Saturday, June 24, 2017

RUN NO. 2548 MCFARM 20 JUN 2017

Date: 20 June 2017
Site: Agro Park
Hares: Sarah B, Sarah C, Sharon and In Too Deep
Front Horn: Lykke    Back Horn: Never Wrong

We all arrived to see the tent had been delivered, but wasn’t standing!
Luckily, Trailblazer stayed back to supervise and it was up when we got back.

The horn sounded and we were off, with the front runners in the distance. We could turn back after first check for the short run (5.5km), or just keep on going for the long (6.5km). Speedy Gonzales found the first check and Footloose the second. The front runners did an extra
loop of the lollipop before Hash Hound realised and relaid an arrow for the rest of us to find our way out before backtracking too far.  It was a good run with everyone out safely. 

The Onon was pretty quiet, with a few away on holidays and some just not there. Hash Hound got hashit for signing in and out before she even did the run… she’s quick, but not that quick! 

We celebrated June birthdays, welcomed new member Liz (from Canada, teacher at JIS), and enjoyed a great spread.

HARES: The Simpang Girls
Please bring chairs!

Monday, June 19, 2017

RUN NO. 2547 MATA-MATA 13JUN2017

RUN NO. 2547
SITE:  Bukit Silat (Mata Mata)
HARES: Footloose, Lykke, Sarah B
FRONT HORN: In Too Deep  BACK HORN: Duchess of Cambridge

A successful Mid year committee run was enjoyed by all hashers this week. After a few problems occurred with the previous hash site, a very good decision was made to change the site and with little time and notice the hares managed to pick a new location and do another recce.
 Safe to say everyone felt a bit relieved, thankfully there was no razor grass or bees nests, just pretty views and a very well laid run.

The run was a distance of 4.5km with a variety of jungle, some never ending hills as always and a nice trail to finish. I led the way in as front horn but struggled to keep up with Yogi Beer and Artful Dodger who had beaten me to the finish line [although hash is not a competition, ladies, let’s not forget….] Duchess of Cambridge had back horn.

There was one check which was well spotted by Yogi Beer, while Artful Dodger continued downhill and crossed the bridge to find the remaining trail.

Back at the On -On we were greeted with our mid year hash gifts, the best umbrellas on the market!! All thanks to the committee.

There was a first time guest, an ISB teacher called Hannah, brought by Tracy.

Hash shit was well taken by Duchess of Cambridge, Footloose and Ripper. Duchess of Cambridge had basically asked for hash shit!(very brave of her). She had missed an application deadline for the euro hash in Vienna and so pleaded that if she could still enter she would take hash shit here in Brunei. Footloose had to take one for guest Tanya as she left her water bottle behind last week. And lastly Ripper got it for leaving her shoes and socks behind.

onon - In Too Deep

HARES: In Too Deep/Sarah B/Sharon/Sarah C
Mosquito repellent - a must for this site.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

RUN NO. 2546 SPG 420 JLN MUARA 06JUN17

RUN NO. 2546
DATE: 6 JUN 2017

With only distant rumblings of thunder, many more hens gathered this week for the Gawai run than had braved the beautiful but very soggy RR the week before. That, or like me, they were ever hopeful that Hornbill would cook her famous rendang!
Lemang to go with the Rendang

Chloe was our lovely front hor,n, while Siaw Yan brought up the rear. After a bit of confusion at the very start—are we up the hill, or down the hill, or was it up or was it down, we finally ran down the hill, along the road, and into the jungle. Now this is where I don’t have much more to report I’m afraid as I was not taking mental notes as at that point I didn’t know I was going to be doing the run report! So the run went something like this: Up—down—round a corner—up—down—round a corner (or similar, repeat).

Itchy Feet found the first check and Wonder Woman the second. I do remember getting to 3.8km on my watch and heading back into deep canopy and thinking “3.5km my arse!”. I made it 5.2km, and very enjoyable it was too! I was very pleased to be handed some rice wine after making it back up the hill from hell to Hornbill’s.

With only distant rumblings of thunder, many more hens gathered this week for the Gawai run than had braved the beautiful but very soggy RR the week before. That, or like me, they were ever hopeful that Hornbill would cook her famous rendang! Chloe was our lovely front hor,n, while Siaw Yan brought up the rear. After a bit of confusion at the very start—are we up the hill, or down the hill, or was it up or was it down, we finally ran down the hill, along the road, and into the jungle. Now this is where I don’t have much more to report I’m afraid as I was not taking mental notes as at that point I didn’t know I was going to be doing the run report!

 So the run went something like this: Up—down—round a corner—up—down—round a corner (or similar, repeat). Itchy Feet found the first check and Wonder Woman the second. I do remember getting to 3.8km on my watch and heading back into deep canopy and thinking “3.5km my arse!”. I made it 5.2km, and very enjoyable it was too! I was very pleased to be handed some rice wine after making it back up the hill from hell to Hornbill’s. As ever, it was lovely to see her and James dressed in traditional costumes, and to savour the highlight of the hashing year for me….the rendang!

To be fair, it was very well accompanied by some very tasty chicken burgers [see recipe], rice ‘wheels’ and extremely moreish crunchy beige sticks, whose name escapes me! Next week’s run is the Mid Year run organized by the committee. There is some razor grass so it is recommended that you cover up well, and also bring mossie spray as there are lots of the little sods about!

