Monday, January 28, 2008

RUN 2057

DATE: 22 Jan 2008
SITE: Upper Diplo HENS: 40 Guests: 2
HARES: Alison/Sue/Cheryl

Well after playing 18 holes of golf that morning I was pooped so decided I would only walk and take it easy today. Arriving at the site I noticed that the numbers were down and was wondered if it was because of the earlier downpour—not that we had it at Rimba. Personally I love hashing after rain as the jungle is always fresh and smells sweet and the streams are flowing and as well, Diplo is my favourite hash spot.

We set off up the hill this time (which is usually the way we come out) and the trail followed a scenic ridge with glimpses of a distant view. The first check was called right down in the valley. Hmmm! I was sure the “on paper” would continue down the hill as continuing along the same path would take us too far from Diplo itself (that is if we were to come out at the usual place). I committed myself and took the plunge (and unfortunately gave others the benefit of my limited experience and encouraged them to follow). We slid down the hill swinging off trees only to find Carol with a clump of wet check paper in her hand going back up the hill to compare pieces of the check paper with some possible “on paper” she had found. Sure enough Carol started calling ‘ON ON paper” and back up the hill I staggered—feeling embarrassed about the wrong advice I had so willingly given.

We kept going on and on along the ridge and I thought this is a little strange. When are we going to turn back again towards Diplo? I was walking with Madmarg and Debbie and Madmarg soon confessed that she had heard a whisper that it was an A to B. What a treat!. We plodded on but got further behind so I have no idea who found the next checks but was mesmerized by the beautiful jungle and the glimpses of the view. Madmarg said we would join up with her run from the previous week and I started recognizing parts of that run. The mist kept rolling in and out and whilst I likened it to going to heaven Mad Marg suggested it was like the movie “Gorillas in the Mist” and suggested we may find a gorilla around the next corner. Eventually we came out at the Subok water tower (spg 378) and as we were the last 3 out of the jungle the bus had left but we were greeted by the welcome sight of a 4 wheel drive vehicle driven by Alison with Sue beside her. On arriving back at the shout up site I noted that this was the first time I had hashed at Diplo and kept my feet dry.

Back at the sight there were murmurings that no one could read the words as the print was too small. I agreed and made a mental note to fix in future.
The main event of the night was that Alison was celebrating her 800 runs. WOW!!! CONGRATULATIONS ALISON, WELL DONE! You were obviously a “whipper snapper’ when you first came to Brunei.

The shout up went off well this week and in what seemed a little rehearsed the hashit was given to 3 willing members. It was finally settled on Sarah Hill for licking food off her copy of the hash words—I think!.
We were then treated to some delicious soup and some tiny chocolate muffins—great stuff thank you ladies.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

RUN 2056

Date: 15 Jan 2008
Hares : Madmarg/Linda
Site: Subok 378
Front Horn : Pee Wee
Back Horn: Naj

Well, this week’s run certainly started on a better note than the last! Not a rain cloud in sight and already 4.30pm Tuesday afternoon and it found me hot footing it out of RIPAS Hospital car park only to draw to a snail’s pace by the general mayhem of zillions of workers all trying to get home at exactly the same time down one very narrow exit road… oh the joys of driving in Brunei.

Not to worry its Tuesday, it’s hash nite, it’s gossip catch up nite and once it’s over the week seems to miraculously go quicker!! Don’t ask me to explain it; it’s just a miracle of life!!

The hens collected on this fine Tuesday afternoon at the bottom of the hated water tower hill so it was going to be up, up and in at the start for definite but what else did the run hold for us, leave it to luck, read the words or ask about. I decided to check out the words which sounded pretty positive until Ah Struth decided to fill us in with what she’d heard from the hare. We should be thankful for these little snippets of info but sometimes its better not knowing and today was one of those times. Madmarg says “Short but horrendous!!” Ah Struth tells us Oh dear and to think today I have no choice but to go round… I have to write the words unfortunately. Could I pass this responsibility to a co-hare? Which promptly reminded me where the hell are my 2 friends when I need them? One severe headache was keeping one away but what about the other, thank the whatever as with a few minutes to spare I spotted Sue’s jeep pull into the site.

5.15 and the hens at different rates of progress attacked the up of the water tower hill could this be the hill mentioned on the words and the rest of the run is downhill?? Could I be being very optimistic, several hens decided I was being far too optimistic and probably a bit unbalanced it was probable the altitude getting to me. Front Horn and the front runners lead us all the way up to the start of the grassy bank and on into the jungle apparently having been proceeded by back horn, is this the correct way of the hash? Was someone going to get the hashit? We all had to wait and see!!

The run led on along the familiar ridge trail bearing left down a slight incline and then sharply banking down to the right of the ridge at a fern bank. We believe now that this is where front horn Pee Wee Claire and Tango Mandy S went wrong with the call of CHECKING being heard, instead they sprinted for out… no not on Subok but at Diplo well done ladies for running your own version of the run. The rest of us although I believe we lost back horn as well at some stage of the run so the rest of the hens minus horns carried on in true tradition to find the on paper which was neatly found by Sarah as the call went up ON BACK we traversed the ridge to drop down very steeply to the left.

