Monday, October 27, 2008

RUN NO. 2096

DATE: 21 October
HARES: Amanda S/Tango/Tina I/Gill L (virgin)
FRONT HORN: Carol (with apprentice Sarah G) BACK HORN: Naj

It was a nice change to run on the ‘other side’ of Serasa Hill, but it was still a hill. The hens gathered at the start of the run and we had a newbie front horn - Sarah G. There was a bit of confusion as we could not find the paper to start the run, which we thought was a bit of an early check, but it was soon found hiding under the parked cars. As the location suggests, we were on a hill straight away…up the road and into the jungle..up and up we went. The trail led into the thick of the jungle, with plenty of bamboo, vines and thorns in and around the area and the trail just kept going up.

There weren’t many options for other routes and we soon found ourselves at the top of the ridge and on to the right. As the path split there were discussions as to which way the on paper would be…but as a dutiful front runner, I accompanied the front horn (who was in training) to the check point and checked on ahead. Of course ahead for me, meant going back down the hill and past the cave, with only signs of old paper, and it was not surprise to hear the call of ‘on paper’ by Anna who had found the trail just before the trig point.

We scrambled back on to paper and continued along the ridge…I had not even caught up with the horn, when the hens were checking again. This time the checkpoint had been down the hill a little and the on paper (found by Magic Roundabout – I think!) took us along the ridge even further. The third check was further along the ridge and gave us an option of up the hill or down. Maria, Claire and I decided to check down and Maria was pleased to find the on paper (her first).

The paper led us down and down and down…traversing along slippery muddy slopes we traveled for quite a while. It was quite slow going as we walked along sloping edges but I was quite glad that we were at the front as it had not been too trodden and it was not that dark yet. From the slopes to a flatter overgrown area, we soon heard civilization and saw some houses, which led us on to the road. As I read the simpang numbers I knew we had a fair way to go and so I got myself into a running stride and nosily explored the residential area that I did not know existed by the yacht club.

First runner was out before dark and the rest of the hens came back in trickles until we were all safely back in the coup. That is to say except one runner…Glamour …you were lucky this week…fancy forgetting to sign in!

So …. to some up the run..when the venue has a the know there is gonna be a lot of ups and what goes up….must come down.

…. And there were three virgins tonight. There was a virgin hare – Gill, virgin front horn – Sarah G and a virgin ‘on paper’ finder – Marie. I am sure I know a song about that….but we will let Madonna sing that one.

NEXT RUN: Bukit Marakuching, Jln Subok (Halloween run) - 6pm start - Bring a torch.
it should not be too long a run..will just depend on how fast you can go up hills….yes I know Bukit Marakuching is a hill!
HARES: Carol/Trish
ON ON AT: #52 Spg 564 Jln Subok for the shout up and get yourself dressed up.

Monday, October 20, 2008

RUN NO. 2095

DATE: 14 October
SITE: Diplo
HARES: Alice in Wonderland/Not Yet

Tuesday 5pm..its got to be Diplo! (i hope.. but which one.. upper lower.. middle.. inner outer??? eeeeek!) After making my way to the hash and becoming confused by the lack if signage, i was very relieved to turn the corner,after them posh houses and see other hens cars!(serves me right for being one of the few who comes from Muara.. the dark side of Brunei ,where no one seems to live!!)

Well the tent was errected.. the chairs were stacked.. the sign in board was ready..
The hens gathered, and a fair few hens there were..
the front horn was the sporty spice of the hash, naj.. and the back horn was the ever so lovely Marg!(who did explain that no slacking on the long run would be tolerated.. and she wasnt gonna hang about clearing up the slowies!!)
After the last few runs. the scene was set.. but we had a short and longer run option.. mmm thats NOT normal!
pink paper for longer run.. pink napkin for the shorter.. mmm there was a worry the rain would dissolve the napkin paper.. but.. hey guess we only had one way to find out!

