Saturday, February 21, 2015

RUN NO. 2426 SPG 378 SUBOK 17FEB2015

RUN NO. 2426
DATE: 17 FEB 2015

At last a day of no rain and no sign of rain in the abode so it was we collected at the edge of Jln Sungai Akar/Subok on another Tuesday afternoon. Quite a few cars gathered at the bottom of Spg 378 for what we'd been told was to be a substantial work out on some old trails of 5+ km!!! Oh okay we're we ready for this!

All signed in when our JM announced that there were to be 3 checks no surprises there and each would be on different coloured paper, a multi coloured hash this was to be.

Front horn Peachi Keen and back horn Recruiter were there to guide the pack up, up and up that damned hill, those of us who have previously hashed or laid in this area before will remember it well but previously we drove it and it would have been a damn sight easier to drive but no we walked, trotted and I'm sure there were some who ran up it too. Up and up until we reached the water towers and little hut, around and scramble up the bank and into the jungle, phew a good start for the 5 km.

A lot of clearing had been done by the hares, good work and thank you I certainly re-member it had previously been a hellish scramble over a tree fall to get into the ridge but the newly cleared path was a welcome sight.

Off along the ridge trail passing Glamour as we go to stop at the junction - in or out trail now there's a choice!

Of course as a responsible hasher you are suppose to go on the in trail but as con-trary hashers we decided to head on along the out!! Our reasoning 5+ km sounds too long after a 5 hour recce last week, we always make the words up anyway and we know that the in-trail will head down and down into the wet valley!! Were we right??

Well not about the length of the run as apparently the hares based this on their recce and had to re-calculate the length once they laid it to about 3 km.

About the run yes along the lovely ridge the run did wander to first check and the valley floor, a stream, a meandering they went until it was back up and up to the opposite ridge which is where we met the on coming hash. (we are definitely right about making up most of the hash words!!!)

A word to future hashers if you don't want to stay in the jungle to lay through a lolipop run then mark the trail with a gap and sign not so obviously as this weeks run as yes contrary runners like us will go reverse but more importantly the whole hash has been made aware of the direction of your run and so the checks become easy peasy to predict which according to the first few front runners we met including front horn Peachi Keen and Mean machine they shouted as they thundered past "Checks were easy", we asked "found by who?" so we could congratulate them in the words but their answer was lost to the wind as they ran on. So whoever you were, that found the three colourful checks and I think at least one was found by Mean machine - well done and keep it up.
At this point Cheryl's phone rang and our report was interrupted by a facetime conversation with her son in Melbourne!!! What fun we have in Brunei jungle and oh the joys of internet communications

We hoped he wouldn't send the picture viral but children will be children!!! and it was on facebook before we got out of the jungle. Thankfully we don't think it was a hash-it able of-fence.

Lovely ridge trails out with the regular ups and downs of this area saw the hashers back out to walk, jog, run or wobble back down the tarmac hill to the drinks and cars. A lovely area reopened up by the hares, a day of no rain, a lot of great trail clearing... thank you ladies and all in all another memorable ladies hash.

Off to the on-on we went, JM's in full flow we heard, one guest with Ryvita a very sensible lady who choose the hash and a sleep in instead of crossfit called Linda (I think, sorry if wrong). Two new members hurrah but they were missing!!! a returning Satu Lagi..... again!!!! showed how a down-down should be done and reminded us to be thankful for super spend, see you again soon Satu Lagi. No hashit but Mrs Pingu was back so a good laugh we all had at the expense of those blokes.

A few announcements we had as well, hash relay, first red dress run, flour and bun cases to pass on from Iron woman what else?? (which will be put to good use this week for the On-On) and then very welcome and absolutely delicious pumpkin and chick pea curry with salad followed by flapjack ..... yummy the end of a good hashing day.

