Thursday, October 22, 2009


In 2008 Founders Day T shirts
Sunset as we left Pulau Muara Besar
Arrival at the start of the run with front horn Trailblazer in the distance.....

Some beautiful Pitcher Plants along the way.

The island as we approached/departed?

RUN NO. 2148
SITE: Serasa Yacht Club - Pulau Muara Besar
HARES: Alison/Sue/Cheryl
FRONT HORN: Trailblazer

Last week’s run was a delightfully different one. Upon arrival at the Serasa Yacht Club the hens were greeted with shouts from Bunny Girl to hurry up and get ourselves on to the jetty. A little confused we all made our way down the jetty and were herded onto the boat. Boats? Now this was interesting.

Soon we headed off with a lung full of petrol and an earful of the guttural noise of the new engines churning in the water. The trip over was very pleasant and when the water intermittently flowed into the back of the boat all the hens obligingly lifted their feet up so as not to get them wet. We shouldn’t have bothered as when we arrived at Pulau Muara Besar (the island opposite the yacht club) we all had to wade through the knee high water (or thigh high depending on how height challenged you were) to get to the island. And so our adventure began.

Although at the start we had to wade through a bit of swampy water we soon broke through into some nice dry undergrowth. The trail was a very windy one making many twists and turns, so much so that some of the hens missed a few of the bends and caught up the paper trail a bit further on as the crow flies (not mentioning any names). In carefully following the paper I was intrigued by the crisscrossing of orangy tendrils across the ground. At first I thought they were plastic or fishing lines caught across the undergrowth (Cheryl apparently thought the same) but on closer inspection realized that they were indeed the runners of plants – how intriguing.

As we headed further along the trail I started to notice an amazing array of pitcher plants. There were big ones, red ones, fat ones, hourglass shaped ones and the cutest tiny little ones with a variety of green and pink lids. Although I was trying to keep up a decent pace I wanted to slow down to take a closer look (or even some pictures if I’d had a camera) and I was careful not to tread on these beautiful little treasures and tried to warn others behind me as well. As if this wasn’t surprising enough we then headed into some ground with the strangest dried mud that looked like cow pats and crackled underfoot. But there was no time to delay as Trailblazer was furiously honking the horn up ahead waiting for some others to catch up, so into the long grass we went eventually coming out on a lovely sandy waterway where you could get up a bit of a run, this finally emerged back onto our starting beach. Once we had waded back onto the boat the waiting hens were treated to a lovely pinky orange sunset. Now that was hashing in style.

The luxury continued back at the yacht club with the on on where we celebrated Alison’s 50th Birthday in style with cocktails, delicious food, cake and fireworks! Presentations were also made to Ms Merlot for completing 100 runs and for Diana for completing 150 runs and a new member Misuzu was welcomed to the ranks. After the shout up we all gathered for a group photo. All in all it was a fabulous night for the ladies hash. Thank-you to the hares for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

NEXT RUN: Kapok Kanan - NOT HALLOWEEN this week.
HARES: Pee Wee/Monique

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RUN NO. 2147 - RIMBA

Pink Food
A pink audience under a pink tent

The pink hares Speedo/Jane & Tango

RUN NO. 2147
DATE: 13 OCT 2009
SITE: Rimba - Breast Cancer run
HARES: Speedo/Tango & Jane
BACK HORN: Diana Price

Many pink-breasted hens were spotted at the roadside at Rimba this week! Or maybe that should be the ‘spotted pink breasted hens’ for those amongst you who are twitchers!
You could not miss our site this week; the tent was festooned with pink ribbons and pink bunting. A lot of work had obviously gone into decorating the tent. Thank you hares.
Just before the horn sounded to send us off into the jungle, we were told to get together for a group photo, which we did as well -behaved hashers. Then as the horn sounded for the off we ran/walked through a pink starting tape and up the path to start our hash, led by Mad Marg , the front horn.

This was my kind of hash, no significant mountains to climb, no muddy slippy downs or raging streams to cross, just a gentle walk. Before we knew it we were back at the tent. Mad Marg said she was out in 29 minutes! I’m sorry but I have no idea who found the checks.

The hares, dressed to the nines in wigs and things, were there to greet us with heart shaped marshmallows and sucky sweeties. Where did they get the tutus? I have always wanted a tutu!
We caused quite a stir at the side of the road, Brunei has not witnessed such a sight in many a long day. Cars were slowing down to have a good look and a few came back for a second peek.
The shout up then commenced. The hares were called up and thanked for all their efforts.
Then it was time to meet the first time guests. We had Diane, Liz and Ann from U.K. and Jessica from Sweden.
Trish was given an award for 200 run s. When the JM asked what she had spent the money on, she replied it had probably been spent in SupaSave!

