Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RUN NO. 2292 DIPLO 24JUL2012

RUN NO. 2292
DATE: 24 JUL 2012

Well it was an eventful night for a non-event. We all arrived at the trusty old Diplo site ready to set off. Hannah got blessed with the front horn, and her virginal front horm blower status would never be the same again! Young Nicky was given the back horn, and although less virginal in her experience, still entusiastic was she. So we were off, and made a quick turn left, coming in the way we usually go out. It was great! We all stumble across Glamour warning us of an impending check, and we very quickly discovered she was right!!!! Fancy that. First check. So off we disperse like little energetic ever ready bunnies, scurrying through the jungle seeking the bright beacon of the thin white paper trail we had lost. The back horn caught up with the check, as did everyone else of course, and we looked, and looked and looked. Finally after much searching there was a very distance cal that possibly sounded like “ooooon paaaaaaper....” we ran after the distant sound, caught the caller and charged ahead once more. The paper found was long! It was bright white! It followed a trail,all we needed to start charging ahead through the Borneo jungle once more!

However as the paper got thinner and thinner we started mumbling about how “old” the paper looked. How this paper was not entirely “fresh” in fact we soon discovered it was indeed used goods from a hash gone by and we were lead up the garden path without a paddle! Back to check one we all went. The search continued, however at 6:00pm the skies looked dim and the time ahead looked long, so the call was made to abandon the hash and return to where it all started for the good old Shout Out! We had plenty to celebrate, the one person who had in fact completed the hash that evening was the hare of the night, Alison. The run just happened to be her 1000th run so big congrats for that achievemnt and she was joined by Glamour in the celebrations as Glamour completed her 1,100th run! Amazing feats. Followed by amazing feasts. Thanks to Alison and Sue for laying the hash and stumping us all, and all the ladies for doing what they do best.

Next weeks hash is at Subok 339, and the Shout Out address is to be adviced but will be very close to the hash. See you all there!!!

Karlene :-)


Saturday, July 21, 2012

RUN NO. 2291 DADAP - 17 JUL 2012

RUN NO. 2291
FRONT HORN: Madmarg  BACK HORN: Squeak

It was looking like this week’s hash would be a repeat of last week with pouring rain most of Monday night and all Tuesday morning, but luckily the skies had brightened a little by 5.15. On Monday night I got a text from my co-hare to say she had been down with something-itis since Saturday and wouldn’t make the hash. With the GM also away, having a great time in Puerto Galera, it looked like I was a one woman band tonight – run the shout up, write the words for next week and collect the signs. A text came from our hare, Trailblazer to say “first check paper is timetable” (why is it the last 2 weeks’ hares have had difficulty using the YELLOW paper they were given for first check?) and “enjoy the waters”, which could have meant enjoy the beautiful waterfall vistas or have fun wading through thigh deep, swollen rivers! Only time would tell.

The horn sounded on the dot of 5.15 and about 15 runners ventured into the jungle. We turned right off the road up a clay trail where someone had been busy cutting the long grass, to make easy going for all of us hens. We soon emerged onto open terrain, where I met Glamour on her way back. She said she didn’t get to first check, so it must have been a good way in. We passed through a bamboo grove and the trail had lots of very big dried leaves and trippy bits for quite a while.

Clearly these English teachers don’t know left from right. Just behind me I hear the call “Thorns on the right” (Squeak), followed shortly by “You mean left” (Rozi)! First check was found quickly and was called through with a rather strangled sounding horn. Soon after, I thought somebody had had a serious fall, not far behind me, but it turned out to be a tree crashing onto the track and down a nearby bank – luckily, no one was hurt.

After a very slippery, tricky descent off a ridge, we get to our first stream. Up the other side, Linzi tries a bit of stunt work, hanging from a tree limb when she slipped. We then headed on right to another wee ridge with streams on both sides. This then led down a very treacherous slope to our first waterfall. Along a bit further, we come to a rope to help us down a much gentler slope – I was thinking, why didn’t they put that rope further back, where I had much more trouble scrambling down in the slippery conditions?

Soon we came to another longer, gently sloping waterfall, where Linzi and I stopped for a much needed rest, while the whereabouts of the on paper for second check was found – well I needed a rest, even if my much younger, fitter niece didn’t. After that, the trails seemed easier going, although Linzi managed to nearly disappear in deep water on one of the river crossings. Much of the rest remains a blur to me, trying to keep up with my co-hen, There were a few more river crossings, more bamboo and another beautiful waterfall. It was a good workout for me, but I was pleased to be out. Thank you hares, for a very scenic run.

