Monday, January 16, 2017

RUN NO. 2525 KAPOK KANAN 10 JAN 2017

RUN NO. 2525

A larger post – new year group congregated in anticipation of “the hill”. There were 2 runs on offer, one around 2.5kms and the other around 4kms.
Off we set to the sound of the horn and hit the dreaded steps. Even the front runners were spotted walking at times.
After we dropped down into a beautiful valley and were lulled into a false sense of security ...cries were heard from Bunny Girl… Here comes “the hill!”
Eventually, after huffing and puffing, we reach the ridge and the splendid view of Serasa. The choice now was to take the shorter 2.5km route back down or meander further along the ridge, enjoy more views and wind down the longer route. Most hashers opted for the greater distance.
After a very dry trek the end was insight. This included lots of long grass and very boggy ground. We returned to the on on sweaty with very muddy and soggy feet.
As we returned from the jungle there was drama and mayhem in the car park. One of our about to become hash members who had successfully conquered “the hill” was less successful in exiting the car park! Nothing a tow truck and something green couldn’t fix!
One first time guest managed to down it in one and was welcomed into the group. Three ladies joined as hash members and then the pot luck dinner was enjoyed by all.
For next week -
Long distance runners must bring a torch and be there sharp!
There will be 2 runs on offer.
Diabetes Awareness Run so please wear something blue at the on on!


Monday, January 09, 2017

RUN NO. 2524 DIPLO 3 JAN 2017

RUN NO. 2524
DATE: 3 JAN 2017

Tuesday night and the jungle is calling. It has missed seeing many of the hens who have been off to different pastures. A good size group formed around the tent, pre-run to catch up on holiday activities.

Diplo was the site for the first run of the year. Oh boy! Those hills were a killer for those of us who had over indulged and not exercised during the festive season. But a great start to our New Year resolutions to get fit. A little bit of everything as promised. There were two checks that were found fairly quickly. (Sorry didn't ask who found them).

The shout up started quickly once everyone was out of the jungle and changed. There were no FTG or new members, no hash shit or announcement. For entertainment - we  were all handed a drink to toast the New Year in and pledge ourselves to obey the hash rules. The rules are there to keep everyone safe and happy, respecting all members and their needs.

The hares served up health soup, bread and pasta salad to fill our tummies and make us feel good. There was plenty for seconds. Thank you hares for a lovely run and food.

Next week's run is at Kapok Kanan. Obviously there will be at least one hill!  Please bring a plate with food to share. I always love these nights as the hens always bring such a variety of lovely food to share.

On on Wonder Woman, Gin Trap and Lara.

Monday, January 02, 2017


RUN NO. 2253
DATE: 27 DEC 2016

Well, 13 may be considered unlucky for some, but that was the number of brave hens who decided to venture out in the wet for the hash last week (well, that and the fact that there weren't many more in country, ha ha!). What a hash to miss! The Gurkha trail is just beautiful. Not too many hills, scenic bridges, good views, and a few places to get a run in if you wanted one! It was a bit slippery due to the rain, but that is pretty much the case for all jungle at the moment - it even took down an experienced front runner within the first hundred metres - oops! Ryvita found the first and only check, Hash Hound was front horn and JOTB was back horn (I believe!). A few hens had to hash and dash so an even smaller, more exclusive group headed to Hot Lips' abode for delicious veggie curry and rice and banana cake, yum yum. Thanks for the hospitality Hot Lips.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016


RUN NO. 2522
DATE: 20 DEC 2016

The rain poured copiously down in the early afternoon but it didn’t deter the seasoned hashers who turned up torches in hand and ready to take on the challenge. The sign indicated that the run was 3.5 - 4 km. A good indicator. This information was duly noted  and a few of us very wisely went to first check only as it was quite dark under the canopy and very muddy and slippy. The rest who decided to go the full length came out around 7pm.

 The fun and festivities began at Yogi beers place. What a fabulous spread was laid out for all. The hash sponsored the fab turkey and there was wonderful contributions by the ladies to complete the feast.