This week's run ....... well after a 5 hour recce, much shiggy, river crossing, tearing of leggings and many hills climbed and that hasn't been our only search of the area we have elected for an alternative route you will be pleased to hear and that's all I'm saying. Enjoy there will be decisions to make on the run so decide for yourselves!!! On-on



Monday, February 16, 2015

RUN NO. 2425 DIPLO 10FEB15

RUN NO. 2425
DATE: 10 FEB 2015

Valentine's run at good old Diplo, lost were the girls but found their way out which lead to a short walk and a short run for all to wonder off with thoughts of who know who and what to get. Sure our hares must have been distracted giving the runners an other debacle; the on paper split in two ways...a short of short-short-run and a short-long-run. Off we plotted in the longer direction, as for some clearer grounds than for others.
Lots of ups and downs a fantastic shouts from our spiderweb clearing Mean Machine.

Checks were found but lost track of whom, good job done though. Hearts were lost and found in the jungle which awarded us with prices from our Hares.
Most of us enjoyed both jungle trails ending up with a lovely short run for the night. Wonderful food and a kisses quiz ended the night early and sweet.

Next weeks run after a few attempts and chopping away like lady lumberjacks we have you a trail! Long it will be (compensation of last weeks chocolate chip cookies to burn those calories)! For those who aren't keen on a long run we will lay your first check slightly past 1K so you'll have a nice workout too!
For those coming late please think smart! 5.5K was measured so bring enough water and a torch for the out! Second part of the run is loads easier, or maybe was it that we had to chop less?!

Park on the road shoulder of Jln Subok as the access to the water tower is too narrow to park and drive up.
ONON will be at Dani's.

Thursday, February 05, 2015


RUN NO. 2424
DATE: 3 FEB 2015

After a grueling work out session on Monday night that left my quads aching, I was dreading the run at the Mentiri (killer) hills. As usual I was late, and I saw Hornbill at the sign-in board who pointed at the “out” route which was much nearer than the “in” so I decided to go the other way around until I hit back horn to turn back. She warned me about the nasty hill up but I decided to try it anyway. Halfway through the run, after passing most of the hashers, I was told most of the run was flat-ish so decided to try and finish it. Fear of being stuck alone in a dark jungle kept me running. So glad for a dry hash for a change! I was told Ryvita and her guest, Anika (?) found the checks and that the first one was particularly sneaky. They were certainly well laid through so late comers like me were not lost. Thank you!

On On was at our lovely GM’s house where I was hoping to see the big elephant she’s working on but I think it’s in her studio at school. One of our JM’s was sporting a new haircut and the hens were a chatty bunch that night. There was lots to go through! We had one FTG, Sarah from Japan who was brought by Peachi Keen. Lovely to see two returning hashers, Doris and Izzie who dragged each other back. Bunny Girl celebrated 250 runs and shared the history of how she got her hash handle. Sid was renamed Goodnight Kiwi. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Ironwoman who is moving to a Singapore (so she may be able to come back for some runs).

Quite a few announcements too! JM’s reminded all upcoming hares that organize runs with on-on at a different site should ensure the address of the on-on goes on Henswords. Cheryl announced that the Seranai (sp) singers are performing some jazzy tunes on 6th and 7th of March. Wonderwoman brought some bags from the Philippines for sale and the Hash Shop is having a sale throughout the month of February to clear stock!

There was a flutter of confusion for the most fun bit as Paula was supposed to get hashit for not signing out. However, she stated that she had signed in and out as a guest as she had not paid her subs. Ironwoman had been a bit too clever and ticked Paula’s name on the list to sign her in…both Paula and Ironwoman escaped hashit but hashit was given to Peachi Keen! Are you lost? I am too! LOL!

We were served hot dogs and bread accompanied by fried onions by the hares. Yum Yum!

Sorry for being so long winded!

Next week’s run is at Diplo! First run at Diplo for 2015 and it’s Valentine’s Run. Wear red or pink or hearts if you fancy. Lots of fun and games planned so do come and bring guests too!