Thursday, February 22, 2007

RUN NO. 2009

Run: 2009
Date: 20 February 2007
Site: Km 22.5 coastal highway
Hares: Jan M/Never Wrong
Front Horn: Carol
Back Horn: Ah Struth
1st time guest: Julia

As I drove past the site in the opposite direction, the worry of getting to the site played on my confidence as I had thought I had worked out how to get there not from my usual starting location. After going off two exits and still finding myself going towards Gadong and Muara on the wrong highway, a quick call back to site was needed to give some last minute instructions for the run in case I was late for the start of the run.

To my relief I got there in time to do a few chores and the announcement. The run had been published as "all can go round" so the hens that gathered were raring to go waiting for the fronthorn to start them off. Soon we all took off down the ankle breaking stoney rocky slope towards the beach. Having past some staff quarters, heavy machinery idling we turned right and went along the beach for a while. The landscape on the right had dramatically changed since our last visit to the site and some grass planting and terracing had taken place with not a tree in sight. I noticed a few fishermen at the breakwater trying their hand getting some dinner. Soon the hens had come to a halt as they had struck a ravine, so “checking from here” was heard.

Yours truly was right at the back having started late as usual and on hearing the call amongst the milling of the other hens starting checking at the back and soon found the on “back” following the old trek where we once could drive along albeit more safely with a 4WD vehicle. We soon veered left up the newly planted sloping “lawn” to find ourselves along the mentioned culvert and soon second check was called.

Some braved climbing a bit further up and 2nd check on “forward” was called by yours truly “again” from where the storm drain used to be lined with bushes but now showing bare concrete and broken paths. As we gingerly crossed over the old storm drain and back on to more flat area where one could see recent tracks of huge machineries we soon caught sight of the workmen huts and were soon up the small incline of ankle breaking terrain again back to the tent. The sand had slowed the fast runners and good checks kept us all together and we were all out within the hour.

We welcomed first time guest Julia - a new teacher at ISB. After the shout-up we were treated to delicious “chilli” and vegetarian lasagna homemade by the hares which we thoroughly enjoyed accompanied by bread rolls.

The rain that had stayed off soon arrived and the few diehards stayed till about 9 pm apparently thro some quite stormy rain which we discovered had brought down some trees and lamp posts on the highway when we drove past to go home. Apparently few that had left earlier were caught up at the highway as the trees was right across and they had to wait till it was cleared. I think those who stayed behind had the better option albeit a bit wet and cold! The local rag had reported next morning that one of the buses that we passed parked along the highway had been hit but luckily with little damage and no passengers on board. Thanks hares for a great run and grub.

Run 1010: Rimba Executive Housing, with on on at basement of Naj’s apartment. - Chinese New Year Run

Monday, February 19, 2007

Run 2008

Run 2008
13 Feb 2007
Site: Rimba Executive Housing
Hares Madmarg, Naj, Amanda S & Sarah B

What’s this??? A barrier across our wonderful Rimba site? Not another site lost, how disappointing, but we were pleasantly surprised by our elegantly decorated underground Den of Lust with hearts and gossamer swags. Oh forget the glamour… we were off at our appointed time onto the black hard land and on into the ever diminishing vegetation. Hornies Karen and Carol took the honkers and we were off. A little climb on hands and knees to get up and in. Around and around, up and down, checking from where??? Checking ahead??? Checking from back??? Now how could that be? Oh for goodness sake Chickies, how are the walkies and talkies ever supposed to figure out which way you had gone? “Checking from here” ONLY if you are standing ON the check please Chicks. Don't forget to lay it through from the check.
Pretty scenery and still some pitcher plants left. Slippy slidey, icky sticky, now was that a hill on the way out or was that a….. great hill. A good workout for the quickies and a lovely walk for the walkies and talkies.

On On with lots of announcements and a lucky draw of Valentine’s Day gifts (thank you generous hares) Hashit finally changed hands, Magi your Valentine’s Day outfit was just asking to be dampened……. buuuuuuuut forgetting to take the hashit bucket home may be cause for another dunking. Yummy cakes for afters, thanks again to our hares.

This weeks run is a walk in the park… well almost finished park we think. Hopefully no ropes will be required and should see you back on site for another trot if you so feel inclined.

