Thursday, May 30, 2013

RUN NO. 2336 MATA-MATA 21 MAY 2013

RUN NO. 2336
DATE: 21 MAY 2013

Being that this weeks run was at Mata Mata I knew I had to get going to get there in time.
It's a long way from Tanah Jambu.

Before we could head off on our run we spent an exiting couple of minutes with hashers looking here,
there and everywhere for the on-paper as we couldn't find it anywhere.

Then all of a sudden we see Glamour and think "aha that's where we should be looking"
but Glamour was on the blue Hetro paper....... In the end Cheryl phoned Possum and we were finally off and on our way, slightly later than the normal 1715.

We ran and ran and ran and it seemed forever before first check, but we found the on pretty quickly
and continue on. The jungle trails were as good as they always are in this area and mixing it up with the fire trails there was no stopping the front runners.

All the checks were found with no drama but the trails just seemed to go on and on,
and i was feeling a bit woozy.

All of a sudden we reach the mark of the two runs splitting and so we commit to continue running another for another 3.7 km..............really??? Hmmm, half way down the hill Speedy Gonzales and myself have a re-think and decide to turn back to Possums waiting bus with refreshments.
Good decision!!!!!! And so thought most of the hens bar a fair few brave ladies who soldiered on and ran back to the tent - well done!!!

We were greeted with Sue's Special Punch which always tastes SO GOOD!
(And you can make it yourself  as it's in the "Hash Nosh" 2012.)

It was nice to see Bunny Girl, Legally Blonde and Annabel back and we also welcomed two new guests; Lara from Canada and Rhiannon from Scotland. Hash Whit entertained us on her normal excellent form and will sadly be missed when she leaves this summer. Mother Nurture is also leaving us shortly and pleaded for someone to please take over her "light duties".

IKEA was enjoying herself in Bali so I kept it short and sweet so that we all could enjoy Sue's and Possums lovely Chili with corn on the cob and salad on the side - Yummy!!!!
Thank you ladies!

Next weeks run is a run that everyone can do.
It's not short, it's not long it's just an average run in the Orchard!


Monday, May 27, 2013

RUN NO. 2335 SPG 492-28 JLN MUARA KG SG HANCHING - 21 MAY 2013

RUN NO. 2335
DATE: 21MAY 2013
HARES: Duchess of Cambridge/Le-Anna

As I was leaving from Mata Mata it was raining and the sound of distant thunder didn’t bode well for a dry hash. But of course that means nothing in Brunei – localised rain can mean you drive from perfectly dry, through a patch of 200 metres where it is absolutely hosing down, to instant dry again. It was actually a lovely dry evening in Sungai Hancing. By the time I had walked to the tent to sign in, I had heard the words ‘lollipop’ and ‘long’ several times and this was soon backed up with a notice attached to the sign in board saying ‘1 ¾ hours for middle walkers, make sure you take a torch’. Not a good start for me, after a few days of stomach cramps and not eating much – I was just psyched up enough to push myself around a normal run for the sake of the words, but a long run – forget it! The ever faithful Trailblazer overheard me saying so and kindly offered to fill in the middle bits for me. A leisurely amble with Alison sounded much better.

We set off through some new housing and soon went past the more familiar Simpang where Cheryl and Magic Roundabout used to live. The paper led us into the jungle and up a decent sized hill (for someone with not a lot of energy to spare anyway). The trail headed right at the top of the hill and after a short way, the sounds of ‘checking from here’ could be heard. We reached the y of the lollipop, with the ‘in’ sign pointing left and down into the valley, and so to first check. We chose to walk up the ‘out’ trail for a bit and then turned around, taking in the sights of some new and very white Mediterranean style houses along the way. We were greeted with a lovely rainbow as we arrived back at the on-on site.

The trail through the jungle was very pleasant and the usual Lucky Garden atmosphere. Some of the new ones were tricked into thinking they were out when we popped on to the fence line of the National Security Centre along Salambigar Link. It was not to be, we were soon back in the jungle, but before long on to the lolly pop.

