Monday, November 30, 2009

RUN NO. 2153 - RIMBA - 24 NOV 09

Watch out, JM has her hands on her hips!
The two JMs contemplating what to do next or are they scheming something.
The hares: Velma/Eastern Promise and Speedo

RUN NO. 2153

It is difficult to recall all the twists and turns of the Tuesday’s hash after sampling the punch but as diligent hares we will do our best to provide an account of the evenings happenings.

We set off from Rimba along the road for a short way and then it was time for a quick right turn and the hash began properly. There was plenty of time for latecomers to catch up as first check took quite some time to find. Hens were walking and calling in all directions until the “On paper” call came.
Then it was all hashers going onwards and upwards not to mention downwards through the jungle. Rimba is always such an interesting site and no run there would be complete without meandering through the local Ghost Town. Just be sure to avoid all the big holes.

Quote of the week for the words came from Magic Roundabout who claimed, “There were so many rentis trails it was like New York city out there.”

A really good run. Thanks Speedo, Eastern Promise and Velma.

Diva and Ruthless Pursuit conducted their first shout up to an appreciative audience. Ruthless Pursuit showed her hashing prowess when she modestly explained that she had found all the checks. Maybe her name could be amended by removal of the “ruthless” as she was clearly in the lead and not pursuing anyone, in fact we were all pursuing her.

Front horn for the evening was Ryvita and Trailblazer brought up the rear with back horn. It was a special night for Sue and she celebrated in style. Many thanks for her punch which allowed us all to view the evening though a rosey glow. Sue was celebrating her 450th run and has used some of the money for shoes (high heels or crocs?) and was going to use the rest for a print for her boat.

Alas Monique was not present to be farewelled but rumor has it that a certificate will be passed to her. The shout up mentioned the animal shelter a lot and it is obviously an interest dear to many Hens’ hearts. Basically bring ,money and there will be opportunities to improve the life of the local Brunei animal population.
The Hens hash wouldn’t be the hens hash without a hashit and this week the lucky recipient was Melissa D who had failed to sign in. We’ve heard of not signing out but this is taking things to a whole new level.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Your new JM "Diva" Other JM 'Ruthless Pursuit' was in Manila "working" so she tells us!

Guess who? Winners of the best dressed

RUN NO. 2152
DATE: 17 NOV 2009
HARES: Mismanagement

Tuesday 5-15pm again already!!! Tuesday seems to come around too quickly!!
The front horn blasted off at great speed up the hill and the rest of us tried to keep up - some of us just staggered up slowly up and up and up along with a lot of locals out for their daily exercise.

Their blank looks said it all - what were these crazy orangs doing????
We followed the white paper up the hill and then along a well used track - some of the hens collected the pretty pink and purple feathers hanging in the trees which had been threaded through the hash paper.

At the first oxygen break, we had a lovely view from the top of Bandar when we reached the ridge and had a breather, before heading down thinking this was an easy stroll until we hit a few high steps - just to make your calf muscles scream and prepare them for all the dancing to come later on.

After awhile, the walkie talkies realised they had gone off paper!! No checks on this run either my kind of run!!

Luckily for us, other hens coming from behind called us all back up the hill - retraced our steps and down we went with help from the ropes, slipping and sliding down. Whoops! Diva fell over on her arse leading us down so we all very carefully followed her down after that!.

Eventually,we were led onto the road and through the carpark and along the main road back to our starting point. All the hens quickly drank their 100 plus and bottle of water before dashing off to have a cool shower and dress up for the Founder's Day dinner.

Oh what a night!! The room had been decorated beautifully and the airconditioning was so lovely and cold!

JM Bunny Girl started off the evening's proceedings.

First time guests were introduced - Eleanor, Linda and Irene's Mum were all given a delicious cocktail for their down down. Thanks to Never Wrong for the delightful concoction!!! Very moorish but oh so potent!!

The November Birthday Babes were called up also for a down down.

Jenni was to be christened and known as Jenni From The Block but she wasn't there when Bunny Girl was calling her - still getting glammed up I think. Maybe it will happen next week!!

Hash Awards were given out: Best Entertainment Of the Year - Speedo's September joke, Miss Pink for telling lots of jokes, and Mad Marg for her entertainment during the year.

The Wettest Run Of The Year went to: Trailblazer, Readymix and Jenni From The Block.
Prickliest Run and Wet and Smelliest Run Of the Year was awarded to Pee Wee and Ruthless Pursuit for their August run.
The Best Celebration Run was awarded to the St George's Day run in April represented by Madam Sin and Miss Tango on behalf of all the Poms.
The Navigationally Challenged Hares Award went to Fertile Myrtle and Nicole for their June run.
The Muddiest Run went to Tiga and Magic Roundabout for their run at MDF in April.
The Best Hash Stunt Of The Year went to Pickled Lilli -dancing with the wasps/hornets at DST.
The Best Run Of The Year was a joint winner with Mad Marg, Dizzy and Legally Blond in March and sharing it with Alison, Cheryl and Sue for their October run.
The Hashit Award for the Year went to Callgirl - 5 times!!!
The Award for the most committed Hashers went to those Hens who ran in the 7 in 7 - Mad Marg, Miss Tango, Speedo and Eastern Promise.

