Monday, July 31, 2017

RUN NO. 2553 DIPLO 25JUL17

RUN NO. 2553
DATE: 25 JUL 2017
HARES: Canine Unit - Squeak/Twinkletoes, Holly, Wonder Woman, Duchess of Cambridge
FRONT HORN: Under the Radar         BACK HORN: Ripper

A special Canine Run with the sight of dogs among the hares at the get go. A smallish group as it's still summer holidays for both the international school families. Under The Radar was a virgin front horn who did pretty well learning to ropes. Lots of calling in the jungle too which made it easy for all to hear where everyone is.

Into the jungle we went exactly at 5:15 through the exit of the run of the previous week! Lots of paper in the jungle as many other chapters have been heavily using the site especially when we all know the countdown to the end of Diplo has started. The clever hares have printed paw prints and K9 on the paper as well as colored it which made it super easy to spot. Thank you hares!! First check was tough! It sent hens all over the place through many streams and trails. Finally an "On On, On Paper" was called with the check found by Gin Trap.

Off we went running along the trail filled with many twists and turns, jumping or tripping over roots with a few of commenting, "Hey, this is quite a nice easy run. Not too hilly!" Yeah right... Here comes the 1st major hill (why?!?!). What do we find at the top of the hill? Check number 2! There was a slight confusion in terms of calls which made this hen (LMG) very blur but at last on paper was found by Pussy Galore and Truffles the dog. Down the hill, along the stream, through the bog made by the stream, tall sharp grass but oh so beautiful monkey cups, more water! more mud, more grass, more hills and monkeys! We are finally out and during light. Woohoo! Mission accomplished.
Glamour seen on the trail

Some vertical climbs sideways

Lovely pitcher plants

Some water to finish the run

Shoutout started with the heartfelt thanks to the hares who were decked in their beautiful turquoise Canine Run H3 shirts.

No FTGs or new members but we got a naming! Dear Siaw Yan who from the start has been very helpful, lending a hand to fill in the jobs on the committee and drives a pseudo Knight Rider was renamed by Ripper and GM Hash Hound (dressed in thick jackets! :s and sunnies) to 'Silent Knight'. Shout out ended with Hash

Entertainment in the form of Hashit for *gasp* Wonder Woman! (this is the 2nd ever Hashit she's gotten since the start of her hashing journey) for losing her chair WHICH she carried to her car.. WHICH was found by one of the men hashers the following days..

The infamous Jalan Muara laksa was served which was delivered by Making Bacon at a very.. untimely time? Heh.. while many hens were at their cars changing. :p

Next week's run is at Rapier Range. It is a new trail SO please, cover up yourselves and make sure you have your torches and a fully charged phone! IF you're not at first check by the 30 minute mark, please turn back as the trail would get harder after first check. Hash Smart! Be safe.. On On! Little Miss Gobby, Gin Trap, Icy Bitch

Saturday, July 22, 2017

RUN NO. 2552 DIPLO 18 JULY 2017

RUN NO. 2552
DATE: 18 JUL 2017
HARES: Squeak/Twinkletoes/Holly/Never Wrong
Taking in the entry before Diplo is closed for Embassy building

Wild Orchids

Getting ready for start
Off they go in

Once upon a time there were 4 ladies who wanted to get some exercise on a Friday and Sunday morning. They met with dogs to plod the Diplo trails - The dogs, of course, getting far more exercise than them. The ladies would chat and put the world to right. The dogs were intent on checking out new trails, bush crashing and sniffing out the wild life. Jess’s sole mission was to find and sit in as much mud and water as possible. And so was born the “Canine Unit”. Whilst the dogs were unable to attend the actual run they were taken in later and this is their account. Woof Woof? (translation—Are we going for a walk?) Come on Jess and Zulu get in the car. We are going to diplo. We are going to meet Billie, Spot and Kaz! Wag Wag! Your butt smells good today. What’s that smell over there? Just have to go and investigate! Sniff Sniff Sniff—Woof Woof. “Squirrel” “Grrrr I’m leader of the pack. “ thinks Billy “No it’s me!” demands Zulu—the others content to have a walk in the jungle.
A bit of wet trail

 “Oh where have the humans gone now? Why didn’t they follow me? I know the way. Up this hill, down this hill, through this bush (why are the humans taking the long way round?), under the log, round the puddle” (but if you are Jess you go through the puddle and roll in it and put your head under the sloppy water, then stand next to a human and shake to share the love!) This week’s run will have plenty of fallen logs to jump over or go under, hills to climb—two of three times if you wish to go back and check on those still coming up the hill. There will be lots of water if Jess has any say in it and squirrels to run after. Butt sniffing is optional to the humans on the trail. No fighting over pack leader please, there’s a front horn. The dogs are hoping for bones at the on on.
Duchess updating the goings on at Eurohash in Vienna when she joined Smurf/Goodnight Kiwi/Puteri & Duke of Cambridge

Doris after a few years in Brunei and intermittant ladies hashing is now going home to Vienna with her family.

Carol & Survivor celebrating July birthdays with a pavlova.

Hashit for Sophia forgetting to sign out 


Monday, July 17, 2017


RUN NO. 2551
DATE: 11 JUL 2017

.. As the sun weakly glinted through the surrounding clouds, a dedicated band of hashers gathered together at the mud flats at the entrance into Lucky Gardens. The afternoon’s rain had left puddles all over the road and turned one side of the street into a quagmire, as Sophia found out to her dismay. The hash tried valiantly to push her car out of the mud, muttering about fulcrums and gear ratios, but in the end it was no use, so it was decided to leave the car where it was and start the hash.

We started in on the trail about 10 minutes late, Bunny Girl jingle jangling with the leaver’s bells (best of luck for the future!), scrambling up the bank to where an old workers’ hut used to be.

