Wednesday, May 28, 2014

RUN NO. 2388 DST 27MAY2014

RUN NO. 2388
DATE: 27 MAY 2014

***We went recce at Mata2 site on the faithful morning of Tuesday (H3 hashing day). Not a good idea indeed, all of us were in fact extremely exhausted due to progressing morning heat. The trail was purposively and moderately short end up near 9km. Nonetheless, we still arrived at DST site faithfully. I promised Hash Shop to mind her shop for a couple of weeks, so I stayed on to arrange the store and at the same time taking care of the site (there were other non-hashers ‘Men’ – with a red tent near by); Velma went off to take a walk while ‘Jenny from the block’ took off to do the full run (despite the hectic recce the morning before, good on her). This run report would not be possibility complete if not for ‘Squeek’ who graciously agreed to write the below (indeed we are grateful).***….

### On arriving at the DST site ready for hash, we were a small but stalwart group of hens this week. I think a lot of people took advantage of the international school’s mid-term break to go away for a holiday. Once the horn went off, we took off straight down the barricaded road along a slightly sloped trail to a T-section with the first check to the right.

From there we could have continued right and then looped around to a couple of streams, or we could have backtracked to the wide open barren space on the left and then quickly home, or gone into the thorny scrubby regrowth on the other side of the T intersection. However, none of these were the correct way – Peewee looked to the left hand side of the intersection and there found the onon paper. Once again we were off and the road quickly turned into a narrower trail.

Next the paper took a sharp left and into the promised scratchy bracken and cutty grass. However the hares had done such a good job of trampling the path my long sleeves were untested by the surroundings. Then the SWAMP – sloppy, muddy and deeeeeeeppppp! The check went right on the fire trail so the hens had to flail about in the marsh until Zoe called the onon paper.

From there it was a straight run down the trail and through a couple more swamps then back onto the road for a quick run up to the tent.####

***AT the ‘Shout out’:- Down down was given to the young and youthful Hares (Senior hares as consultants were also there); then thanks were given to Front Horn – Ryvita and Back Horn – Wonder Woman. There been no ‘First Time Guest’, No new member, No announcement, No joke and all behaved well to have No Hashit as well. Alice in wonderland jumped in to inform that for this week run all hashers are advised to park sensibly, a H3 sign will be prop up at the turn in point to guide all to park on the other side of the lot just to prevent everyone’s car from unnecessary knock over by heavy duty vehicles around the work site road. The evening was grace by Hares who served us delicious ‘Laksa’ with either ‘Bee Hoon’ or ‘Egg noodels’ to choose. We are all filled and happy, such is life of Ladies H3 every Tuesday evenings. On on.

NEXT RUN: MATA-MATA - Please park sensibly on one side of the road

Monday, May 26, 2014

RUN NO. 2387 DIPLO 20MAY14

RUN NO 2387
DATE 20 MAY 2014

Back at good old Diplo for Smurf’s celebratory run. As I always arrive late due to work I was looking forward to doing the whole run when I was told it was a short one. Squeak was just about to go in with a guest when I headed in with one of my sisters. Lovely walk in but I took it slow downhill due to my phobia of falling and injuring my ankle so we quickly lost sight of Squeak after a while. Came down to a fork in the path and followed the left one where we had seen Squeak disappear down. After a while we realized we couldn’t see paper anymore so backtracked to when we last saw it. Right at the fork in the path, paper went down the right so we followed that. Saw that it was first check. Led us right up to the stream which we crossed twice to look for the connecting paper but couldn’t. After spending a while searching all avenues and hearing the rumble of thunder we decided to turn back rather disgruntled. Saw some lovely pitcher plants on the way back. Was told that Squeak actually went the right way (as she was one of the hares) and if we had continued following her we would have found the connecting paper. Check paper was not laid through properly which led to our confusion. Fortunately Smurf’s punch (ironically mixed by Psycho) was there to cheer me up as was the lovely company topped off with fish and chips for dinner! Hope you ladies enjoyed this week’s run! On on! 