The Best Fancy Dress was awarded jointly to The Cha Cha Girls and also to Alison, Cheryl and Sue.

The 2008/2009 Committee was called up - they were all given a down down for all their dedication and hard work and later on the 2009/2010 Committee was introduced.

Lots of singing like in a karoke bar also happened during the evening - a lucky prize draw for members and guests was held and lots of lucky winners won some beautiful donated gifts. Thanks to all the generous sponsors this year.
All members received a beautiful purple drinks bag along with a bum bag and a gorgeous sarong.

Thanks to Miss Tango for the music last night also.

JM Bunny Girl made her final announcements - 24th November is the start date for the new committee handover. A 2010 Calendar is on its way to all members also within the next couple of weeks - some finetuning still being done.

Pee Wee got up on behalf of all members and guests to thank Bunny Girl for being the solo JM (ably aided by Mad Marg) after Mrs Pingu had to step down and she was given a BIG down down and she sang her way out with a very funny video clip.

We also bid a fond farewell to Monique who is leaving to return to Oz on November 30th and wish her all the very best. Don't forget us Monique!!! Think of us hashing in the jungle every Tuesday!!!.

HARES: Speedo/Eastern Promise/Velma

Monday, November 16, 2009


Total dousing for Dizzy (one of the hares) as did not put any signs out for where the run was starting from.
Sparklers after some display of firework.

RUN NO. 2151
DATE: 10 November 2009
SITE: Bukit Serdang, Kota Batu
HARES: Dizzy/Mani

It was with trepidation that we gathered at the site that Tuesday. We knew that there would be a big hill to climb added to the fact that it was going to be a long one – with very few hashers with torches... does anyone listen to the JM… and of course we knew that Dizzy had laid the run!

Then off we went up… up... up… up… I think you get the picture! When we eventually got to the top we saw Glamour on her way back, who was surprised to see paper laid down the hill – apparently Dizzy had forgot to lay the paper up the hill and had laid it just before we arrived!

It was at this point the run became interesting! I turned right at the top of the hill with a brood of other hens and followed paper for 15 min or so until we reached a check. We could hear other hashers way down in the jungle in front of us checking but there was no-one on the check we were on. We were confused and went checking but could not find any paper. I decided to call the GM to see if she could shed some light on the situation. The front runners and front horn MadMargz had turned left at the top of the hill apparently on paper as well and they had found another check!

Then the front runners minus Madmargz turned up. We all looked for paper again and Virginie nearly disappeared into the jungle never to be seen again! Then MadMargz appeared from her checking and as we still couldn’t find any paper we decided to go out on a trail the GM knew would take us out. Then wouldn’t you know it we came on paper again! So it all worked out! I like a happy ending!

We all enjoyed the great views and had a good workout up the hill with very little cursing! Moral of the tale – always expect the unexpected when Dizzy has laid the run!!

The shout up was at Dizzy’s house which has become like a second home to the hashers – thanks to Dizzy’s hospitality.

It was a relaxed affair with Jane from the UK introducing herself as a first time guest and Wina entertaining us with a good joke.

The last couple of positions in the new committee were filled and final info given on our Founders Day run.

Dizzy took the Hash Shit well from Pee Wee for breaking a couple of Hash Rules – not putting the signs up and not being at the site at the end of the run – and for just being dizzy and actually here in Brunei!

We had yummy pasta – when Dizzy had sorted the gas out, and fireworks! What a treat! The hashers looked so good with their sparklers! We didn’t even have to use the First Aid Kit!

A great evening – thank you hares.
On – On

NEXT RUN: Tasek Lama, starting from Sheraton (FOUNDERS DAY)
DONT FORGET THEME, MARDI GRAS...... Purple, Green & Gold!

Monday, November 09, 2009


The hares Magic & Trailblazer
Tungku Beach

A scarey face - who is it?

Speedo with Tango in in Kg gear!

Dizzy telling her joke looking most serious!

The dress up girls .....