Rain check Hashit for PeeWee & Patsy for forgetting the plates and cutlery when we were at Rapier range

As ever, it was lovely to see her and James dressed in traditional costumes,

 and to savour the highlight of the hashing year for me….the rendang! To be fair, it was very well accompanied by some very tasty chicken burgers [see recipe], rice ‘wheels’ and extremely moreish crunchy beige sticks, whose name escapes me! Next week’s run is the Mid Year run organized by the committee. There is some razor grass so it is recommended that you cover up well, and also bring mossie spray as there are lots of the little sods about!


Monday, June 05, 2017


RUN NO. 2545
DATE: 30 MAY 2017

A small group of eager hens gathered at rapier range with the clouds looking ominous.
I have memories of running in the rain at this site before. We set off down the road and through vegetable plantations still in fine weather.

It was a interesting trail by the beach and through a tricky path then back onto a clearer path when the heavens opened.

Led astray, Jeanette and I plodded along gradually getting wetter and wetter till we were back at the vegetable plots then,thankfully found the blue out trail and were back on the road.
When we arrived back at site, Jeanette in her white t shirt could have easily won a wet t shirt competition and I was glad hash flash was not around to take my photo but I appreciated the cocktail supplied by the hares.
An even smaller number of hens braved the mud and rain for the shout up. 

The hares proudly showed off the new range of brightly coloured hash t shirts and hash shop did good business.

No first time guests this week but led astray, pedigree pup,icy bitch,where's Wally, trailblazer and tiger moth celebrated a grand total of 1050 runs between them 
There were no calls for the hash shit as we were wet enough but plates were watch out patsy and peewee. 
Thank you hares for the delicious salad and wraps
On on
Never wrong (volunteer) - Thanks!


Monday, May 22, 2017

RUN NO. 2543 AGRO PARK 16 MAY 2017

RUN NO. 2543
DATE: 16 MAY 2017 (BLUE RUN)

We pretty much knew what was in store for us tonight. Fire trail followed by jungle. 8.5km of it. Well at least we all knew how long it was so were able to make a decision on how far we wanted to go. 

Sadly for some strange reason I thought I'd do the full run, and although I was more than happy with it, my ankles begged to differ by the end of it. 

So we began on the fire trails, a few small inclines as it snaked around to the jungle. What absolutely lovely jungle it is. Lovely clear running trails, a bit of water to cross, ferny banks, sandy and grassy trails. And no big hills! Always a bonus on a longer run. I checked my google maps to see how far we had to go at one point, and although it looked like a long way it in fact wasn't. We completed the loop coming back on the road. Everyone was out by 7 I believe. Hurrah!

Our usual shout up followed, a new member - always good! Welcome to Brittany (spelling?). And a Royal hashit for our ditsy JM who had left the plates at Glamour's house last week. We had a lovely dinner of chilli and rice, as we were all definitely ready to eat by then. 

Then came the bake off judging. We had been asked to make a sweet snack with just 20g of carbs in it. A snack suitable for a person with type 1 diabetes. This is not an easy task, there's so much to take into consideration. Although my cookies were low on carbs, they had too much sugar which would cause a spike. Gin Trap's cake also followed the brief, but you would have had to have eaten a third of the cake to get the correct intake of carbs. The winning entry was Wonder Woman's muesli bar snack. I guess there's a reason she has that name!  It was another reminder of the difficulties all type 1 diabetic sufferers and their families go through each day. A simple snack is an absolute minefield. As a result of this, more money was made for the fund Jane has organised. After the run, dinner and bake off excitement, everyone was pretty much done for. Another lovely h3 evening in the tropics! And hopefully another this week. 

Without a word of a lie we can promise you hills this week. Big hills. But the views are most definitely worth it! On on


Friday, May 12, 2017


RUN NO. 2542
DATE: 9 MAY 2017
HARES: Glamour, Psycho, Readymix, LMG

The sun blazed down as the hens gathered for Glamour’s Birthday run (and of course Psycho’s). Twinkle toes gave us a clue as to the run and with that HH blew the front horn, Sam I Am the back horn and off we trekked. Gentle hills, a few scary water crossings (I do not like) and of course a huge hill which had us glowing more than usual (do hens sweat or glow?!)

A short but sweet run for most but the diehard front runners did a swift about turn on reaching the signing in board. Some went in for round two forwards and some did a reverse route run. All arrived safely out of the jungle and we moved onto to Glamour’s for the On On.

Thanks were given to the hares Glamour, Psycho, Readymix and LMG for a great run. A firsttime guest bravely downed something green in fine fashion under the watchful eye of Mum (Tracy). Olivia will hopefully join us again next week. There was a new member - Sarah Grimshaw, who’s first run was memorable due to In Too Deep’s driving into ditches drama at Serasa. Talking of whom, In Too Deep’s absence recently was explained due to her nuptials in Bali. “Love and marriage” were also in the air for Rush Hour who married Makin Bacon (the puns I shall leave to you as they are tooooo easy!) We toasted their health.

Wonder Woman asked for donations for the tombola next week, held to raise money for Type 1 diabetes and asked if they could be wrapped to increase the element of surprise. Sam I Am (that would be me) attempted to explain the “bake a cake with 20g of carbs per portion” competition. Thankfully Alison stepped in and gave much clearer instructions and Sarah pointed out that Google is helpful. (How did we manage pre-google?!) And then onto the stars of the night, Glamour and Psycho. A delicious looking cake was produced and a rousing Happy Birthday sang by one and all.

