Thursday, February 21, 2008

RUN NO. 2061

DATE: 19 February 2008
SITE: Spg 102, Jalan Dadap
HARES: Readymix/Trailblazer
HENS: 40
BACK HORN: Ah Struth
CELEBRATION: Readymix 300 runs

Arriving just in time, I headed off behind Carol, Running Bare in bright orange and Pee Wee who was today’s front horn.

After so many days of rain it was surprisingly dry as we started our run.
Initially I was a bit worried about the local dogs barking and running after us.
This we soon forgot after taking in the spectacular views!

I was excited as I had never ran in this area before!
10 minutes in to the run Carol says; “probably a check coming up”, and there it was!
Early I thought, but Pee Wee found it quickly and we moved in, through the scratchy bracken.

Running Bare was dressed in her VERY orange shorts and wished she had worn something LONGER!

The scenery was fantastic and we felt like explorers.

Magic and Tia Maria were on the ball and found 2nd check!

After a lot of up & down, up & down and more up up & down I realised that this was a proper hash, this is what it’s all about!

At this point we WERE mountaineers.

Pee Wee was on top form and found 3rd check but then her horn broke, knob fell off…………………

Pee Wee was very upset!

The last bit was just beautiful, great running and then a water fall to top it off!

We came out after 45 minutes and headed to Ready Mix for the shout up.

We were all wearing red and gold with a few variations, all for the special celebration of Chinese New Year!

The hares were celebrated for their Very challenging run and we heard fireworks in the back ground.

Hash shit was wanted to be given to Trish for driving the wrong way but as Tango had all the necessities it was not handed out this evening.

Ready Mix’s food came from the Chinese hashers and it was delicious.

Cocktails were served by the very charming Wilhelmina from Down under and Tiffany from Thailand.

The drama of the evening was grief given by drivers complaining over our parking!! How dare they?

Thank you hares for my best run yet and for a delicious spread!! Anna


Sunday, February 17, 2008

RUN NO. 2060

SITE: Spg 791 Jln Muara, Tanah Jambu (Morley Movers)
HARES: Gordon/Smurf/Madam Sin

It was a cool evening after several days and the whole morning’s rain, a wet run was possible but as the afternoon fined up, a great run set by our most experienced hares with an accumulated total of 1100 runs, became a reality.

I was running late due to some traffic jam on Jalan Muara and after signing in headed up the hill towards the water tower on the usual in at 5.30pm.
Bettina and I noticed some stray paper at the fork of a trail and concluded that must have been first check laid back – apparently found by Alison and Cheryl. We then headed down towards the stream and thru lots of trips and the usual thorny trails we wound our way around. We were pleased to soon catch up with the rest of the runners.

2nd check, back again was called, and found by Alison and Naj (self confessed “Nag”). The waterfalls and gentle cascades were both soothing to the ears and our heels as the day was indeed becoming increasingly hot and balmy.
Magic Roundabout did not miss a trick this time and found 3rd check. Apparently there was a 4th but whether it was found or by whom I did not manage to find out. However, we were soon out – yours truly in half an hour and I guess for the rest of the pack within 45 minutes from the start. We were all out before it got dark.
We quickly changed and a photo shoot with our Founders Day gear ensued as we milled around and socialized while Smurf raced into the distance to the beach to collect our fish and chips tea.

The shout up progressed with the usual order and two new members welcomed. The hares were congratulated for their run achievements. As we were in the middle of Chinese New Year celebrations, crackers and fireworks could be heard in the distance and some even sounded really close. Alas, when hashit was thrown at Naj for parking her car in a way blocking public access, our own fireworks went on display! After an exchange of choice speeches, screeches from tyres and the driver with honking of the horn saw a car leaving the site and disappearing into the distance….. never to return? The hens thought they were attending a children’s matinee!

With the drama over for the evening, and the announcement of more Chinese New Year celebrations for the following week with the run at Jalan Dadap and the on on at GM Readymix. The theme was to be gold and red in line with the celebrations. May be we will see more fireworks then!

Thank you hares for a great run and good chow! On on. Trailblazer


Sunday, February 10, 2008

RUN NO. 2059

HARES: Bettina/Bini Hutan/Gaby
SITE: Spg 370 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong
BACK HORN: Alice in Wonderland

In the hours before sunset the adventure began. Tango, while attempting a particularly tricky short cutting manoeuvre managed to lodge her 4WD over a deep drain. Nothing shifts a jeep with one wheel hanging over a chasm, but not to worry, from a neighbouring simpang Cannibal ‘flew’ in to the rescue with a strong jack and a piece of wood. It’s amazing how many new skills he has perfected while waiting for his plane to arrive! In a flash of highly tuned skill, order was restored. Thank you.

