Tuesday, March 27, 2012


RUN NO. 2274
DATE: 20 MAR 2012
FRONT HORN: Madmargz
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

30 hens and 3 chicks

A fine afternoon with the usual clucking as hens gathered at the tent waiting for the horn to set us off on the run. We headed into the jungle by climbing the muddy hill complete with its many excavations. The in trail was on the right and we soon came across the coloured 1st check paper. Passing the site of the old gardens we turned right onto the main ridge and went up and down along this for quite a while. The hares were kind to us and we did not have to go down into the valley and up again, we took the path left and went out into more open ground along the fence (of what may be the Brunei secret service – who knows!). After walking down and over drains we headed up again and returned to the tree cover. We were now on the opposite ridge and continued all the way along to the end, reaching the junction with the path that goes down to the end of Spg 542. At this point we turned left onto the path that leads to the lake. However before we reached it were turned right and joined the track that goes out to Spg 542. A new area of trees had been cut down just before we arrived at the road. What could they be planning there? Thanks hares for the conveniently placed logs at the exit that saved us sinking into the mud. We returned along the road to the tent.

The shout up was a little quieter than usual with many hens away for the holidays. There were no first time guests, no awards and no new members. However Cow Girl was back with us and we did have 2 dogs on the run. Announcements included information about fund raising for an injured H4 hasher, Terry, who needs to be evacuated to the UK for further treatment following a head injury. A T shirt is being sold at $25 to raise money. Please see Mad Marg to order one or pass to her any donations you would like to make. Other fund raising events will follow. Mad Marg was the honoured hash member who received the hash hit this week when her phone went off during the shout up. She has Nancy to thank for that (and golf) who should actually know better!

Thanks to the hares for the lovely food, a vegetarian biriyani.

On On GI Jane

NEXT RUN: MENTERI HIGWAY PIPES/U TURN - Wear longs as there is some bracken at the start.

HARES: GI Jane/Sid

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RUN NO. 2273 SPG 462-86 SG HANCHING 13MAR12

RUN NO. 2273
DATE: 13 MAR 2012

As usual I came straight from work and heard the horn when I parked my car.

After quickly signing in, I rushed to catch up with the other hens, which was not easy as it went up the first steep hill. Reaching the top of the hill we turned right on to one of the main trails of this area.

So along I went on the ridge for a while until there was a left turn going down towards the river and soon I found the blue paper indicating the first check.

Crossing the river we turned right and “OH NO” they made us climb that damn hill!!!! Finally after huffing and puffing I made it to the top, where we turned left again. At least now it was going down the hill and not the other way around. We crossed the log which has mushrooms (some of you might call them fungi) growing on it, just beautiful!

At some stage we turned to the right, going further down until we reached the tip of the swamp, crossing some deep water hole and reached a field. The hens were still scattered in the area checking for the “on” paper. Finally someone called and there we went, back into the jungle.

“Oh No” not another hill to climb, but at least it wasn’t as steep as the previous one. Reaching the top of the ridge, soon we were back down the hill, which we first climbed up.

Thank you hares for this great run.

Sorry, I had to leave right after the run, but here are some notes from my co-hare Eastern Promise:

The Shout up was at Jane’s house across the other side of Jalan Muara and everyone was asked to wear something green, as we celebrated St Patrick’s Day. A lot of hens took an effort and dressed up; some of them looked really nice. Prizes were given to runners finding shamrocks in the jungle.

Jane was given a hash handle and from now on is called “Sticky Rice”.

Finally Satu Lagi and Annabel were given the hashit for indicating the wrong hash site.

The food afterwards was not to be missed. Thanks a lot to the hares for the yummy feast and fruits afterwards!

On On Peahen

By the way, when I picked up the signs last week, I found them in a really sad condition. A big "Thank you" to our honorary member Juergen for the new signs!! and our member Bini Hutan for her support.

NEXT RUN: LUCKY GARDENS Spg 452-48 Jalan Muara, Kg Sg Hanching

HARES: Peahen/Eastern Promise

Thursday, March 08, 2012

RUN NO. 2272 DIPLO 6 MAR 2012

RUN NO. 2272
DATE: 6 MAR 2012
HARES: Squeak & Psycho

The warning:90 minutes for walky talkies
The committment: PTA meeting at school at 7pm
The sum: 7pm minus a shower equals 6.45pm minus 90 minutes hash equals fifteen minutes leawaysomethingisboundtohappentostressmeoutlikeachatoracoldbeverageoradogintheroad so I only went to question three.

Apparently there were 5 questions in the jungle related to hashing, (thanks Psycho and Squeek, as if it isn't enough stomping up and down turning purple and puffing, you want cerebral exercise as well?) I hope the makan was good after that!