The JMs congratulated Duchess of Cambridge, Super Trooper, Edna, Hash Hound, Sam I Am and the Recruiter for taking part in the BIM races in KK at the weekend and hash shit went to Sian Yew for a phone ringing incident during the shout out. We were then invited for scrummy food with a delicious dessert of banoffee pie. Glamour held her birthday raffle and each member was called to collect a fabulous prize. A group birthday photo with us showing our lovely gifts and singing Happy Birthday to Glamour rounded off a great birthday run. Next week’s run is at Agro farm. Looking forward to the cake competition. Please bring a chair and some $$ for the tombola and cakes.


RUN NO. 2541 DIPLO 2MAY 2017

RUN NO. 2541
DATE: 2 MAY 2017
HARES: Alison, Black Beauty, Miss Goody Two Shoes

….. Big clouds threatening to release their load on us from the start. At 5:15pm, front horn Hash Hound blew the horn to set the hens off. A slight confusion before entering the jungle with extra paper leading a different way but thankfully with information given in advance by the hares that entrance to the jungle was in front of the Laos embassy helped clear everything up.

Into the jungle with new trails and views in sight as we’re brought through rarely used trails on H3. The new campsite came into view with first check being called. Itchy feet found the on on paper in little to no time and off we went up crazy hill 1! Not a diplo run if there ain’t crazy hills! Up, up, up and a little down then more up up up up again to second check which was trickier but found by Yogibeer (or so I think based on the voice of On On On Paper!)

We were gifted with not just the minimum of 2 BUT 3 checks! Footloose found the on on paper for th 3rd check and not long after, we were out of the jungle, finding ourselves at the bottom of the hill of the main road. Follow the tarmac back to site with all hens out before dark! Winds started to pick up as the dark clouds rolled in. JMs started shout out and through shout out the rains poured in hard. Down down for the hares and an award for hare Alison with her 1200 runs mark. (She started hashing in 1987!) with stories of her a similar run; rain, floods and cars submerged in water..

Also an announcement by the I’ve done ‘1200 runs’ hen in prep for the upcoming run by Sam I Am ## taken from Sam I Am’s post Hello there all you baking fans. There's a cake bake off at the 16th May hash following the huge success and deliciousness of the last bake competition. Same rules apply ($5 to enter and a cash prize for the winner) BUT with one difference.... each slice can only have 20g of carbs. Alison is a master of all things carb like and is happy to help. It is a challenge. But given the quality of bakers at H3 I'm looking forward to tasting. * It's 20g of carbs because that's the amount calculated for a snack for those with type 1 diabetes. Size of the actual slice is not important. It's the yum factor! ##

Next week’s run is at Lucky Gardens and on on at Glamour’s so bring a chair as we celebrate the birthdays of Glamour and Psycho! (actual day peeps!!)

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

RUN NO. 2540 DIPLO 25 APR 2017

RUN NO. 2540
DATE: 25 APR 2017

HARES: Alison/Black Beauty/MGTS


RUN NO. 2539
HARES: Pee Wee/Bunnygirl/Wonderwoman/Hotlips

What to write about the run when one doesn't walk it? One goes in the day after to see what the complains of hills was like. I personally always love mentiri for its hills we have a hatelove relationship and believe me it was much more love when I was still pulled up by my four legged friend than on my own energy. So in my imagination, and its large I could hear some moan and groan from the day before, some slip and slides here and there and loads of On-On called. I unlike yourselves had the pleasure of running though all the checks without checking or laying paper through....the perks of work cutting into your hash plans but not the morning after. Oh but was told to say LMG found all the checks, so here goes!

Than the actual run, last Tuesday wasn't it. Very British all those flags and the tea cups, being Dutch we don't do tea that's for those on the other side of the NorthSea we rather drink coffee. However that said these cups of "tea" were rather pleasantly liked by all hens including myself. What was less pleasant or may I say eyeball rolling experience was the pool dip. Sorry ladies can't help but notice some of us clearly haven't been educated well by our mums. Sports underwear helps us to protect our feminine rounding and keep them into place...some "hash knickers" just need a sporty change up and let's not recall the talk about the color or what dirt stains look like when one chooses the wrong for thought perhaps.

May I say I seriously enjoyed the Bond HashBond entertainment done by our British Comedians subgroup, splendid ladies! And as always a shoutout to our very Hash own Diplomatic British Hash House with pool....not to mention the bathing suits that perhaps were a bit too "posh" for the occasion....thank you Rachel for lending us your fabulous establishment! Next weeks run is from the other side of the NothSea as we can't stay too far away from our neighbors, Dutch Kings Day run. Orange is the Dutch Royalty color and therefore we ask you to wear it with pride. If you really don't want to go our and shop for anything orange than perhaps the countries flag colors which are not that different from last weeks, just don't cross them over! It will be a medium long run at diplo so of course a hill and what else you may expect of diplo. See you all there. On-On HH & IB


Tuesday, April 18, 2017


RUN NO. 2537
DATE: 11 APR 2017
HARES: Led Astray, Pedigree Pup, Rush Hour, Siaw Yan

It was hot and sticky as lots of hens gathered at lucky gardens and that was before we even set off into the jungle. With so many front runners injured there was a moment where it looked like there would be no front horn until Footloose stepped up to the job. With Alice in Wonderland ready as back horn we were off.

We started off up through the quarry and that way into the jungle which was a nice change. The first check proved tricky but was eventually found by Sambuca. There was an optional (that maybe wasn’t supposed to be optional) loop to increase the distance by a good 1.5-2km with two further checks and well done to all who did that.

