Wednesday, May 27, 2009

RUN NO.2127 - DST

RUN NO.2127
DATE: 26 MAY 2009
HARES: THE BBOS - Trailblazer/Gordon

Photos shows hens negotiating the bridge that the hares had constructed so they will not get too wet! Also, to the hens' surprise they found Survivor on the out trail having walked in for about half an hour and heard the calls for the last check...... ED

It was yet another hot and humid day. I got there early to find the tent in place, and plates of yummy food being put down. Hmm.. it was a shame that I couldn’t stay to help out with the eating of it all.

Before heading off I had a thought, (just the one) and put a reminder into my phone to remember to get the signs on my way home. I think that is the 1st time I haven’t had to go back for them!! Progress.

We headed off into dst jungle, wound our way round a very nice track, after 15 minutes we came upon first check, after a short while it was called on ahead. Not too long after I came to second check and it wasn’t long before it was found by Anna and laid through. I must have slowed down, not that I got out of a brisk walk for the entire hash as I heard in the distance third check being called on paper. Before I knew it, I was in sight of the cars and tent. Survivor was ahead of me, almost out and it was all over. Just the hash I needed.

After a full on day this hash seemed the perfect end to the day. No hills, no mud, no water, no drama’s, just a wonderful meander through the jungle. It was just a shame I couldn’t stay. It was dedicated to all the grandma’s but I tell you, a perfect hash for a busy mum!

I can’t comment on the on on as I had to race off, but I’m sure it was a lovely evening. I did see Eastern Promise promoting Mad Marg’s baskets with fervor and the trade did seem rather brisk, perhaps she might look at car sales.

NEXT RUN: SUBOK 398 - Opposite Rubbish Dump
HARE: Fertile Myrtle

Thursday, May 21, 2009


RUN NO. 2126
DATE: 19 MAY 2009
HARE: Magic Roundabout/(Absentee) Linda

On arrival at the site, and contemplating whether my car would survive the muddy track made me a bit late in signing in. The tent was not where I had imagined and off we went to the flat clearing, and soon hens were going in all directions. After ascertaining that there one was a short run on yellow paper and a long run on pink paper after lots of calls and signals as to where each group were going, I settled for a trot in the jungle on the long run.

Not long in, I met Rozi and Wina who must have been so engrossed in some discussions - probably Rozi’s coming wedding and house moving that they had gone off paper! Good luck Rozi on your big day. After a few pleasantries, they were soon off up the hill and I did not see them again till back at the tent!

The hill, just went on and on and on and on, and at times, I could hear the front pack checking but never caught up till the last check. The constant drone of bulldozers reminded us of the continual disappearance of the jungle, and when traffic was heard we had popped up by the Salambigar link road. We then had a diversion to view what was left of Bini Hutan’s house where fond memories of many ladies hash Christmas runs started. A pile of rubble complete with a pool greeted us and I could imagine just how Juergen had felt that Saturday morning in February when he looked out of his window and saw his garden where we were standing at the “viewing platform”!

Off we went again, and as we ran along the ridge, we veered towards the left where another chunk of the jungle had been bulldozed. We went across the cleared bit and back into the jungle we went. Back again on familiar lucky garden trails we were out where the short run started.

Shout up began with Magic celebrating her 300th run, and Jan Murphy ordained as “Possum” by our duly attired JMs. Jokes then centred on nuns and the hens, especially Madam Sin came to the party which had the whole coup in stitches.

No hashit was given – again – although a “rain check” on some sin by a hasher who had left could be forthcoming next week…….

We then enjoyed healthy pastas and salad that Magic had prepared and the circled slowly diminished towards the end of the night while the rain stayed away. On on

NEXT WEEK’s RUN: DST – Dedicated to all the grandmas - Bring a plate (with food) to share
Enjoy the many pitcher plants and wild orchids around – nice trails although a bit scratchy around the bracken. Some thorns around as well.

Monday, May 18, 2009

RUN NO. 2125 - DIPLO

Run No 2125
Date: 12 May 2009
Site: Diplo
Hares: Alison, Cheryl and Sue
Hens: 53 Chicks: 2

My co hare Linda did run (walk) the Diplo site last week and was to do the write up for last weeks run but is in hospital having an operation, what a way to get out of writing the words! Good luck, hope all goes well Linda and we will be thinking of you.

Now I didn’t run last week as I had done 3 days of recce for another run and was pooped, no other way to describe it, so had a birds eye view for a change sitting in (hash) sartorial spendour all cool and scrubbed up and seeing the first of Tuesdays elite running coterie staggering in red faced gasping to confront the hares of the day,

“Didn’t know there where so many **#* hills in Diplo” !

“Nice one girls, did you deliberately look for every hill in the jungle”!

Then the gaggle arrived in little groups,

“good run, so many hills, thought I might die on the last one”

“Bill’s Hill, was that where I was, that was where Jane and Malcolm spent the night’ should change the name to Honeymoon Hill”. Good luck to you too Jane, hope your run was a success.

Racket tailed drongos? Heard tin cans rattling, was that the sound they make”????