Pumpkins to add to the atmosphere

Waiting for the on call on first check

The moon even came to the party making it an eerie atmostphere

The serene sea

RUN NO. 2150
DATE: 3 November 2009
SITE: Tungku Beach - Halloween run - start 6pm
HARES: Magic & Trailblazer
HENS: 55

This weeks run was scheduled at 6pm, a little later than our usual run because it was the H-A-L-LO-W-E-E-N run. Both of us arrived late- long after the start of the run. Basically, I scrambled after signing in across the beach and tried real hard to catch up with my fellow hashers in vain. Well, as you would have predicted, this write up is therefore going to be very short. Heard that the first check took a long time to unravel but that was easily resolved and the trail continued. Was not there for any other checks either so really I cannot comment on any of the checks or even on how many were lain.
The trail led away from the beach but on very much a trodden track so though dark it was not perilous. Along the way we were greeted with tea-lights and sometimes a pumpkin lantern- warm and friendly. It was basically a flat terrain and many chose to stroll confident that they would be able to make it back to the base before it got too dark. The run was a trifle longer than anticipated for a Halloween run but because it was not too arduous no one really felt too fearful of being left behind. For the parts of the trail that I participated in, it was quite a different hash from all the ones I have been to before and so the beach experience was welcome. In some parts, the atmosphere was laden with some kind of mist adding to the spirit of the season but the night did not envelope the trail as it sometimes can what with the small window of twilight common in the tropics. I must say that despite all that I was quite happy to have company for most of my trek. After about 70% of the trail had been completed we were led back to the beach and I was completely mesmerized by the breathtaking view of the setting sun hanging low in the horizon. Add to that a very pleasant breeze and it was just picture perfect.
I had to tear myself away and continue on the trail - walking ankle deep in the sand competing with the waves for beach space. Those of us ahead wondered aloud if the ones at the back would have to wade through the water and later some said the water did come up to most of the beach. We finally reached the tent and were greeted with a punch- mildly flavoured with something that one cannot readily get in dry weather conditions. It was so refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed my cold, invigorating drink.

Shout Up
Many hashers took the trouble to dress-up for the event and it looked like a happy group of miss fits. Some very original in their creativity and others made good their lack of creativity by just adorning a mask- yours truly is guilty of that. Four prizes were presented by the hares to the selected four- thank you ladies for taking the trouble to think of gifts for us. We were then treated to a generous amount of food and a special birthday cake to mark TrailBlazer’s birthday. We thank you for the effort and time with this Halloween hash.RUN REPORT WIll be posted as soon as received.

NEXT RUN: Bukit Serdang, Kota Batu with on on at Dizzy's
NOTE: Remember not to park at the Yacht Club and discretion to be used for changing.

Monday, November 02, 2009


Pee Wee getting the hashit from Pickled Lilli

Thelma showing the coasters celebrating her 100th run

Soon to be named: Domestic Goddess/Squeak & Rambling Rose

The hares Monique and Pee Wee

On the out trail

Down the narrow ledge at the start where the slip was

Pretty blossoms

RUN NO. 2149
DATE: 27 October 2009
SITE: Kapok Kanan
HARES: Pee Wee & Virgin hare Monique
FRONT HORN: Ryvita with understudy Claire

All through the week on FB there had been comments about how the ladies were dreading the run as it was the other side of Serasa Hill and it could only mean hills, but little did they realise that with one hill and no valleys, the only work was to get up, and then it was down again.

Front Horn went off in earnest thru the orchard with many aroma of local fruit ready for harvest or not harvested and was strewn all over the ground as we gingerly treaded through. A landslide had meant we had to go around a narrow ledge and lots of protruding branches got in the way. Lots of prickly bramble were around and one had to be careful not to get stuck and usually needed help from following hens to free you as the thorns all went the other way! Nasty.

Although it was up, it was quite gentle3 and once the caves were in sight, I knew we were near the top. The view was great and by then first check had been called, and the on - back was found by understandy front horn claire. The yacht club could be seen from a distance, and one sailor as well as hasher, made a quick survey and concluced that the distance from the yacht club up the river to Pulau Chermin and Beducan looked close, but with the current and lack of wind made the race the week previous such a long one! Thankfully a breeze came thru while we were at the top and soon another back on for 2nd check wasd found by Tango. We then weaved our way down and all out in good time without the hour.

The shout up continued with three new members, and Bunny girl enjoyed her few weeks left of reign and proceeded to name Tania as Squeak, Diana P as Domestic Goddess and Julia as Rambling Rose. A guest from Bali was welcomed. Thelma celebrated her 100th run and gave all present, coasters with different Australian animals inscribed on them. Everyone was reminded to sign up for the Founders Day which would be held at the ?Sheraton Ball room on 17th November with the theme Mardi Gras.

Hashit was debated, as Satu Lagi could not stop talking, but the hares' offence of forgetting to collect two signs from the previous week's run was considered to be most serious. Pee Wee took the hashit as she was responsible for the signs and Pickled Lilli could not wait to douse her thoroughly.

Great pasta and salads were dished up - thanks hares, and the usual small group stayed under the stars till it started to rain and Trailblazer made sure no signs were left behind! on on.

NEXT RUN: Halloween starting at 6pm - Tungku Beach
HARES: Magic & Trailblazer