Monday, April 30, 2012

RUN NO. 2279 SPG564 JLN SUBOK - 24APR2012

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DATE: 24 APR 2012
HARES: Mrs Pingu/Bunny Girl
View IMAG0255.jpg in slide showHut we saw towards the end of the run.
View IMAG0257.jpg in slide showOuthouse or long drop.View IMAG0253.jpg in slide showNur on the run

View 577404_10150672534416050_655016049_9780625_1645062771_n.jpg in slide showThe Spice Girls visitedView IMAG0273.jpg in slide showLook at those heels!

Sticky Rice with great bush background.
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View IMAG0263.jpg in slide show Serious discussion about the quiz!

It was a humid afternoon last Tuesday as we congregated at Mrs. Pingu’s Mansion for our weekly run/walk/talk.  The mansion was already done up ready for a great British On On and the dragons on flags were flying high from the camelbaks of many of the runners.

Ryvita lead the pack, with front horn as the girls took off up a quick trek across cleared grounds and then up into the forest towards the ridge and lots of ups and downs.   It threatened rain, but just spat a little.  The ground was wet on the way in down the first muddy slope to a creek, we met up with Glamour and Duchess, who were contemplating the muddy slide!

Lots of new ground cut through in and around the farms and a quick road walk back for a festive on on…
The girls led the shout up with a rousing chorus of all things great and English…the spice girls! And prizes of Wine gums for dragons found were dolled out.  

The English quiz with more prizes made lots of sexual innuendos and good laughs.

Some notices of Hetero Red Dress run coming up, Seranai Singers  at Jerudong and Mad Margs' Exhibition at her home.

No-one got the hash this space…

Next week’s run: ANZAC DAY put on by the Aussie’s and Kiwis in memory of all those brave soldiers who died fighting for the Allies in World War One. 
SITE: Tanjong Bunut Kanan
HARES: Legally Blonde & friends

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RUN NO. 2278 DIPLO 17 APR 12

RUN NO. 2278
DATE: 17 APR 2012
HARES: Sarong/Mani Mouse/Gloria

The wild thunderstorm of the previous evening was the main topic of conversation as an eager group of lady hashers gathered last Tuesday evening. Some commented that they hadn't experienced banging like that in years.

There was a faint odour of bad eggs in the air, which I think was the detritus from the kids hash a couple of days earlier at which many, many eggs were smashed... or maybe it was just the left over whiff of the kids! The eagle eyed amongst us may have seen egg shells everywhere and I was secretly a bit more scared than usual, thinking what a lovely meal a slimy raw egg might be for one of our slithery friends.

And so off we went like racing snakes (one or two hens anyway), squelching through the boggy sand before entering the leafy green jungle and scrambling down, down, down into another Tuesday night adventure - what would Diplo deliver to us this evening?

First check was found quickly and we all piled onwards, still full of energy which soon dissipated for some, as a huge hill loomed ahead and we started trekking upwards, a few of us stopping halfway up, suddenly desirous of taking in the view ... nothing to do with running out of breath. We conquered it little by little and finally everyone felt victorious on top .... exactly what makes life fun.

Second check came soon afterwards and then a third but they were both pretty straightforward and we continued up and down the trippy trails once more, traversing some streams en route. One log bridge in particular was a bit wobbly and I nearly tipped into the murky water of the stream and it wouldn't have been for the first time. It was a lovely run, with I think some new paths cut. The final hill was a challenge and thus there was much relief when we emerged through the ferny bracken to enjoy the vestiges of light shining warmly upon our ruddy complexions - mine at least!

There was a cordial shout up and the first timers behaved impeccably, sticking to all the rules, having been well briefed, so no risk of a hashit there. Thus the JM and GM were forced to fabricate a story about someone talking but to no avail! Suddenly a mobile phone ring blared out from the jungle quiet. The JM and GM thought things were looking up for a hashit extravaganza an almost started to prepare the icy water but no, it was a mercy call from Trailblazer who had become lost in the darkest depths of Diplo, so Hash Hound  and Sarong (and maybe others, I'm not sure as I was too busy talking!) sallied forth and Trailblazer emerged not too much later still with plenty of time to enjoy the blue and green hues of the rainforest at dusk, or at least in the esky.

There was also a celebration of April birthdays, Madam Sin's being particularly memorable thanks to DST's promotional generosity and we then settled down to a delicious selection of curries which I had intended to skip but after a couple of blues, they seemed all the more tempting and I ended up making the right decision - the food was delectable!

Thanks so much to the hares for an exhilarating run and gorgeous food.  on on Anna M.

NEXT RUN: SPG 564 Jln Subok
HARES: Mrs Pinggu/Bunny Girl (Pee Wee)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RUN NO. 2277 - SPG 370 JLN MUARA - 10APR12

DATE: 10 APR 2012
HARES: Marcella/Hot Lips/Madam Sin

This was a special run in remembrance of a fellow hasher whose life was plucked tragically by an irresponsible driver. But we move on and remember the good times. The day itself was pleasant, no rain, no blistering sun just wonderfully congenial for our run. The run, a five kilometer run, had all the ingredients that made it very doable especially - NO CHECKS!!! Whooo hooo - clear all the way.