Only one first time guest who was Icy bitches mum. She joined in well with all the fun. Songs were sung and mulled wine devoured. Funny how we all sing so well after a wee drink or two!.
Secret santa produced some lovely gifts and no one was disappointed. Very christmassy in preparation for xmas time.

 A Big thank you to the hares for their fab effort to make the xmas run special and memorable.

 The xmas presents are opened,
The xmas turkeys cooked.
Mince pies eaten in abundance
The chocolates not overlooked.
The waistline rapidly expanding,
The full feeling never gone.
What shall we do to undo this fun
I know…..We’ll do a run
See you all at this weeks run.
The Ghurka trails opposite the Mentiri waterfalls. Entrance just after the subok roundabout on the left.  Its about 4k. Some hills but good running trails.
On On at Hot lips’ house, Bring a chair

Saturday, December 17, 2016


RUN NO. 2521
DATE: 13 DEC 2016
Front horn: Yogi Beer
Back horn: Icy Bitch

We all arrived in our hoards, for the time of year, for a perfect runner's run in Lucky Gardens but it may need renaming " Unlucky gardens" as once again, the second check was tampered with prior to the arrival of the front runners. More about that later.

Off we set to the loud parp of the real horn. We hit the moonscape and then went in on the left to soon find our first check. After a good hunt, Welsh Chloe found the on paper at the top of a hill. Good work fellow Welshie! Good calling from all hares during the check.

As mentioned previously, the beautiful undulating run, which we were all thoroughly enjoying, suddenly became a conundrum. What seemed like a check behind a big, rotund tree was missing the tell tale plastic bag with paper inside! All that remained were 4 pieces in a sort of circle. Whoever the perpetrator was then scattered the paper on the trail very sparsely, so we kept going until we hit the T junction that took us towards the fence! You know where I mean! 

Decision was made to made an about turn, once all hares returned from thorough checking of course, and Patsy called the connaissant Pee Wee to solve the mystery. 

In due course, the on paper was found thanks to Footloose and Patsy, with huge sighs of relief, happily we trotted home. Well, nearly! A rickety old bridge decided enough was enough and poor Icy Bitch took the brunt of it and ended up trapped waist high in water! LMG bravely came to the rescue, entering the water and lifting away the obstructing log. Phew!! Thank you so much Rachael! You are a 🌟.

As night fell, the last of the hens sortied the jungle and we happily headed off to Rachel's  (a different Rachel to Rescue Rachael!) most beautiful abode. Some swam, some just relaxed with a cold one as a fine evening ensued. Delicious food at the shout up. A reminder about Xmas arrangements for next week, namely to enjoy some Secret Santa 🎅 fun should you wish and bring a nibble if you can. Turkey will be proved courtesy of the Hash. 


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

run no. 2520 MATA-MATA 6 DEC 2016

RUN NO. 2520
DATE: 6 DEC 2016

So it really was the actual day of Saint Nicholas so those of us who had forgotten to leave our shoes out or hadn’t had them filled with coins were able to get their Saint Nick fix at the hash.  About 45 of us assembled amongst the dust and construction trucks of Mata Mata.  The tent hadn’t arrived but we optimistically trotted into the jungle up the rough road not sure what to expect but what a pretty run it was!  It was loooong (various apps recorded it as 5.09, 5.2 and 5.89 but in my book just loooong suffices) lots of great bridges and for the walkie talkies a great sunset.  Some hills and one b…h of a hill - I naively thought, don’t worry, just get to the top of this and you’re nearly done …. then I remembered who’d set this run and realised that hill was no where near the finish!!  Came out to find tent up and all good - this is smooth running H3 after all (no pun intended ….) 

We celebrated the 4 hares in height order - Ryvita, Lykke, Sarah and Merrill (last 2 were virgins) all sporting rather smart flashing Santa hats.  Our JMs sported rather splendid Saint Nick hats too

Then a Brit, Canadian and South African walked into a pub ….. no wait it’s not joke time yet - that’s the 3 first time guests - Sarah, Darlene and Micheline.  No new members

And then CHOCOLATE got handed out to those who found the little strips of paper with Saint Nick on.  For those who didn’t find any there were no tears because there was chocolate, chocolate and chocolate for dessert!

