Monday, October 29, 2012

RUN NO.2305 KOTA BATU - 23 OCT 12

RUN NO.2305
DATE: 23 OCT 2012
SITE: Kota Batu
HARES: Madmarg/Never Wrong/Mrs Pingu (Shop run)

5:15 saw groups of hashers head off from Dizzy’s house up past the Yacht Club to waiting water taxis. A lovely way to start the run with a short crossing over the river to the water village. Paper led in and hashers were greeted with lots of damp leaves underfoot which soon led into a climb up what seemed like an empty creek bed. Empty, that is, except for one lost croc lying in wait to startle people! Lots of moss-covered rocks made the guide ropes very handy. 

After the climb up the trail opened out along a ridge and the view back across the water to the mainland was lovely. But what goes up must come down and sure enough, the down came. This time the recent rain couple with mossy rocks made the rope very important and I am sure I am not the only hasher who hit dirt a couple of times on the way down! 

The out soon came and we were met by Yvette and Marcella with the now-captured crocodile. Yvette was gracious enough to tell me when I asked that “no, we haven’t just been around for the second time”. We arrived on the dock just as the call to prayer began and enjoyed a pleasant boat trip back across. The short stage back to the shout up and we were met by Neverwrong bearing Hash Shop gift towels. 

Lots of announcements regarding next year’s committee and the founders’ day festivities, followed by Madam Sin’s confession that she managed to drive all the way to work last Wednesday oblivious to some lingerie dangling from her car door. I bet the staff and students at SM Menglait enjoyed watching her try to remove it discreetly! 

The shout up ended and it was on on for pizza, salad and some liquid refreshments. 

NEXT RUN: 30 OCT --- Halloween run 6.30 pm start, bring a torch!!
SITE: Tungku Beach
HARES:  Psycho/Erin/Rachel

Monday, October 22, 2012

RUN NO. 2304 MCFARM, RIMBA - 16 OCT 12

RUN NO.2304
DATE: 16 OCT 2012
HARES: Alice in Wonderland/Jenny on the Block/Mani Mouse

I arrived at a new run site for me and was happy to see no hills after last week's long up and down trek.

After walking for a pleasant fifteen minutes we came tothe familiar DST trail and entered through the clay area. Checks were found quickly.

I was enjoying the trail until I cam to the forewarned mud and was glad I had worn old shoes and socks. I plodded through the mud and water trying to find the shallowest parts.  We were soon out.

The shout up commenced, then Legally Blonde arrived back safely escorted by Mad Margz.

Readymix celebrated 500 runs and Debra 50 runs.  First time guest Vanessa and new member Masayo were welcomed.

Marcela was congratulated for doing the Mt Kinabalu Climbathon in 4 hours 13 minutes - well done!

The hens were obviously in a jovial mood as three people told jokes.  Mad Margz and Legally Blonde were awarded the Hashit for items left behind last week.

The hares put on a delicious spread of food - thank you!
onon Never Wrong

NEXT RUN: SHOP RUN (Mad Marg/Never Wrong) -  Bring a chair for the onon
SITE: Kota Batu

Saturday, October 13, 2012

RUN NO. 2303 SPG 420 JLN MUARA-9 OCT12

RUN NO. 2303

The run was a Breast Cancer Awareness Run to celebrate survivors and as a wakeup call, an awareness raising, for the more complacent amongst us. 

The hares were warrior GI Jane, Sid, Velma and Hot Lips.

This words is an alternative words- because we did the unthinkable - took a short cut in all innocence, utterly confident that it was the right route because we were on paper all the time.  Honestly,  we did follow paper all the time! Anyway, we went along our merry way enjoying the trail, waxing eloquent about the beautiful cool breeze, and new paths till we were rudely awakened to a vast wasteland of balding hillsides, a half-completed concrete jungle and a long concrete road to boot - sigh! 

Once out on the road someone remarked, "that was rather a short trail wasn't it?".  Another, "how come no checks?" and yet another, " this is not GIJane's style, she will only do challenging tricky ones". But, we convinced ourselves that this was an exception probably because of threatening rain and early darkness   
Once back, only us, the middle and back runners, were there - no front runners.

The pink ice cream that welcomed us soon took our minds off the non-appearance of the front runners. Then at 7pm we saw them trooping in one by one over the next half hour...they were on the right trail…long and found two checks! 

At the shout up we had two achievements:  Sid 550 runs and Erin 50 runs.  Well done gals!  Those who dressed up PINK received special gifts and some of us who were nearby also received gifts. Thank you for that hares. There was a call for hash shit - apparently the person did not remember her hash number but she claimed she did after a short while- forgivable senior moment perhaps?  Anyway two other eager beavers wanted to take on the hash shit for the reasons I don't really know actually cos I could not hear what they said.  In the end all ends well and harmony and goodwill should be our prime objective should prevail so says humble me.  Fault finding kept to the minimum please.   We are here to have some fun and to de stress right!   Thank you hare for the makan, and also front and back horns. 

Jenni on the Block

NEXT RUN: McFarm - Kg Rimba - Bring mossie sprays
HARES: Alice in Wonderland/Jenni on the Block

Saturday, October 06, 2012


RUN NO.2302
2 OCTOBER 2012

There were a smaller number of hashers this week due to school holidays but a keen and chatty group awaited the horn blowing at 5.15. We set off along the track and the first check was not too far away. A bit of scrambling in the bushes and the on paper was found on the opposite side of the road, along a grassy track. Ready Mix found the check with Satu Lagi not far behind. Back horn was also close by and sounded the hens through with a good blast of the horn.

The trail became more twisty and winding as we continued on between the trees, with some parts being more mud than anything else and the way became harder to negotiate. At this point Not Yet, having nothing other than a pair of crocs to wear, took the opportunity to turn back. Checking ahead. We are now on a ridge and with challenging slopes on either side. Debra searches of to the left and others are working away on that side. Alice in Wonderland calls the paper through and we cross a muddy patch to reach the paper once more. The next section is a series of ups and downs with a fair amount of trips, slips and thorns. We go along a stream bed and into a bamboo patch before coming out onto a grassy track. On right and up into more open ground.

Checking again, this time into the trees on the right. Some check back, others go in and the paper is again found by Ready Mix, over on the right. However all is not well. Front horn has slipped on green rocks and has injured her shoulder. When she reaches the tent at the end of the hash she is whisked away by the hares for medical treatment. We hope that she makes a speedy recovery. Back on the trail we are in more open ground going down a hill to a garden area with a small house. We pass by beside the fence and the banana trees and move onto a track and then a road. We turn right and further down the road head back into the tress again for the final surprise, a trippy trail with a orange swamp before the on out to the cars.

We had the shout up with only 2 of the hares present, as others were on medical duties. Well done ladies it’s always good to move the hash around to different places. Announcements included reminders to check your T shirt size on the list so that you get the right size for the founders day gift and to send in your hash recipe, story or joke for the publication which is being prepared. Committee members are needed. Please sign up before all of the best jobs have been taken! JM Sue told a good joke about speeding and we all tucked into some excellent home cooked food, with even a selection of chocolaty dessert items available. Many thanks. Twice round the hash next week for all of those who had seconds! On On Jane

HARES: GI JANE/SID/VELMA/HOT LIPS --- Breast Cancer Awareness Run-----
Take care to park on one side of the road. Big trucks come up and down to the construction site. Take a torch just to be on the safe side, darkness falls a little earlier these days. Bring a chair ---- and wear pink/pink/pink!! for Shout Up.