Tuesday, February 21, 2017


RUN NO. 2530

Arrived at Lucky Gardens site a bit earlier than my norm and saw some hens had already parked at the side ner the entry into the jungle. However, as I turned the car around to park it up I saw a man at the back of one of the cars! Alarm bells started ringing and scenes of hashit filled my mind. As I was putting on my shoes and I saw a few more men roll up, it suddenly hit me that it was one of those very rare Tuesdays that men are allowed the ladies hash. Good thing I didn't cry wolf earlier!

After a short briefing by Psycho that the run is about 6 km but mostly flat (yea right its Lucky Gardens!) and to look for pink hearts in the jungle, the front horn was tooted by Mrs Pingu who had made it to hash with a few minutes to spare. Up the runners went through the entrance to Lucky Gardens that used to have the shack and is now well inhabited by very vicious mosquitoes. I hung back with Pedigree Pup and Siaw Yan for the bottleneck to clear knowing we were going to take it slow and be walkie talkies. In we went through the grass, over some logs, up and down some bumps, saw the lake to our right but thankfully steered away from it (we remember what happened to Icy Bitch last time) and up a hill! Huff Puff! Last time I was in Lucky
Gardens together with Psycho we came up with our own little Mozzie Wonderland song. Must try and remember it!

Not long after noticing a cute little bridge built to help little ones or furry friends go over a log, we came out at a clearing to the fence of the government building off the Menteri highway (I can never remember what its called), stayed alongside it for a bit before going back into the jungle. A couple of big, wobbly bridges later, we thought we would come back out at a different section of Lucky Gardens but it turns out it was a lollipop run! A small lollipop with a very long stick! We caught up with back horn Rachel F and Never Wrong and stayed with them for the remainder of the way back out on to the road to sign out. The coconut water was very refreshing after that long walk!

Janine's place was a lovely stilt house on top of a hill with a big garden that had been decorated with hearts, balloons and lots of pink and red. Everyone was already enjoying the lovely breeze, punch prepared by the hares and, of course, additional beverages from hash bar.  The price increase did not deter sales especially of the reds. Blue does not seem so popular anymore since our dear Smurf's departure. While the food was being set up, shout up started and silence was more effectively obtained by the sight of Psycho and her 'little' water gun. Hares were thanked, horns were thanked, guests were given punch after they strutted up to the front then all told to get lost to clear the way for prizes for people who had found some lonely pink hearts in the jungle. Little pink packages were handed out and the contents modelled by the lucky winners. Funny how much excitement little scraps of material can cause.

Announcements for kids hash this Sunday at Sleazy Gardens, tickets for Serunai Singers performing on 3rd and 4th March for sale by Sarah B, more parties at Janine's for this Saturday and next, blah blah blah. Most important announcement was of the ladies red dress run which will be held on 4th April. Men are allowed to attend providing they wear red dresses and are most welcome to tart up with wigs, heels, mini skirts etc. In order to raise more money for the red dress run charity of choice, the ladies hash will also have a lucky draw with excellent prizes. All hash chapters will be able to purchase some through various representatives. As there were no calls for hashit and some had already received a few sprinkles from Psycho's tun, it was then time to form an orderly queue for the delicious food catered by the hares for the night.

Next run: Menteri Waterfalls - Chinese New Year run.
Onon will be at JOTBs. Please bring a chair, wear red or cheong-sams, and park sensibly.

RUN NO. 2529 DIPLO 7 FEB 17

RUN NO. 2529
DATE: 7 FEB 2017

After a week of grey days and stormy skies, we were lucky to arrive at a sun-bathed Diplo site last Tuesday. With eager beaver, Patsy, on front horn and the Satnav-dependent, Where's Wally, coming up the rear. Thanks ladies. After taking the usual sandy approach into the jungle, it soon became clear that this was going to be a muddy one. The tropical rains had done their worst and turned the leafy paths into a swampy quagmire.

As we battled our way through fallen trees and foliage, the hum of cicadas was drowned out by the screams and yelps of the H3 ladies. Hills were tackled not with the normal skill and finesse but with slipping, sliding and a whole lot of sweating. Half way through the boggy trail, one hasher's shoes fell victim to the swamp, never to be seen again.

Thankfully for some of the muddier hashers, there was a fork in the path, giving the option of a shorter run. The rest of the gang battled on to complete a very enjoyable 5K of stream-hopping and vine-dodging, the later sunsets allowing us all to make it safely out of the jungle before dark.

The shout up this week was one to be remembered, commencing with Kiwi-shaped ginger biscuits and a tricky quiz in celebration of Waitangi Day (NZ's national day). Squeak, Twinkle Toes, Miss Goody Two Shoes and Footloose ensured we are now educated on the key features of New Zealand and were even subjected to a light spot of bribery in exchange for a trip to their beautiful country. Nothing wrong with that.