I have it on good authority that the two checks were found by Yvette and Mrs Pingu and it went on and on and on after question 3 which was the recommended turning point if you didn't fancy a Wednesday RIPAS breakfast and I did not. Several people reckon they got out in the light even though they went in late and did the whole thing but they were Kiwis so don't believe a word of it. The weather was good to us with zero precipitation, only 750% humidity and no lightening within a two metre radius. The tent stayed up, the chairs stayed down, I have absolutely no idea if the hashit was given out but have a feeling it may be coming my way for these words. Incidently, you know I do the ice to make all those lovely blues and greens and pluses and H20s nice and cold right!!! See you at my place next week for the Patrick's Day shout up. On on Jane.

NEXT RUN: SPG 462 Sg Hanching Baru --- celebrating ST PATRICKS DAY-----I SEE GREEN, GREEN, GREEN
HARES: Jane/Annabel & Satu Lagi

Saturday, March 03, 2012


RUN NO. 2271
DATE: 28 FEB 2012

Confused ramblings of a self-confessed occasionally delusional hasher.

Right well it’s 4pm on Tuesday afternoon and the kids are safely ensconced in the house doing homework or playing with something so it’s my time to get ready to go to hash – I have luckily remembered that Jane (who could have had a hash name by now as I thought of a good one while I was JM that combined one of the main tenets of physiotherapy with the way she hashes and her hash job and had a great Bruneian flavour but by the time inspiration struck me I was almost out of the job and Jane missed a couple of shout-ups so that’s that she’ll have to wait until some other time) asked me to bring the ice but I can’t go back to the place I used last week because while I was busy paying for the ice I didn’t notice the man helpfully trying to put the ice into the boot of my car not realising that the boot hydraulics don’t work properly so instead of staying up when he let it go it fell straight down on his head and I was sure he was going to bleed all over the place so I’m definitely not going there again – anyway I’ve decided to try a new place along jalan muara where I will lock the car and not open it until I am there to ensure that that the accident (once is an accident while more than that must be on purpose) doesn’t happen again.

– on my way to Diva’s old house which is Nicky’s new abode I get caught in the usual jalan muara traffic jam which I had forgotten about as I haven’t driven this way for some time I contemplate writing to Diva to tell her about the hash tonight but decide that a facebook note would be just as good knowing full well that the way I usually get distracted by stuff means that the likelihood of this actually happening is not promising and that means I’m not the best friend in the world but surely a true friend would forgive me – feeling pleased with myself as I also remembered it was a road run tonight so I’ve worn sneakers rather than my knobbly old hash boots.

I sign in and then talk to various people while waiting for Catherine to toot the horn to start the hash which she does in due course and away we all go down the hill and along the main road before veering sharp right onto a side road which has a steep hill that I decide should be conquered by jogging up it (always incredibly optimistic at the start of a hash) and then along the road we go – pass some graffiti which says ‘dogy style’ which annoys me on so many levels as not only is it polluting the environment it is also spelt incorrectly and moreover true ‘doggy style’ would involve being tied together after mating by intimate body parts for at least an hour which although it would mean compulsory tender cuddling moments (nice) could also necessitate some extremely embarrassing emergency phone calls (not nice)

– by this time the front runners are searching for first check so I go further down the road and low and behold there’s the check so I call it through then continue to where the paper turns left again into an orchard/farm area but by that time Peewee has found paper further along the road so I decide to just keep on the road winding my way through a lovely little kampong where the people are so friendly that a nice old couple wave to me and a younger guy driving passed gives me a thumbs up sign and a little girl sitting in a window waves and shouts hello – back on the main road I make my way to the shout-up passing an overly friendly strange dog that was very lucky not to be run over and the back-horn who had accidently cut out on an earlier road

– thanks to Call girl and Nicky and the Duchess of Cambridge for providing us with a run even after all the jungle they had planned to take us through was removed by the ‘lets make jalan muara an even busier road than it is’ committee as well as a lovely dinner in the form of sloppy joes and pudding which is a treat – the shout up had Sue performing her new duty for the first time which she did very well even telling a joke so I’m sure that her and Cheryl have got this hash sorted – a first time guest was introduced and a couple of returning hashers were toasted as well as a new hasher signed up – afterwards was the time for imbibing various beverages while indulging in some philosophical discussions – please feel free to put in any punctuation you deem necessary to make this missive legible and I’ll see you all next week at diplo where the run will be longish with a couple of interesting river crossings if its fine or shorter with some slippery mud if its wet – onon.

HARES: Squeak/Psycho