All the hens were safely out just on dark and the shout up began, minus JM Ryvita, who was needed elsewhere. The newly crowned Wonder Woman took the hares away. Two first time guests, Julie from NZ and Tuti from Indonesia were welcomed. Two new members, Cath and Rave were also welcomed into our hash family. Dr Zur looked very pleased with herself as she celebrated her 50th run and remembered her challenging introductory run at Kota Batu.

Dizzy offered to be ice queen next week, Sticky Rice gave some notices and Alice in Wonderland still wants more pencils for her Cambodia trip. JM Ikea invited us all to join her new and secure hash facebook and admitted to being a numbers geek as she reeled off all sorts of statistics for our first half year. Hash wit gave us a quick bit of wit about her good driving and Karlene owned up to needing a refreshing bit of cold water thrown on her by Dizzy, because she failed to sign out. Delicious Afghani food was enjoyed by all – spicy but lovely – thank you hares and Smurf who celebrated her birthday which was the day before.

Next week’s run is in Possum’s words, ‘not a Possum run.’ There will be a medium and a long run. The medium run took us 45 minutes walking at walky talky pace through a nice jungle trail with another 20 minutes of open track to finish. The long run adds on approximately another 3.7 km of easy to run on, open track, which front runners should enjoy, but is only meant for those who can run out.

HARES: Sue/Possum

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RUN NO. 2334 - TUNGKU BEACH - 14 MAY 2013

RUN NO. 2334
HARES: Hash Hound/Mother Nurture

Greetings fellow Hashettes.  Last Tuesday saw us follow the signs off the coast road and down onto the sands of Tungku Beach for our Glow in the Dark Mid Year Hash. After a slight hiccup when we had to drive over to the starting spot on the eastern side of the beach,  due to the tent having been erected in the wrong place I believe, enthusiastic Hens milled around eagerly awaiting the signal to flap their wings.  Sure enough, 5.15pm saw the departure of the flock off along the scenic beach hash trail.  With ladies moving at their desired speed, and many stopping
Glorious sunset

Hares Hashhound & Mother Nurture

Ika getting the hashit from Dizzy

Receipients of hash handles........
to snap pics of idyllic scenery and action poses, we wended our ways hither and thither until we reached the midway point.  To our delight, we were greeted by a friendly sea nymph who offered us a free cool beverage which of course being polite, we could hardly refuse.  So joy of joys a hash that provided a beautiful walk or longer run, a spectacular sunset, fine weather, an unusual lack of hills and a drink to keep us going.

On our return the tent was abustle with Hens clucking over the range of scrumdidlyumptious food that was making the tables groan as well as our lovely new t-shirt (many thanks to our Hares) with its slogan on the back proclaiming that we ‘don’t sweat, we sparkle’ – never a truer word was spoken. So although we were licking our lips and hushing our tummies due to the aromas wafting from the table, we quietened down to enjoy the shoutup.  We had if I recall correctly a first time guest and a new member welcomed but the highlight of the night was surely the bestowing of names upon four illustrious Hens. Those added to the illustrious roll of Named Hashers were Wonder Woman (Nicki TC), Twinkletoes (Erin), Mother Nurture (Clare) and Mighty Maple (Kim). After this excitement and once the rest of the formalities were concluded (wasn’t there a hashittable sinner in there somewhere?) - Ika for not educating her guest on ethics of hashing - Ed, all lined up to choose from the tempting array of food. So there we sat in the dark as the evening wore on, everyone a-glowing, a-sparkling and a-glittering (including some strategically placed circles on various parts of the anatomy) feeling full and content, enjoying the bonds of friendship once again until with heavy sighs we packed our chairs and bumped slowly up the track towards our homes.

HARES: Duchess of Cambridge/Le Anna

Monday, May 13, 2013

RUN NO. 2333 SPG 378 SUBOK 7 MAY 2013

RUN NO. 2333
DATE: 7 MAY 2013

Oh oh oh what a trail.... ( to the tune of oh oh oh what a night)

By golly gosh and jeepers what an enjoyable romp thriugh the jungle we had. (I thought I was gonna die of hyperthermia throughout it but nothing new there).

