Monday, June 30, 2008

RUN NO. 2079

Date: 24 June 2008
Site: Spg 1046 Jln Muara
Hares: Rosie/Julianne/Amanda W
Hens: 36
Chicks: 5
Front Horn: Kathy Knell
Back Horn: Tracy

Hash for me started in the morning with a word of warning from some of the Hares to advise the ladies who like to take it “Slowly” that they might need to pick up the pace, as it’s a long run. Torches Please. So arrived at Amanda’s house mentally prepared to come out in the dark.

We set off down the road and into the jungle for a short bit where there were candles in the ground all ready to be lit (not a positive sign for a short easy run). Down the gravel road we went. I live in Spg 787 and never realized that such a network of roads or gardens existed right behind us.

Finally to first check… would they lay it through the gardens???… Would they take us all the way back to the main gravel road???? Ah paper on ahead. Down through another bit of jungle and then onto what appeared to be a large flat piece of land…. Brown land that much to our surprise and Boel’s scream (and Trish’s wee bath in it as we discovered later) we realized that it was full of mud pits if you stood in the right place. So careful footing and across we went – second check called and everyone busy hunting. On paper back and we’re back on track past the mini airport and wait on…. We’re back on the out trail that has lollipop’ed onto itself. Wow, going past those candles not requiring lighting and past Nicole’s for a wee chat and OUT!!!
OH NO – wrong paper was picked up on the second check – we should have gone through some very rough, swampy jungle!! OOPS. Instead we took a short cut picked up the out paper and out we came.

I thought the run was great!! It was especially nice to see some ladies back doing the hash that haven’t been for a while. Shout up was good with a special beer being given to Ruth for her excellent job with the words and of course her excellent photos of what really goes on under kilts!!! and the food…. something very close to my heart…. FANTASTIC!!! Thanks ladies for providing a great run, a great location and great food!! Loved the punch!!
On On

HARES: Cath C/Tania

Monday, June 23, 2008

RUN NO. 2078

Date: 17 Jun 2008
Site: Spg 370 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong
Hares: Sarah C/Lee
Front Horn: Trish
Back Horn: Ah Struth
Hens: 45
Chicks: 4

Slamming on the brakes and we look at the clock it's 5.28pm and guess what? We are late! As per usual, we run to sign in and start our run, Mandy has probably already found first check! Ziggy's pool looks inviting, do we have time for a dip? No, it's on into the jungle, down over the wooden bridge and we are already puffing.

Who is front horn? Who is back horn? No idea but still we push through, weaving in and out, up and down for the first 5 mins. We end up out onto the road which was once jungle. Paper led us up onto soft mounds of clay and along the ridge with a view back to the stadium and the sun still high.

Did we just hear back horn, aren't we close? Oh no we are still lagging behind, doesn't look like we will know anything about the checks. Onto another trail we go that takes us to a fork turning left onto the old route 8 track in 370. As we reminisce of the old times we come across a man and his dog who tells us we are going the wrong way - yeah right whatever! Of course we didn't listen but took the path down to the rocky flat as the sun was setting.

Across the swampy grass we hear the crickets chirping and guess who we catch up to, back horn, Ah Struth with Glamour and Veronica. Back into the jungle we go, down a bracken fern path and now we decide to pick up speed as darkness approaches. With a feeling of relief that the end is near we bump into Nellie struggling to keep the soles of her shoes intact. The exit path led us onto Spg 420 and with the sound of a mosque in the distance we jumped over the drain and ran all the way back to Sarah's house. We catch up with Mandy who tells us that there were 5 checks - Carol finding the 1st and Mandy herself finding the 2nd, 3rd was Anna, 4th was Angela and 5th Claire.

Thanks to Lee and Sarah for a great run - loved the jungle juice and the yummy food.

NEXT WEEK: SPG 1046 Jalan Muara, Kg Sg Tilong
HAREW: Julie Anne/Amanda W/Rosie

Friday, June 20, 2008

RUN NO. 2077

HARES: Trailblazer/Pee Wee/Tina I (virgin)

I misjudged it!  I thought that I could leave work at 4ish, go home to change cars and clothes and sort out kids and husband, have to take a detour to the coast road up jalan Muara to avoid the tailback on the M25 and then what a shame miss the beginning of the hash!  No such luck! I made it with minutes to spare.

I had conjured up all sorts of hills and rivers in my mind after completing the medium run of the Nash hash and I wasn’t looking forward to another 1½  in the jungle  Luckily the hares did us proud and laid a great hash that all of us could enjoy. 

We started off back down the road we had arrived on, over the drain and onto open land.  First check was right slap in the middle with so many alternatives hens were scampering around all over the place.  Luckily before I had gone too far the wrong way checking again the on paper was called and the hash disappeared into the jungle.  I then decided to get a bit of a move on but then quickly ran out of steam! Several late nights had taken its toll and I know that there is a high possibility of me landing flat on my face because I’m too tired to pick my feet up.