I started the run ten minutes late as was helping Duchess of Cambridge deliver water due to prior school commitments. Hashhound was busying herself getting things together as Wonder Woman was otherwise occupied with settling her husband home after his accident – we wish Arnold speedy recovery. 

Once signed in I raced in – waved to someone in the distance on what I believe to be the out trail – I must be needing glasses to see – but I could guess who it was (I am not telling). Sped down the track following Legally Blonde who has been missing quite a few hashes (few? Mega!) and the ladies missing their G & Ts. Cross the stream and then caught up with the others at first check.  Crossed the stream and then heard the on called back.  When back check is called, this is where the back horn is very useful in guiding hens who have gone checking back to the on as there would be no paper to follow and they can only rely on the horn to get back on track – a good tip too is always go checking with someone and if you are on your own, let someone know you are out checking so they will ensure you are back with the group in case you cut back ahead.  AS Jessie said, unfortunately first check was not linked properly and she was unable to finish the run as coul not find the check.  Ladies, when the check is called, the one on the check must pick up the paper plus those on the way back to the “on” so that those coming in after will have paper to follow.  Also, if there is a different colour hens will also be able to recognise that it was the first check and decide whether they want to turn around or carry on depending on time reaching the  coloured paper. 

As usual the trail wound around and as promised the hares had found trails without hills! But alas, Sid and I on second check decided to go down the ridge and when the “on” was called back – again (hang on, I thought that was my trait – back checks.... most times.....) we were both down the bottom o the ridge and had to clamber back up... that was our hill we found.  Perhaps we (more so SID than me!!) decided we needed some extra workout to get our Sportstracker statistics looking good not to mention calories burned. 

Once 2nd check was found, the trail was easy and we as we left the stream  we came upon a group of ladies knee deep looking for a lost phone – which was eventually found – hope our visitor was able to get the phone going again. On back to the trail as we headed out within the hour. I did mutter as I found the on paper on 2nd check that it was not linked...... we were lucky no one got left in the jungle as we stayed together and easier to find our way out! Next lesson needed regarding how to link the paper after we learn how to call “on, on, on, paper” lol. 

I helped Smurf lay her run and virgin hare mona came along. We did the recce and laid the run with the help of 2/3 of the canine unit. Of course at the end of it, while we wait for the hash to go into the jungle, we toasted a "happy birthday amber-beverage-that-shall-not-be-named" to smurf. And two fags later … we were back out at the tent. the usual business of loading and unloading of hash gear, change of attire... have a fag and an amber-beverage-that-shall-not-be-named while I sit at the back of my car.

Of course such 2 minutes peace is soon broken with the sound of smurf yelling …. ive the tonic, ive the cultured water, ive the juice, ive ice ….etc etc etc..... so yep... you guessed it... I made the punch. I should have put a warning label on "SUPER HAPPY JUICE - MADE BY PSYCHO - CONSUME AT OWN RISK" hahahaha...well seeing the word PSYCHO should already put you on your guard and if you haven't and you had the punch...well you learned the hard way.  

Sid made a birthday cake, a lovely melt in your mouth chocolate that smurf stabbed hahaha... there were a few announcements that I absolutely do not remember, jances and somebody else got the hashit... hash hound had a last minute I feel guilty splashing them with water and threw it in a big sweep that didn’t hit anything... possum to the rescue and hashitters were well doused. 

NEXT RUN: DST – Watch out for the beautiful flowering Simpur and great pitcher plants. Remember to wear longs of everything. the grass is as tall as a flag pole. 


J, T & P

Next run: DST
HARES: Trailblazer/Psycho/Jessie
Wear longs..n lots of spray. Enjoy the pitcher plants n the flowering simpur.

Monday, May 19, 2014

RUN NO. 2386 SPG 309 SUBOK 13MAY2014

RUN NO. 2386
DATE: 13 MAY 2014

Tuesday - as ever, a day of decisions:
 Hash / Don’t hash / Stay at home and sleep / Stay at work and….sleep! 
Short run / Long run / House hunting / Stay on site

HASH – OK! So ………  Long run / Short run / Continue when encounter first incline / Go back
Hill up, now do I go down? Or continue UP?  And UP?  Yes there were 3 steep UPS!  At last, we reached the ridge.  View / no view / too knackered to look / DEAD!
In fact, as usual, the view over the entire ‘abode’ was stunning; a wending winding ridge trail; a cooling breeze (maybe that is my imagination!)

