Tuesday, August 19, 2008

RUN NO. 2086

Date: 12 August 2008
Site: Lugu
Hens: 25 Chicks: 5
Hares: Peewee/Kathy K / Trailblazer
Front Horn: JM Carol Back Horn: Mad Marg.

After a few false starts and driving along strange roads and following people who didn't seem like Hashers, we finally found our way to the start of tonight's run - the signs seemed in hiding!! Were there 4 or 5 or 6 signs?? I was confused already!!
We were all gathered under the tent waiting and reading the Words to get the low down on tonight's run, smaller in number due to school holidays but full of enthusiasm and keen to go!!. JM Carol told us to follow the pretty pink paper and just after 5-15pm the horn tooted and off we all dashed.

After 4 weeks away and very little exercise,(unless you count hugging the heater and pressing the remote control as exercise) I started off slowly and ambled along talking.

All too quickly there was the first hill to climb and it went up and up and up!! My legs felt like lead already!! but the temperature was pleasant and the scenery was lovely and when we stopped to catch our breath, the views were incredible - the tracks were mainly dry and we went up and down and up and down a few times, we ran over a couple of small streams with just enough water in them to wet our feet slightly and we climbed over a few huge drains and for quite awhile we did follow the road once we got out of the jungle - the cars sounded so close!! There was a small amount of sticky mud near the end to trek through which felt like an extra 5 kilos on our feet and one last hill to climb but after an hour or so, we found our way out- who found the checks is a mystery to me as I was so far behind the front runners though I did see JM Carol flash past me a couple of times at one stage looking for the checks and clutching pink paper in her hand and later on I could hear Naj calling out On Paper after another check but it seemed like miles away. We finally popped back out on the roadway and walked the last hundred metres to the tent for a welcome drink!!.

Thanks to the Hares for setting a great run also.

At the shout up, JM Carol introduced 3 guests - 2 newcomers and 1 visiting Hasher from Stamford in Brisbane who brought greetings to us from her fellow hashers, namely Schnapps (Doris Ellis) and Stubby (Jo Ellis)!! There were calls for the Hashit and we managed to collar 4 victims this time!!!.
Sarah Hill didn't sign in, Trailblazer was caught using her mobile though she swore that it was on Silent Mode, Alice in Wonderland left behind the sign in board last week and it was found by Naj, and Mad Marg didn't sign in her guest. As we were short of ice, we threw a couple of bottles of water over their feet so they were not too drenched!!

Announcements were made - Jan Murphy's car is still for sale, Dizzy has a Sportage 4WD to sell also (see Mad Marg for more info), there is a group called Orient Express playing at Serasa on Thursday, we sang Happy Birthday to Mad Marg, Naj had an announcement but couldn't remember what it was, Ah Struth reminded the word scribes to get their messages to her in plenty of time, we signed a card to express our condolences to Heather Lieshout and then we all enjoyed a delicious supper provided by the Hares - thanks Hares.

As it got darker, the fireflies came out and it was like a mini Beijing Olympics with our own display of the beautiful colours seen as they buzzed around us. Too soon though, the mossies started to have their own supper and dine on us so we "Offed" them but eventually we packed up and left after another great adventure on the Hash.

HARES: Ah Struth/Nancy/Never Wrong

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