Monday, May 28, 2012


RUN NO.2283
DATE:  22 MAY 2012
SITE: LOWER DIPLO - Geriatrics and Caregivers Run

Leaving all trials and tribulations of the week behind us, we made our way to lower diplo following the well-placed signs for our next hash run in full anticipation of the challenges and thrills ahead. Cars parked at the road side, we all gathered in a rather private tent obscured by tall bushes, a short distance from the main road to be informed that there were two runs , a short geriatric trail marked by a sequence of loo roll papers and fresh long pieces of white paper for the more enthusiastic hashers who preferred the long forest trail. The front horn sounded and off we went armed only with our bare essentials. Signs galore warning "slippery footpaths" etc were aplenty.

We started off on the tarmac and followed a short run on the road to veer into a grassy path between a big ditch and someone’s house fence. A few minutes later the run split into two, the loo roll trail continued to the left on some comfortable tiled paths....understandably so and well thought of......and the longer trail followed a run through some bushes onto a main road. It was very tempting to follow the loo roll trail, but as hashers hungry for some real adventures we took the long forest trail constantly looking for long strips of paper left by the hares.

After another short run on the road, we took a steep descent into the beginning of the forest by treading onto soft slippery ground mostly covered by moist brown leaves. Then into the thick of of it all......long grass on either side of a gently upsloping path again covered with mainly moist brown leaves, requiring subtle balancing in order to avoid slipping into a fall!

The path then turned steeper, with more clearing on either side, not any less slippery than before. It then changed into what was to be a long steep uphill climb, which seemed to take forever. But it was worth it because at the top, we were invited to help ourselves to a token from a bowl full of tiny sweets strategically placed along the path. Yes that was a great boost after a hypoglycaemia-inducing climb. Then came a gentle downhill run, providing release for tired muscles ,a chance to catch our breaths and taking a few sips of water to quench our thirst from heavy sweating during the upward climb.We then found ourselves deep inside forestland, following paths up and down, surrounded by sounds and songs only the creatures of the forests could make. And dare we say it ? Did anyone notice the elves of the tropical rain forests shyly spying on us?

The cries for “checking” could be heard from some distance at various points during the run. Later there were a few streams of cold water and mud to cross .Through a lot of squelch!...splash!....ouch!..... we carried on our trail up and down some more hills.

After 5575 steps recorded on my pedometer and around 2.5 Km, we followed one last steep but short climb and made it through the exit filled with a huge breath of relief as we walked back to our tent where we were fussed over by a trio of geriatrics in long skirts and pinnies proudly flaunting their heavy bosoms. Oh my..........! Talking about bouncing like balloons!

Hard work done, we sat down for the on on. GM thanked the geriatrics trio that somehow managed to lay the hash run. Anyway, token prizes were collected by Sticky Rice ( incontinence diapers) and Nikki ( a soft cushion for piles). Debra won a special kind of underpants with a curious pocket at the mid-front, for correctly suggesting that the purpose of the little pocket is for storing condoms.

We were delighted by the presence of an ex-hasher’s daughter as our guest who had joined us for the run. Eastern Promise & Madmarg (and Dizzy who was still in China) were congratulated for their efforts at the Great Wall Marathon in Beijing the week before. A good event to "tick off" but no record to break due to number of participants.

For the hashits, we initially had three proposed candidates. There were two people noted to have forgotten to sign in and out and also our geriatric trio started the on on without realising that Sarong and Buster the hash dog had not returned to the hash tent. But the trio was spared their punishment as GM heard a text messaging tone on someone’s mobile phone going off and insisted that the person concerned declare herself. In the end, ridden with guilt our lovely Briony stood up to face the whoosh!.... of a bucket load of cold water! Then more announcements and a geriatric joke ensued before we all finally settled down to bread and pumpkin soup.

Well done hashers! Till the next run.....

On on!  Zur

Monday, May 21, 2012


RUN NO. 2282
DATE: 15 MAY 2012
HARES: MadMarg/Eastern Promise
FRONT HORN: Mrs Pingu  BACK HORN: Squeak

The run was crazy man…found, lost, found, found, lost, found!!

Well what an exciting run that was…we arrived after searching for the Hash sign…some met in the middle of the road and had debates about where? When? how? We took off up a steep run, and off into the lovely Brunei jungle….soon the pack merged and the sounds of “checking” chorused out into the afternoon breezes. Could we find that b…. check? We hunted, we searched, we swore, we analysed, we held long confabs out of that dirty moonscape of mud…20 plus minutes later after Gi Jane, Sid and Squeak had already crossed the little river and bridge and had a good reccy, and then Satu Lagi found the on on paper to the left of the normal trail and we all took off! Past a new iban camp and some poor guys cooking their tea, then onto the road for a little road run and then back up into the forest for another long up…Second check found quickly and third check had them down in the creek and hunting again! Considerable chatter and dissection of run, as appropriate on the signout board… Sneaky laying girls!