Thar she blows, the horn went off at 5.15.. and off we dashed (ok bimbled) into the jungle..
straight into a down.. ooh ,now that threw me, as its usually an up!
There were many trippy vines and a vast amount of fallen trees.. far more than id seen before..
and the ants.. well .. you could have saddled some of them up, and ridden them around the jungle!
Over, under,over, under.. oooh errrr matron... some of them trees were rather huge to spreadeagle yourself over.. nimble i may not be.. but some of them twigs reached places id forgotten i had!!

We paddled thru some water.. a mere puddle in hash terms, not a foul smell or deep bog in sight!
the first check was found by melissa..AS was the 2nd, a hasher in the making me thinks..??
The front runners appeared quite fragmented after the 1st check, and i think some of them were unable to hear the ON ON cries! never a good thing to be alone in the jungle..I think we need to watch out for each other FAR more than we do, and make sure NO ONE,is left behind!!

As someone , who on the last 3 hashes .. had a sense of impending DOOM when they had to come out of the jungle IN THE DARK, i opted for the shorter run>!(im not proud.. i know my limits!!!)
The run split into two, so i cant tell u how hard the long run was, but i can tell you, that the shorter run was just about right for a weary unfit hasher like myself!
I made it out of the jungle in just about 35 minutes, not quite my shortest hash yet.. but ... it was still light, hurrah!
I gather the longer run was quite muddy in places(its not a proper hash without mud!!) and the majority of the longer hash runners were out in about an hour!

Gin and not much tonic was available for them that wanted after the run.. (dont expect that on next weeks run!!)

some of the comments i over heard about this hash were..

"shorter than expected"
"I like good length"
"Its not a hard one"

and no.. i didnt make them up!

Alice and not yet both celebrated birthdays, with cake and candles..(no indication of ages were given..)
and Not yet gave us a monologue Ref the month of October!
cherries were mentioned but i wasnt sure why>!

And the hash shit went to....?????
im not entirely sure as the rain was so hard i couldnt hear!
But anyway, diana forgot to bring the hash shit back to the hash.. so maybe , we should bestowe that honour upon her, just one more time..

The food smelt good.. curry i believe, but i resisted, as i had Jamie Oliver at home cooking for me!
(ok it was my Steve but hey.. he made a mean sausage n mash!!)

Thanks hares for setting the run.
ON ON........

NEXT RUN: SPG 276 JLN SERASA (Before Serasa Yacht Club - RHS)
HARES: Amanda S/Tina I

Sunday, October 12, 2008

RUN NO. 2094

HARES: Lee and Nancy
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

Rimba is my favourite site as there are very nice trails and the jungle is till unspoilt with very few hills (not too steep) which is just perfect for me. The theme last week was Pink to mark breast cancer awareness week. We arrived to a very well decorated site all in pink with pink balloons, thanks to Nancy and Lee for reminding us all of the need for breast check ups and for a job well done.
The words stated that the run was long and flat and would take one hour and 45 minutes for Walkie Talkies. So since it gets dark very quickly I decided to remind everyone that in order to be fair to the Hares it would help if the very slow hens like me did not go all the way round.

We all set off in an excited mood as hens always do, but much to our surprise we went up and up for the first few minutes. I heard one hen say “I thought this was a flat run.” There after there were no more hills for the next ½ hour. As the scriber for this week’s run, I decided to go all the way round which meant keeping up with fast walking hens. “Nellie that is not slow walking,” a few hens teased me. However, what we hadn’t realised was that we were gradually descending, because before we realised we found ourselves going up and up again, and this took about 5 minutes which to some of us felt like 15 minutes.

Like many runs there were thorns to the right, thorns to the left and thorns below. We then came to thorny bog which smelt like rotten cabbage. How does one avoid getting wet smelly shoes and socks going across the bog when the only support around is a thorn bush? WelŬ, that is part of the excitement of hashing in Brunei. Hills or no hills, there are thorns, muddy bits and trips.