Then time for the shout up and I find out we have not only a virgin hare but a virgin hasher all in one (Trailblazer’s daughter, Sue-Anne). “She made me come”, she says. Anyway, thanks for helping out – we hope you enjoyed it. My fellow hens were kind to me this week, compared to the noisy rabble of last week’s shout up, so running the proceedings was a cinch. Satu Lagi informed us she would be away for the next month, so any hares needed to text  or email  her to confirm the on site for the tent in plenty of time. Erin said to make sure the words were sent to henswords and not Anna’s email address, otherwise she would not get them. Thanks for coming to the fore and doing a great job of the words.
Then came calls for the hashit. Karlene was expecting to get her dues for carelessly leaving her hash shoes behind at Serasa. During the shout up, another contender emerged, when a mobile phone was heard ringing the guilty verdict before the owner even had a chance to defend herself – aka Mad Marg. With both the previous hashit holders (Hash Hound & Sarah) in absentia, a large bottle of water was found to do the deed. It was very well taken by both hens and Karlene, who had stripped down to the bare minimum, even took great delight when she found it was warm water and proceeded to take a shower. It was soon time for makan and we all enjoyed the great varieties of food brought by everyone. The only glitch – Mad Marg forgot to bring the plates from last week. Not a problem. All and sundry quickly found a serviette, piece of foil, lid or container to help out and eating that wonderful pasta of Pee Wee’s with our hands didn’t matter a bit. All in all, another great night.

On on, Sue

HARES: Sue/Alison & Cheryl

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RUN NO. 2290 - DIPLO - 10JUL2012

RUN NO.2290
DATE: 10 JUL 2012
HARES: Fertile Myrtle/Madmarg/Legally Blonde

Oh…. how we wish we could stay dry every Tuesday – weather wise that is and not related to blues or greens. I had every intention of doing so last week on the wettest Tuesday we have seen in months and planned to assist Smurf with the very important little jobs around the tent ~ happy thoughts. But my plans were quickly squashed by the JMs who kindly volunteered me as front horn. And when I thought it couldn’t get worse, we were also warned of “creepy crawlies” about. Thankfully ones to collect for prizes. There’s a good incentive…here we go… another wet run, just make sure no one tells my Mum what I really do at the hash!

Seven of us brave hashers were waved off by the ones who chose to stay dry or more the ones not chosen as the rain gods’ sacrifice. My earlier fears of hashing in the rain were made worse by the state of the paper which looked liked they were laid two months ago. Even Mad Marg’s paper in the bushes did not fare well.
Up the top ridge we went. Too wet to run so we stay together and by the time Kathryn was greeted by a baby croc on a log , there was only five of us left – moi, Kathryn, Hana, JM Sue and her niece Linzi – why on the wettest of runs there is always a brave guest – Anna Morley will never forget her first run at Subok. Come to think of it I always find myself on the wettest ones! True hashers get wet – fair weather hashers smartly stay dry – some in more ways than others!
Here’s a bad joke:

Q: What do pantyliners and fair weather hashers have in common?

A: Both stay dry and odor-free on active wet days
Further we go and we come across a drenched first check guarded by a mighty green frog who becomes Hana’s companion. Back check found by Sue and we trundged up a side slope. A familiar up trail we turned left and eventulally we’re back on the original main trail – sneaky one hares and a handy detour had it not been raining crocs and frogs!

On we go, ever further from the tent - which is probably now filling up with more dry hashers exchanging laughs, probably having some nuts and some even sneaking in an early green or blue or two. Meanwhile where they were supposed to be, we get to a T and we turn right to go further into the depths of Diplo. We take a left turn and meet a mighy big ugly spider. He’s way too scary to ride with me so Hana kindly takes him. And we also find 2nd check. True hashers Hana and Kathryn go forward and Sue goes back to find the on paper again.

We have a croc, frog and spider and we now waiting for a snake or Gruffalo to appear. Instead its another spider claimed by Linzi. And we also get to the final check. Kathryn and Hana go bounding back down a trail behind and I go on ahead finding a baby dino on the way – have we reached Jurrasic Diplo?! I go up a very steep hill and find the paper – ON, ON, ON, ON, ON PAPER.

Kathryn asked me if I could smell “the dump” which had me confused for a few seconds! But in this case THE dump was a good smell to have as we were getting closer to the out. Rumour was that this was an A to B and we were getting closer to B.

The trails started looking familiar and fresh paper started appearing – thank you lovely hares. Up past a fallen tree and I knew were were 5 mins from the out and true enough we get to the opening and out at the water towers but without first jumping when we saw the snake on the log! WE MADE IT and it was still light!!! And despite the rain it was actually SO FUN (esp for you M.S). 

Ride back on the roomy bus back to the tent – probably the only good thing there was only 5 of us on the run! Quick change and we have the shout-up. Down-down to the hares, Mad Marg, Fertile Myrtle and Legally Blonde. Followed by a farewell to Fertile Myrtle who is returning to New Zealand and leaves us after 178 runs and that’s with four pregnancies thrown in! Also hash welcome to JM Sue’s niece Linzi.

Thanks to hares for refreshments and to Fertile Myrtle for hummous and the best vegetable curry. And Mad Margz’s chocolate fudge cake is always a treat that even a non-hasher was trying to sneak a bite!

Now time for the hardcore to get comfortable and and exchange epic tales from our youth. And a good night it was especially with stories inspired by “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Now haven’t I got you all perked up and wishing you sometimes stayed later?!
On On…
Satu Lagi

NEXT RUN: Dadap, Off Jalan Tutong - Bring a plate of food to share.
HARES: Pee Wee/Trailblazer

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


RUN NO. 2289
DATE: 3 JULY 2012
HARES: Briony/Psycho/Rozi + (mismanagement)

Front Horn: Fertile Myrtle; but not needed as there were no horns and she didn’t find the only check anyway

Back Horn: ?

