Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hares: Sue/Alison & Cheryl
Attentive well-behaved listener.

Catching up with Hari Raya stories before the run at George's workshop

RUN NO. 2144
DATE: 22 SEP 2009
SITE: Lucky Gardens
HARES: Alison/Cheryl/Sue

Its Hari Raya, open house after open house!! I just came back from one of those, thoroughly stuffed with Rendang, Lemang and other Malay delicacies. The Brunei hospitality was absolutely great again.

Had to rush home to get changed and as usual was a bit late for the run.
We started off at the back of George Henson’s warehouse along the road and then to the right getting on an empty patch. That must have been 1st check, as I could see a bunch of paper at the entrance of the jungle. Soon I caught up with the others and was told that there was a short run on yellow paper and a long run on pink paper. They all wondered where the yellow paper might be. Overtaking the tail of the runners, I found the paper after climbing a quite steep hill.
Still contemplating whether to go for the long run, I thought I needed to do a bit more to get rid of the extra few pounds I put on. So along I went on the ridge for quite a while until there was a left turn going down to the swamp area. I assumed that must have been 2nd check, as I met Alice in Wonderland and a few other hens coming from the other side.

Crossing the swamp, I thought it will be the out trail, but we turned right and “ OH NO” they made us climb that damn hill!!!! Finally after huffing and puffing I made it to the top, thinking “YES” we will turn left for the out trail, but was wrong again!! So along it went, following another ridge for quite a while until at some point the paper went to the right (it looked like another check). So down it went into the more dense jungle, a really beautiful trail with lush greens. Along the way we were crossing some streams and finally reaching the main trail.

“Oh No” not another hill to climb, but at least it wasn’t as steep as the previous one. Up on the ridge we turned right and were basically on the out trail. It took us another 10 to 15 minutes until we were out.

Thank you hares for this great run.

The shout-up was quite short; there were not many hens around.
After a down down for the hares and a few announcements and jokes, some key chains were handed out by the hares to the lucky finder of the green packets during the run.
Then it was down to the serious business of eating. All the hashers had brought a plate. We had dips and dippers, salads, Indian delights, quiche and a whole range of different desserts. It was all in all a very sumptuous buffet.
On On

Peahen (and in absence the honorary hash member Juergen)

Next Run: Lucky Gardens: We will try some different routes, but you will see some pink and yellow paper from last weeks run, which could not be avoided. Please stay on white paper!!!
A big “Thank You” to Satu Lagi and Eastern Promise for helping out!!!
HARES: Peahen/Juergen