The hens clucked in happiness and soon Pee Wee led us down from Bini Hutan’s garden into the jungle. Already we, (Madam Sin, Jan M and I) were at the back and contemplating THAT big hill. But no, the trail turned right and down following the old riverbed. We took a quick detour to see the moonscape below and were shocked to see the destruction and demolition of so many pretty runs! And to what purpose, I ask? Back to the trail, over a lovely old bridge and out onto a new construction road. We could see the paper going right into the jungle, and we could hear hens everywhere. Soon we could see them milling about everywhere too. A few headed off checking afar, especially up a particularly nasty hill. Jane, as it turned out, was oh so close, but…… the on was called and down they all came. Alas! Magic had got it wrong and picked up the very trail she had come in on!! She headed home! The rest, clucked and fussed until Captainess Sparrow, looking up to the ridge said, “Ahoy my hearties!! I know that there tree!!” so off they all puffed, back from where Jane so cruelly came. The run was ‘on’ again.

I must confess that the rest is conjecture as we headed back for the beer! Rumour had it that the trail wound up and down past trees and stuff, out and across another road, down into the ‘hutan’ again, down a precipice – how did they do that? Abseiling of course!! And then confusion as paper had been moved. However, help was at hand. This time Juergen came to the rescue and all was well. Everyone soon followed Tango out as she arrived out with third check in her arms!! What some people do to assure themselves of hashit!

Nellie led an instructive shout up – leaving people clear about the whys and wherefores of the hash. Hares were thanked for delicious makan. Pee Wee and Tis Alice for the horns, and Jessica, on becoming a new member, showed us how to down down. Hashit was awarded to Tango as a reward for all her hard work, and Madam Sin for allowing her SMS to buzz!! From there on the night grew fuzzy, not with warm feely things, but due to ice cold wet ones!

1. Tango would pass her driving test. TRUE/FALSE
2. Magic would pass her navigation test at the Brownies. TRUE/FALSE
3. Jane was ‘robbed’ of first check glory. TRUE/FALSE
4. There were ‘men’ on the hash. TRUE/FALSE
5. Why is the jungle being cleared?(2 words) ____________ _____________
6. How do you spell ‘abseiling’? ____________________
7. What did Tango carry in her arms? _____________________
8. Why did the night grow fuzzy? __________________________________

NEXT WEEK: Morley Movers, Jln Muara, Kg Tanah Jambu
HARES: Smurf/Madam Sin/Gordon

Friday, February 01, 2008

RUN NO. 2058

SITE: Rimba
HARES: Miss Espania, Naj and A’Struth
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

It was a clear day, no sign of rain, unlike 3 weeks ago, when the whole Rimba area got flooded and we were confined to Naj’s car park.

Getting to the hash was already a story on its own. I tried to leave early from work, just to get stuck at one of the traffic lights in Gadong for over 5 minutes. Finally getting onto the highway, I got stuck in a traffic jam. Wondering what it was all about, only saw some glass on the street and 4 cars parked nearby, but of course everyone had to stop and looook!!!!!!

When I finally arrived at the site, I saw everyone heading off into the jungle.

After rushing to sign in, I started off following yellow paper. Along the road it went, nearly missing the turn into the jungle. As it was fairly good running trails, I was able to join the other hens at first check. Lucky for me it was a back - check found by trailblazer - actually I think it was Alison and Cheryl. (At least I saw her heading off in that direction). So, from being one of the last ones to arrive, I saw myself in the front, but of course not for long.

Further we went through different vegetation, some areas with ferns, some with shrubs, some looking almost like European woods, a few ups and down, but not too strenuous. Second check was a back - check again, not sure, who found it!? Thereafter I lost track of any other checks. I still remember plenty of trips on the trail, some thorns (not too many), some logs and trees blocking the path. We came out after appr. 50 minutes, having had a good workout.

It took a while until everybody was ready for the shout-up; also it was getting quite dark. The hares would get the usual down-down. We had one new guest, Charlotte, who had to leave early. Hopefully she will return next week.

As it was Carol’s Birthday, there was a lot of singing and chanting and finally the “Birthday Song”.

Next we had sad news, Miss Espania, is leaving us. She will stay on in Brunei, but has decided to stop hashing for a while.

No hashit was awarded tonite. Thanks to the hares for the delicious samosas and Mandarin Oranges.