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Run 1999

Date: 12 December 2006
Site: Kapok Kanan
Front Horn: Trish
Back Horn: Karen P
Runners: 27 hens + 1 chick

The usual long drive after coming off Jalan Muara and over lots of “sleeping policemen” the usual site at the top of the hill was dotted with cars.

We had been warned of a slipper beginning if it had rained—but no rain so far that day. A steady climb up along the waterline that flowed from the top and we gingerly clambered over slipper rocks, some with running water which was soothing to our quickly heated feet.
First check was found ahead by Jenny and the small pack carried on again up through some pretty trails. Once at the top the view was rewarding as we surveyed Serasa for some recognisable landmarks. The 4.30 p.m. ferry from Labuan was spotted so we were up there around 5.45 p.m.!!

Second check took a while to find as it was a sneaky back check which was found by our JM Readymix, as though she was last in was first out. One of the bonuses of being at the end of the pack, as yours truly was 2nd out followed soon by the rest. The track back was down, down, and down and we could soon hear the buzz of those who had taken a short option and was back at the site.

We had been in on the out before and I must say the way round this time was much more easier to the top that the daunting sight of the up, up, and up you see as you start off.
At the shoutup Bini Hutan was welcomed back to the hash after being away since August, and new member Kiera welcomed.

Jane treated us to yummy Indian fare, vegetarian dhal, curry puffs, rotis and rice.
Hashers were reminded of the actual 2000th run next week to bring a plate and dress in pink or purple or both for the on on at DST.—Trailblazer

RUN NO. 1998

Run No. 1998
Site: Diplo
Hares: Irene & siblings
Front Horn:
Karen P
Back Horn: Ah Struth
A small but eager group gathered to face the challenge of the weeks hash. We were promised a “usual trail” but as we headed off along a familiar down route and went further into the jungle over the large rotting log, we headed into a section which is not often visited. Before long we found ourselves in a very pretty valley complete with singing frogs, pools and a series of waterfalls. Having been lulled into a false state of comfort we then started on one of several long up trails. At some point the 3 checks were tracked down but yours truly was not anywhere near any of them. The first check was a back check found by Kirstie and checks two and three were discovered by one of our new JM’s, Readymix. One hill it seemed was not enough for our Hare Irene who managed to find at least two more mountains for the pack to scale on what was a good training run for the marathon being held at the weekend. The hot, sweaty, weary hens clucked their way back through the glen of mud pools and slippery green rocks before sighing with relief as the large rotting log came into view once more. Thanks for the large clear arrows at this point, everyone manage to find their way out.
The storm clouds were gathering but the shout up was just about over before the torrential rain began to pour. We thanked Irene and family (in absentia) for a great run. She was presented with an expensive diamond ring for her efforts. A new member Amanda was welcomed to the coop and received a goodie bag from the hash shop. Hens with close or distant Scottish connections were encouraged to join the hares setting the hogmanay run on 2nd Jan and Dizzy volunteered to do the water (or maybe not) in the coming weeks when Never Wrong is away. In the middle of the announcements a phone rang and yes it belonged to Irene. She was however forgiven because the call related to the food that she was providing! Nellie was however not so fortunate since she had forgotten to sign out. She had a long story about ice and being busy, which the hash ignored, so the award winning Hash Hit Holder Mad Marg was able to pass on the hash hit which Nellie took in style, seated with a towel over her head. The rain came down and we all tucked into the delicious food provided by Irene, many thanks for that.
Tonights Run (12th Dec 06)
Serasa Hill what more can you say! Watch out for thorns in parts. It could be a bit slippery in the first section if we have had heavy rain. Not too long, walkers should be out in around an hour.

RUN NO. 2000 - 19 DECEMBER 2006

RUN NO. 2000
DATE: 19 December 2006
HARES: Trailblazer/Madmarg/Dizzy
FRONT HORN: Magicroundabout
BACK HORN: Sarah Hill

Driving to the Jerudong area at an early stage of the afternoon, I noticed more and more clouds building up.

Lucky for all of us, the weather was with us when we went off at 5.15pm sharp. Bini Hutan and myself were last in, but caught up with the rest of the group shortly. We past a lake to our right and walked through some open areas and grassy trails, then passed a road and further up it went into pine forest areas, which almost looked like European forests. We went along nice trails and arrived at first check soon after. As Ready Mix announced beforehand, a circle was laid, so everyone new the exact point.

On we went through the forest, at some stage we heard hens shouting for more checks, but were too far behind to even getting involved in the checking. Next we got into the Bukit Shabandar area, familiar to most of us, the ups and downs.

As earlier promised, after climbing a very steep and long hill, we were rewarded with a scenic view of the Empire Hotel, the South China Sea and many of the Shabandar hills.

After enjoying the splendid view for a while and at the same time catching our breath, the trail went downhill through ferns and shrubs (yes, we saw some of the fantastic looking pitcher plants), which at some stage joined up with the in-trail; we were out after a good one-hour exercise.