Back at Pedigree Pup’s pad a delicious punch awaited us to bring in Tamil New Year and some very beautiful saris started appearing as well as a bindi for everyone which Survivor aptly applied to all our foreheads.

We welcomed a new member, Lei, who has been in Brunei for a long time and is now ready to hash! Welcome Lei. A delicious array of curries with rice, Chappatis and papadums then followed. A truly delicious treat.

Next week is the annual British run! The run is at Mentiri waterfalls and the shout up and celebrations will be at Rachel Fielding’s house.

There’s so much to celebrate; St. George’s day, HRH the Queen’s birthday and her Sapphire Jubilee! Queen Elizabeth II is the first ever British Monarch to reach 65 years on the throne. She overtook Queen Victoria’s (her great great grandmother) record reign of nearly 64 years back in 2015 and on 6th February completed her 65th year as a reigning monarch. Remarkable! We’ll have a delicious well known British aperitif for everyone to enjoy followed by a delectable High Tea and some of the high quality, well-rehearsed entertainment you have come to expect from the Ladies Hash :-D Please wear anything Union Jack themed you may have, or blue, white and red for the OnOn.

Bring swimmers if you fancy a dip and do bring a chair. There will be an exciting photo opportunity with a VVVIP too, so make sure you set your hair and wear your pearls. It’s not one to miss! Tally-ho!


Monday, April 10, 2017

RUN NO. 2537 DIPLO 4APR2017

RUN NO. 2537
DATE: 4 APR 2017

The run started at exactly 5.15pm at Diplo hills. Several Men have joined this run as it is for a good cause. Leading the run at front horn was Ready Mix with a new and powerful horn followed by Never Wrong who assisted at back horn. The trail had lots of small routes and oh boy, the first check was so tricky that front runners did not manage to find it. DOC explored the hilly slopes away from the misleading check paper where she found the trail that connected the run. Paper was laid through. During the run, were lots of tricky sharp turns which runners would miss if they weren't paying attention.

There was mud, water crossings as well as steep hills making it a well rounded hash run. Upon exit, the committee JMs welcomed us with an after run "concoction" where all of us had one or two. Runners ( both men and women) went to change into glamorous red dresses to celebrate at the On-On where there were lots lucky draw prizes and food plus music.

Our dear Hasher Geri Reid was also named during this event - from hereon, she will be known as "Under the Radar". Additionally the winners of the red dress run were OverThis in third place , Sticky Fingers in second and Stingy Brothel in first -many thanks to his magnificently skanky wig! Lol! other hashers such as Sarah, Wonder Woman got a mention for their attires and received some sponsorship gifts from yellow pages.

Next week's run will be the Tamil New year run at Lucky Gardens. Hashers are *more than welcome* to come in their Indian attire for he On-on. Don't forget your chairs and learning to say " Puthandu Vazthukal" won't harm you either. Led Astray, Pedigree Pup, Rush Hour, Siaw Yan

Bring a chair and wear Indian Attire for shout up.

RUN NO. 2536 DIPLO 28 MAR 2017

RUN NO. 2536
DATE: 28 MAR 2017

A larger than expected crowd for the school holidays! Psycho called the hens to order with a sweet message from the hares, Short run.. SO short that there was no check! Groans and whines from a few *cough* Mean Machine *cough* (Welcome back!).

Then it was into the jungle through relay hill and coming quickly into sight of the party ground. Following the river, turning back round to be greeted by butterfly tree, Bill’s ridge and out! In and out of the jungle by 6 for most despite a number of hens going back in for round 2.

Under the tent with rain threatening to pour We thanked the hens for the run and the homemade Laksa speciality of Sweet F.A. We welcomed 2 first time guests. Auntie Lesley who is in Brunei for the nuptials of Rush Hour & Making Bacon. Alexis who is a trumpugee and is in Brunei as a teacher. We welcomed back Mean Machine as a returning hasher. Here for a holiday. Missing the jungle. Buttwhat celebrated 50runs with a potty. March babies celebrated with a cake to share. Next week run is red dress run. Wear red. Wear a dress. Give us your money. Raffles for sale.


Friday, March 24, 2017

RUN NO. 2535 DADAP 21 MAR 2017

RUN NO. 2535
DATE: 21 MAR 2017

Checking with my co-hare before the run,  so as not to be burdened with the run report as I always seem to be the one writing up, was disappointed with the reply - sorry not coming to run as have work...DADAP CANT DO TODAY..LAST MINUTE I HAVE A DRY RUN WITH PECHAKUCHA AT 7PM AND VISITORS AT 5PM - TODAY I HAVE 2 PRESENTATION, 2 UBD VISITS, 1 CHECK IN N 1 DRY RUN"   la la la......  

A small group of hens had gathered and we were told it would be a short run at 2km and front runners could go round again if they so wished - at least two did.

Good old Dadap did not disappoint and certainly a new site for many hares.  For the oldies its been a while since we were there so it was good to have the shout up on site rather than driving off to Never Wrongs or Sarah's.

The start off to the right up the hill into the jungle was a good warm up to keep the heart pumping.  Front horn Ryvita was no where to be seen and Rachael took on the back horn.  A few river crossings kept our heels cool and a few waterfalls kept the scenery  interesting.  A bit soft underfoot with the overnight rains we have been having but we soon popped out of the lollipop in around 35 minutes.