Talking of tears - then came the presentation of bells and The Book to Smurf leaving Brunei after … how many years? 19 or 29? Very long anyway, like the run. Psycho was so emotional that she told Smurf “hello, thank you, welcome, bugger off”.  When Smurf arrived in Brunei there was a waiting list for the ladies hash (all good things come to those who wait), when she was able to join she just brought herself (she was the founder of H4).  Total of 803 runs. She will be missed - Smurf and hashing are synonymous right?   

To help us get over this emotional part of the evening we had some entertainment - RADA are booking flights as I type - hashing is serious stuff so this was a live performance of “checking” - so we had “checking from here” then disperse, find paper, on on paper, relay, keep calling or something like that and somebody mentioned a quiz next week ….

We had a hash shit and it wasn’t Peachy Keen!  Poor old Sharon - took it like a pro - her guest put her name down but no tick out or in, ooops

We tucked into yummy dribbly Laksa.  Thanks hares, a great run and evening.

HARES: Rachel, Pea Hen, Pee Wee, Speedy Gonzalez

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

RUN NO. 2519 DIPLO 29 NOV 2016

RUN NO. 2519
DATE: 29 NOV 2016

Well, we were promised a Bitch of a Run and it certainly didn't disappoint. The hares had started to backtrack both physically and metaphorically, saying it was a short one after all, trees were down, wada wada wada, but still BRING A TORCH. I smelled a ploy: the hares wanted to lull us into a false sense of security. It reminded me of the Macmillan Cake bake run, or Cakegate, if you will. We were assured that it would be a short gentle run because the hares wanted us back out eating cakes. But then oh the pain, it was a hell of a run with a cunning and dastardly third check and when we got out we were made to eat gruel before we could get our grubby hands on the sweet stuff!! Well, I digress.

Last Tuesday we gathered at Diplo getting our freak* on (*freak = spray). Yogi Beer led us in with the shiny loud horn - what lungs! A few of us went in the out so had to come back out the out to go in the in. Then we did the hokey kokey and we didn't turn around and we were fine. Lovely not-so-oft trod diplo trail awaited us. Short and hilly on white, long and flat on yellow we were told- all part of the ploy it would seem! Long and hilly on white and yellow same-same! There was a particularly vertical hill on white and yellow that rewarded us with some rarely seen Diplo views and well, it was all downhill from there...

It got dark, it got muddy, it got rivery; it got darker, it got muddier, it got riveryer...trudge squelch trudge moan squelch squelch trudge. Finally out! Food before shout up? What what? People still in? Oh gosh! Everyone out? Woohoo! There was Sabrina and Hash hound's sister to welcome as first time guests. 

There were three impressive run totals: Cheryl at 650, Xx at 650 and Glamour at 1250! Fantastic! Hilariously, Psycho asked Glamour- our very own founding member- who brought her to her first hash! A trick question apparently!

It was also Cheryl's last run and we all felt sorry to see Cheryl go. We joined in a chorus of the Goodbye song for her. After 25 years in Brunei and 16 years Hashing on the Ladies Hash, she is a Hash Queen and she will be missed. Over the years she's done put in so much work for the Hash in various committee roles and all that hard work is greatly appreciated. We wish her all the very best and hope all goes well with the move to Portugal.

Next week's run is at Mata-Mata. We've not been there for a while and we're also having the shout up there for the first time in a while. From Jalan Gadong coming from Gadong turn right at the Telanai turn, where they're building the overpass. From there they'll be a sign, it's the first proper left turn, or go up to the funny roundabout and go left. From Tutong Link it's left at the second big roundabout (coming from i-lotus direction) and then the second funny roundabout it's a right- there will be a sign. Traffic is slow on Jalan Gadong- Telanai at the moment, at that time of day. (BUT then its the school holidays for government school...ed)

The theme is Nikolaus and there'll be lots of homage to the German traditions (mainly chocolate themed :) If you spot a piece of paper with a picture of Saint Nick in the jungle then bring it out to claim a prize! 

NEXT RUN: MATA-MATA - celebrating Nikolaus