Monday, January 27, 2014

RUN NO. 2370 RIMBA 21JAN14

RUN NO. 2370
DATE: 21 JAN 2014

G’day fellow hashes and welcome to this weeks run. The AUSTRALIA DAY run! Woo Hoo!

JMs during shout up.
Thank you to last weeks hares for an excellent run, although some of us wouldn’t have described it as mainly flat. It was a beaut run all the same and the rain was kind enough to have a rest and let us have a dryish run. It was a run which had all the hallmarks of a good typical hash – mud, water, long grass and some hilly challenges – made harder so by the days of previous rain. Good fun though.

What was good too is the introduction of 8 new hashers brought along by Speedy Gonzalez. Well done. They took the challenge well and we hope they keep coming. I think the run had a great turn out for this time of year and the hares fed us well with some great tukka.

The array of first time guests mostly from JIS.

Thank you ladies.

This weeks run I cannot say much about as its all weather orientated. It could be long. It could be short. Who knows. Whatever, it will be fun and after we hope you will all enjoy joining us after with a typical aussie Barbie.

NEXT RUN: TANJ BUNUT KANAN -----Bring a chair and Aussie gift for a swap
HARES: Legally Blonde/Hot Lips/Never Wrong

Monday, January 20, 2014


RUN NO. 2369
DATE: 14 JAN 2014

Words to describe today's run: wet, hilly, muddy, pink, green, blue, yellow, hard-core, familiar, yummy

Hard-core is the word I would describe the thirteen hashers that braved the rain and wet conditions of Tuesdays run. The rivers and drains were gushing and some paths converted into rivers as the hashers trekked up and down the slippery muddy hills. Familiar trails marked by GI Jane with pink blue yellow and green ribbons, meant that all hashers knew they were on a trail, but the sneaky white paper led us up and down the hilly trails and to two checks.   Five minutes late meant that it took me to first check before I caught up..but checking down the green ribboned trail sent me in the wrong direction it was back to catching up again. Anyone lost some yellow Ray Ban sunglasses - as I found these on the green trail? Well done - Duchess of Cambridge for finding the first back check and Ryvita the second.

Happy Birthday Sid and thanks to you and Trailblazer for the yummy pizza, spring rolls and cake.

This weeks run...a good length run, mostly flat as it's Rimba, if it carries on will be wet. Wear long trousers as some bracken/razer grass.

Monday, January 13, 2014

RUN NO. 2368 DIPLO 7 JAN 2014

RUN NO. 2368
DATE: 7 JAN 2014
HARES: Squeak/Twinkletoes/Psycho/Ika/Jessie

Hares, Psycho, Squeak, Twinkletoes and their two virgin assistants Ika and Jessie, deserve a special commencation for their versatility and flexibility. Upon discovering on Sunday that access to Mata Mata was impossible, they developed an alternative plan and whipped up a substitute run at the Diplo.

The run twisted down to the stream and then made a sharp turn to the left.  Being a potterer rather than a runner, I was aware of two checks.  On both occasions I was near Readymix and each time she correctly predicted the correct direction to find the on-paper.  Near the second check an unnamed hasher was heard to say that they wanted it known that they were extremely close to finding the check.  It is unfortunate that I did not locate the speaker but I can verify that they were about 10 metres away from the check when it was found.
Everyone was invited to participate in the Shout - up and hashers struggled to find suitable and varied adjectives to describe their recent jungle excursion.  With words such as "muddy" and "sexy" being suggested it became obvious that people had very different views of the run.
Two first time guests were introduced, Louise and her friend Maureen were staying with Karen.  Tiffany returned to the hash and was welcomed back.
People celebrating a January birthday were called up and presented with cakes.  It was noted that there were a number of important hashers with birthdays in January.
A range of  announcements were made.  Eight puppies were seeking a new home. The Burns night is approaching and people are urged to register.  Subs are now due, $240 for the Year or $120 for six months,   Hashers were invited to visit a local organic farm and Alison thanked everyone for their flowers,
The beautifully presented food had caught everyone's eye for quite some time and Psycho and Ika explained the Indonesian dishes and their ingredients,  I hope that one of the photos of the evening shows the food as it was spectacular in both arrangement and taste.  Thank you, Ika.  You even had tablecloths.
Just prior to the ending of the Shout-up, Tiffany"s phone rang and she copped a particularly cold hash-it.  The normal paraphernalia was unavailable but our fun-loving JM had acquired a chicken hat which Tiffany cheerfully donned in order to receive her hash-it.  Mobile phones can certainly ring at inopportune times.
Returning member with the Hashit!
Lastly Twinkle Toes, I hear you had a joke last week.  Is it too late hear it this week.
ONON AT BLACK BEAUTY'S --- Please bring a chair.

Monday, January 06, 2014


RUN NO. 2367
DATE: 31 DEC 2013
HARES: Squeak/Twinkle Toes/Never Wrong
FRONT HORN: Trailblazer  BACK HORN: Alice in Wonderland

Arrived a little late and saw some hens already getting cozy after a nice walk. Up the concrete path I went, running into Glamour and her two walking sticks *huff puff* concrete stairs are a bit tough then another long path before finally entering the jungle.

Lovely sheltered track to follow. After a while I thought I caught a bit of chatter and the back horn but my calls were not responded to. Hallucinating already? Surely not. And so I went on...lovely little stream....where's the paper?....oh there we are.....ahh what's this....Great! Only way through is squelch through the mud. Lovely! And on I go, a bit slippy and up, up, up, down, up, up.....did I miss first check? 15 minutes gone, think I'm still ok so kept going...on up! Ok with all this "up" and a bench there must be a gorgeous view to take in and there it was! Muara port and Pulau Muara Besar!

Think I hear the prayers, better keep moving. Oh! I've caught up with some hashers, taking a break, drinking in more of the lovely view. "Another Road Runner" they said. Took a short break and went back through foliage downhill. Uh oh, rain...coming down heavier. Luckily jungle provided some shelter.

Some steps, a bridge, more steps...lots of chances to go slip slide down the muddy track but I managed to stay upright. Finally! A concrete path! After a while I realized a wet concrete path is worse than a muddy one so walked at the side for some traction. The road! I'm out! Yay! Managed to finish the whole route. Must reward myself with some green or blue once I sign out.

Great run hares. Another new site conquered (for me) and a very enjoyable one. Domestic Goddess was first one out for the first time! Well done! Thanks to front horn, Trailblazer and back horn, Alice in Wonderland.

No guests or newbies at shout out. Couple of announcements and that's it for the year! Alice (Made by Jenni of the block - ed) fed us some delicious pizza and everyone was soon on their way as it started getting dark. Some took up Dr Dolittle's generous invitation to usher in the new year at hers with a live band. Hope everyone had a good night.

Happy New Year ladies! On on!!

Jessie - Trainee Hare

NEXT RUN: Diplo ----note----Change of venue - Bring a chair if you have one
HARES: Squeak/Twinkle Toes/Psycho/Ika/Jessie