Shout up was done and wrapped up before the sun was down. No hashit was given and the hares gave us chicken with a selection of salads with bread rolls to be filled. Thank you Duke OC for the yummy stuffing!

So another evening continued for a bit but the mosquitoes won and we were out of Dadap by 8 p.m. I was glad to be on the way home with my little carriage filled with the sign-in board, and all the signs (4 to be exact) which was required for showing the hens to site without getting lost.  Got a message from my co-hare to "HELP HER PICK UP THE SIGN" at 20.26 hours.  By then I was well on my way home........ So goes another evening in the abode on a Tuesday.  C. U. N. T.

Run will be at Diplo.
Hares: Trailblazer/What Butt


Run No 2534
Date: 14 Mar 2017
Site. Simpang 770 Jalan Muara
Hares.Ryvita,Gin Trap and Bracken Bard

Front horn .Lara
Back horn. Neverwrong 

It was good to set off from a new site into unknown jungle.
First we set off through a path then into the jungle where we continued on through
a mixed trail of bracken and jungle for a couple of kilometres until we arrived at the edge of a cemetery and down steps where we were given the option of a long or short run.
The long run went back up the road and the walkie talkies met up with the front runners already returning.

We then disappeared back into the jungle through a lovely trail till we came out again and followed paper until we came back out onto Jalan Muara.

Two first time guests were introduced,Brittany from Chicago and Emma from Malaysia.
Hot Lips celebrated her 450th Run well Done

Sarah  received the hashit for not wearing a hash T shirt which was well taken
The hares then supplied us with delicious chilli con carne.
Thank you Hares for an enjoyable evening.
There now seems to be a new guard of stayers at the on.on


Next weeks run at Dadap. Simpang 102/34 shout up on site

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

RUN NO. 2533 DIPLO 7 MAR 17

RUN NO. 2533
DATE: 7 MAR 2017

In nice and gently through the grass, then a lovely long down trail which made this hare believe that she was in fact a front runner and could keep up. Pa ha ha! Duly arrived at the very wet, very splashy first check and then found the hares had laid a back check, found by Wonder Woman. Then I realised the error of my ways as I hit a bloody great hill and nearly died! Argh! Bit of confusion about where the second check actually was [more of that later], finally found to be an even more devious double back on yourself super sneaky check later on, found by Itchy Feet.

Thank goodness for the 'pissy pants' drink that greeted us at the good old jungle bar. Best not to down it and plough on up the hideous 'relay hill' to the end unless you want to feel slightly sick is what I was delicious though, but should be savoured more is the conclusion!

Sarah C was front horn, Never Wrong was back horn.

There was much merriment at the shout up with Psycho armed with her water gun, and both her and Ripper donning their executioner outfits to name Merrill. From now onwards she will be know as ‘Sambuca’

Several announcements were made [see announcements], among which is a call for secondary people for the roles of ‘hash flash’ and ‘hash softie’. Please see JMs if interested.

The shout up ended with the hares receiving hashit for dropping a load of paper while laying, which caused the confusion about where second check actually was.

Yummy laksa rounded off the evening nicely!

Next week’s run will have 2 options, a short (about 2.5km) and long (about 4.5km). The longer loop will be laid in orange. About 1-1.5km in the run will pass through a cemetery. If you are uncomfortable with passing through there (it is the easier and safer route), there is a steep path about 50m before it on the left hand side (or on the right if you have double backed once you get to the cemetery).

Slippy and scratchy in places, so appropriate footwear and long sleeves, trousers, socks recommended


Monday, March 06, 2017

RUN NO. 2532 DIPLO 28 FEB 17

RUN NO. 2532
DATE: 28 FEB 2017

Weather was perfect for the H3 St David's Day run. Cloudy with plenty of breeze all around. Ripper called the hens to order asking for volunteers for front horn, taken up by Lykke and back horn to which the hash was at one of it's quietest for a minute before Squeak offered to squeeze the squeaky blue horn in the jungle. No info could be gotten from the hares about how long it is, what colours are the checks and how many there were which turned out fab anyway as it is what it is! A jungle run/walk. Once you're in, you just gotta get yourself out.

To the honks of the front horn at exactly at 5:15pm, off we all trotted. In and down we went through trails that hasn't been used by ladies hash in a LONG time and boy were there hills.. Steep steep hills.. Despite the glutes entered exer-cises it was a lovely run with plenty of stream crossings, hill climbing and slid-ing before finding ourselves back to the starting point. First check was a tricky one that sent hens all over the jungle and the second one easier and more obvi-ous. It was such a great run that front runner hens went back in for a second loop only to find themselves, LOST.. Getting dark and close to shout out, Yogi Beer, one of the hares took to blowing the horn at the start of the trail helping to direct the lost hens back to site.

All hens safely out and cleaned up, the hash was called to order with an acknowledgement and thanks to the hares of the run. Just one FTG, Leia brought by Goodnight Kiwi. A very gungho hasher from the get go! She had hurt her an-kle just over the weekend having done 88 km out of her very first 100km run and she was there at hash. Kudos and congratulations to the woman for going so far and being level headed to stop pushing her body when required. 2 new members from the CfBt crew were also welcomed. Sophia from Boston and Katie from Ireland. Footloose received her potty for 50 runs. Followed by announcements with Sarah for Serunai Singers, kids hash in Rimba and Gin Trap's wiggle order having gone out but there are three hens who are going to make a 2nd order. 