As if this wasn't enough excitement for one Tuesday evening, one hasher was lucky enough to be inaugurated after a slight case of 'parking irresponsibly' a few weeks ago at Kapok Kanan. Serena will henceforth be known as 'In too Deep' and is hoping her truck and the ditch will not be meeting again any time soon.

Next Run: Lucky Gardens - Valentines Day
Hares: Geri/Janine/Kate/Tracy/Psycho

Sunday, February 05, 2017


RUN NO. 2528
DATE: 31 JAN 2017
HARES: Mrs Pingu/Edna

Last Tuesday we were blessed with a beautiful, clear, sunny day with not even the threat of rain.  And so it was, in the sweltering heat of the late afternoon, we all gathered at Kapok Kanan keen and eager to tackle the run.  Not even the thought of that rather daunting climb up the Serasa hill was enough to dampen our spirits on this glorious afternoon.

Just before run time Psycho called for people to volunteer to be horns and Merryl (front horn) and Tracy (back horn) quickly volunteered, well done ladies.  5.15 quickly rolled around and off we all went towards the in trail. From there we went up.  And up.  And up.  Luckily for me there was a bit of a plateau about half way up where I was able to catch my breath before heading up again (yep, sadly the up’s were not all done yet.)

Once we reached the top of the hill (mountain?) it was along the trail in a slightly different direction to what we normally would.  For those of us who thought we knew the area quite well this was indeed a pleasant change, especially as it was a bit of an easier route than previously used to get to our destination.  
The trail was absolutely gorgeous (as the jungle always is in Brunei) and led us to a large rock face called (by Lone Ranger) the Wailing Wall.  From there the trail twisted on and off the ridge before finally reaching the exit down past the pondoks and along the slippery concrete path.  Along the way were three checks of which check 1 was apparently the worst (“the most fiendish”, “the most dastardly”, “the most tricky” were some of the adjectives I heard used to describe it). 

After exiting the jungle it was it was time for some hard earned libations and a bit of socializing before the shout-up.  After thanking the hares and the horns we got down to the nitty-gritty.  We had two FTGs, one from the UK and one from America.  There were no new members L.  A few announcements were announced, including some information (BYO boyfriend/husband/love of your life/dog …) about the upcoming Valentines Day run (aptly on Valentines Day, Feb 14). 

Next week’s run is the Waitangi Day Run (celebrating NZs national day).  Don’t forget to wear black or one of your Kiwi shirts.  There will be a quiz with Kiwi prizes so brush up on your NZ knowledge.
HARES: Twinkle Toes/Squeak/MGTS  

On on.

Monday, January 30, 2017


RUN NO.2527
HARES: The Aussie crew:

As I read the FB write up and packed for the hash – a new invention came to mind. Hash Shoes with adjustable treads. Imagine a shoe that you can turn on the studs for the jungle run, hide them away for the road run and get out a ski shoe for the soggy moonscape! That is the sort of hash shoe you needed for this run.  Remember you read about this first and I have just submitted the patent !!

So more about the run – it was a lovely combination- a bit of jungle trails, the familiar moonscape and then out on the road; some flats and some hills – just enough to keep you working.  First check, so I am told was found by Merrill, with 2nd check by Lykke, both not so tricky if you are familiar with the area.  The Green Ribbons must have blended in with the trees because I didn’t find them, but some eagle eyed hashers spotted them and were rewarded at the shout up with some free Australian goodies.

The shout up was full of fun and merriment, despite the onset of rain and the thundering skies.  No first time guests nor awards…(Patsy's 100th run - ed) but oh yes there was a hash-it.  Gracefully taken by Sarah C. Reminder to all – always sign yourself out even if someone says they will do it for you! Or you thought someone ticked you out!! A great job by JM who managed to keep the rabble in order. Fantastic generosity by the Australian Hares who adorned us with gifts, prizes, a quiz and some good old tucker of sausages.

Info about next weeks run – Kapok Kanan – so yes you can expect hills and lovely views – a 5 km run according to Sports Tracker and you will be rewarded with Laksa at the shout up (so don’t wear any white hash t-shirts!)


Monday, January 23, 2017


RUN NO. 2526
DATE: 17 JAN 2016
HARES: Rimba Elite Athletes

Well d like to say that at 5.15 the horn went as usual, however due to insane traffic coming off the Tungku Link, I have no idea! I was stuck in a queue to even exit the link, never mind getting to the traffic lights and turning right. 

We had been informed that there were two runs tonight - a 9km B to A and a shorter 6km run from, and returning to, the tent. I managed to park up at about 5.30, as did a few others, and I saw the handful of long run runners in a car park waiting for a missing bus driver to take them to Jerudong to start their run. After a few phone calls he eventually appeared and off they went. As I was so late I decided to just do a walk on the shorter run.

Good open clear trails, a shame I didn't have time to do the whole thing. I am assured by those who arrived on time that it was a lovely run! Everyone came out smiling. And eventually at about 6.40 - our long run runners started to appear, Hash Hound leading the way, Speedy Gonzalez in hot pursuit. Everyone made it out by about 7 I think. So the shout up commenced with one very poorly JM, but she rallied through, very ably supported by her co-JM. A good one as always ladies. 

