Monday, March 31, 2008

RUN 2066

DATE: 25 Mar 2008
SITE: 23 Jalan Aman, off Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong
HARES:Trailblazer/Tina L FRONT HORN: Legolass (visiting from Hong Kong)
BACK HORN: Ah Struth

A small group of hens who were not lucky enough to be away on holidays gathered at the site on a clear night with no storm clouds brewing. As the hares had not given us any hints on the run we did not know what to expect.

We headed off across the road and into the jungle. We proceeded along through bracken fern and came to some muddy water to wade through to ensure that nobody ended up with clean shoes. We scrambled along through low hanging branches, one time when it is an advantage to be short or to be politically correct (vertically challenged.)  plenty of trips and some thorns.

First check was reached and found quickly but I cannot tell you who by then we turned left through more jungle. We head along for about 15 mins towards the road and just when I thought we heading back in again we were back at the site.

The hares gathered back and shared tales of their adventures in Perth.
The shout up was commenced and two first time guests were introduced Nicky who lived in Brunei for 3 years and never did a hash then Colleen a visitor from Canada.
Legolass who is visiting from Hong Kong and kindly volunteered to be front horn was given a down down. We look forward to seeing her again in May when she returns for the Nash Hash with other Hong Kong hashers. Hashing must be a very civilised there because she tells me if you get lost you simply catch a taxi back.
The Hares provided chicken salad and Easter eggs. Thank you hares.
Everyone enjoyed the rest of the evening.

NEXT RUN: 1 April
SITE: MENTERI HILL (Bring a chair)
From Sg Akar go to Kota Batu roundabout U turn to be on south side of road. Dam entrance. Shell Map Pg 15 J25.
HARES: Sarong and Never Wrong

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

RUN NO. 2065

Date: 18 Mar 2008
HARES: Tango/Amanda S & guest hare Peter Packer
SITE: Morley Movers
FRONT HORN: Carol (with apprentice Lauren) BACK HORN: Madmarg (with a mission)

A pleasant evening was promised and the hens were all rearing to go with a motley array of green attire as we set off up the usual climb up towards the water tower to start the “St Patrick’s Day” run. The climb continued on and on and on (yes, the words did say “some climbing”) but the run had been worded as 45 minutes for FRBs and 1hr 15 for the walkie-talkies. We were told to look out for Shamrocks on the way.

Soon the familiar stream, and we had to get our feet wet. First check (back, was called) as we ducked down the valley aided by a rope. Back horn was worried about Pee Wee who had not been seen after running off checking. Back horn waited, called and honked for a while but Pee Wee was nowhere to be seen. A quick call to Smurf by Trailblazer soon confirmed Pee Wee was safe back by the site. Apparently while Pee Wee was checking, had cut the paper and found her way out with Smurf.

Lots of thorns around, thru pretty trails and the constant sound of waterfalls and flowing streams could be heard as we wound our way through. Second check was quickly found (by whom I do not know, and due to lack of time (as I am rushing to get this off to Words before taking off to Perth World Interhash) have not checked with the hens to see who found the checks. If I had left writing this till I got back on Monday evening, I am sure Ah Struth would have texted me a few times by then! Not taking the risk of trying to find an internet café while in Perth, I thought I had better do this early morning report.

Screeches could be heard ahead by a stream as Peter Packer(PP) was sighted. Few hens posed for photos, and as we had to make sure PP got home Sid relieved Madmarg for a while and slung PP over her shoulders. Discussions followed as to whether we could actually take a real person out thus, but concluded that it would be difficult. Alison and Cheryl were having a little rest as we came across them, but alas PP was no help looking under the weather and deflated probably still hung over from St Patricks Day celebrations.

We were soon out on the clearing after another climb up to the ridge. A good run – thank you hares and PP, and we were all out in the light and trotted off to Tango’s house for the on on.

