Monday, January 29, 2007

RUN 2005 - 23 January 2007

Site: Simpang 370 -86
Hares: Bini Hutan, Bettina & Gaby
Front Horn: Trish
Back Horn: Mad Marg
New Members: Norma & Angela
Special Awards: Black Beauty 200 runs.

The very popular Simpang 370-86 was host to this weeks hash, and as a new comer, it certainly was nice to know which way to get to the start location. Many thanks to Sigi for the fine hospitality, we left her comfortable alfresco area and departed through the back gate to the jungle.
What a lovely run, well established paths and paper clearly marking the trails, the first check was far enough into the jungle to be sufficiently warmed up and ready for exercise, we traveled up through the grass and located check number one, it was hard to hear the hens calling the checking for the noise of the heavy duty machinery in operation nearby, we headed up to the ridge line and hit, by surprise what looked like a desert, and the destruction of such beautiful jungle gave way to fallen trees, erosion and read clay piled high, such a sad sight to be had, we climbed our way down the vacant land across the construction site trail and up quickly back up the other side into the jungle.
There was a few bridges to climb across clear streams, check number 2 proved to be a little more of a challenge to locate, with hens going in all directions before finally the ON ON was heard up ahead. Back on the trail again we headed for the next check, I could hear the sound of cars whizzing by and was surprised to see the Mentiri road so close to our path.
The paper abruptly ended before check 3 and the lead pack knew something was not right, it was not long before the pack was all back together and agreed to follow Heather out of the jungle as no paper could be found.
A communication break down resulted in a few hens remaining in the jungle after dark, but thanks to the help of a few, all came out a little weary and ready for the shout up.
Thanks to Sigi, Bettina & Gaby for the scrumptious food- especially the meat loaf that was brought in from Germany!

Next week's run: Kg Mata-mata

RUN 2005 - 23 January 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007


16 January 2007
Run No: 2004
Site: Diplo
Hares: Elaine & Black Beauty
Front Horn: Carol
Back Horn: Dizzy

For the celebrations of our 2000th run, members of all other hashes were invited and some of us brought guests along. Arriving quite late, as usual, there was a big mixed crowd waiting, ready to shoot off into the jungle.
At 5.15pm sharp the horn tooted and on we went following printed paper. As usual for Diplo, we climbed down one of the very steep hills into the nice lush vegetation. When we crossed a big log I knew it was the way to one of the small waterfalls. Until first check it was good running trails, just a bit slippery here and there after all the rain. And then came first check and that never ending hill, up and up and up…… But after walking and puffing heavily we made it and then it went downhill and down and down…..

Don’t ask about the other checks, no clue who actually found them and the whereabouts. Anyway the rest of the run was led through fantastic landscape, we enjoyed the meandering streams (sorry had to look this word up in the dictionary, Elaine) and the lush vegetation, but missed the pitcher plants. Surprisingly we reached the end of the jungle just below the Malaysian High Commissioner’s Residence. Thank you Elaine and Black Beauty, it was a really great run.

It took a while until everybody was ready for the shout-up. What a night of down-downs! After a down- down for the hares, Glamour, one of the co-founders of our hash was called up and Ready Mix was telling us a bit about the start of the hash, not forgetting that Glamour got a down- down. Next, our two JM’s, Naj and Ready Mix, called all the GM’s and JM’s from all the other Brunei Hashes up on stage, who received a warm welcome with a down- down. Maggie and Running Bare celebrated their 100th runs, Carol and Dizzy were front and back horn, Running Bare found first check, a few jokes went through the air and finally Running Bare got rid of her hashit. All in all it was a great and memorable run and evening.

On On
Bini Hutan, Bettina & Gaby

P.S. We had laksa and kebabs to round off the evening.

Monday, January 15, 2007

RUN 2003 - 9 JANUARY 2007

Run No:2003
Site: Spg 564 Jln Subok, Kg Sg Akar
Hares: Trailblazer/Madmarg/Carol/KarenMc
Front Horn: Trish
Back Horn: Jane

As I drove down the simpang which we fondly used to call kampong Melbourne, and came to the now fading sign in huge letters , “Slow Children Playing” I was reminded of all the old hashers who once live in the simpang: Jill Betts, Rhonda Mclean, Pam Gough, to name a few. Where are they now? And how grown up those children must be! Just as I was awakening from my trip down memory lane, who should I see but the grand dame of hashing herself; no other than Gina Constance . Was my mind playing tricks on me? I certainly am aging, but not that quickly, surely! No, Gina was real and she was back with us for the night, and, as usual, leading the pack.
We headed off down the simpang and over the rough road, past the menagerie of barking hounds to the escarpment, which took us into the jungle. Now at this point, there seemed to be a confusion of various types of paper. Not to worry, we carried on slipping and sliding ‘till checking from here was heard.
I went down a path to the right of the trail and found lots of paper, so called the on.

Many others followed and off we set to the waterfall and camp site.
At this point it got very confusing as we seemed to be on at least three different runs, all with lots of paper. After going up and down several different hashes we made an executive decision at quarter to six to head out, due to impending darkness. By quarter past six we were out and the rest of the hash followed within the hour. Those who completed the run said that it was very nice, so well done to the hares.
The shout up saw down downs for guests, honest hashers, hares and the hashit for Vania. Mad Margaret did a roaring trade in washer woman shoes and the technical side of tonights run was discussed. Thank you to the hares for the yummy laksa.

HARES: Elaine/Black Beauty

Sunday, January 07, 2007

RUN 2002 2 JANUARY 2007

RUN NO. 2002 2 JANUARY 2007
HARES: Alison/Cheryl

First run of the year at Diplo, ready to run off the roast turkey, those turkey sandwiches and turkey curry and raring to gae. Looking around for some other front runners I was a little worried that I would be running alone...but how wrong was I. We headed off in the usual direction and doon the path where Kirsty usually slips up on her backside (but not today!), doon and round a bit and then a little bit further, and was soon faced with first check. And you guessed was a back check found very quickly by Tiga. Jane was backhorn and beat me to it as she sounded the on on. Quickly gathering up the paper and laying it through, managed to catch up with the others ready for the second check.

We did a bit of up and a bit of down and across many a burn (with wet feet very early on) until we reached second check. Another back check which was guaranteed because Mad Marg and Tiga had gone together to check ahead. This too was found quite quickly by Elaine and again Jane on back horn beat me to it. Onward and upward, the hash took us to parts of Diplo not ventured for a while. We ran along a ridge and took a right turn which sent us all the way doon to the bottom, some of the others said I'll wait here, just in case it was a sneaky check half way doon the hill, but the paper carried on and on, all of the way and out into an opening and soon the others followed. A clearing in the wids, with the highway in sight at one end.

Some of the intrepid hashers ventured up and down the clearing looking for obvious paths in..towards the highway was a no gae even with lots of mysterious doggy prints, trailblazer followed the clearing far and sign frae her. Cud it be another back check, had anyone looked?...or could it be straight ahead in the depths of the jungle. Good job Bini Hutan was out looking as we heard the on on call straight ahead only a few metres up the hill. Up through quite thick jungle we ventured, which soon took us up and out to the back of the clearing where the Hash tent was. The hens pretty much kept together and all were out quite early. We were heavily rewarded at the end of the shout upwith entertainment by Smurf (with yummy prizes) and fantastic home made soup and homemade shortbread.

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NEXT WEEK: Spg 564 Jln Subok, Sg Akar - look for the signs - left hand side past rubbish tip from roundabout end - on on