Monday, August 30, 2010


How to cross a log safely - Sue and Cheryl in action
Nice trails
Easy paths
Looking almost like an English dale
Front horn Ryvita
Avoiding the wet, but we finally had to wade thru!
Returning hasher Marcella
Hashit given with the hose by Not Yet to Bella and Mrs Merlo

RUN NO. 2193
DATE: 31 AUG 2010
HARES: Pee Wee/Ruthless Pursuit
FRONT HORN: Ryvita BACK HORN: Alice in Wonderland

After 4 weeks absence, it was good to come back and see the big crowd gathered at Ruthless Pursuit's house. When I heard that Ruthless Pursuit and Pee Wee (2 seasoned hashers!!! and hetro hashers also!!) had set tonight's run, I was a bit dubious but I needed the exercise as having been in Melbourne in the freezing cold, the only exercise I got there was switching the electric blanket from 0 to 3!!!

Off we ran at 5-15pm with Ryvita leading the way - once we left the driveway of Ruthless Pursuit's house, some of the hens ran to the right but a whistle from one of the hashers soon brought them back to Jalan Muara.

Locals drove past tooting and waving as we made our way down the road, then we made a sharp right turn into the jungle. It was a lovely track well worn and trampled down so it easy to follow up and down and up and down. Thank goodness the ups and downs were gentle - well sort of gentle!!! There was a fabulous view from the top and as we wandered down the hill I kept thinking what a great run.

Alas we then struck the dreaded streams and mud - first of all, there was a bit of screaming as large ants (were they red ants or bull ants - not sure but they were biting little buggers!! and they certainly made us hurry over the first crossing and onto the muddy path and along the stream. So much for keeping clean, this is a hash and all true hashes always have MUD!!!!
As we exited the stream and back onto the path, 2 dogs barking (good name for a wine but I digress!) kept us company until we were back at Ruthless Pursuit's house.

After signing out, we hosed ourselves down and got changed and waited for the shout up. Two guests were introduced - Roslyn who has been here for 3 years and someone else (couldn't hear her name from down the back! (Tamsin I believe. ED) who has been here for 11 years attending their first hash!!!.

Returning hasher Marcella had a down down to celebrate her return.

Bit of housekeeping advice from the JMs - if the paper has fallen into the mud or water and is being trampled over, or wet, could the front runners try and put some paper on the branches - it is easier for the late runners to find their way out - thanks to the hasher for waiting for Mad Marg and co. to come out safely.

Speedo told a joke about a woman wanting to be 12 again - her husband thought she meant 12 years old but she meant size 12 so the moral of the tale was even when a man is listening, he is gonna get it wrong.

Couple of announcements made - Not Yet still selling pot plants and next week's run has been changed to Diplo.

Sarong(one of the Hares for next week's run) was off sick and nearly got me the hashit as she called just as Diva announced we were starting the shout up!!! The phone call was quickly cut off!!!!

Hashit was awarded to Mrs Merlot and Bella - they didn't sign in or out!!!(They did not sign in and was a self confession to the JMs. ED) so Not Yet had great pleasure in chucking the water over them and handing the chooks over to them.

A delicious chicken curry and dahl with big rotis was served for our supper - thank you Hares for a great run and good tucker.

NEXT RUN: DIPLO .... Note change of site

Friday, August 27, 2010

RUN NO. 2192- DIPLO - 25 AUG 10

New hen "Rebecca" getting her rules from JM Diva
First time guest including Honey
Hares Beluga/Squeek and Psycho
One of the mater water crossings
Hens waiting for the horn to go off.

RUN NO. 2192
DATE: 25 AUG 2010
HARES: Squeek/Psycho/Beluga

WOW – what can I write after Squeak’s awesome words last week. The use of chicken language was awesome and I didn’t see the word ‘rooster…..’ used anywhere….

Anyhow, me wee chickadees… we all arrived to Lower Diplo on a very very overcast day to find many of our hashers back from holidays and rearing to go. It was good to see everyone coming back nice and safe after their holidays abroad and ladies catching up on all the news.

Claire our front horn started us all off at 5.15pm and away we went. Up the road and in to the jungle and down down to our first wee river crossing – where most people went straight through up to your shins and some tentatively used some old trees across the wee river. One of our first time guests called Honey was assisted across with some coaxing but finally made the plunge into the water and across ….