Just off Jalan Subok the hares took us in and up on a slip sloppery slidey trail up and up and up till we met with a spectacular path. Dry, leafy, wide and clearly present I soon recognised this track as the one leading to Salambigar water hole. "Ah ha" says me, knowledgably, (although not so knowledgable when it comes to spelling as a little squiggly line has come up there and I havn't got a better option) "an A to B" 'tmust surely be yipee yipee" Yipee because last time the little line on my gps sports tracker thingy went straight for that long it finally turned round and we had to go all the way back again, another GI Jane special tramp.xx

Anyway, Hilary got a sore foot, poor HiIls :(, someone found the check(s) Trailblazer was a sweeper, Ryvita and??? were horny and we all toodled back on a bas sewa kas to the start. Back at the 80 years young, Glamour's slick crib where we noshed on top makan, sang hippy barpday, tittered at some comedy and had a lovely pressie each off Glamour, thank you very much Glamour. It lashed it down and we all had to swim home. The End.

Tune in next week for another exciting installment of "When I went hashing in Brunei with H3". xxxx Sticky Rice.

PS The names have been changed to protect the innocent and no bunnies were hurt in the making of these words
 Duchess and PeeWee guarding!
Duchess in happy mood.

Glamour with her necklace from H3

Trailblazer reading Schnaps greetings and presenting present.

Happy 80 yr old Glamour showing her gift from H3.
Hares GI Jane & Sid

Survivor looking pretty.

GI Jane at the out waiting to tick the hens off the A to B.

Flowers received by Glamour during the day and was surprised by the gift.

Pendant for Glamour on her 80 year old milestone - Congratulations to one of our H3 founding member --- H3 on the run since 1976.....


Saturday, May 04, 2013

RUN NO. 2332 SUBOK 527 -30APR2013

RUN NO. 2332
DATE: 30 APR 2013

Subok 527 they said. Well we all knew what that meant. There would be an up. A big up. Hash words arrived by email the day before and. it was with trepidation that we read, "Bring a torch". This was followed with, "Bring a chair and "Bring an umbrella". Who knew what to expect.

Two runs were provided. Blue paper and white paper. What did they have in common you ask? The same steep ascent at the beginning. It sounds so innocuous put that way. A more accurate description however might be, and here I quote a hasher who completed the course, vertical roller coaster.

White paper swung down behind the pondok leading to a steep, scrabbly, slippery and trippy trail into the remote and little explored waterways behind the Markucing Bukit. There were three checks, two of which were found by Ikea, showing her leadership prowess as JM. Speedy Gonzalez, not to be outdone, found third check on the steep winding path going up to the water tank ridge,

Turning right off the main ridge into a parallel path which met the bracken trail, we headed back to the Markucing track. On-on-up-down and out.

All present were given a lovely shoe holder by the week's major milestone makers: Domestic Godess, Mrs Pingu, Ryvita and Satu Lagi.

Then it was on to the shout up. Thanks were given to the hares: Satu Lagi, Mrs Pingu, Ryvita and Domestic Goddess. Trailblazer was back horn and Dizzy front horn. Melanie from Canada with the military husband was the only guest. Hash ranks were increased with a new member and Black Beauty was welcomed as a returner.

A spectacular number of awards were distributed. Hashers involved had celebrated a total of 1600 runs shared amongst Jenny from the Block, Domestic Goddess,Mrs Pingu, Ryvita, Satu Lagi and Speedy Gonzalez.

An eclectic collection of announcements. Alice in Wonderland asked for donations of pencils erasers and sharpeners for Cambodia. Pyscho provided a rabbit update letting us know that all are fine. Finally a plea was put out for recipes to go in the words.

Then it was time for perhaps the most important notice of them all.
Hash rules before the run:
  • Park responsibly.
  • Introduce guests and sign them in.
  • Listen for special instructions before the run.
  • Follow correct paper.
  • Take torch and water.
  • If you arrive more than 5 mins late turn, back at first check unless you have caught up with the others.

Then we moved on to the light relief. Hash Wit produced her devastating one liners on a range of subjects from work to parachutes, boyfriends etc. no wonder she is such a hot favorite.

Again there was no successful call for the hashit and so we quickly moved on to devour the delicious laksa. Thanks hares.