Saturday, August 30, 2008

RUN NO. 2087

DATE: 19 August 2008
SITE: Rimba
HARES: Ah Struth/Never Wrong/Nancy
BACK HORN: Sarah Hill

It’s been a while since I have done a hash run at Rimba. The run started off on the road testing everyone’s stamina after the long holiday break. We headed right into the jungle following a well defined trail all the way to first check. The first two checks were found quite quickly, both by Magic Roundabout. The route was quite familiar. I'm sure we had been on this track before but in reverse. By the time I got to third check it had been called though so I'm not sure who found it. We then continued on trail thought the jungle until we got to the out skirts of the derelict houses which lead us on a newly cut track thought the long thick grass behind the abandoned houses we knew we were nearly out.

But there was one thing different this time - no Toy Boys!!

I have missed the runs where they were present, dressed in their gorgeous attire. Maybe next time I will get lucky!

At the shout up one new guest was introduced – Sarah from UK

Congratulations to Jan Murphy in completing 100 runs.

The Hashit went to three willing takers: Carol JM, Legally Blonde & Cath.

Thanks also to the Hares for the delicious food.

NEXT RUN: Salambigar Link
HARES: Mad Marg/Naj

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