The hash was lovely and as I was at the rear with Jane chatting away.. we missed the checks but I do believe that Trailblazer discovered the first and I think Ready Mix was on to the next one, not sure about third check sorry. Speaking of Trailblazer….. I also believe she decided to have her evening bath in one of the river pools and had a few hashers concerned when they discovered her wallowing in the water ….. must have been cold!! I was assured she had removed her front pouch with phone etc in and was enjoying her bath!!

The hash contained something for everyone, .. water crossings, mud, trees to traverse, mud, hills, mud, lovely jungle, oh and some mud. Few slippery experiences but all out safe and sound by probably about 6.30ish. It was a really good run and I enjoyed Lower Diplo which I haven’t done for a while.

Then on to the shout up and down down to our hares for a great hash. A welcome to two guests – Meryl (great to see ya finally made it) and Honey (wonderful he/she dog belonging to our lovely Aunty Lynn…)

Then welcome a new member – YAYYYYYY – Rebecca…. You have the rules now so no excuse when it comes to hashit.

Then we had some special awards – Squeak making 100 runs and our Bunny Girl for making 150 runs. Congrats ladies!!!!

We had our very own Speedo deliver us a special joke via Not Yet…

After very quick announcements it was time for hashit….. but alas no one this week!!

Amazing food was provided by our hares but……. Our lovely Duchess had departed earlier with the plates and cutlery still in her car…. So she was contacted and returned with eating implements and away we went!!!

Thank you to our hares for your run and food!!!ed once received.

HARES: Pee Wee/Ruthless Pursuit

Thursday, August 19, 2010

RUN NO. 2191 - SPG 378 SUBOK 17 AUG 2010

Run celebrants - Cheryl/Kellie/Peahen
Trips enjoying returning to Brunei hash for a holiday

The hares Alison/Cheryl/Sue/Duchess with JM Ruthless Pursuit
Nice jungle trail at the beginning of the run.

RUN NO. 2191
DATE: 17 AUG 2010
HARES: Alison/Cheryl/Sue/Duchess
FRONT HORN: Readymix BACK HORN: Trailblazer

After brooding over the words all day, here they are:

A larger clutch of hens than we’ve had in the past 6 weeks flocked together tonight, after so many who had flown the coop to go sunny side up returned home to roost. The sign waiting for us from the hens who laid the run certainly ruffled a few feathers with its ominous “very wet and slippery, there are hills, you have been warned” message.

‘Who will help me carry the horn?’ asked our little red hen. Most were too chicken, but Readymix and Trailblazer took up the challenge. We continued clucking about until Readymix egged us on by squawking the horn right on time, then off into the jungle we flew.

The more flighty hens rushed off on the paper pellet trail to first check, which was a back check nuggetted out by Ruthless Pursuit. Second check required a bit more scratching about but was finally found by the well seasoned Magic Roundabout. The very plucky Readymix completed the final check and, after scrambling up a steep climb with some wobbly knees, everyone was out.

Back at the henhouse, the shout up began with a big cheer for the hares. Duchess preened as she was congratulated on her upcoming birthday – her spring chicken status never in doubt. There was a real pecking order for the special awards, with Kellie on 50, Peahen on 350, and Cheryl on 400 – something to really crow about!

Announcements took a more somber tone with the sad news that Velma’s brother passed away. Our thoughts go out to her.

Jane mentioned an away trip to Temburong at the end of the month, Not Yet is a grandmother, and kids hash is on this weekend. We all cracked up after Alice in Wonderland’s Frog Prince joke. Beluga and Not Yet shared some examples of how easy it is to get egg on your face when speaking in English.

Then it was time for hashit. Knowing that the early bird catches the worm, Diva had had a stickybeak at the sign-in board and plucked out two offenders. We all crowed when it was revealed that Serene had not signed in and Not Yet and not signed out.

The food was, of course, finger licking good. It was a very pleasant night, with the last hardy hens finally departing when the sky started falling.

Don’t worry, next time I might shell out on some new jokes!

