Thursday, February 28, 2013

RUN NO. 2323 SUBOK 26 FEB 2013

RUN NO. 2323
DATE: 26 FEB 2013

At 5.15 sharp, the horn sounded and hens set off from Pee Wee's Subok istana. Everyone thought they knew where they were going but the run turned our to be a twist on the usual theme. A quick left as we rushed out the gate instead of the usual right and then it was on through the houses heading for the nearest piece of jungle. Just prior to entering the jungle there was a check to see who was awake. It caught s few of us out but Satu Lagi and Ready Mix were't fooled and headed off in the right direction. Hens were soon in hot pursuit.

Of course everyone who has hashed on Subok knows that at some stage it is necessary to climb onto the ridge and this was our time to reach new heights. Not a figurative expression. Up we went until we were up above the valley and gazing down on some magnificent views, as we strolled along a familiar trail,

The run was a good length and allowed all of us the opportunity to get our heart and legs working to full capacity before it was time to head down to the valley again. Once again hares provided a scenic route and we passed by a lovely looking pool and small waterfall. The thoughtful hares had provided s rope to help us negotiate a last steep slope and then we were back at the sign in board again. Glancing back we saw a beautiful sunset and the jungle silhouette of the ridge we had so recently been walking.

The Shout Up was a busy affair with Pee Wee and Mrs Pingu given enthusiastic thanks for their run. Two first time guests were introduced, one of who'm had been in Brunei for seven years and the other a month. Hash numbers swelled as three new members joined the hash and were given the obligatory rule book. It was announced that Madam Sin had broken some ribs and a card was passed around to sign. GPS had sent a message that she missed us all and then Mrs Pingu told a joke.

In the ensuing laughter we all dispersed for laksa and a bit of a chat with friends. It should be mentioned that the laksa was very tasty and several hashers were overheard asking for the recipe, Thanks hares for feeding us so well.

NEXT RUN: SALAMBIGAR LINK --- Please bring a chair --- on on SPG 420 JLN MUARA, KG SG TILONG

Monday, February 25, 2013

RUN NO. 2322 MATAMATA - 19 FEB 2013

RUN NO. 2322
DATE: 19 FEB 2013
HARES: Trailblazer/Readymix/Jenni from the block/Serene

Well I arrived a tad late, due to the usual traffic encountered on the way to Mata Mata. The Hens were already disappearing into the jungle as I parked up my car, so were well and truly gone by the time I’d put my shoes on and signed in. The paper led us across fairly open ground and in to a very well known trail - which is so much wider than it used to be! It’s like a highway these days! I was quite pleased as I know this trail really well, I’ve laid three runs on it - including one for the Hens at the end of 2010. And I do know that it’s at least the second time our lovely Chinese hares have laid this for a CNY run - although last time it was backwards - which I think is rather more challenging!

 I managed to catch up a little bit, as I could hear ‘Checking’ and then on-paper called, I’m pretty sure the check was laid down and to the left, and the on-paper was back and to the right. The paper then took us down to a wee stream, across a bridge and up to the right. He we began the ascent of a gentle but very long hill! Up, up and up we went, over logs, under low hanging branches, until we came upon another check, which is where our front runners came a little bit unstuck.

As I caught up, there appeared to be a bit of confusion. Alice in Wonderland was on the back horn, standing on the on-paper, duly calling ‘on on’, this was exactly as she should have done, but confusion abounded as our front runners had gone on from the check, and must have gone rather a long way and found some old paper, as they were calling on too! It’s always handy to look at where we are, and what time it is, and where the paper is leading…..Anyway, luckily the rest of the hash followed the paper and came out via a long down, another steepish up and another down - out onto the dirt road, which gives us a chance to either stretch our legs and run back, or to enjoy a nice stroll and a chat on the way back to the tent.

When we got back, we established that there were only 3 missing and why they were missing. They appeared as we were losing daylight, and we were very glad to see them.

The shout up commenced and was very abley conducted by our JMs, hares were down-downed, as were a few FTGs, and our FRs were hashitted. Then our Chinese Hares, treated us to what has become a CNY run tradition for us, we took our chopsticks and tossed the wonderful food, taking care to keep it all in and not to throw any out, ensuring the best of luck for the coming Year of the Snake. Finally a lovely spread of traditional Chinese food followed so we were all more than sated with all of the wonderful fayre. Thank you Hares!

