Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RUN NO. 2249 SUBOK 309 27 SEP 2011

RUN NO. 2249


It was a very good crowd that started out at PeeWee’s home.

Ladies were looking forward to a social evening as chairs were already out before the run and a buzz was in the air. We knew we would have to do that big climb up to the ridge, but high spirits were not dampened. Some stopping and starting as we grunted our way up the hill. Lovely clear trails to the ridge and then the reward of a stop and the view and breezes. Short runners went off and the last of the hill (Never wrong described it as “ pretty walk with waterfalls”) Long hashers continued on along the ups and downs of the ridge to the down. Through bamboo forests and steep downs across creeks and then a good long drop into a muddy housing site to finish off! (just when we thought we’d get home without muddy shoes and bum!)

Shout celebrations for Alice in Wonderland’s 400 runs, well done! And did you hear the joke about the 3 first time guest on the Ladies Hash? Well one was from Czech Republic, one was from England and one was from Ireland….

We enjoyed some fine joke telling: Margory’s Stroke Joke: Madam Sin’s pianist joke, which was inspired by Never Wrong’s Collingwood joke (good timing just before Aussie Grand Final Day!) Music Society Doo this Friday night. GI Jane warned Tutong Hashers have taken our Dadap for Monday night, so beware of other paper.


HARES: GI Jane/Sid/Gung Ho

Sunday, September 25, 2011


RUN NO. 2248
DATE: 20 SEP 2011
HARES: Aunty Lynn/Legally Blonde ---- Madmarg/Eastern Promise stand in due to Aunty Lynn breaking a toe., and Legally Blonde had work duties.
SITE: Tanjung Bunut Kanan

Well, the traffic made this quite a journey! So I rocked up just in time for the horn to sound. Just!

It was already dark, and for most of the run we were under canopy, but I did have my torch at the ready! Out of Sleazy Gardens we went, left up the hill and ahead on into the jungle. Well worn trails took us where we knew, out onto the pylon trail and then up into the main bit of jungle. I was taking great care not to get into the muddy water, having crashed into some steel concrete reinforcement bars on Friday’s hash, and having cuts across my shins as I didn’t want any infection!

The run was lovely and flat, just a couple of inclines which weren’t too taxing. As I was approaching the last one out of the jungle and back onto the pylon trail, having avoided all the river crossings, I managed to plodge into a pile of mud! Right up to my knee. It was a good look, trust me.

We all came out in reasonable time, even Never Wrong who had taken a wrong turing on the way back. The shout up was very well conducted, as always, by Magic. Hares were down downed, not a simple job, as original Hares, Legally Blonde and Aunty Lynn, were MIA. Legally Blonde was caught up at work, and Aunty Lynn had broken her toe - stubbed it on her bed apparently. So Hash Heroine Mad Margz took Eastern Promise in with her and together they laid what was a lovely little run! Thanks for that ladies.

We had yummy roti for dinner, great stuff! And a great on on as usual. Enjoy this week’s run, a short and a long, and enjoy the view! On on!

NEXT RUN: Subok 309 --- Please bring a chair if you have one.
HARES: Pee Wee / Tiffany

Monday, September 19, 2011

RUN NO. 2247 DIPLO 13 SEP 2011

RUN NO. 2247
DATE: 13 SEP 2011
HARES: Sarong/Trailblazer/Heather D
With all the Hens clucking around waiting for the off, Magic
Roundabout took charge to tell us about the run. There were two, A
Short and a Long Run. Lots of rain had fallen the night before so new
Hens were told to think about their fitness levels before adventuring
onto the long run. Then the horn sounded and the Fast Chicks took
off, followed by a very excited Golden Retriever !! It wasn't long
before we started on the up and up and up........OH God it was like
the stairway to Heaven..I was expecting to see the Pearly Gates. Once at the top I
stopped to see if a Defib. unit was awaiting me and the other mad chicks, but no. As I
ventured on I thought ok that's the worse of it now ........How many Hills are there in
Diplo ?. Did they move Mount KK to Brunei without telling anyone !!

First check was found by Mrs Pingu and a new Guest. Yvette. Second check by Tango, although a very tricky one.. and, third again from Mrs Pingu and Yvette. Well done new-comer, a
brilliant start to your Hashing Career! With some down downs and a few tricky water
crossings, all Hens eventually appeared back to sign in.
Thank you to Rivita for being Front Horn and Catherine for taking Back Horn. Ruffling their feathers, they all went off to change for the shout-up. As Hens clucked their way back to the on on, plates of lovely food appeared from all directions. Rugby Flags fluttered from the tent as G.M
Magic Roundabout and J.M Squeek called for the Hares, Sarong/ Trailblazer/ Heather
With much clucking going on whilst the down down was performed, the G.M. Gave
Yellow Cards to the offenders, making them sit in the "SIN BIN" Ryvita, Ready Mix,
Marcela, Christine and Kim were now all worried about the Hash shit award. Plenty of
First Time Guests this week, Rafeah, Tati, Yvette, Hanna and Marg ( Welcome,
Welcome, Welcome ) Prizes were given out for finding Maria"s Nicker"s Oh NO
Sorry, for finding Rugby Tickets along the run, Photo's of Men, unfortunately with
their clothes on, and Gilbert Rugby Balls, NOT.....For the Best Dressed Rugby Team.
With a down down for new member Duchess of Cambridge and jokes from Mrs Pingu
and Deborah all that was left to do was eat, drink and be merry.

NEXT RUN: Tanjung Bunut Kanan
HARES: Madmarg/Legally Blonde

Monday, September 12, 2011

RUN NO. 2246 SUBOK 67 6 SEPT 2011

The paper we picked up during the reccee.......

RUN NO. 2246
DATE: 6 SEPT 2011
HARES: MadMarg/Hot Lips
FRONG HORN: Ryvita BACK HORN: Alice in Woinderland

It was a fine afternoon as we set off down the usual trail mindful of the last few runs that saw many hens turn around as the rain pelted down. The hares had advised that it would not be a long run but with lots of paper on the trail to ensure that the on paper had a kiwi on it

Down the trail we went and pitcher plants aplenty were spotted very close to the intrail. First check was soon called, and found by Pee Wee with her keen guests with a quick introduction to what the hash is all about. We followed the stream for a bit which this week was extremely dry.

Second check was called across the stream and as the front runners checked ahead, Trailblazer and a few others checked back without crossing the creek. Our efforts were soon rewarded as Mrs Pingu and Lauren found the “on” which had the kiwi printed on white paper.. On paper was called “back” and we were soon joined by the other hashers. Mrs Pingu and Lauren went ahead, and front horn Ryvita soon caught up.

We wound our way through the pretty trails and was soon out as advised by the hares within 45 minutes. Others slowly trickled through and soon the sign-in was completed. The horns were thanked and Alice in Wonderland did a good job as back horn making sure all the hens out checking got back on track before moving on, as both checks were back and it was good to be able to hear the horn as usually the paper would have been picked up, and if one was not back before the main pack went through, could find themselves in strive trying to get back onto paper without assistance of the horn.

The hares provided delicious samosas and curry puffs, but not before Elaine was given the hashit for an incoming call during the shout up. Madmarg had her native baskets on display for sale, and it was good to see Hash Shop back after a long absence. Thank you hares for a great run.

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - Please bring a plate to share
HARES: Sarong/Trailblazer/Heather D