And so another lovely run in what is still an untouched bit of jungle just hanging in there as we are being encroached by diplomatic residences. No tent, we are having a little problem with the tent suppliers according to Alice so a large number of hash chairs were produced from boots and we all settled down under another lovely Brunei evening sky

Shout Up proceeded in orderly fashion then we were all tasked to revert to childhood to play paper- rock- scissors but with a twist which had many of us struggling with coordination skills. No hashit was awarded as far as I can recall. A lovely healthy supper was provided by the hares and another Tuesday evening passed in contentment

On On. Magic.

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens
HARE: Magic Roundabout

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


RUN NO. 2124

Another hot sticky day in Brunei, another Tuesday, another Ladies Hash.
Our venue this week, my old stomping ground, Jalan Aman.

I have so many happy memories of living in Jalan Aman. We first moved there in 1993 from the farthest reaches of Tutong.

Jalan Aman seemed so civilized by comparison, after all, the house had air con and wardrobes! Luxury! It was a great time to live in Jalan Aman as there were so many families with so many kids. I never had to bother taking Hamish out to find company it was all there on our doorstep!

The one place the kids loved to play was ‘Dog Hill’ (so called as the kids saw a dog there once!) and as we set off on the hash last Tuesday and climbed ‘Dog Hill’ all those lovely memories came flooding back! Ah! So there we were scrambling up ‘Dog Hill’ on to first check. The check was quickly found, not so sure by whom, and then we were on our way through the scratchy bracken and trippy undergrowth.

At second check there seemed to be some confusion as to whether the check was ‘on back’ or ‘on ahead!’ Sue tried to explain that the on paper was found back from the check therefore the call should be ‘on back’ but others were not convinced. However, on we went through more scratchy bracken a wee bit of water and found ourselves coming out beside some houses. To the amusement of the residents of the simpang, our raggle taggle (Scottish saying) bunch of hashers emerged from the jungle wondering where the hell we were!

As we walked along the simpang and on to highway I heard a child shouting, ‘Hello teacher!’ Sure enough it was one of the kids from my school. As we strolled along the highway, Sonia said she felt vunerable walking on the road and I think we all agreed with her. However, very quickly we were back at base camp in Jalan Aman.

At the shout up the hares were thanked in the usual manner for laying such a great hash. There were no guests or new members. I made an announcement about the forthcoming Serunai Singers concert, which by the way is on the 15th and 16th of May at 7.30pm at the Mabohai Club.

Tickets are priced at $20, which includes a buffet finger food supper. Come for a bit of Handel, Haydn and Bruckner, with the Seekers thrown in!

Our JM celebrated her 100th run and treated us all to a Ladies Hash sticker, a very nice gesture. Hash shit was dispensed to Veronica, Diana and Satu Lagi.

The hares provided delicious satays, which were savoured under the stars.

This week’s run is the usual Diplo stuff. I was only joking last week when I said you had to rappel, canoe and rock climb. If you do, I apologize in advance.
Everyone should manage to go round, but if in doubt please only go to first check. One last thing, please be on the look out for the Greater Racket-Tailed Drongo. We saw one on our recce.
On on! Cheryl


Monday, May 04, 2009


RUN NO. 2123
DATE: 28 APR 2009
HARES: Ruthless Pursuit/Cath C

It was a hot and humid day and it was tempting to just sit in our chairs
and relax with an icy drink in Ruthless Pursuit's lovely garden. With
reservations I thought why not after all it would be nice to run in an area
that I thought I knew - a dam, lovely fruit trees and not too many hills
that we could not handle. Besides my co-hare for next week had delegate the
writing of the words to me!

Much to our shock the run was longer than what we have been getting the
past few weeks. I could hear a lot of swearing up ahead ....Fxxx.....!!!
......Shit........! but they plodded on and completed the run. The lovely
view at the top of the ridge and the breeze by the dam compensated for the
longer than usual run. Nearly everybody took time to stop and enjoy
although it would have been lovely if the dam had more water and we could
cool off crossing it.

Magic Roundabout was leading the pack and found first check, actually she
also found the second check although I was too far behind to hear her call
..On paper ..for the second check. Magic Roundabout felt that she had
Roadrunner for company and completed the run in good time. I found it scary
walking back to On On site on the wrong side of the road at dusk.

Back on site we were welcomed with a cocktail and the sight of all the food
cooking on the BBQ, sausages, prawns, onions plus a variety of salads. What
followed next was hip filling....all those lovely traditional desserts
(Apple strudel, Pavlovas, Anzac biscuits, Lamingtons, Minties........etc
all provided for by the Kiwis and Aussies, am I glad to have completed the

Hares were thanked and we welcomed one guest, a Japanese-American whose
name I found very difficult to remember and a new member introdued by
another new member. Again I cannot remmember the name as i must have been
too tired, forgetful or simply .....!!!

Next our JM's did their special rendition for all those April birthday
celebrants followed with a down down, jokes and announcements. Hash Shit
was given out in a different way (the drink bucket was used) to Amanda W
and Tracey.

It was a lovely evening and a big thank you to all the Kiwis and Aussies
for everything.

SITE: Jln Aman, Off Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong
HARES: Trailblazer/Tina K/Survivor

Enjoy fresh jungle, and great views of places you would all recognise.
Gentle saunter through the jungle and enjoy. Watch out for a few pitcher
plants around, and if you are lucky might hear if not see some monkeys.