Tuesday, February 25, 2014

RUN NO. 2374 SPG 420 JLN MUARA 18FEB2014

RUN NO. 2374
DATE: 18 FEB 2014 - CNY RUN

The hens shot off at the horn with some new front runners in the making this week. Zoe and Paula, who I am sure would make excellent front horns and myself, Sticky Rice, who was just trying to be towards the front enough that I would get a little bit of makan before all you speedsters had eaten it all and gone home.

First check was quickly found by me me me me me me me m, it took me four and a half years to find a check.

Second check was found by....our new front horns Paula and Zoe, well done ladies. it was mostly a roady run and hilly with lots of chatty and jokey and a bit of sweaty on the way.

All back in record time to welcome our one guest, one new member and take part in a tip top dice and numbers game with absolutely no gambling or bikinis involved.
Thank you very much hares for a cool lion dance, a good luck salad tossing event, ang pow and scrummy food. It felt very Gong Xi Fa Chai at the H3.
Lots of ladies wore Chinese or red outfits to celebrate the year of the horse and we talked about next weeks run.

Important things about next weeks run:

1 Go to Meragang beach.
2 It's the last time you will ever get the chance to wear your swimsuit or bikini on H3 so do it if you dare:)
3 You WILL get your feet wet and possibly your knees.
4 You will not get eaten by a crocodile (probably).
5 There will be a little tiny bit of walking where you might need to use your hands as well as your feet.
6 Stay in front of the back horn or make sure you stay with a buddy.

ONON AT DR DOOLITTLE'S - Do bring a chair

Monday, February 17, 2014

RUN NO. 2373 KAPOK KANAN - 11FEB2014

RUN NO. 2373
DATE: 11 FEB 2014

Hares are very late with the run report. Tsk tsk tsk. So I’m going to make something up. And if it’s not accurate please write in and email to pleasewriteyourrunreport@itsyourfault.com.bn

So we were in Kapok Kanan and with Twinkle Toes feeling poorly, I stepped in to help with hash flash, which in my rush to get to the site on time have left my biggish camera. Good thing too coz it was raining. So out comes trusty ole mobile phone camera. Let’s see what else did I forgot. Oh yes, I forgot the cable to my power bank to charge my phone as it was running low on battery. Dumbass.

So in the rain I walked and snapped and snapped and walked and getting spit on. So I opted to walk back to the tent and managed to get more photos of late comers who were more than happy to oblige into modeling for me.

Back at the tent we have crumpets for sale. If you were feeling romantic there were lovely heart shaped ones, but I chose the round ones as I like to draw happy faces on them. The recruiter was busy setting up shop, the beer was found hidden under a bush and the rain was pouring.

Let’s see what else do I remember. Oh yes, there was the shout up obviously. The hares did a marvelous job with the food and the decorations. Some people had heart shaped props on themselves and a handful dressed up for the occasion. Though it was mentioned wear something romantic may or may not be translated to wear something romantic for the bedroom which will be ripped off by some horny man. I’d say husband but horny man sounds better.

Roses!! There were roses in the jungle!! And for those who have found them were given a year’s supply of edible underwear, chocolate sauce and fluffy handcuffs. I'm joking. I have no idea what presents they got.

There were first time guests and the only person I remember is Cecelia whom hash hound was having trouble pronouncing her name and called her sesame street instead. I smell a hash handle there. Storyteller got a down down as a returning hasher. Gina got a down down as a returning hasher. And I have never met Gina until that day. Shame didn’t get to talk to her too.

So tomorrow’s run is at Spg 420 Jln Muara. Wear A cheong Sam , or wear red or wear gold. There will be gambling so bring money. And if there is no gambling, there should be.