Next came Joke Time and Speedo regaled us with a boob joke.
Prizes were handed out to those lucky enough to find ‘pink ladies’ in the jungle. Then the prize for best dressed hasher went to Mad Marg, whose knickers seemingly were of the pink persuasion! We didn’t have any evidence of this however.
Speedo gave us a little talk about taking care of our boobs and announced she had passed her five year clearance. We had a minute’s silence to remember all our friends and loved ones who have succumbed to this terrible cancer and also reflect on the survivors who have beaten the disease. We toasted the survivors with Pink Baileys!

More presents were distributed to all the hens; my goodness, thank you again hares. Then it was announcement time; first a lovely letter from Mrs Pingu, followed by info about the Kid’s Hash and our Hash party!:

The Hash Shit was tossed over Diana, for not signing out (too busy being a back horn) and Mamasan for a mobile phone violation.
If all that wasn’t enough excitement, more gifts in the form of vouchers for Fitness Zone, were distributed to some lucky hens.

Our lovely hares fed us with curry puffs, open sandwiches and cute wee cup cakes.
What a night!
NEXT RUN: Serasa Yacht Club
HARES: Alison/Cheryl & Sue

Friday, October 09, 2009

RUN NO. 2146 - SPG 378 SUBOK

The Hares Fertile Myrtle/Virgin Rachel/Mrs Merlot
New Member Rachel with her rules and gift from JM Bunny Girl

RUN NO. 2146
DATE: 6 OCT 2009
HARES: Fertile Myrtle/Mrs Merlot
HENS: 50

Arrived early and parked down the hill rather than up to leave space for the committee as they have a lot of things to carry. Hint! Hint!

The hens gathered catching up on the latest gossip. 5.15 pm already and time to sound the horn and off we went. Up and down the hills puffing and panting (doesn't get any easier). First check was found by Suzie - it was a back check. Off we trudged up the hills gaspiing and the yippee! time to go down. 2nd check was found by (sorry can't remember) but do know Madmarg found 3rd check.

Last time we were here (with the same hares - ed) we only made it to 2nd check as the hares were unable to get us out and we returned to base. So well done for a great run!

Bunny Girl gave the hares a Down! Down! A new guest was welcomed frm the UK (her mom's Sally). We were told there was a hash social night on Saturday 24th Octoer for fully paid up members and that you could bring a guest and food would be provided and that Founder's Day was on the 17th November. (The theme is Mardi Gras---- start getting your costumes together --- remember, purple, green and gold is the way to go -- beads, feathers, whatever tickles your fancy!! ed)

Ms Pink told some very good jokes.

The hashit went to Bunny Girl because her phone went off, Legally Blonde and Beluga for talking and Call Girl for forgetting the hash basket.

A lovely veggie curry was served - thank you hares.

NEXT RUN: RIMBA - Breast Cancer Run - Wear Pink ........

Thursday, October 01, 2009


The hares
New member being shown the ropes by JM

RUN NO. 2145
HARES: Juergen/Peahen with assistance from Satu Lagu/Eastern Promise
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

As commonly happens I arrived fashionably late with my guest, just in time to allow everyone a head start and to see you all clambering up a clay hill.

When I reached the top of the hill I was surprised to observe how thick the smoke haze was when I looked back down (these fires are totally not the one!). On into the jungle we went – going through a plantation – like Peter Rabbit going through Mr McGregor’s carrot patch. We past a couple of windmills and a friendly looking scarecrow.

We then hit an original main trail, by now hot on the heels of back horn. We chopped down a gear and arrived at first check just in time to hear the call “on back” – first check found by Pee Wee. Perfect timing we thought so we cut to the chase and followed everyone. We then went off the main trail and down into thicker jungle, which seemed so much cooler, this was welcomed as this day was particularly hot and all the hens were dripping wet. We crossed a wee creek and proceeded up a big hill where we came across Dizzy leaning up against a tree, muttering words to the effect of “mild heart attack” (having a dizzy spell).

Second check was found at the top of the hill by Ruthless Pursuit. Back onto the main track we went, noting a few big fallen trees lying across the paths that weren’t there on my last visit to Lucky Gardens. We crossed a couple of good sturdy log bridges, over the lake/pond, then popped out onto sand/mud flats thinking “yippee we are out” but alas no, we saw hens climbing up yet another challenging hill which then lead us back to the finish.

I thought it was a great run, covering a bit of everything –good trails jungle, creeks and hills – so well done to the hares and special thanks to Juergen for helping to lay it/

I was unable to stay for the shout up but heard that the hares put on yummy food – so thank you hares.

On on Ms Merlot

NEXT RUN: SPG 378 SUBOK (Water tower opp Rubbish Dump)
HARES: Ms Merlot/Fertile Myrtle