Monday, October 20, 2008

RUN NO. 2095

DATE: 14 October
SITE: Diplo
HARES: Alice in Wonderland/Not Yet

Tuesday 5pm..its got to be Diplo! (i hope.. but which one.. upper lower.. middle.. inner outer??? eeeeek!) After making my way to the hash and becoming confused by the lack if signage, i was very relieved to turn the corner,after them posh houses and see other hens cars!(serves me right for being one of the few who comes from Muara.. the dark side of Brunei ,where no one seems to live!!)

Well the tent was errected.. the chairs were stacked.. the sign in board was ready..
The hens gathered, and a fair few hens there were..
the front horn was the sporty spice of the hash, naj.. and the back horn was the ever so lovely Marg!(who did explain that no slacking on the long run would be tolerated.. and she wasnt gonna hang about clearing up the slowies!!)
After the last few runs. the scene was set.. but we had a short and longer run option.. mmm thats NOT normal!
pink paper for longer run.. pink napkin for the shorter.. mmm there was a worry the rain would dissolve the napkin paper.. but.. hey guess we only had one way to find out!

Thar she blows, the horn went off at 5.15.. and off we dashed (ok bimbled) into the jungle..
straight into a down.. ooh ,now that threw me, as its usually an up!
There were many trippy vines and a vast amount of fallen trees.. far more than id seen before..
and the ants.. well .. you could have saddled some of them up, and ridden them around the jungle!
Over, under,over, under.. oooh errrr matron... some of them trees were rather huge to spreadeagle yourself over.. nimble i may not be.. but some of them twigs reached places id forgotten i had!!

We paddled thru some water.. a mere puddle in hash terms, not a foul smell or deep bog in sight!
the first check was found by melissa..AS was the 2nd, a hasher in the making me thinks..??
The front runners appeared quite fragmented after the 1st check, and i think some of them were unable to hear the ON ON cries! never a good thing to be alone in the jungle..I think we need to watch out for each other FAR more than we do, and make sure NO ONE,is left behind!!

As someone , who on the last 3 hashes .. had a sense of impending DOOM when they had to come out of the jungle IN THE DARK, i opted for the shorter run>!(im not proud.. i know my limits!!!)
The run split into two, so i cant tell u how hard the long run was, but i can tell you, that the shorter run was just about right for a weary unfit hasher like myself!
I made it out of the jungle in just about 35 minutes, not quite my shortest hash yet.. but ... it was still light, hurrah!
I gather the longer run was quite muddy in places(its not a proper hash without mud!!) and the majority of the longer hash runners were out in about an hour!

Gin and not much tonic was available for them that wanted after the run.. (dont expect that on next weeks run!!)

some of the comments i over heard about this hash were..

"shorter than expected"
"I like good length"
"Its not a hard one"

and no.. i didnt make them up!

Alice and not yet both celebrated birthdays, with cake and candles..(no indication of ages were given..)
and Not yet gave us a monologue Ref the month of October!
cherries were mentioned but i wasnt sure why>!

And the hash shit went to....?????
im not entirely sure as the rain was so hard i couldnt hear!
But anyway, diana forgot to bring the hash shit back to the hash.. so maybe , we should bestowe that honour upon her, just one more time..

The food smelt good.. curry i believe, but i resisted, as i had Jamie Oliver at home cooking for me!
(ok it was my Steve but hey.. he made a mean sausage n mash!!)

Thanks hares for setting the run.
ON ON........

NEXT RUN: SPG 276 JLN SERASA (Before Serasa Yacht Club - RHS)
HARES: Amanda S/Tina I

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