As it was getting dark I began to miss some of the trips or was it because my feet were getting tired? Eventually I got tangled up in one of the trips and fell over. “Are you ok?” Asked Sarah C who was in front of me in her caring manner. Luckily I was fine so we carried on. It took our group 1 hour and 5 minutes to get out of the jungle and a total of 1 hour 15 minutes before we got back to the sight. An excellent run, Hares.

As Carol my new partner in mismanagement was away, I asked Amanda Sparrow to give me moral support a job she surely did very diligently, thank you Amanda. During the shout out Lee explained the relevance of breast cancer awareness to us all and asked those of us who could afford it, to donate some money to the Breast Caner Research Fund and that all those who would donate would automatically be entered in a draw.

Nancy got knighted and as from last week’s run on 7th of October 2008 she will be called by no other name on the hash than Speedo a handle name proposed by Naj as a result of Nancy’s speed at getting up going for breakfast, and getting ready to go anywhere when they were in Sandakan Malaysia. From now on who ever will call her by other name shall surely get a hashit. This handle name shall not be changed without the knowledge and approval of the Mismanagement committee.

To end the evening event, and after a lovely nosh the hares announced the draw and Jane Woolley won a fancy pretty brolly, and there was a variety of winnings ranging from socks, mittens to lollies. Once again thank you Lee and Nancy for a lovely evening.

The Hashit was last week given to two hens, Diana for forgetting to bring the Hashit bucket and all its content and Dizzy for signing in her guest on the wrong line.

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - Bring a torch
HARES: Not Yet/Alice in Wonderland

Sunday, October 05, 2008

RUN NO. 2093

DATE: 30 Sept 2008
SITE: Morley Movers
HARES: Anna S/Boel
BACK HORN: Madmarg

I arrived late and played catch-up the whole way round; falling into the stream (splish-splash) and heading right along the trail (go-go) at first check only to turn round and go back in exactly where we’d originally started… Amidst the confusion I wasn’t aware of much so here’s what a few friends and fellow hares had to say …

“I enjoyed the run, bit a bit confused at the double paper. Good to see more new guests and the food was great. Quiz was good laugh too”

“It would have been great to finish last night but got as far as second check before fading light made it necessary to get back to site”

“Shit load of hills; I seriously enjoyed it. Good company”

“Enjoyed it, even if I did cut it short. Fab on-on, great food and quiz. It’s important to know the rules”

“I was swearing so much at how hard it was that I can’t really comment”

“I thought it was good – different hares for once”

“I really enjoyed it; I liked the hills, the fact you could run, and the length of the run too – it wasn’t short”

“Slack ass – you know the drill. Hills, water, view and cheap wine via a thimble (for those not doing the v..... shots – thanks hares!) . What more can a woman ask for?”

“Thought it was okay, felt it in my calves today”

“Upstream and uphill! Long, strenuous and killer on the calf muscles! Good to wade thru the streams though, very cooling.

“Don’t forget to mention the v..... shots as a welcome out of the jungle!”

“Very hilly, arduous, pretty stream and jungle. Quiz on the rules. V..... chilli and potatoes”

“LOVED it! Had a tiny glimpse of why people might hash and dash…! Will definitely be back tho…”

“Confusing at first check – on paper in two different directions? Front horn stayed behind to direct hashers till back horn arrived. Nice run - up & downs, streams & waterfalls”

“Lovely jungle. Too much standing around not knowing what was going on. Fun on-on. Pity about the ducking moon…”

“Fell on ass twice, knob fell off horn – went done the hill after the bloody thing and ended up coming out in the dark! G8t shout up”

All in all it sounds like everyone enjoyed the run, appreciated the food & drink, and had fun over the quiz. Three guests (a Kiwi, an Aussie & a Pom) were welcomed, as were two new (old) members (Fiona & Kate) . The hashit was shared between She who-forgot-to-turn-her-phone-off and She who forgot-to-sign-in.

Are there any rules for writing the words???? On-on

HARES: Lee/Nancy - Breast Cancer awareness fundraising run
Wear pink, pink, pink......