This was in fact a run promoting awareness of Type 1 diabetes. Sam I Am did an amazing job of informing us about this condition. It's not something I knew much about - and still don't - but we are all now aware of how it can affect ANYBODY. Regardless of age, gender, lifestyle etc. It's quite a frightening thought that anyone at anytime could succumb to this. We now know the symptoms too and we learned about how it impacts lives and how it is manageable but such a complicated issue. Sam I Am and Fe our hats go off to you. What a strong mother-daughter team you are. We were fed an amazing pumpkin and chickpea curry - thanks ladies, all of you. A few of us stayed on a bit to put the world to rights, before packing up and heading home after another great night at H3. 

This week's run is the Aussie Day run, full of the usual cultural delights, and a run with a bit of everything - road, mud, moonscape, jungle, something for everyone! After last week's guest debacle, please make sure that every single guest has an agreed sponsor before they arrive. Hashers end up being the responsibility of the hares when they have laid a run, it isn't fair for guests to be unprepared and totally unacceptable for them to turn up with no idea and no sponsor and head straight into the jungle. Safety for all is our primary concern! Then we can all enjoy our favourite  pastime with 'no worries mate' On on 👣👣👣

HARES: PATSY AND FRIENDS.... Please bring a chair and wear Australian Garb if you have.... NO PRESSURE.

Monday, January 16, 2017

RUN NO. 2525 KAPOK KANAN 10 JAN 2017

RUN NO. 2525

A larger post – new year group congregated in anticipation of “the hill”. There were 2 runs on offer, one around 2.5kms and the other around 4kms.
Off we set to the sound of the horn and hit the dreaded steps. Even the front runners were spotted walking at times.
After we dropped down into a beautiful valley and were lulled into a false sense of security ...cries were heard from Bunny Girl… Here comes “the hill!”
Eventually, after huffing and puffing, we reach the ridge and the splendid view of Serasa. The choice now was to take the shorter 2.5km route back down or meander further along the ridge, enjoy more views and wind down the longer route. Most hashers opted for the greater distance.
After a very dry trek the end was insight. This included lots of long grass and very boggy ground. We returned to the on on sweaty with very muddy and soggy feet.
As we returned from the jungle there was drama and mayhem in the car park. One of our about to become hash members who had successfully conquered “the hill” was less successful in exiting the car park! Nothing a tow truck and something green couldn’t fix!
One first time guest managed to down it in one and was welcomed into the group. Three ladies joined as hash members and then the pot luck dinner was enjoyed by all.
For next week -
Long distance runners must bring a torch and be there sharp!
There will be 2 runs on offer.
Diabetes Awareness Run so please wear something blue at the on on!


Monday, January 09, 2017

RUN NO. 2524 DIPLO 3 JAN 2017

RUN NO. 2524
DATE: 3 JAN 2017

Tuesday night and the jungle is calling. It has missed seeing many of the hens who have been off to different pastures. A good size group formed around the tent, pre-run to catch up on holiday activities.

Diplo was the site for the first run of the year. Oh boy! Those hills were a killer for those of us who had over indulged and not exercised during the festive season. But a great start to our New Year resolutions to get fit. A little bit of everything as promised. There were two checks that were found fairly quickly. (Sorry didn't ask who found them).

The shout up started quickly once everyone was out of the jungle and changed. There were no FTG or new members, no hash shit or announcement. For entertainment - we  were all handed a drink to toast the New Year in and pledge ourselves to obey the hash rules. The rules are there to keep everyone safe and happy, respecting all members and their needs.

The hares served up health soup, bread and pasta salad to fill our tummies and make us feel good. There was plenty for seconds. Thank you hares for a lovely run and food.

Next week's run is at Kapok Kanan. Obviously there will be at least one hill!  Please bring a plate with food to share. I always love these nights as the hens always bring such a variety of lovely food to share.

On on Wonder Woman, Gin Trap and Lara.

Monday, January 02, 2017


RUN NO. 2253
DATE: 27 DEC 2016

Well, 13 may be considered unlucky for some, but that was the number of brave hens who decided to venture out in the wet for the hash last week (well, that and the fact that there weren't many more in country, ha ha!). What a hash to miss! The Gurkha trail is just beautiful. Not too many hills, scenic bridges, good views, and a few places to get a run in if you wanted one! It was a bit slippery due to the rain, but that is pretty much the case for all jungle at the moment - it even took down an experienced front runner within the first hundred metres - oops! Ryvita found the first and only check, Hash Hound was front horn and JOTB was back horn (I believe!). A few hens had to hash and dash so an even smaller, more exclusive group headed to Hot Lips' abode for delicious veggie curry and rice and banana cake, yum yum. Thanks for the hospitality Hot Lips.