More decisions : Long or short?  No contest really! The people I talked to, took the short (er) option.

DOWN / SLIP / SLIDE / MUD / DOWN / SLIP / SLIDE / MUD  and many more! Until we reached the building site (Psycho’s new home in the building!) and home!

A lovely set of runs, enjoyed by all; not the expected trail. Girls were happy, hares were happy and then the biggest decision of all – water / 100+ / green / blue????
No choice there – got to be BLUE!!

At the shout up hares were thanked for run and food. We welcomed back Possum after 6 weeks away proper house hunting! And 2 new members were introduced.

An evening  of makan-ing, minum-ing and bercakap-ing continued under drizzly skies.  Wasn’t the sensible night I planned, but, there again, I should have thought of that. When have I EVER left Pee Wee’s early?!!

This week’s run – usual Diplo stuff, with ups and downs and rivers and mud and trails and trees and…….  But it isn’t too long, honest!
ON ON Smurf


Tuesday, May 13, 2014


RUN NO. 2385
DATE: 6 MAY 2014

Another beautiful evening at the Mentiri pools. Definitely something for everyone on this hash with long, short, and very short trails laid. Front horn, Sarah, led all the hashers along the path, in past the first main pool and then the decision as to which length of trail came early on in the form of a sign. For the long option it was up, up, up to the left. The trails were laid with different colours, somewhat confusing for our hot and tired brains once en route.
It was a very pleasant undulating run along clear trails on the ridge for the majority of the 4.5km route. The front runners seemed to have sorted all the checks before the rest of the pack on the “long” caught them. Thanks ladies! The “out” brought us down to the Mentiri highway for about a km walk along the road.
Once the majority were out of the jungle, the Hashers began making their way to the On-On site at Speedy Gonzales’ house on Jalan Muara, Simpang 370, where we were entertained by the band of Les Cuatro Amigas (although I think I only counted three?). (Maybe there was one more hiding under the hats and moustaches.. ed)
The shout up was a quick one, with no new members, first time guests, or calls for Hashit. The JMs then announced the trial of a new policy regarding beverages  at the Ladies Hash.  Then it was time to tuck into the delicious meal of tortillas with beans and salad.
NEXT RUN: SUBOK 309 (Please park sensibly)

Monday, May 05, 2014

RUN NO. 2384 DADAP 29APR14

RUN NO. 2384
DATE: 29 APR 2014
HARES: Zur/Never Wrong/Jacyn

Dadap along Jln Tutong, always fun with loads of bamboo forestry,
waterfalls and some hills. Unfortunately the hares for this week were
otherwise busy and unable to attend, so based on stories here we go:
Dadap hash signs were found and all hens found their way to the meetup
place just to enter the trail via the out, apparently a lot of old
paper and trash was laying around which send our hens on the wrong end
of the trail....first check came rather late.

A lovely trail with some hills and a bit of water with beautiful
waterfalls and bamboo forestry (see pictures on Facebook) made all
hens come out of the jungle in cheerful mood.

On it was to Never Wrongs house in Benkurong, were we all were for
last years founders day. Sticky Rice got onto a wrong trail and lost
her way out towards Kuala Lura border, one could wonder if that was
the wrong or the intended trail to follow. Luckily she was saved by
our own Trailblazer who left the hens without plates, making sure they
wouldn't start dinner without her, to safely bring back Sticky Rice.
Without the signin sheets present a research is to be made whether
Ryvita signed out her be continued next hash with a
possible HashIt!.

For this weeks run, the hares have stumbled upon a wrong trail and
took 3 hours to return to their car. A new trail was forced upon the
jungle but not to worry we won't be taking you all the way there.
A nice running trail coming up on Mentiri Pools, park safely! On-On to
be followed at Speedy Conzales's house, see you all there.