Saturday, September 19, 2009


The Site
Wina happy she has given away the hashit

The Hares - Call Girl/Pickled Lilli and Ryvita

RUN NO. 2143
DATE: 15 SEP 2009
HARES: Call Girl/Pickled Lilli/Ryvita

It’s Tuesday again, can you believe it ? I’m sure the weeks go quicker near the equator or is it just because it’s Puasa the fasting month and I can finish work at 2pm what bliss this month is and I can only wish it was all year round. This month I don’t care how far away the hash is there’s lots of time spare for me not to be arriving late or with only 2 mins spare to get boots on and sign in….. or my friendly co-hares sign me in but don’t tell anyone who matters!!! AND far more important there’s time for a gossip before the hash. Well this week we had it all, lots of time to drive over, pick up Cheryl and Survivor for a leisurely drive to Crocodile Beach, time to catch up on the gossip and news from them both on the way and time for me to four wheel drive the sandy track to deliver Survivor as close as possible to the site before even thinking of getting boots laced up and signing in!! What more could a Tuesday ladies hasher want? A tent and chairs?… we had that too, a lovely sea breeze?… we had that too, drinks on ice? … we had that too thanks to some determined members of the mismanagement and helpers carrying everything along the beach track, well done ladies, it was even suggested we just sit down and stay there on site who needed a hash with such a lovely setting and drinks to boot!!! What sort of hashers are we breeding now fancy suggesting such a ridiculous idea….. Would have been rather pleasant though!!
To the hash oh yes that’s what I’m suppose to be writing about! Well before 5.15 the JM was waving those horny things around requesting as only she can that someone would love to take them off her and carry them round the jungle? But who would be brave today? Mad Marg stepped rather quickly into the role of front horn and then my co-hare Cheryl bravely accepted back horn, that’s what happens when you give CFBT teachers a holiday!! The JM then told us to expect a shortish run but very thorny, which seemed to galvanize some hens into activity showing rather eager movement towards the in trail, until it was explained to them that she’d said thorny not horny good job Dizzy wasn’t about this week we could have been flattened in the rush!!
5.15 pm came, well on someone’s watch anyway as mine was saying 5.20 by the time we headed off under the tent and into the scrubby jungle at the edge of the beach. Up we scrambled and twisted through the vines, roots and grasses, in fact we twisted so much that one of the horns was seen to twist completely out and fall back down the trail but I’ve promised not to mention which horn!!
The trail wandered around and through rough ground and then took a bit of a dive down a bank when we heard 1st check being called, almost instantly the on was called, so who found it I have no idea where it was exactly I have no idea? Well done to whoever it was. We then found ourselves going up hill which was a surprise considering we were just off the beach, climbing and treading very carefully over the many thorns we had been warned about we climbed to the top. We later found out Miss Pink had had a very close encounter with them but luckily managed to survive with only a couple embedded in the flesh. In fact we all survived miraculously considering the number of thorns we had all clambered over or under on this hash. The trail then started heading towards the coast road which could be heard very distinctly and seemed to be causing some confusion. First we heard the call for checking as we approached the road, followed quite quickly by the On-On call to the right and then to be followed by a second lot of checking from here!! Were the front runners lost, confused or what? The noise of the road was causing the soft spoken tones of the Ladies Hash to be completely lost to the further a field hashers. Melissa was there to refind the On trail which I must say wasn’t particularly well laid through by the front hens and back horn was there honking for all she was worth to bring up those still on the check luckily the sound of the horn could be heard over the incessant noise of the coast road.
The trail lead us out and on to the edge of the coast road to hop, skip and jump along towards the fisheries buildings, where we took a sharp right back into the jungle and headed towards the sounds of the sea. So much better than the road!! Down the trail lead us along the fencing of the fisheries buildings and with a graceful and completely controlled slide down the last slope, hardly dirtying the seat of the faithful hash pants we dropped on to the beach again. Was there only 2 checks forgot to check in the splendour of the scene that greeted us as we stumbled out of the jungle back on to the beach, the hares had even laid on a spectacular sunset!
Tearing ourselves away from the beauty we jogged down thook out te beach to catch Wina collecting sea shells before being back on site to prepare for the shout up.
There was one guest a visitor from Auz called Cheryl who was warmly welcomed and then a down down for Call Girl for her 50th hash, well done. We had a great joke from Never Wrong and we listened to the pros and cons of taking on a job for next years mis-management (committee), you can do it volunteer and keep YOUR hash going!!
While the Hash-it was soundly delivered by Wina to Legally Blond and Fertile Myrtle for rabbiting in the ranks during the shout-up.We were then treated to a sumptuous spread of delights from the hares, thank you ladies for the run, the food and the setting of a very enjoyable Tuesday hash.

NEXT RUN: LUCKY GARDENS - Please bring a plate to share.
HARES: Alison/Cheryl/Sue

Monday, September 07, 2009


Welcome back Jane - and looking good
Wina enjoying the hashit with Beluga trying to dodge it

The Hares: Never Wrong and Madmarg

RUN NO. 2142
DATE: 8 SEP 2009
HARES: MadMarg/Never Wrong
FRONT HORN: Pee Wee BACK HORN: Eastern Promise
Que Rain again at approximately 3.30 pm, is this a regular order of rain, I wonder, so as deter fairweather hashers from attending.. ?? if it was... it failed well tonight.

Having never been to the Mentiri site before, I arrived in good time (early!) as it was easy to find (for most). I did hear that a few hens had driven past the site, and some had ended up close to Bandar, but we all found it eventually.

The run itself was in the words as ‘ A good running trail and some great VIEWS..’(no mention of HILLS, but in hindsight maybe the word VIEW was a clue?)