And lets this be a lesson to all, that it is never a good idea to let psycho write the run report unless she’s laying the run as she will muck up so much details about the run and write a lot of interesting stuff just to amuse herself. Yes I am laughing as I write this.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014


RUN NO. 2372
DATE: 4 FEB 2014

The run was started at Lucky Gardens and we all set off from the Hash House on the trail. The trail was laid by Squeak and Twinkle Toes and a few other NZ Committee members including Nancy , Duchess of Cambridge, Paula and The Recruiter. ( there may have been others) After a slow and steady ditch crossing we were off with a sharp up hill start to the jungle trail.There were two trails , one long and one short.  The front runners charged ahead and found the checks with Sarah P finding the first and Hash Hound finding the second. 

The run was fab, up and down and round and round and through the jungle we went.  On arrival back to the Shout up we were all treated to vibrant purple Waitangi Day T-shirts courtesy of the NZ committee.  After the usual proceeds the feast was upon us and sausage rolls and fish and chips were some of the NZ delicacies to savor.  A great run and a fun shout up so congratulations to the NZ committee of which there are 13 this year!!! Go Kiwi’s! 

Next weeks run is at Kapok Kanan and is a Valentines Day run. Feel free to dress up in you’re your most “romantic” attire and look for roses on the trail. Treats will await you if you find them. The hares say to stick to the trail as some traditional tracks have been blocked with fallen trees due to recent rainy conditions, and what may appear a short cut may actually leave you arriving late! On ON


RUN NO. 2371
DATE: 28 JAN 2014

This week’s run was the Australia Day celebration run organized by three of our Aussie members. The run was set for Sleazy Gardens, an excellent and popular but not often used run site. Tuesday afternoon rolled around and for the first time in weeks the weather was fine with no threat of imminent rain looming on the horizon, so in my car I hopped and off I zoomed for Sleazy Gardens to join my fellow hashers for an afternoon and evening of exercising and socializing. Unfortunately I had been sick over the previous few days and lugging the water out of my car and across the front yard showed me very quickly that there was no way I was going to be able to complete the run which we were warned was ‘challenging’.

At 5.15 Hash Hound sounded the horn, called “On-on” and we were off. We traipsed along the road for a short distance then veered off into the jungle and straight into our first lot of mud for the run, followed very quickly by the first challenging hill. It was about this time that due to an inability to be able to breathe meant I had to opt for a less challenging walk (i.e flat and short). Accompanied by Squeak and Nancy who were “making sure I was okay”, I meandered off for a bit of a walk around the local Kampong.

First runner (Hash Hound) completed the run in just over 50mins. She came out of the jungle with a tale to tell. At the first check most of the checkers went in one direction and Ika and another hasher went the other way to check. Hash Hound was standing at first check to call “Checking from here” when she heard the call of “On paper” come from the direction of the main pack. After a few minutes she realized that Ika and companion had not come back from where they were checking so she set off to find them. This is when she found Ika stuck in mud and sinking. They managed to get Ika out and headed off to find the trail. Well done Hash Hound for your keen observation skills and making sure that all hashers were safe and on trail.

First check was found by Speedy Gonzales (guided by Trailblazer) and second check was found by Ikea. All runners were out of the jungle and safely back at the run site by 6.45pm. At this point a few of the hashers took the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful swimming pool available at the run site. (Yay, gotta love Sleazy Gardens).

Before the shout up began the Aussie Hares handed out a quiz. I gave it a go, but obviously I’m not enough of a bogan because I got three answers wrong (I can’t believe that I forgot that the Torana was made by Holden!). The winners of the quiz ,Tiffany, Anna M and Ryvita, were awarded with a packet of Aussie themed biscuits.

Shout up went very smoothly, with one new guest joining us (another one recruited by The Recruiter) and one returning hasher – welcome back Jeannie! GM – Squeak – took the opportunity to remind all members that it is their responsibility when signing in guests to make sure that they write down whether or not they have paid their guest fee. We were also all warned that a failure to do this in the future will be a hashit-able offence. After this there was a gift exchange where hashers who had brought along a gift were called up to select one in exchange from the gift box. The shout up concluded with the awarding of Hashit to The Recruiter and Chi because they both forgot to sign back out of the jungle! Basic, rookie mistake guys!

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens - The Waitangi Day celebration run organized by the NZ committee.  Please bring chair for on on at "Hash House"