Ask before it's too late! Yogi Beer did a joke about a man with 3 wishes and he want-ed to be the cleverest human so the genie turned him into a woman. For eats, there were beautiful curries and rotis all around with a notable mention for the aubergine curry which was polished off quick!


Monday, February 27, 2017


RUN NO. 2531
DATE: 21 FEB 2017

A bottleneck of hens clad in red and maroon T-shirts headed up the initial steep incline into the jungle. Itchy Feet leading the runners at the front, and Sarah B guarding the walkie-talkies at the back. A pleasant, straight forward 4km route with two checks.  Mrs Pingu with her ritualistic act of dashing past the walkers half way through the run and Led Astray elbowing her way through the talkers at the end.  No mishaps in the jungle itself. But one of our new members, Sophie decided not to sign out until she was comfortably safe at the onon…oops!  I think Meryl could be partly to blame there. Also LMG provided the H3 committee with photographic evidence of a basket of car keys left behind the signing board – with the absence of Psycho, our very own Ripper found guilty of that offence..  So plenty of hashit to be had!

Shout up hosted at JOTB’s huge house on  Jalan Kebangsan, beautifully decorated with red lanterns hanging from the ceilings to drive off bad luck.. and bowls overflowing with golden orange kumquats and mandarins to bring in good luck and wealth.  JOTB and Readymix beautifully dolled up in their exquisite ruby red cheongsams and Trailblazer proudly showing off her Kid’s hash rooster Tshirt. 

As the skies grew dark, Readymix started the evening at 7pm with a wonderful fire display.  Brave red hens, realising this was not a planned event, quickly came to the rescue and had the fire doused. But no water could douse the sudden fire within Readymix who nearly turned into a Chinese fireball.

Many announcement at the shout up… this Sunday all day garage sale at Alison’s  - lots of good stuff and some trash… let everyone know including your amah’s.  Wiggle order, if you want shoes or any other stuff that you can buy from the site, then get on to it at: and inform Gin Trap soon! If you’re not sure on your shoe size, then just try on someone’s stinky shoes ideally before they’ve gone on a run. Sarah B announced Seranai Singers performance at the RBYC coming up on 3rd and 4th March, so be great if many of you ladies can go along and support. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students and children and include a not so light buffet.  As regards Red Dress on 4th April, please feel free to give any donations for prizes for the raffle draw to Pedigree Pup. Ripper has reminded us all to please be discreet when drinking the blues and reds after run. If you need to pick up receipt for your subs, then go see Ripper or Psycho.

What a delicious spread was had.  We started off with a dish called Lo Yee Sang. The dish comprised of many elements with veggies ‘n fruits; the key ingredients being fish (smoked salmon) to represent continuous business “yee sang”. As a circle of hard working ladies toss it together “Lo” with our chopsticks we create the continuous flow of business.  JOTB drizzled it all with seasonings ‘n condiments (honey, plum sauce, lemon juice, sesame seeds, peanuts, crisps, five spices and ground pepper… thus representing the essence of life – sweet, bitter, spicy, inspiring, unpredictable, overwhelming, interesting and so on…  A circle of ladies tossed it together “Lo” with our chopsticks, thus creating a continuous flow of business.  And that was just the starter!!!  This tasty dish was followed by a delicious main meal: steamed rice, veggie stir fry meehoon, steamed chicken with ginger, spring onion sauce, sweet & sour red snapper fish fillet, vegetarian spring rolls,, mixed veggies and braised beef cutlets. With bellies bursting to the brim, we were then treated to chocolate birthday cake and balls of glutinous rice. Satiated stomachs, we headed home to bed.
The hares so grateful that all us ladies enjoyed the run and took part in this ancient custom and culture, celebrating the Chinese Lunar New year and ushering the year of the Golden Rooster. Gong Xi Fa Cai & Wang Shu Ru Yi!


Tuesday, February 21, 2017


RUN NO. 2530

Arrived at Lucky Gardens site a bit earlier than my norm and saw some hens had already parked at the side ner the entry into the jungle. However, as I turned the car around to park it up I saw a man at the back of one of the cars! Alarm bells started ringing and scenes of hashit filled my mind. As I was putting on my shoes and I saw a few more men roll up, it suddenly hit me that it was one of those very rare Tuesdays that men are allowed the ladies hash. Good thing I didn't cry wolf earlier!

After a short briefing by Psycho that the run is about 6 km but mostly flat (yea right its Lucky Gardens!) and to look for pink hearts in the jungle, the front horn was tooted by Mrs Pingu who had made it to hash with a few minutes to spare. Up the runners went through the entrance to Lucky Gardens that used to have the shack and is now well inhabited by very vicious mosquitoes. I hung back with Pedigree Pup and Siaw Yan for the bottleneck to clear knowing we were going to take it slow and be walkie talkies. In we went through the grass, over some logs, up and down some bumps, saw the lake to our right but thankfully steered away from it (we remember what happened to Icy Bitch last time) and up a hill! Huff Puff! Last time I was in Lucky
Gardens together with Psycho we came up with our own little Mozzie Wonderland song. Must try and remember it!

Not long after noticing a cute little bridge built to help little ones or furry friends go over a log, we came out at a clearing to the fence of the government building off the Menteri highway (I can never remember what its called), stayed alongside it for a bit before going back into the jungle. A couple of big, wobbly bridges later, we thought we would come back out at a different section of Lucky Gardens but it turns out it was a lollipop run! A small lollipop with a very long stick! We caught up with back horn Rachel F and Never Wrong and stayed with them for the remainder of the way back out on to the road to sign out. The coconut water was very refreshing after that long walk!

