Thursday, January 29, 2009

RUN NO. 2110

RUN NO. 2110
DATE: 27 Jan 09
SITE: SPG 527 Jln Subok
HARES: Carol/Sarah G
FRONT HORN: Magic Roundabout BACK HORN: Trailblazer

Having had a week of on and off rain, rain and more rain, visions of a really wet run was on most hens minds but as true hashers dutifully set off with front horn Magic (oh ...Trish was first assigned the chore who suddenly had something else to do..)

We trotted back down the lane to the open section where extensive building was in progress and thoughts of not being able to go thru somebody's garden soon - well, there is the other empty section round the other side, then the hares will have to do a lollipop run and there is of course Bukit Markucing across the road.

Into the jungle we went as the drizzle continued steadily, Not yet with her raincoat and then a few turning back just before first check, as we started to ascend slippery slopes assisted by ropes here and there. Pretty trails and two waterfalls (true to the hares' words regarding water features) but we pursued earnestly as the rain continued and some had said it was not a long run?

Soon, the front runners were too far ahead for the bunch of us trailing behind with back horn and we could not hear them at all. As we went thru a few water crossings, lots of paper new and old everywhere, and it seems I was destined to write about the other run as I was among the eleven that went right instead of left at the last water crossing (apparently only ten minutes away from out - and two of the ones right behind went the wrong way) - We would have been 13 going up and up and up and up and wondering are we on paper (right paper?). We called ahead, and Aunty Lynn/Speedo both with guests answered, so we carried on ... but apparently we were on the wrong paper.

However, once we got up to the ridge and saw Kota Batu, Kg Ayer, oh Bukit Serdang... and the Yacht Club in the distance (it was an illusion), we consolidate our plans and decided it would be easier to go down to Jln Kota Batu, rather than trek back thru the jungle as it was by then 6.45pm and getting dark. Trailblazer estimated we had been about 45 minutes since the river crossing and would take probably longer than that to get back to that point. JM Carol sent two cars - thanks Kerry and Bini Hutan who came to our rescue - we thought of a new challenge to hens as to how many hens they can fit into a car when all eleven of us squeezed into the two vehicles. Dirty and cold we arrived back at the site and a warm welcome by the hashers followed by delicious laksa provided by the hares.

Shout up was orderly and hashit exchanged hands although the hares got it again, for forgetting a sign left by the main road last week, and joined by a few others for various misdemeanours. One new guest was welcomed, and although she was with the "lost" pack promised to be back again.

Thanks for a caring hash and Carol of the use of her house!

HARES: Ready Mix/Trailblazer/Survivor

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RUN NO. 2109

RUN NO. 2109
DATE: 20 Jan
SITE: Opp Spg 1038 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar
HARES: Amanda W/Kerry

Well, what a week of rain! Severe tropical storms have plagued Brunei for a couple of weeks now, yet we have been lucky enough to dodge the rain in the ladies hash. This week, was a particularly good choice of location as the terrain was slightly higher than the road which left good trails that were not too muddy. The sun was poking through as Pee Wee sounded the horn and the trail led us up on to the main road and along to the next Simpang. The hares, sat luxuriously from the balcony of Amanda’s house sipping drinks and gave us a wave (determined to get rid of the hashit this week I noted the hashitable offence!!). The road led us alongside a river into a deserted Government Tree Nursery and a nice but inclining path to a beautiful reservoir/lake. The paper took us on up to the first check, where Magic Roundabout thought she would search in the opposite direction. Anna was quick to find the on paper which was easy to find and so the hashers ran on through some nice jungle trails. Shortly after, the second check was found quite quickly on ahead (can’t remember who found it – Alzheimer’s must be setting in as I did ask at the time). As we ran in a loop we came on again quite quickly to the final check, which Anna found again, down a slippery slope and along a clear trail. The run out was very pleasant with great views.