It was down, down and more down for several minutes as we all negotiated the tangle of roots, trips and slippery surfaces on our way down to the tranquility of a valley not often seen. We then slipped and struggled our way along the banks of the rivers/streams to a point of crossing and the call for 2nd check. Most of the hens were over the stream searching forward so off I went on back up calling checking in a hope I could be right especially considering the hare’s message from the words of one hill up and one hill down maybe this was going to be the uphill and out. Low and behold I was right. After calling the hens back to paper the hill, and what a hill it was, was vanquished by all as we reappeared on the ridge just leaving a gentle stroll out to the water tower again and the eskies.

A lovely, enjoyable, short but still challenging run well done to the hares,one of whom we found out later was a virgin hare well done Linda.

The two lost souls were picked up from diplo, by a kind chariot I think driven by Carol, I did think having rides from chariots was hashitable but someone smiled on the two poor souls as the hashit was widely spread around the hens during the shout up but never came to lie upon them. The shout up proceeded and had a few high and low points if you want details you just should have been there. 3 guests were introduced sorry I can't remember all their names although I do remember 2 were JIS teachers (1 of whom is called Jill I know that because she's my son's teacher) and one a parent of kids at JIS married to a loan service guy, see I was paying some attention to the shout up and not just dobbing people in it for the hashit, Tina was introduced as a new member, great to see new faces, lets hope they all come back.
The hashit having been with several people was finally awarded or was it accepted by Sarah (JM) and Smurf well taken ladies in the true spirit of the hash.

The shout up was followed by the delicious food kindly supplied by the hares thanks again ladies while the food was chewed over so were many discussions on the pros and cons of the new ideas introduced by the new mismanagement, comments are always listened to keep them coming, at least they stirred the hash up!!

HARES: Alison/Cheryl and Sue

Monday, January 14, 2008

RUN 2055

Date: 8 January 2008

Site: Rimba

Hares: Karen Mc, Ah Struth & Nancy R

Front Horn: Jan Murphy

Back Horn: Jan Murphy

Hens: 28 Chicks: 1

Another memorable Hash night!

With a heavy down pour at 4.30pm it was always going to be a very wet Hash. The Hares had put a lot of effort in to making a new trail tonight but to no avail as there was no run due to the very heavy rain that continued for quite some time. It would be the first time I can recall that we have never done a run in the jungle due to the weather conditions. It ended up that a few crazy hares were lead around the Rimba compound by Jan Murphy. They were brave people to run in the heavy rain as there were thunderstorms around ….. Quite scary! It was the first time that Jan had been the front horn and back horn on the same night.

We all gathered under Naj’s garage basement - the safest place until the power went off so we headed to the other side of Rimba to Ruth’s basement. Everyone was in high spirits at the shout up and we bid farewell to Karen who is off to NZ, and thanked the hares for the food. Legally Blond got her first warning about talking during the shout up so beware, if you talk during the shout up it will be a Hashit offence, which I must remember as well.

Not long after the shout was over the drains started to over flow at the basement entrance and the garage started to fill up with water. Naj was trying to get us altogether for a few photos and she talked Phil, Ruth’s other half into taking a few photos before he headed out for the night. We took a bit of time getting organized and by then Phil had to stand on the chair to avoid getting his trousers and shoes wet! The water was coming in quite rapidly by then and at the end of the photo session a few ladies carried Phil to his car. Lucky Boy! So again we moved, back over to Naj’s basement to dryer land……where we ended the evening - what a wet wet wet night.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

RUN NO. 2054

DATE: 1 January 2008
SITE: Lucky Gardens
HARES: Jane Woolley/Angela
BACK HORN: Trailblazer
HENS: 26 Guests: 2

The front horn blasted off at 5.13pm for the start of the New Years run.
We sloshed through the mud where the tent was set up and some strolled while others ran full of energy—obviously keen to sweat out all that over indulgence from the last week and New Year’s Eve!!

After a few streams and waddling across gingerly in our hash shoes on slippery logs! we passed Glamour who found the first check but Ah Struth was unaware of this as she ran off up the hill with Naj looking for the first check. Late starters Julie-ann and Rosie ran past us all trying to catch up with the FRBs (Front Running B……..s).
Ah Struth was missing in action so we called her back and it was on on paper again.
Madmarg was behind us talking but she soon disappeared also—she knew where the short cut was and took a leftie and was back at the tent all clean and pristine by the time we straggled out.

We went uphill and down dale on a well worn track except when yours truly managed to find the only bit of slippery mud and down I went!!! Well mud is good for your complexion, don't know about you’re a…...e though!!!
Second check found by front horn Carol.

Thought we were on our way out at 6.15pm but we were led up the Lucky Garden path by the false sign with the word OUT and the arrow sign. It was dark by now so our torches were needed. Voices from the tent could be heard so knew the end was near.
JM Sarah back from holidays presided over the shout up and thanked the hares for setting the run and introduced two returning hashers, Kate and Fiona. Returning hasher Fiona was given a down down and sculled it in one hit like a true hasher.
Thanks to the hares for the Gin and Tonics and delicious samosas.
It was a great run to ease us into the new year.

No hashit this week. Next week is Karen McFarlane’s last run before returning the NZs workforce!!
Nancy ON ON

NEXT RUN: 8 January