Janine's place was a lovely stilt house on top of a hill with a big garden that had been decorated with hearts, balloons and lots of pink and red. Everyone was already enjoying the lovely breeze, punch prepared by the hares and, of course, additional beverages from hash bar.  The price increase did not deter sales especially of the reds. Blue does not seem so popular anymore since our dear Smurf's departure. While the food was being set up, shout up started and silence was more effectively obtained by the sight of Psycho and her 'little' water gun. Hares were thanked, horns were thanked, guests were given punch after they strutted up to the front then all told to get lost to clear the way for prizes for people who had found some lonely pink hearts in the jungle. Little pink packages were handed out and the contents modelled by the lucky winners. Funny how much excitement little scraps of material can cause.

Announcements for kids hash this Sunday at Sleazy Gardens, tickets for Serunai Singers performing on 3rd and 4th March for sale by Sarah B, more parties at Janine's for this Saturday and next, blah blah blah. Most important announcement was of the ladies red dress run which will be held on 4th April. Men are allowed to attend providing they wear red dresses and are most welcome to tart up with wigs, heels, mini skirts etc. In order to raise more money for the red dress run charity of choice, the ladies hash will also have a lucky draw with excellent prizes. All hash chapters will be able to purchase some through various representatives. As there were no calls for hashit and some had already received a few sprinkles from Psycho's tun, it was then time to form an orderly queue for the delicious food catered by the hares for the night.

Next run: Menteri Waterfalls - Chinese New Year run.
Onon will be at JOTBs. Please bring a chair, wear red or cheong-sams, and park sensibly.

RUN NO. 2529 DIPLO 7 FEB 17

RUN NO. 2529
DATE: 7 FEB 2017

After a week of grey days and stormy skies, we were lucky to arrive at a sun-bathed Diplo site last Tuesday. With eager beaver, Patsy, on front horn and the Satnav-dependent, Where's Wally, coming up the rear. Thanks ladies. After taking the usual sandy approach into the jungle, it soon became clear that this was going to be a muddy one. The tropical rains had done their worst and turned the leafy paths into a swampy quagmire.

As we battled our way through fallen trees and foliage, the hum of cicadas was drowned out by the screams and yelps of the H3 ladies. Hills were tackled not with the normal skill and finesse but with slipping, sliding and a whole lot of sweating. Half way through the boggy trail, one hasher's shoes fell victim to the swamp, never to be seen again.

Thankfully for some of the muddier hashers, there was a fork in the path, giving the option of a shorter run. The rest of the gang battled on to complete a very enjoyable 5K of stream-hopping and vine-dodging, the later sunsets allowing us all to make it safely out of the jungle before dark.

The shout up this week was one to be remembered, commencing with Kiwi-shaped ginger biscuits and a tricky quiz in celebration of Waitangi Day (NZ's national day). Squeak, Twinkle Toes, Miss Goody Two Shoes and Footloose ensured we are now educated on the key features of New Zealand and were even subjected to a light spot of bribery in exchange for a trip to their beautiful country. Nothing wrong with that.

As if this wasn't enough excitement for one Tuesday evening, one hasher was lucky enough to be inaugurated after a slight case of 'parking irresponsibly' a few weeks ago at Kapok Kanan. Serena will henceforth be known as 'In too Deep' and is hoping her truck and the ditch will not be meeting again any time soon.

Next Run: Lucky Gardens - Valentines Day
Hares: Geri/Janine/Kate/Tracy/Psycho

Sunday, February 05, 2017


RUN NO. 2528
DATE: 31 JAN 2017
HARES: Mrs Pingu/Edna

Last Tuesday we were blessed with a beautiful, clear, sunny day with not even the threat of rain.  And so it was, in the sweltering heat of the late afternoon, we all gathered at Kapok Kanan keen and eager to tackle the run.  Not even the thought of that rather daunting climb up the Serasa hill was enough to dampen our spirits on this glorious afternoon.

Just before run time Psycho called for people to volunteer to be horns and Merryl (front horn) and Tracy (back horn) quickly volunteered, well done ladies.  5.15 quickly rolled around and off we all went towards the in trail. From there we went up.  And up.  And up.  Luckily for me there was a bit of a plateau about half way up where I was able to catch my breath before heading up again (yep, sadly the up’s were not all done yet.)

Once we reached the top of the hill (mountain?) it was along the trail in a slightly different direction to what we normally would.  For those of us who thought we knew the area quite well this was indeed a pleasant change, especially as it was a bit of an easier route than previously used to get to our destination.  
The trail was absolutely gorgeous (as the jungle always is in Brunei) and led us to a large rock face called (by Lone Ranger) the Wailing Wall.  From there the trail twisted on and off the ridge before finally reaching the exit down past the pondoks and along the slippery concrete path.  Along the way were three checks of which check 1 was apparently the worst (“the most fiendish”, “the most dastardly”, “the most tricky” were some of the adjectives I heard used to describe it). 

After exiting the jungle it was it was time for some hard earned libations and a bit of socializing before the shout-up.  After thanking the hares and the horns we got down to the nitty-gritty.  We had two FTGs, one from the UK and one from America.  There were no new members L.  A few announcements were announced, including some information (BYO boyfriend/husband/love of your life/dog …) about the upcoming Valentines Day run (aptly on Valentines Day, Feb 14). 