Run 2009: Km 22.5 coastal highway

Thursday, February 15, 2007

RUN NO. 2007

Run No:2007
Date: 6 February 2007
Site: Lucky Gardens
Hare: Juergen
Front Horn: Kirstie (now known as “Tiger Bum”
Back Horn: Trailblazer
We started off from a new location for me, LBT Electro Platers at Lucky Gardens. Down the street we went, scrambled over a bulldozed site, and right away came to a steep hill we were promised in the summary of today’s run. After that it was a dry and easy-going path to 1st check. At the check there were several possible trails, but the on paper was found fairly quickly at the top of the hill by one of the frontrunners (later I found out it was Carol, * see below for how I know that).
A short time after, the paper seemed to run out. “Not again!” the hens were moaning, remembering the hash of two weeks’ ago. Some thought that at 1st check we had actually found a different check and were going the wrong way around. Anyway, while we were debating and looking around for paper, someone found more paper on ahead, so off we raced again. Through the scenic jungle, across a bridge, and then we came to a big hill (wait a minute, wait a minute…… didn’t we read somewhere about hills “at the beginning only?”)
At that point the pack got a little separated. I could hear lots of shouting ahead. So there were either lots of checks or exciting things happening in front (I heard later there were “4 or 5 checks.” We arrived at the big open construction clearing and were faced with – guess what – another hill. But that was it, we were out.
At the shout up, we said goodbye to Kirstie, who’s been a faithful and avid hasher, but who’s going home (far, far away – the Hebrides or some such remote place.) Tiger beer and bottoms were discussed, a laminated souvenir of her hash days was presented, and a down down was drunk in her honour.
*The finder of 1st check, Carol, was rewarded by our Honorary Hare Juergen with a pair of skimpy, lacy, sexy, red knickers. She promptly tried them on and modelled them for us and the camera (outside her clothes, I hasten to add, in case anyone reading this will think the Ladies Hash is losing its normally high moral standards!!)
Juergen also spoiled us all by presenting each of us with a little heart. And, to the ladies’ delighted whistles, he did a mini strip tease while he tried on his brand new Ladies Hash hare t-shirt! Thanks to Juergen for the run, the hearts, and the delicious shwarma that followed.
Scribe: Sarah B

Next week: Tungku Beach or KM 22.5 coastal highway, pls look for signs

Thursday, February 01, 2007

RUN 2006

Run No: 2006
30 January 2007
Site: Kg Mata-Mata
Hares: Madmarg/Kiera
Front Horn: Karen P
Back Horn: Jane
Special Awards: Jan Murphy - 100 runs Sarah H & Karen P - 50 runs

We started in Mata-Mata on time, 5.15 pm and went following the frontrunners into the jungle. We expected a run up the pylon track, but after a short distance we turned right. First it seemed very snug, we had good running-trails, just a bit slippery, but lead in fantastic landscape with big ferns and rare plants.We crossed the stream many times, I stopped counting and I’m not sure, whether it was the same one or different streams each time.

The 1st check was found by Magic Roundabout and was far enough to get the feet wet and muddy. Impressive lush vegetation all the way up and down along the stream made the time to the 2nd check go by quickly. Again it was found by Magic Roundabout. Marvellous, at the last steep hill we were supported by a rope, and climbed up to have a beautiful view over Mata-Mata and the newly built bungalows. Soon we reached the on on-site and were ready for the shout-up.

Down down was given to the hares Madmarg and Kiera. Thank you for the great run!!!• Sarah & Karen P was called up for their 50 runs. Not forgetting Jan Murphy, she got a down-down for her 100 runs, Carol celebrated her birthday. And…..Very sad for all of us, Rosemarie has to go back to U.K. She received a warm fare-well with a down-down. Hope she will be back soon!!

Thanks to the Front-Horn Karen and the Back-Horn Jane. Last but not least, thanks for the revival drinks, the delicious samosas and the cake we all enjoyed.

Speakers corner Diana: “It was wet, slippery and I love the mud!”
Sue: “At least it wasn’t raining.”
Elaine: “J├╝rgen was so kind to pick up the signs.”
Nellie: “I tried to limp to the 1st check but failed, I think I missed a lovely run.”
Sarah Hill: “Mud, mud glorious mud!!!!”
Karen Palmer. “Opps lost the squidger off the Front-Horn!”
Carol: “Had a bit of a swim.”
Karen McFarlone: “Lovely water and mud to play in.”
Running Bare:” It was scratchy, should wear long trousers.”
Madam Sin: “Should have brought flippers and a snorkel.”
Ah Strewth: “Very enjoyable- very varied – in the jungle – on top of the hill!”
Trailblazer: “More up than down and very wet.”
Kirstie: “Lucky I know how to swim.”
Claire: “Lived up to Hash name, spent a reasonable amount of time on my bottom!!”
Sarah(Bailey): “Very muddy and a lot of streams – good workout!”
Magic Roundabout: “Great run. A cunning start up the pylon-trail, only to have a sharp right turn into the jungle. Wet, muddy, slippery. We crossed 10 streams one time, or one stream 10 times? 1st check, 2nd check was found by yours truly(Me!!!!) An exiting and rare event. 3rd check was found by Claire. A rope was provided at one of the very steep parts, thank you hares, but what about the last bit, my fingernails will never be the same.”
Jan Murphy: “Magnificient views of “Kampong Desperate”!
Great journalism by Gaby. Still some of Mata-Mata left.”

Next week: Lucky Gardens, Jln Muara