Hill; noun
1.a natural elevation of the earth's surface, smaller than a mountain.
2. an incline, esp. in a road: This old jalopy won't make it up the next hill.
3. an artificial heap, pile, or mound: a hill made by ants.
So at least it wasn’t a mountain that we climbed, or a hill made by ants!

Although I did feel the description below was more akin to us walkie talkies at the back:
over the hill,
a. relatively advanced in age.
b. past one's prime.

Anyway.. where was I? The trail was very well marked, and that’s always a great help, for someone like me, whose glasses steam up thus rendering me half blind...
It was a well trodden path that we followed. But not one I was familiar with, although I did vaguely recognize the reservoir from a previous hash. The hills were certainly hilly, and I think we were grateful for the fact there were ropes there to help haul ourselves up, and the downs were definitely down !

The views from the top of these Bukits ~ hills were stunning.. sadly I didn’t have the camera with me, due to the chances of precipitation! But it makes you realize how small Brunei is when you are up high, looking down. Also there were some beautiful plants on the way round, a few wild white orchids, and some pitcher plants.

The shout up was at Madmargz small abode (myself, Bet & Kellie all had serious house envy!) We were entertained by Madmargz & Bunnygirl’s rendition of Marilyn Monroe’s (or was it Betty Boops?) “I wanna be loved by you”. I think Peter Peckers will to inflate was restored as the ladies gave him a peck on the cheek!

First time guests; Sally who has taken a long time to think about coming to the hash, and will return, and Suzanna from Hamburg, who when asked if she will return to the hash said a defiant: NO!

Special awards went to Boel (Call Girl), Anna (Ryvita), Diana (Beluga) and myself (Pickled Lilli) as we all received our hash names. Hashit was shared between Call girl, Beluga and Wina for various crimes!

AND - a special welcome back to Jane Woolley - for one night only...
And Peahens ‘F word’ birthday last week! (50)
Thanks to the hares for a great run and fab food too!
ON ON /Pickled Lilli

NEXT RUN: Crocodile Beach - Wear longs
HARES: Pickled Lilli/Ryvita/Call Girl

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Jm Bunny Girl enjoying Speedo's joke

Vigin Hares Rozi & Wina with Trailblazer & Smurf

Anna/Tina L/Hot Lips & Not Yet choosing their Ketupats that Wina and Rozi had made.

Run No. 2141
DATE: 1 SEP 2009
SITE: Mata-Mata
HARES: Wina/Rozi/Smurf/Trailblazer
BACK HORN: Alice in Wonderland

When the heavens opened up at 3 o'clock I did not want to venture outside, let alone do a hash run in slippery mata mata but as I had the softies and had to collect the signs and write up the words i was obligated to be there.

I arrived at the site and realised it was only the dedicated all weather hashers who had shown up. Fortunately when the run started the rain had stopped and at least it was a pleasantly cool evening.

We proceeded up and up along a not too steep climb, then through bracken all the while looking out for pitcher plants and colourful fungi as promised in the words. I did manage to spot some small pitcher plants but spent most of the run watching my feet in the slippery and muddy conditions.

We crossed waterways which luckily had not been turned into raging torrents after all the rain,there were downhill slopes which proved tricky in the mud and the hills were mainly gentle climbs until the final hill which was steep and seemed to go on and on., but the view along the ridge with all the mist was delightful.

On the way out we met up with Peewee and Ruthless Pursuit who after arriving late decided to go in backwards. They did well as they completed the whole run.

First and second checks were found by newly married virgin checker Julia. Well Done!

It turned out to be a very pleasurable run. At the shout up the Virgin Hares and born again virgin hares were given a down down and Melissa a new member who has proved she is definately not a fair weather hasher was welcomed.

Speedo excellently told a joke which is in the running for joke of the year.

When the call for the hashit was announced Wina volunteered for it and tried desperately to be given it but it was denied so Tania is still stuck with the chook foe another week. Maybe this week she will be able to get rid of it of it to a deserving victim. Thank you Wina and Rozi for the delicious curries and tumpi and the colourful Ketupats which they made.

SITE: OPP SPG 329 KG MENTERI - RHS after Menteri Roundabout towards BSB
On On at Madmarg's
HARES: Never Wrong/Madmarg