Next week’s run is the Waitangi Day Run (celebrating NZs national day).  Don’t forget to wear black or one of your Kiwi shirts.  There will be a quiz with Kiwi prizes so brush up on your NZ knowledge.
HARES: Twinkle Toes/Squeak/MGTS  

On on.

Monday, January 30, 2017


RUN NO.2527
HARES: The Aussie crew:

As I read the FB write up and packed for the hash – a new invention came to mind. Hash Shoes with adjustable treads. Imagine a shoe that you can turn on the studs for the jungle run, hide them away for the road run and get out a ski shoe for the soggy moonscape! That is the sort of hash shoe you needed for this run.  Remember you read about this first and I have just submitted the patent !!

So more about the run – it was a lovely combination- a bit of jungle trails, the familiar moonscape and then out on the road; some flats and some hills – just enough to keep you working.  First check, so I am told was found by Merrill, with 2nd check by Lykke, both not so tricky if you are familiar with the area.  The Green Ribbons must have blended in with the trees because I didn’t find them, but some eagle eyed hashers spotted them and were rewarded at the shout up with some free Australian goodies.

The shout up was full of fun and merriment, despite the onset of rain and the thundering skies.  No first time guests nor awards…(Patsy's 100th run - ed) but oh yes there was a hash-it.  Gracefully taken by Sarah C. Reminder to all – always sign yourself out even if someone says they will do it for you! Or you thought someone ticked you out!! A great job by JM who managed to keep the rabble in order. Fantastic generosity by the Australian Hares who adorned us with gifts, prizes, a quiz and some good old tucker of sausages.

Info about next weeks run – Kapok Kanan – so yes you can expect hills and lovely views – a 5 km run according to Sports Tracker and you will be rewarded with Laksa at the shout up (so don’t wear any white hash t-shirts!)


Monday, January 23, 2017


RUN NO. 2526
DATE: 17 JAN 2016
HARES: Rimba Elite Athletes

Well d like to say that at 5.15 the horn went as usual, however due to insane traffic coming off the Tungku Link, I have no idea! I was stuck in a queue to even exit the link, never mind getting to the traffic lights and turning right. 

We had been informed that there were two runs tonight - a 9km B to A and a shorter 6km run from, and returning to, the tent. I managed to park up at about 5.30, as did a few others, and I saw the handful of long run runners in a car park waiting for a missing bus driver to take them to Jerudong to start their run. After a few phone calls he eventually appeared and off they went. As I was so late I decided to just do a walk on the shorter run.

Good open clear trails, a shame I didn't have time to do the whole thing. I am assured by those who arrived on time that it was a lovely run! Everyone came out smiling. And eventually at about 6.40 - our long run runners started to appear, Hash Hound leading the way, Speedy Gonzalez in hot pursuit. Everyone made it out by about 7 I think. So the shout up commenced with one very poorly JM, but she rallied through, very ably supported by her co-JM. A good one as always ladies. 

This was in fact a run promoting awareness of Type 1 diabetes. Sam I Am did an amazing job of informing us about this condition. It's not something I knew much about - and still don't - but we are all now aware of how it can affect ANYBODY. Regardless of age, gender, lifestyle etc. It's quite a frightening thought that anyone at anytime could succumb to this. We now know the symptoms too and we learned about how it impacts lives and how it is manageable but such a complicated issue. Sam I Am and Fe our hats go off to you. What a strong mother-daughter team you are. We were fed an amazing pumpkin and chickpea curry - thanks ladies, all of you. A few of us stayed on a bit to put the world to rights, before packing up and heading home after another great night at H3. 

This week's run is the Aussie Day run, full of the usual cultural delights, and a run with a bit of everything - road, mud, moonscape, jungle, something for everyone! After last week's guest debacle, please make sure that every single guest has an agreed sponsor before they arrive. Hashers end up being the responsibility of the hares when they have laid a run, it isn't fair for guests to be unprepared and totally unacceptable for them to turn up with no idea and no sponsor and head straight into the jungle. Safety for all is our primary concern! Then we can all enjoy our favourite  pastime with 'no worries mate' On on 👣👣👣

HARES: PATSY AND FRIENDS.... Please bring a chair and wear Australian Garb if you have.... NO PRESSURE.

Monday, January 16, 2017

RUN NO. 2525 KAPOK KANAN 10 JAN 2017

RUN NO. 2525

A larger post – new year group congregated in anticipation of “the hill”. There were 2 runs on offer, one around 2.5kms and the other around 4kms.
Off we set to the sound of the horn and hit the dreaded steps. Even the front runners were spotted walking at times.
After we dropped down into a beautiful valley and were lulled into a false sense of security ...cries were heard from Bunny Girl… Here comes “the hill!”
Eventually, after huffing and puffing, we reach the ridge and the splendid view of Serasa. The choice now was to take the shorter 2.5km route back down or meander further along the ridge, enjoy more views and wind down the longer route. Most hashers opted for the greater distance.
After a very dry trek the end was insight. This included lots of long grass and very boggy ground. We returned to the on on sweaty with very muddy and soggy feet.
As we returned from the jungle there was drama and mayhem in the car park. One of our about to become hash members who had successfully conquered “the hill” was less successful in exiting the car park! Nothing a tow truck and something green couldn’t fix!
One first time guest managed to down it in one and was welcomed into the group. Three ladies joined as hash members and then the pot luck dinner was enjoyed by all.
For next week -
Long distance runners must bring a torch and be there sharp!
There will be 2 runs on offer.
Diabetes Awareness Run so please wear something blue at the on on!