Shout up was orderly, with Pee Wee and Amanda S awarded with pewter goblets for their 50 run achievements. Those finding Shamrocks were given gifts by the hares. JM Nellie was keen to give the hashit out and Hashit was given to Alice in wonderland and Trish for failing to sign out. Alice in Wonderland tried to plead her innocence as she was busy paying out money. (Advice – for any one, sign out first before anything else once you come out of the jungle: actually, was Alice in the jungle?) Trish, had signed off on Alison on the line below (maybe glasses are in order….. or would that be admitting age is catching up…. Ha ha. Blame in on your new job – too much computer work and looking at the screen day in and day out)

Delicious Vegetarian Irish Stew prepared by the hares was served with bread – thank you ladies., another enjoyable evening as the food was washed down with G & Ts. On on Trailblazer

NEXT RUN:2066 (Easter)
SITE: Jalan Aman, Off Jalan Muara, Kg Sg Tilong
HARES: Trailblazer/Tina L

Sunday, March 16, 2008

RUN NO. 2064

DATE: 11 March 2008
Site: Diplo
HARES: Sarong/Trailblazer/ San San (Virgin)

It was a lovely evening for a hash – not too wet - not too hot – to coin the words of Goldilocks - it was just right!

With the horn blowing we all set off for a run on one of our more favourite sites.We were not to be disappointed as we headed up and down and up and down………and up and down ! To say the terrain was undulating would be an understatement. However we were to be rewarded with beautiful meandering trails and a lot of pretty streams to cross.
First check was found by Heather L who is an inspiration to us all as she managed to get to first check first and is with child [congratulations by the way! Look forward to seeing baby L on a run soon!]

Despite the heavy evenings rains we have been having it wasn’t too muddy on the trail although there were a few slippery bits and Dizzy did a good attempt at arse ski-ing at one point which I believe was worthy of at least a 9.8.

The run was going very smoothly and 2nd check was found by readymix. There were a few steep ledges in the bracken to negotiate and I shouted to Tina to warn her as she has a propensity for Hash Stunts. Thankfully she has improved on her Hashing Technique and a crisis was averted!

3rd check was found by our own Back Horn Jane – well done you – a Walkie Talkie finding a check – you go girl! Then some FRB’s overtook us and shouted that we needed to go faster as we were only half way through the run. We were nearly 50mins into the run - silence prevailed as someone reminded us that there had been no timings on the words! It was of course a Hash Rumour! We were out in 1hr 15 – just right!

The shout up was Hash Orderly and 3 first time guests were introduced. Jenny and Kerry from Downunder [to be noted - Kerry downed her liquid in one go – we have high expectations for you Kerry!] and Julie from France. A big Hash welcome to you all!
Tango nearly got Hash Shit for not informing her guest of Hash Protocol – but it turned out to be a dud ads can! Lucky! However Hash Shit was given to Dizzy and Nellie. Bini Hutan claimed her Hash Shit offence given by Nellie wasn’t valid as her new shoes had broken this week. Dizzy apparently got it for no other reason than being Dizzy and for foolishly admiring the Hash Shit bag! Having no extra clothes did not deter them as they bravely stripped off and took the Hash Shit! Well done girls!

Readymix celebrated her birthday – although she wasn’t sharing the exact age – but she looks well for being a year older whatever the age. She was presented with a lovely cake which we all enjoyed later.

As it was Diplo we all brought Dips and Dippers.What a great idea! What a feast – such lovely dips – could we have Hash Domestic Goddess section to the words to print the recipes we have enjoyed?
A lovely run – thank you ladies!!

HARES: Tango/Amanda S
Celebrating St Patricks Day with on on at Tangos after.

Monday, March 10, 2008

RUN NO. 2063

DATE: 4 March 2008
HARES: Trish/Pee Wee/Carol

The sky threatened to open up although it had already bucketed down the previous evening and earlier in the day; however it stayed away for the rest of the evening.
I was running late, and after signing in and proceeded down towards a very wet in-trail. We were met by Bettina and Bini Hutan heading back “exclaiming that it was too wet and slippery.” Besides, I believe Bini Hutan had new shoes! (And got the hashit for it. Bettina also got it for telling so no one was spared. Trish was very quick to get rid of the hashit and gave both Bettina and Bini Hutan warm foot washes.)