Front runners were out in 30 minutes and even some late comers were out before dark and everyone quickly trekked off to the on on site – Amanda’s house. A few of us left behind, were witness to the remaining hashitable offences. Diana last to come in with her Mother, failed to introduce her guest before the shout up, despite numerous opportunities to do so; Pee Wee left the bins behind and the hares did not stay at the run site to check that all of the hashers were out.

The shout up was busy with 4 first time guests – Aunti Lynns Niece – Kate, Rozi and Wina from the hetro hash and Diana’s mum. Lots of announcements were given and jokes told and the hashit was given and taken very well. We honoured 4 hashers this week with the hashit and Anna gave a sneaky back throw while photos were being taken from the front.

Thanks Amanda and Kerry for the run, easy checks, great sausages and sorry that you had to get wet. Hope this inspires everyone to double check the rules.

Remember – You must introduce your guest formally to the JMs.
If you are a hare – avoid being seen on the trail and remember it is your duty to ensure that all hashers come out.

HARES: Carol/Sarah G

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RUN NO. 2108

RUN NO. 2108
DATE: 13 JAN 2009

Hi there lovely ladies! Welcome to another exciting addition of “The epic tale of a bunch of crazy women who trudge through the treacherously wild virgin jungles of Borneo”.

So… it is my job to write about last weeks hash run… bare with me as I’ve not had to do it before and its been quite a while since I’ve done anything on a computer except pass on annoying funny chain emails!

OK. I got to the site quite early for a change, but only because I’d left home unreasonably early fearing I’d get lost and miss something to write about! I found it quite easily and managed to snag a good park right near the tent. Haha! The ground was already looking like a swamp due to the incessant rain over the last few days. I will admit that I seriously thought about doing a few doughnuts in the mud but feared the wrath of the ‘elders’ so self control was displayed. My car was not impressed about having to climb that first hill but I felt really sad when I heard Claire’s little blue rocket nearly busting its gaskets to get up! She drove in 5 full circles trying to find a place to park where she wouldn’t sink.

Though the sky was grey and clouds were at bursting point, the rain held off long enough for the run to start. After briefly gathering around the mother hens who suggested we bring in torches and warned us about being careful in the slippery conditions, off we went chasing the hypnotic sound of front horn. Carol took the honor yet again and Anna took back horn.

Up, up, up, slip down, then up, up, up slip down again… it was like trying to walk the wrong way up a water slide! Luckily someone had installed a few ropes, which saved us having to get mud under our nails trying to claw up that killer hill on all fours. Down the other side, through some bracken fern, a few more ups and downs then along the ridge for a bit. Having done this run before (who could ever forget that founders day when one of the most experienced hens was lost inside for hours), I’d expected to go a lot further into the jungle but as weather conditions weren’t ideal, the hares had decided to cut it short and turned us all around, to go out the way we had came. It eventually dawned on me that I would have to get back down that ‘waterslide’ we had struggled so hard to get up! So back through the ferns and down we went. Glad that I wasn’t wearing white on this particular occasion, I promptly squatted down and bum slid my way to the
bottom, thanking god there were no hidden sharp objects sneakily blocking my path.

No one was left behind in the jungle for an unplanned camp out so the shout up began. The rain could hold out no longer and it bucketed down. Luckily for us, our JM’s could still be heard clucking out all the very important tidbits of information that enriches our lives on a weekly basis. Two returning hashers – Steph and Rita joined the cluster and threw back a few beers, obviously having stayed in tune with tradition. Hares dressed as navy boys for some reason unknown to me and we pigged out on a delicious vegetarian curry with rice. Nag was even so kind as to provide chocolate and ‘carrots’ ??? for desert.

And for those of you that missed last weeks run… the naked male mud wrestling was fantastic entertainment. Too bad if you missed it!

