hadn’t realised was that we were gradually descending, because before we realised we found ourselves going up and up again, and this took about 5 minutes which to some of us felt like 15 minutes.

Like many runs there were thorns to the right, thorns to the left and thorns below. We then came to thorny bog which smelt like rotten cabbage. How does one avoid getting wet smelly shoes and socks going across the bog when the only support around is a thorn bush? WelŬ, that is part of the excitement of hashing in Brunei. Hills or no hills, there are thorns, muddy bits and trips.

As it was getting dark I began to miss some of the trips or was it because my feet were getting tired? Eventually I got tangled up in one of the trips and fell over. “Are you ok?” Asked Sarah C who was in front of me in her caring manner. Luckily I was fine so we carried on. It took our group 1 hour and 5 minutes to get out of the jungle and a total of 1 hour 15 minutes before we got back to the sight. An excellent run, Hares.

As Carol my new partner in mismanagement was away, I asked Amanda Sparrow to give me moral support a job she surely did very diligently, thank you Amanda. During the shout out Lee explained the relevance of breast cancer awareness to us all and asked those of us who could afford it, to donate some money to the Breast Caner Research Fund and that all those who would donate would automatically be entered in a draw.

Nancy got knighted and as from last week’s run on 7th of October 2008 she will be called by no other name on the hash than Speedo a handle name proposed by Naj as a result of Nancy’s speed at getting up going for breakfast, and getting ready to go anywhere when they were in Sandakan Malaysia. From now on who ever will call her by other name shall surely get a hashit. This handle name shall not be changed without the knowledge and approval of the Mismanagement committee.

To end the evening event, and after a lovely nosh the hares announced the draw and Jane Woolley won a fancy pretty brolly, and there was a variety of winnings ranging from socks, mittens to lollies. Once again thank you Lee and Nancy for a lovely evening.

The Hashit was last week given to two hens, Diana for forgetting to bring the Hashit bucket and all its content and Dizzy for signing in her guest on the wrong line.

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - Bring a torch
HARES: Not Yet/Alice in Wonderland

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