Everyone out, great run. On on and Bollywood theme at Glamours for her 79th birthday.

Thank you’s to front horn Mrs Pingu, Squeak back horn.

First time guest Wilma, Scots via NZ. She even wore Indian clobber!

Notices from GI Jane (Music society do on Friday night) Lovely joke by Briony. Then the highlight, was a well taken heckled chapatti demo by Gopah using atta flour. Thanks to Sheila (Glamour’s daughter) and Glamour for the fine Indian food and posh setting.

Gals looked great in their fine clothes.. Glamour promised a big party for her 80 next year…watch this space!
HARES: GI Jane/Gung Ho/Sid

Monday, May 14, 2012


RUN NO. 2281
DATE: 8 MAY 2012

 It is usually raining when we hash here, so maybe tonight we will be lucky and it will stay dry! 
I arrived to the hash and unloaded the hash shop etc. I  then parked my car; I thought I had a good parking space but Smurf suggested that I move my car, which I did. The horn was sounded and off the ladies went. I was a bit late going in, so teamed up with Sally to walk the hash tonight. Sally was recovering from her half marathon in Kota Kinabalu at the weekend in which she came 3rd and Marcela 9th in the 10km with Kathryn 8th. Well-done ladies. Back to the run. We followed paper that lead us to the steps heading up the hill, and then we got on a nice short trail before we had another hill to tackle which was a bit slippery going up.  We were on a good trail that lead us down the hill through the orchard, and then back in to the jungle were the trail took us in a loop around the outskirts of the dam. When we reached to the edge of the water, Melissa was rowing
back in the boat to take the next lot of ladies across the water though a few ladies decided to swim!  I thought about it and so did Maria but not for long; in the end we decided to stay dry while Claire just jumped into the water and swam across followed by Anna. Once we were back in the jungle again following the paper trail, we soon reached a down slope were we had rope to assist us. Then we were out on to the muddy area and back to the site. There were  plenty of mosquitoes out tonight; so pleased I wore long sleeve top!
It was a great run/walk
At the shout up there were three new guests: Yara from Russia, Rachel, Nicky from UK. No calls for the hashit this week…
Congratulations to Possum in completing 250 walks.
The rain held off until the end of the shout up and poured down in true Morley Movers hash site style!!

NEXT RUN: SPG 462 JLN MUARA, SG HANCHING on on at Glamours' House

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


RUN NO. 2280
DATE: 1 MAY 2012
HARES: Legally Blonde/Madmarg
(Sorry --- no photos!!!-- again)

Well! After sitting in traffic on Jalan Jerudong for nearly an hour I realised I was an ASS (assuming there’d be a sign on Jalan Jerudong) and made the call to Marg and Cath who sent me off to Jalan Tutong. At 6pm, just before Sleazy Gardens, I drove past Ryvita who looked pretty fresh still, offered her a lift which she declined and found a park.

Once she and Yvette (Hash Hound) were hosed down, they joined me at a table and told me about the run. ‘Very muddy, Maria (Satu Lagi) found the first check, Boel the second, 45 minutes for the front runners’, and Ryvita said that she’d overbalanced on a log and fallen into water up to her armpits. No wonder she looked clean. Satu Lagi observed that if it’d been she who’d fallen in, she would have disappeared from view.

Just before the shout up, Cath (Legally Blonde) passed out presents to everyone, fantastic 2 bottle coolie bags, thankyou Cath.

As it was the ANZAC run, the Kiwi and Aussie flags were proudly displayed, Jan (Possum) spoke of the ANZACs and why we remember them so respectfully and gratefully. Catherine read the dedication and we observed a minute’s silence before Jan read out a moving poem. To finish off the ANZAC remembrance, the Australians and Kiwis loudly and gustily sang their respective national anthems. It’s good how the words come back.

We welcomed two guests, one German and one British and a short time later, two more emerged from the jungle with Zuriana and Irene (Sarong). We welcomed them too, one Irish, one Australian.

Announcements were: Serunai Singers and the Red Dress run.

At the end, I asked who was responsible for the shout up starting before the last runners were out of the jungle. Bad idea. The hares will be on my tail now.. omg they are so going to get me.

Wear long sleeves, lots of repellent and studded shoes as it’s slippery, thorny and mozzy infested.
HARES: Melissa/Ryvita/Hashhound.