After arriving at the Hash site to find it had been moved due to a jungle fire I followed Sid and Gung ho onto Briony’s house. Very impressed there was a hash at all, we prepared to run who knows where.
The horn went, or someone said lets go (as the horns were left at home due to the last minute hash site change) and off we went down the road. I expected to head into the jungle to the left but no headed right down the road. I was running with a visiting squash coach (Jaz), who was here for activities week with JIS. It was a real shame she missed getting into the beautiful jungle, but she didn’t seem to mind at all.
The run went down the road, next to the motorway, in through an industrial estate and back along the road/ Simpang back to Briony’s.
The committee were adamant there was a check but since focus and concentration are not my most valued traits I went off paper and followed the road home (making Madam Sin’s back breaking stone placing effort a complete waste of time). Apparently where we were to turn was well marked, and it may very well have been, but I’m not so sharp at noticing things like turns on runs, so I added some extra hills and distance to my run.

All in all it was great to get out and do a run and well done to the hares and committee for putting together a very last minute run. It was Gung ho’s last run and she received an award for (this time) completing 100 runs. There were quite a few guests, and I think everyone had a lovely evening. The Afghan food was beautiful, thank you so much I really enjoyed it.

I would just like to say thank you for all the wonderful hash’s, I will really miss hash and the jungle, it’s my final hash, so I hope you enjoy my last run and have a great night. ON ON!

Scirbed by Fertile Myrtle

HARES: Fertile Myrtle/Legally Blonde/Mad Marg

Monday, July 02, 2012

RUN NO. 2288-DIPLO 26 JUN 2012

RUN NO. 2288
DATE: 26 JUN 2012
HARES: Alison/Sue/Cheryl
FRONT HORN: Hash Hound   BACK HORN: Mani Mouse

It was a good day for a run, it didn’t rain, perhaps dry feet by the end?

We got there nice and early, I even had time to empty out the girls before heading into the jungle. While waiting for the horn to go off, there was a hubbub of stinging insects on the ridge path of the run. Murmurs of concern were going through the group. Just before the horn was about to blow, the formal announcement was raised by Hash Cash and Satu Lagi that the hares sent words that while laying the run they got stung after second check, no idea what the stinging insects might be, there is a short cut we could all take to avoid the stinging insects and a sigh of relief went through the group.
Hash Hound took the front horn and Mani Mouse took back. The horn blew and we all ran in and turned left, only to realized paper was on the right. Oops. Down down down the hill, not ten minutes into the run we already had to live with wet socks and shoes thanks to the stream we had to cross by wading in it. Lots of ups and downs and all around the hillocks of Diplo, a call of checking rang through the trees.

People went everywhere looking for the on paper, some went deeper, some went up, some went back, and some stayed put, catching our breath and a drink and hopefully someone will shout ‘On paper!’ and we could continue.

Five minutes went by, nothing. Ten minutes went by, nothing. Caught fragments of conversations like, ‘Where’s the horn?’ and ‘It’s a committee run, it’s expected the hares would be sneaky’ and ‘How long do we wait before we give up and turn back?’ (Ok, that was me, a question asked out of curiosity) The front runners with energizer like bunny energy ran back and forth – and they found nothing.

It was quarter to six when the shout came through. We walked, marched and ran. No clue who found first check and who found the on paper and can’t remember what the terrain was like on the way to second check. Don’t know who found second check either and who found the on paper as we all went zooming through.

Until we reached another stream to cross… this part I remember, Call Girl went all athletic and did the long jump and landed with dry feet on the other side of the bank, where as those of us with vertically challenged lower appendages had to wade through the water - again.

Probably more hills and the thought of where the hell is the supposed short cut ran through our minds, and when trudging uphill, all of the sudden there was a white sheet of paper that says, ‘Short cut this way, turn left!’ Yay!! Legally Blond who was in front of me was all gung ho and turned right! Gasp! A brave soul that one.

On the short cut trail the hares left a helpful message of ‘OUT’ and arrows pointing the way. I don’t know about you but it was a very long short cut. Oxymoron somewhere…

Back at the tent, seemed like everybody decided to take the short cut, and you could see Madam Sin was ready with the first aid box, just in case.

And after signing out we get to collect presents. Lovely large umbrellas with the H3 logo printed on.

At shout up, prizes were given out for laying the most runs to Mad Marg and Sarong, Trail Blazer and Satu Lagi came in second. Ryvita and Squeak respectively got prizes for being front horn and back horn the most.

There was a man by the name of Martin in the midst who supplied cool 70’s and 80’s music throughout the night, so he was excused for being present. I heard some girls only left at midnight from boogie-ing in the jungle. A big thank you to the committee for the yummy food, prizes and gifts. And Sue told a joke that got everyone rolling on the floor laughing, that’s a ROFL for the night.

HARES: Psycho/Rozi/Briony