Second check Sue J and I decided to go down, down, down hoping that any minute the on paper would appear.  I chickened out half way down but Sue is made of sterner stuff and carried on down.  Unfortunately the paper was called on ahead so up, up, up we went.  I spied the rest of the hens and then promptly feel on my bottom.  (That’s the effect you lot have on me).  No damage done so off I went again.

Teamed up with Not yet and we started to put the world to right or Africa at least!  We passed Glamour and Veronica and this time they were going the right way!  On on through the long grass and murky water.  I confess I do not like not being able to see the bottom.  Pathetic I know but every step has my imagination running wild.  Through the lovely squelchy mud and then up and out over the moonscape.  I have absolutely no idea where 3rd check was.

Thanks to Peewee, Trailblazer and virgin hare Tina – you did a great job.  The rendition of Madonna’s “Like a virgin” was a bit dodgy though!  Food lovely and the home made piccalilli extra special. 


Monday, June 09, 2008

RUN NO. 2076

DATE: 3 JUN 2008

It’s a Tuesday, its, so it can mean just one thing!!

The highlight of the week. Time to run (ok walk at a fair pace) trying to keep up with Captainess Sparra, through wild jungles of deepest darkest Brunei! Okay well.. Maybe Rimba isn’t actually deepest darkest Brunei.. But it’s kind of close?
Apparently we are Horny lot, us hashers .. as we keep losing our horns! (I thought it was an age thing??) Maybe we need to keep a hand on our horns!

Tonight’s run began on the dot (ish ) of 17.15.. With Naj wearing her little lycra number in a very fetching yellow and black. Running like a thing possessed up the main road.. We all followed like dutiful hens that we are, clucking as we went along! After a fair distance, the jungle beckoned, and was trying its hardest to wipe as many of us poor souls out, by trying to trip us up, with those darn trippy twines and blind us / remove my glasses with the pinging twigs! Ahh.. But we know NO fear, so ON ON we carried..

Up a few inclines(would be churlish of me to call them Hills, as all know what hills are in Brunei! and that wasn’t one!!) across some barren area, that resembles the grand canyon (was I hallucinating at this point??) where the first check was called a short while later, BOEL (the keenest new hasher on this earth) found the first check, so I decided to do my bit and yell ON PAPER but I committed a heinous crime by calling that whilst NOT being STOOD upon the paper! I was soon put in my place!

The run went on and up, and down and along, and Anna Wallace-Scott surprisingly found another check quite quickly!

We headed through a new area of Rimba, that I didn’t recognise, past some derelict buildings, where apparently, its been known to serve some beverages of the refreshing kind, on some hashes, but alas.. the bar was closed for today!
We ended up doing a kind of lollipop as we reached a bit more of an open area, and started to head down the trail, but were told to go back out.. Then.. something went horribly wrong!

Was it the fact it was going to rain and we would all get wet (wetter)??And like a previous hash... Washed away with the incoming tide?? NOO!

Was it the fact that Naj was still running around as front horn, frantically trying to find the paper that we had seemingly lost! Ahh yes maybe.. Did anyone actually know what was happening? Ahh possibly I think not..
Being a relatively new hasher.. and not one who tends to see the front of the hash very often (yes I admit, I am a walkie talkie!! And we can talk about ALL manner of things!) I was happy that for once I wasn’t at the back of the hens! So I carried on.. Following Nellie... (not yet) as she seemed to know where she was heading, and I didn’t!

Someone shouted which way is DST tower??.. so I guessed at this point, we had lost the trail! Then, Mandy ‘paté’ Webber shouts ON PAPER... Oh yes, we are meant to be on paper aren’t we, and not just aimlessly wandering! Oops!
So, incorrectly, I’m told.. we then followed the paper, as No one was willing to head into the jungle again, as the weather was setting in!

A short walk around the outskirts of the jungle brought us safely to the roundabout, where we were greeted by a beautiful rainbow.. And some cooling rain!
Apparently, there was another bit of the hash run that; somehow, we managed to avoid, sorry, miss!

All the hens were counted in, in good time, and the down downs ensued, with 2 first timers, Christine from the UK, who’s been in Brunei for a ‘few’ years.. and Ling from Salambigar, who’s run the Labi hash before (and ran this one on her own! well most of it anyway!!)

Suffice to say, that as ready mix’s ‘guest’ , Ready mix was proposed as this weeks Hash shit.. ooh the shame of letting a Guest run alone/by herself…, but in a ‘the lady doth protest too much’ kinda way, squirmed her way out of it.. again! (it appears Ling was a guest ‘By Proxy’)

She also wishes to announce that her new book ‘Hash related excuses for dummies’ is out soon…(thanks for that idea Cheryl!)

Smurf also mentioned that she and Heather (I think) saw 2 (yes 2) hornbills at the hash..! SO.. maybe we should have called this the Horny Hornbills Run??
Chinese food was served, and awesome biccies.. which I feel the recipe should be published in the hash words.. YUM!

To sum up. a Goldilocks run, not too short, not too long, not too steep, not too wet.. Just right!

SCRIBE: Virgin Hare Tina

NEXT RUN: Lugu - Coastal Highway Km 84.7 (where Nash Hash was held)
HARES: Pee Wee/Trailblazer/Tina I