NEXT RUN: Opposite Spg 1038 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar
HARES: Amanda W/Kerry

RUN NO. 2107

Run 2107
DATE: 6 January 2009
Site: Jln Pimping, Serasa
Hares: Alison & Cheryl
Front Horn: Carol
Back Horn:
Hens: 35 Guests: 2

Welcome back to the hashers that have had a nice holiday break over the festive season.

Happy New Year to everyone and lets hope that 2009 is a great year!

It was my first time to this area Pimping and I’m sure it was for quite a few of us.
Carol led us off on a nice flat trail into the jungle it wasn’t long before first check was called. As it was unfamiliar area it took us ages to find first check which was on back, but finally Naj & Tina found it. We all headed down the gravel road and then off to the right, back into the jungle along some winding trails and bypassing a few thorns along the way to second check. This also took a while to find the check which was once again on back, not sure who found it. We had a few slippery hills to climb and at one spot we almost needed rope to help us up the hill because it was so muddy.

There was one more sneaky check which was found again by Naj, but it was on a head this time. We continued along a nice interesting trail until we got back on to the trail we came in on. There was good calling tonight by everyone!

The shout-up was at Serasa pool side. The JM did their singing introduction theme to everyone.

Hashit went to Anna & Carol. We celebrated Alison achieving 850 runs and Nancy 50 runs, well done!

Thanks to the hares for the punch and fish & Chips. A good Scottish night aye! Thanks to Smurf for the quiz and pencils from Scotland.

NEXT RUN: Kota Batu
HARES: Satu Lagi/Mad Marg/Naj

Sunday, January 04, 2009

RUN NO. 2106

SITE: Lucky Gardens, Jln Muara
HARES: Trailblazer/Not Yet

Yann (Trailblazer) messaged me earlier on Tuesday and asked me to pick up Judy (Survivor). I was a little concerned Judy wouldn’t be able to get into my car as I have problems sometimes being of the short fat hairy leg brigade. However, Judy swung herself effortlessly up into the passenger seat with the grace of Tarzan! We were off to the hash.

This week it was at Lucky Gardens, not at the mud hole, but starting off from George’s shed. A select group of Hashers gathered round the JM’s as they told us about the correct paper to follow and then we were off.

Back down to the road again, across the mud hole and then into the jungle.
We followed the paper on familiar trails up (and it was a torturous long up!) to the ridge. The front runners were pretty far ahead so I have no idea who found any of the checks.

We seemed to separate into two groups the front runners and not front runners. My group, the not front runners, huffed and puffed up the hills and talked about Christmas, food, not wanting to go back to work, more food, diets to start in the New Year, etc. We also kept a lookout for wild life such as sun bears and snakes but although I thought I heard something peculiar in the bush we didn’t actually come across anything noteworthy.

Up a few more killer hills and then down into thicker jungle, across ubiquitous mud, gently flowing streams and up, up and up to the out. We were actually very lucky with the weather as it could have been much worse under foot.

Back at George’s shed the shout up was very orderly; all the well behaved hashers were in attendance! The hare’s were thanked for such a short, flat, non muddy run!! The horns were thanked; I can only remember Tina as back horn, sorry.
Announcements were announced. I can’t remember them either; well it is still the party season!

The hash-shit was not called for as we had behaved so well. Not even Caroline had disturbed the gods of hashing! Then it was down to the serious business of eating. All the hashers had brought a plate (with something on it.) We had delicious pakora, mince pies and brandy butter, various tasty dips with various tasty dippers, Christmas cake, chicken to nibble, cakes, chocolates, sushi, etc, etc.
In other words, lots of epicurean delights.

Now, can someone please come up with a simple but effective diet for me to start in the New Year? I would be very grateful. We all wished each other Happy New Year as we drifted away from George’s shed. Another good evening spent with the Ladies Hash.
Judy swung herself back into my car and we went home to wash off the mud and repeat our stories to our husbands.

NEXT RUN: Jln Pimping, Serasa
HARES: Alison/Cheryl