NEXT RUN: SUBOK 309 --- Pls bring a chair
HARES: PeeWee/Mrs Pingu

Monday, February 18, 2013


RUN NO. 2321
DATE: 12 FEB 2013
HARES: Ikea/Ryvita

Thanks to Serene for the run report.
NEXT RUN: Mata Mata - Chinese New Year run
HARES: Trailblazer/Readymix/Jenni from the block/Serene


Friday, February 08, 2013


RUN NO. 2320
DATE: 5 FEB 2013
HARES: Nicki TC/Rachel K

Awww Dude, Tuesday’s happening was righteous!

I was on the scene, lip flapping with some groovy chicks while waiting to boogie, when we saw a real gone cat booking it towards us with a dog. Through my peepers I could see that things were about to get hairy. Our hare was bummed – she’d run out of paper, lost her other dog and she needed to jam.

No need to flip a wig though, our hash is tight. One flowerchild did her a solid and got trail paper out of her car, while another supplied a driver so the hare was ready to peel out within about five minutes. The first dog was wiped out though, so she was left at the site to chill.

The rest of the gang came truckin up in their bean wagons and cropdusters, decked out in their choice hash paraphernalia. Finally, the man sounded the horn and we all cut out from the carpark and onto the paper trail. First check was quickly reached, but only found after rejecting the first call of ‘on paper’ as bogus.
The first hill (which seemed to go on forever) blew the doors off any thoughts of cruising – getting blitzed by a couple of knocked up chicks was a bit of a bummer, but I continued to hang loose and soon everything was groovy. The trail temporarily flattened, then turned left and went through some choice jungle. At this stage a couple of fab keeno’s joined the party, then blew through with a cherry ‘see you at the end!’ – so gnarly.

The trail turned left again and that’s when things got a bit groady. Still, hashers are not all show and no go, so I refused to flake and just kept beating the feet until I finally reached the ‘short/long’ run divide. There was another check here somewhere, but it was out of sight, so some fast and funky chick must have found it.
Dudes, the run so far had been freaky, but this cat was feeling pounded, so I told the long run to ‘climb it Tarzan!’ and I hung loose with our mighty fine Doc (who promptly did a brody and hurt her ankle – but all was sweet – I found a boss stick) and we cruised on out.

Back at the sign out, the crew rapped for a while before peeling out for the on-on at Rachel’s pad. Did you see the Fuzz on the other side of the road, checking out the badass speed freaks? Heavy man, heavy.
After changing our rags, we all hung loose until our funky main dudettes got the ball rolling and the shout-up started. We had five (count ‘em Daddy O) first time guests, three of whom came to the shout-up; Sam, Janet, and Val. Even better, two choice chicks (Doris and LeAnna) joined our bitchin gang – copasetic!! Finally, hash was stoked that our very own Smurf has done 650 runs – jazzed!!!

The nosh certainly wasn’t gutt waddin, the company was fine, and the jokes were a gas. We all enjoyed the evening until it was time to bug out to our own pads to crash, wiped out from a real blast! Next Tuesday’s happening will be right on – it’s time to party like it’s 1963, so get out your inner flower child and get ready to groove. Until then, keep it real dude. Peace out.
Scribe Squeak

NEXT RUN: Kapok Kanan

Monday, February 04, 2013

RUN NO. 2319 LOWER DIPLO 29 JAN 2013

RUN NO. 2319
DATE: 29 JAN 2013
HARES: Satu Lagi/Kim

View at Diplo

This run well and truly christened my new hash shoes. Just how many times did we leap over or splash through streams. 10 or more? A true hash with lots of ups, downs, water and mud set in the valley of lower Diplo. We were surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna with the sound of animals, insects, horns and the calls of the hens. We all loved it. If you didn’t come then you missed a good one.

A man arrived just before the shout up but he was forgiven, as he came armed with a delicious chocolate cake to celebrate Satu Lagi’s birthday. We welcomed two first time guests, Debra and Beenal . Hope to see them again soon.

We were entertained by Hash Wit with her great one liners. Hash shit went to Wendy for leaving her shoes behind at the last hash. However, for some reason stayed dry as Dizzy threw the water upwards at the tent. That is after she nearly drowned the poor hash shit chicken and had to give it mouth to mouth. To be honest I don’t think I have laughed so much in a long time.