Friday, December 19, 2008

RUN NO. 2104

Date: 16 December
Site: DST
Hares: Never Wrong, Miss Pink and Norma
Hens: 29
Front Horn: Carol Back Horn: Alice in Wonderland

Driving to the Jerudong area at an early stage of the afternoon in order to be at the hash site on time, I still was helt up at work and heard the horn when I arrived. It took me a few minutes to get ready and after signing in I started running to catch up with everyone following white paper.

After a few meters along a road I hit a sewerage plant, which had a fence line, but no actual fence. From there it was a big open trail to follow all the way to first check. Soon I caught up with the tail of the runners, Naj, Speedo and some others.
Some areas were a bit muddy and swampy, but all in all it was nice trail.

First check was a back check; Carol just arrived picking up papers and we
followed her to where Alice in Wonderland was standing with a squeeky back horn.
On we went, through some shrubs, ferns and razorgrass until we hit a road. I realized that this was the same road we used to take going to the lake area, which has been blocked off for cars. From there on it was a nice stroll back to the hash site. We were out before it got dark, a good 45 minutes walk.

The shout-up was quite short; there were not many hens around as usual during December and no new guests. After a down down for the hares and a few announcements, Glamour brought out some jokes, which Carol was kind enough to read aloud.
Thanks to the hares for the delicious samosas.

Satu Lagi offered to join me collecting the signs, which by the way are in a very sorrow state. Only five of them are left including one made out of cardboard. Lets see what Santa can do!!!!

On On
Peahen, Bini Hutan and Gaby


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