Once out, we were given a yellow cap, thanks to Ready Mix. (And the Ladies Hash for sponsoring the embroidery).

It was a night of celebrations, as we achieved our 2000th Run and Ready Mix her 250th, a few down- downs were the reward. Down-downs also were given to the 3 hares and Dizzy for doing the water. A new guest, Anne from Sweden, was introduced and hopefully will join us in future, as we need new members. Lee, Robin and Lynn joined for the on on, too.

Food was available plentiful, as everyone brought a plate along, thanks to all, and also thanks for all the “Mixes”, they were great.

NEXT WEEK'S RUN: 26 December 2006
SITE: SPG 370 Jln Muara

RUN NO. 2001 26 DEC 2006

RUN NO. 2001

DATE: 26 December 2006

SITE: SPG 370, Jln Muara

HARES: Bini Hutan/Bettina

FRONT HORN: Magicroundabout

BACK HORN: Trailblazer

RUNNERS: 19 + 2 visitors

I didn’t really want to be at the Boxing Day Hash. After a huge curry lunch followed by a few puds (and Christmas Cake!) and more than one glass of bubbly, I was in no condition to Hash! However, my fellow hare, Alison, had SMS’d from the Philippines with implicit instructions,

1. Go to the hash

2. Pick up the signs

3. Write the words

So I turned up with a humungous hangover.

As the horn sounded we left Sigi’s garden and headed off into the jungle at 370. After the initial horrible hill we were on to familiar paths. I had a lovely chat with the rest of the walkie talkies and took no notice of checks or other such conventions. Elaine found all three checks, well done!

My headache started to get better, although it was replaced with indigestion! Take my advice and NEVER eat Christmas cake before a hash!

We did an almost complete circuit of the 370/Sungai Hanching path before cutting down through the jungle, over a sandy area, up another hill which was accessed over a log which had giant ants patrolling it! Thanks to Sonia at this point who bravely brushed the ants off the log with a leaf! I hate ants! I think I am allergic to their nasty stings!

Then it was up, up, up. Thanks again to Sonia, who should really be called Hawkeye and not Gordon, as she spotted all the paper for me!

Shortly after that we were out.

A grand hash, well done Sigi (aka Bini Hutan) and Bettina.

At the shout up Sigi and Bettina were thanked for laying the hash and providing such a splendid setting for the on-on. We then welcomed first time guests, Gaba, from Germany and Aunty Lyn’s mum Jane.

Photos were then taken of all the hashers by Honorary Ladies Hasher, Jurgen.

Now, this was already a lovely celebration but it turned into a fantastic night with the arrival of the scrumptious food. Sigi and Bettina had prepared for us - roast turkey with potato dumplings and gravy, spiced red cabbage and stuffing. Yum! This was followed by a fruity pudding with vanilla custard or crème anglais if you want to be posh!

Just when you thought the night could not get any better, Santa Claus and a very sexy Elf (don’t know which was which!!) distributed Christmas presents. You could even request the size you desired and whether batteries were necessary!

After much hilarity, Santa found one more gift at the bottom of the sack and decided to give it to Jurgen. Bettina, who was sitting beside me nearly had a fit as she knew what the gift was! Jurgen removed the paper and found a red g-string, which he bravely modelled!

What a man!

Then the singing began, perhaps not as we know it! Heather knows alternate words to Christmas songs and even a few in Latin! It was very entertaining. (By the way Serunai Singers are always looking for new recruits. See me later!)

I left about 9 so I don’t know how the evening finished. I just know I had a lovely time and want to thank Sigi, Bettina and Jurgen for a night to remember.

HARES: Alison/Cheryl

Thursday, December 07, 2006

1998 - 5 December 2006

1998 - 5th December 2006 - Diplo

Hares : Irene

Run 1997 - Hanching Baru, Jalan Maura

Hares: Magic roundabout and Smurf
Front Horn: Carol
Back Horn: Never Wrong

An apprehensive bunch of hens waited anxiously for front horn to sound as words had promised another run that all can go round. A sample of miniature gift boxes were to be found in the jungle and hens were encouraged to find these in exchange for some gooides at the end of the run as it was Magic's birthday celebration run. The on-site was well decked with buntings and even a Fijian flag.

We soon took off round to a clearing and up a bank and surprisingly wet paths we traipsed into the jungle. Up and up we went and first check got a few people stumped. Alas it was a back check which was found by Mad-Marg - rearing to go after her NZ half marathon and in training for the 10km Brunei marathon next weekend.

Once the check was called on the hens continued through the jungle and on through more pretty trails. Next few checks were found after a bit of a running here and there with the hens thinking it might be another tricky check. However, the on was called forward and we were all on our way again. Another incline was encountered before the homeward trail emerged.

A delicious rum punch awaited returning hens to the coup and the on on with new JMs Naj and Readymix soon commenced. Madmarge was given a down down for her generosity i the use of her house for founders day.

A new member Alex James was welcomed and down downs given to birthday hens Magic and Tiga.

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