Tuesday, September 30, 2008

RUN NO. 2092

Date: 23 Sep 2008
Site: Salambigar Link
Hens: 34
Hares: Sarah H/Jane W/Never Wrong
Front Horn: Carol
Back Horn: Naj

Another Tuesday, another Hash... We were quite a small group of hens this week due to the public school holiday. But also maybe, because some hens got lost around Jln Muara and Sungai Akar trying to find Salambigar Link..? Tricky for some, as there was no (as Madam Sin kindly pointed out) green sign saying "Salambigar Link"!

The run started promptly at 17.15 by the sound of the... rooster?! Yes, no horns today, so there was some imaginative improvisations and imitations of horns along the track. We set off along some quite muddy and mucky trails; it was a nice and flat start up until the first check, found by Magic Roundabout. Then it got worse, with hill after hill, one worse than the other, and one even almost neverending, or so it felt. Don't forget though girls, it's good exercise climbing up those hills! And if it gets hard, keep saying the mantra: "I will get a butt like Kylie's, I will get a butt like Kylie's!"

It was a very nice and scenic route indeed, and some of us even managed to spot those boats along the way! We enjoyed jumping over a few streams, saw a beautiful waterfall and had a good trek through a bit that felt a bit like the woods back home, with lots of fallen leaves on the ground making noise as we came trotting along.

There were two more checks, one found by Trish and the last one by Anna S - both hidden behind huge fallen trees, little bit tricky and well thought out.

Most of us were out before or just at dusk, but two hashers were still in the jungle after almost 2 hours, and a few of their fellow hens started to express some concerns. SO, for the first time in a very long time (as I understood it), there was launched a little "rescue-mission" - three hens equipped with some 100plus, water and torches. The hens going back in did so the back way, and soon met up with the two missing hens - who had taken it easy but were still in good spirits.

Later we all went on to Sarah's house at Jln Muara for the on-on. It all started a bit late due to the dramatic end to the run. We thanked the hares, the horns, celebrated two birthdays (Jane's & Bettina's), gave a down-down to Boel who is taken over the Hash Words while Ah Struth is away - and also gave a down-down to four hens who celebrated 100, 150, 200 and 300 runs! It was certainly Jane's night, cause here she had her 3rd down-down, as she had done her 150th run.

Carol introduced us to two new members by saying "we are on a roll!" which is so true - for the 3rd week in a row the Hash has welcomed new guests! This week's two new hens were Sarah Thornton (like the chocolate) and Sharon Kidman (like Nicole!).
Carol also warned us that next week she will be testing us on our knowledge of the Hash rules! She prompted us to go home and study our rule book a little bit closer, something we should do every now and then anyway - but next week, there will be hashit for those getting their questions wrong!

The hashit got a new, reluctant, holder with Not Yet - who had failed to come to the site with the horns on time. She tried to protest, but there was no mercy as it is an HONOR to receive the hashit!

The hares had provided some gorgeous rĂ´ti that we all enjoyed, and there was plenty of food so noone had to go home hungry. Thank you hares! On-on!

NEXT RUN: 30 September
SITE: Morley Movers
HARES: Boel/Anna S

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