We went thru some muddy tracks and watery holes, including smelly ones and once in the jungle were heading down some very slippery slip sliding slopes. First check caught everyone together and indeed was a side-way back check found by Sarong.
Pitcher plants dotted most of the way as we found ourselves thru more wet crossings and pretty waterfalls. 2nd check was found by Alison, although my detective work did not disclose the finder of 3rd check. The view of the skyline was fantastic and bits of Bandar Seri Begawan could be seen as we went along a ridge.

Running Bare was practicing some skills in making sure snakes and such like scattered as she approached with loud claps for the forthcoming World Interhash at Perth. Some thought they should be turning around as the promise of a short run was indicated but the run seemed to continue on, and on we soon suspected that it could be an A to B – this proved true as we got to the top of the ridge and a sign that said “way out or you could do the Tasek loop should you need a longer run”.
As we headed to the bottom of Bukit Salilah adjacent to The Sheraton Hotel, a debate was going on as to how the run was described as short. It was soon clear that it was a misinterpretation of “not a long run”. The run had indeed not been described as “short”. Although it was a small group, the hares that met us were pleased that most had gone round, and the bus that was to transfer the hens back to Subok 67 made two trips.

The shout up was very orderly and soon we were tucking into Soto (a local soup) with a topping choice of beef, chix or veggies. A pleasant change and many thanks to the hares for providing the chow. Trish celebrated her birthday with a cake and as usual the hard core hens carried on till late in the evening.

SITE: DIPLO (Dip and dippers night)
HARES: Sarong/Trailblazer/Sansan

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

RUN NO. 2062

DATE: 26 FEB 2008
SITE: Diplo
HARES: Anna S/Diana S FRONT HORN: Pee Wee
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

Here we were again, at one of our very favourite hashing sites. JM Sarah was searching for horny volunteers. An extra incentive this week – NEW HORNS! Procured from a bike shop in the Philippines by Trailblazer, how exciting! Pee Wee had really done lasting damage the week previously so this was somehow inevitable. Magic took the front horn – and with her a protégée, and Trailblazer the back horn. So at 5.15, and a toot of the new horn, off we went.

Into the middle and down, despite the rain at the weekend, it wasn’t actually too slippery. We followed the trail along, crossing the stream, all very familiar, when the familiarity hit me like a wet fish. We were heading towards Indonesia Hill – the steepest and meanest hill at Diplo (not counting Markucing if you go up the back way). Up and up and up…………..and up and up and up…………..and up! As we should have known, a check was looming, just down the other side of the hill to the right. I rather stupidly checked ahead, knowing full well it would be on back, and found myself back at the bottom of the valley. Magic lost her protégée, who decided she would rather ‘just have a run’. Well it would be lovely if we could all just do that every week, but then there wouldn’t be a Hash would there? And actually, front horn often has a hell of a lot of running to do – especially catching up after making sure paper is laid through on checks. AND you have the right to yell “Horn coming through” and the rest of the hens will scatter in your wake! So come on ladies, if you want a good run, have a go at front horn – there are many willing to instruct you in a bit of basic hash craft!

As I predicted, the check was on back. So up I trudged, thankfully Trailblazer had waited to call me through with the back horn. I don’t think I caught up in time to see second check, so well done to whoever found it! We were getting some good running in here. And I did manage to catch up by third check, which was again on back. However as the on paper was called, everyone followed the call and got to the paper, and left poor Legally Blonde holding the paper back on the check, unable to hear what was going on. I went back and called her through, or it would have been a long night for her! The rest of the hash was lovely, some good little inclines and great running trails, good for stretching the legs! One last killer of a rise up on out, and a quick trot across the sand and back to sign out.

The shout up commenced, (virgin) hares were down downed for a great run. No new members this week, and no real call for the Hashit. Everyone was behaving. Makan followed, provided by the hares. Best makan we have had for ages. A delectable selection of pates and dips and salad, alongside fresh baguettes. So good that several of us have felt inspired to try making them ourselves this week, just ask Madam Delia Sin. The night then continued into the usual camaraderie and conviviality, under the darkening skies…….On on!

HARES: Trish/Pee Wee/Carol