The trail went into the loop, then left up the hill onto the ridge line. From there, we headed straight down to the anti-terrorist building and followed the long fence round to the next ridgeline. After another traipse along the top of the ridge, we descended into valley and across the first bridge (thank you hares for not putting us across the alternative fallen tree log route!). Now the trail turned hard left and wandered along the lakeside, offering delightful views of the surroundings. I’ve long suspected that those gorgeous travel shots you see in National Geographic and the like are taken just like this – the view outward looks gorgeous, but if you looked down at your feet (which you really had to do here!) all you could see was puddles, mud and tree roots waiting to catch you and hurl you to your knees. By this time the paper was growing sparse, but luckily we were back near the loop so it was not long before the ‘out’ sign appeared and we made it back safely to the sign out sheet.

After standing around chatting for a while, I picked up the signs and got in the car to drive to the shout up, and this is where the real trouble began. You see, I thought I knew where I was going and this was my first mistake. It was raining again by this time so I had my headlights on and my wind wipers going as I crept up along Jalan Muara in a stream of traffic. After driving fruitlessly around and around in circles, forlornly looking for an H3 sign to put me out of my misery, and with a now impatient and hungry teenager beside me, I decided to go to a little Thai restaurant I know and get some dinner. The Thai restaurant had changed owners since last time I had been there, and now doesn’t make the Thai green chicken curry I had promised myself, but they said that they are trying to hire the previous cook back and I should tell all my friends about the place (done).

I’m sure the shout up was delightful and I have seen from the video that Bunny Girl sung a delightful rendition of ‘Thank you for the hashing’ which was very well received. Thank you hares for a lovely run, I hope the shout up went well too! See you all next week at Diplo. (p.s I know where Tracey lives now)



Monday, July 10, 2017


RUN NO. 2550
DATE: 4 JUL 2017
HARES: Darlene/Edna/Footloose/Artful Dogger/Tiger Moth/Brittany

After waiting in the scorching heat for the horn to blow, I think everyone was happy to enter the jungle this week to try hide from the sun. The run was a distance of 5km with 3 checks, a variety of jungle, some never ending hills and a nice trail. Yogi beer led the way in as front horn and Sam I am had back horn.

Back at the On -On in Darlene's house hashers were proudly wearing red and white for the Canadian themed hash.

We had a very special guest just for the occasion, the high commissioner for Canada: Marina Laker. Marina generously brought along  t-shirts which were given out in a prize giving. She also got a group photo of everyone to publish on the Canadian high commissioner website.

Our own Canadian hashers were requested to all stand up with open mouths for some champers to be thrown down their throats (or tops).

Hash numbers are growing as we had 2 new members join, Tanya and Carol. Welcome, welcome!!

We also had a first timer from the UK, only here in Brunei for the summer to work at the summer camp in JIS. She was invited along by yogi beer. Yogi then got hash shit as her guest didn't down her drink on the hash song command. Hash shit was took very well though, Darlene even volunteered to have some to wash away the smell of champers from her top.

A returning Hasher from New Zealand also came along this week, she is returning to Brunei after 15 years away. She worked here when JIS first opened and now she is back for the 20 year Reunion there.

For some extra entertainment, Our host Darlene said some good jokes whilst looking the part in a jokers hat.

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens
HARES: Tracy/Katie W/Never Wrong/In Too Deep
On on will be further along at Jln Muara. Please bring a chair.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

RUN NO. 2549 SPG 370 JLN MUARA 27JUN17

DATE: 27JUN2017
HARES: Ryvita, Lykke, Patsy, Speedy Gonzalez
Front Horn: Gin Trap    Back Horn: Alice in Wonderland

The Bruneian sun seemed especially hot as we all mingled before the run, some ladies finding a bit of
shade as they perused the boxes of kids’ books. As soon as the horn sounded we made a dash for the
relative cool of the jungle, but in our excitement we started off by turning the wrong direction to follow
the paper that would ultimately bring us back to the Onon. We righted ourselves in short order
though and made our way along a river through tall grass….that is until we passed a plant covered in
red biting ants that sent many of us ladies yelling and flapping wildly as we tried to shake the aggressors
off our arms and shirts before being eaten alive. Next we had our agility tested climbing over a
couple of metal fences spanning a large storm drain. But perhaps the most memorable part of the run
was the beautiful ‘moonscape’ we crossed before heading in to climb some hills in a proper bit of jungle.

Alice in Wonderland found the only check and our front and back horns, Gin Trip and Alice in
Wonderland, poetically finished off the 3.3km run side by side. All in all it was a varied and fun hash
laid by our hares, Patsy, Lykke, and Ryvita!

The Onon was rather quiet again this time, being both Hari Raya and school holidays. There were no
guests, new members, or hashit. However, we enjoyed some excellent entertainment from Bunny Girl
and Mrs Pingu, who serenaded us with their lively rendition of The Hashing Queen!

The Canada Day Maple Run will be held
on July 4th at the top of 420-79-4 Jalan Muara the site previously used for the Gawai Run. Park further
up the hill on one side by the entrance to the jungle. Please wear Red & White to celebrate the colours
of Canada for the 150 Anniversary for Canada 1867-2017.

The On-on will be held at Darlene's house at Jln Sg Tilong.
 The High Commissioner of Canada, will be attending  and  would like to take a group photo so bring your
smiles! :)  Please bring a CHAIR! If you wish bring a swim suit and towel for a dip in the pool. There is a shower and toilet to change your clothes.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Alice in Wonderland Footloose, Artful Dodger, Itchyfeet, Tiger Moth, Edna, Brittany, Darlene, Liz
and Tanya!