We scrambled on in a relaxed, unconcerned manner when the horn went off heralding that the run had begun. Ah, was it because we would not have to worry about anything because it promised to be a straight forward run? Hmmmm. It turned out to be not so straightforward after all because there were still some small hills to climb, some long stretches of trails that needed negotiating because we had to walk along slopes and thus maintain our balance and ensure that we did not twist an ankle. We strolled along, some chatting, some dreaming, and some running- as usual. Finally, all of us returned in good time, hungry and ready for the feast awaiting us.

The shout up began with the GMs thanking front horn ( Karen?), back horn (Naj) and the hares- Heather, Marcela, and Madam Sin. We had a guest, Sunny, from England as well. Debora read a moving memorial poem for Lee. Then it was time for Fish and chips and camaraderie to end the lovely evening. On on.

HARES: Gloria, Irene, Marcela and Mani

Monday, April 09, 2012

RUN NO. 2276 SPG 378 SG AKAR 3 APR 2012

RUN NO. 2276
DATE: 3 APRIL 2012
HARES: Madmarg/Bunny Girl

What a lovely evening! No rain and a great run. What more could a hasher want.
The evening started well and it was good to see a few hashers on their return from the holidays. The trails were of a typical hash with a few ups and downs and with a few good cheeky checks thrown in. Glad that Mad Margz phone (lost on laying the trail) was found too. Thank you girls for a great hash. The samosas were yummy too!

This weeks hash is our memorial run for our greatly missed honorary member Lee Roadrunner Jefford. We planned this with her very much in our thoughts as 370 has still fortunately some of her favourite trails.

Lee was an avid book lover and loved poems and rhymes so we have dedicated this little ditty to her.


This is the way we lay the hash, lay the hash, lay the hash,
This is the way we lay the hash on a hot and humid Tuesday.

This is the way we follow the paper, follow the paper, follow the paper,
This is the way we follow the paper on a hot and humid Tuesday.

On and on we cross the streams, cross the streams, cross the streams,
On and on we cross the streams on a hot and humid Tuesday.

Then we go running up the hills ,down the hills, up the hills,
Then we go running up the hills on a hot and humid Tuesday.

This is the way we finish the hash, finish the hash, finish the hash,
This is the way we finish the hash with a blue or greeny cold one.


NEXT RUN: SPG 370 JLN MUARA, KG SG TILONG - Lee Runner Jefford Memorial run
HARES: Hot Lips/Marcella

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

RUN NO. 2275 - MENTERI LINK 27 MAR 2012

RUN NO. 2275
DATE: 27 MAR 2012
HARES: GI Jane/Sid
FRONT HORN: Fertile Myrtle BACK HORN: Erin/Alice in Wonderland

A rather grey day out on the Mentiri highway. Perhaps the burst of rain not long before the horn blew contributed to the low turnout or perhaps hens were still on holiday, but the keen souls who did turn up eagerly awaited their chance to ascend into the depths of the Salimbigar jungle. Actually it turned out to be more the heights of the jungle, as after we had waded through the bracken to the left of the waterpipes, the trail began to climb. First check was soon found by the eagle eyes of Mad Margz and the hens continued to toil ever upwards. Second check proved rather more elusive and after much calling, clucking and wagging of tail feathers, Ready Mix finally discovered the on-trail up the hill and over a ridge. The by now widely scattered Hens struggled up any way they could (in some cases making their own trail through the undergrowth) to get back on paper. The trail carried on (and often up. Note: It is a weird phenomenon that runs in this area always seem to contain more up trail than down trail.) through some lovely areas of jungle. A third check was found by Fertile Myrtle and knowing the end was not too far away the hens ran, strolled, and stumbled down the final path coming out of the bracken next to the starting point.

Most hens gradually trundled down the road to GI Jane’s new abode at Simpang 420 on Jalan Muara but final numbers at the shout up were probably only about 20-25. A decision was unanimously made to have a ‘sitting meeting’ so hens gathered in a circle, relaxed in their chairs, drinks in hands, with the familiar background sounds of can tabs being pulled and peanut shells being cracked. There was one first time guest, Heather (what a lovely name!), from Scotland who is directing a visiting theatre company working at ISB. Never Wrong was piled with praises and heartily applauded for her achievement of her 350 runs award. There was one lot of hash shit given out, and Smurf updated us on Magic Roundabout’s latest adventures since leaving Brunei. By now the aroma of hot soup was pervading the night air and hungry hens lined up for their piping hot bowl of lentil soup and delicious brown bread. As the stars twinkled far above, happy hens slowly folded their chairs and wended their way home.

NEXT RUN: SPG 378 SG AKAR (Water tower opp rubbish dump)
HARES: Madmarg/Karlene