HARES: Psycho/Beluga/Squeek

Monday, August 16, 2010

RUN NO. 2190 - 10AUG - DIPLO

Pretty Trails of Diplo

Small water crossing

Back horn Squeek

Front horn "Ruthless Pursuit"

Hares: Smurf/Trailblazer/Pee Wee and Madam Sin

A gentle watering for the Hashit as Ruthless Pursuit did not fill up the bucket!!

RUN NO. 2190
DATE: 10 AUGUST 2010
HARES: Madam Sin/Trailblazer/Pee Wee/Smurf
FRONT HORN: Ruthless Pursuit BACK HORN: Squeek

A hot sweaty bunch of hashers (and that was before we set off into the jungle!) gathered at lower Diplo on Tuesday. Not many of us, a select bunch!

There was a telephone call from the hares, saying to go back at second check; sounded good to me. It was so hot and humid, not pleasant for a delicate flower such as myself!

Magic sounded the horn and off we went. Pleasant trails, made me remember the time I was rescued by Sid and Lone Ranger. I was with an Indian lady and we were so far behind everyone else and it began to get dark, so of course we became slower and slower. Eventually this lady told me she hoped to get out soon because she had an operation in the morning. I asked her what kind of operation she was having and she told me, ‘Oh no my dear, I am the surgeon!’

Eventually we heard voices and out of the gloom came Fletcher Rescue Inc. bearing torches and 100+. They got us out and we trudged back to the on-on to celebrate with the ‘librarians’.

That wasn’t going to happen to me this time, although later, according to Madam Sin and Smurf, it almost happened to the hares.

Anyway, the hash was fine, very pretty in parts; a couple of water crossings, a bit of mud, a bit of slipping down slopes and puffing up hills. Well done ladies, a good hash despite your hassles.

I suppose because there weren’t that many of us, we ended up sitting in a big circle, a bit like girl guides. Not that many girl guides swig beer or gin and tonic but you know what I mean!

Ruthless Pursuit started off the shout-up with the hares, who told us we were lucky not to have done Friday’s hash (at the same site), an arduous ordeal by all accounts.

There were no special runs to celebrate and nearly no entertainment until Psycho remembered a joke. It was about computers, but I am not sure I understood it! Then Alice told us about a 24hour breast-feeding hot-line. Very useful information for those of us in that situation, thankfully not me!

Back to Psycho, who announced she is looking for a house and Alice, who has a friend selling furniture. It all happens at the Ladies Hash!

Hash Shit time found Clover, Christine and Duchess charged with flower violations. Clover and Christine were watered for their crime!

The shout up ended and delicious laksa was provided by the hares. Thanks ladies for the food and the run.

NEXT RUN: Spg 378 Sg Akar - water tower opp rubbish dump

HARES: Alison/Cheryl/Sue & Duchess

Monday, August 02, 2010

RUN NO. 2189 - SPG 791 JLN MUARA - 3 AUG 10

Clover after a holiday chatting to guest after the run

A happy Duchess after the run

Hares Mad Marg and Tango

A happy Sarah P

Tango celebrating 150 runs.

Guests showing their skills in "down down"s

RUN NO. 2189
HARES: Tango /Mad Marg

About 30 hens set off at 5.15 on a road run round the houses to end up at the water tower, which they also ran round, before plunging into the jungle. Some devious hens had short cut straight to the water tower, to the surprise of those who had diligently followed the paper.

A short distance down the trail, Kelly was found standing with one hand full of paper and the other clutching the horn. When asked if the check had been found, she said yes but wasn't sure if it was being laid through. So the three short cutting amigos, offered to go and make sure this was being done and just as they were beginning to wonder where the hash had gone, they were almost knocked over by Ruthless Pursuit.

She was doing a great impression of a hound as she had dashed off to the on paper and then rushed back to lay the check through. What a woman! This was in fact the only check and from then on it was a good run out to the tent and as some people are desperately fit, they decided to go round the run again for the extra calorie burn.

At the shout up there were 3 guests (minus one who had left early actually - Emma), Rachel and Jenny were welcomed and Tis Alice (in Wonderland ) told 2 more, funny jokes and then we were served delicious food and another ladies night drew to a close under a cloudless sky. On on.



HARES: Madam Sin/Trailblazer/Pee Wee