Monday, June 20, 2011

RUN NO. 2235 - LUCKY GARDENS - 21 JUN 2011

RUN NO. 2235
DATE: 21 JUN 2011
HARES: Never Wrong/Peahen
FRONT HORN: Mrs Pinggu BACK HORN: MIA as being repaired

So, 5.15 Tuesday, time for the horn to sound! And I’m reliably informed it did. Although by whom is for you to remember!

Lucky Gardens, an old favourite, off we (they) all went into the jungle. Proper trails are always good, some easy running, if a bit slippery, followed. Hills and valleys ensued, ups and downs as usual. A few streams were crossed, and a few checks were pondered upon and then found. By whom? You know who you are ;-D

Shout up was a little late, as our two veterans decided to go all the way round, and as the slower ones and late past them. Alice in Wonderland and Jenni of the block being the latest stayed with them, and with the wonder of modern technology and Legally Blonde timing from where she left them was able to report the exact location of Glamour and Duchess. Glamour arrived back at the tent under her own steam and a car was despatched to collect Duchess from the road. Both were in good spirits altho a bit tired - if you think about it, all the ladies did around 1 hr and as both Glamour and Duchess had gone in before us they must have walked a good two hours!! - Ed

A good shout up followed, then excellent makan and was ended with some sociable conviviality under darkening Brunei skies. Is this sounding like the usual words? Does it sound like a typically good ladies‘ hash run? I hope so as sadly last week, one out of this week’s 3 hares was out of country, one was absent due to the dreaded lurgy and the third one was present and correct and has picked up the signs and organised the food for tonight.

We hope we haven’t missed any awards or special mentions, was the hashit awarded? Do we deserve an award for being creative? Anyway, we hope you all enjoy tonight’s run - especially as Tiffany is a Virgin Hare (some may find the trails vaguely familiar - it is Diplo after all) and also the makan we have most carefully thrown together!

Great roti with vegetarian curry was provided by last week's hares (Ed)

HARES: Pee Wee/Shantal/Tiffany

RUN NO. 2234 - DIPLO - 14 JUN 2011

RUN NO. 2233
DATE: 14 JUN 2011

At least when we arrived tonight the sky looked promising not like last weeks downpour.

I set off with Clover into the jungle letting the frontrunners charge ahead.

The words stated longer than normal so i was not sure what too expect..First we went downhill as usual and knew we would soon be heading up,up ,upl.

There we many ups and downs and when we finally reached the top of one long hill we were greeted with a very welcoming breeze.

We were wondering when we would come to the water crossings as promised in the words.We eventually did and the water was quite cool and refreshing on my feet.

As we reached the out trail some gentle light cooling rain fell.

The shout up began and this week there were no first time guests or special awards.

There was much debate for the hash shit regarding calling checks and hash t-shirts but eventually it went to Clover for forgetting to sign in.

The hares had cooked delicious vegetarian chilli .

We later sang happy birthday to Dizzy.Hope she got her free drink.

HARES: Never Wrong/Peahen

Monday, June 13, 2011

RUN NO. 2233 SUBOK 67 - 7 JUN 2011

RUN NO. 2233
DATE: 7 JUNE 2011
HARES: Mad Marg/Bunny Girl/Marcella
FRONT HORN: Sally BACK HORN: Trailblazer

I arrived at 5pm and at that stage the clouds were looming. In need of exercise i was ready to hot foot it into the hills, but had forgotten my hash shoes and i could tell that this was not a time to wonder around in the jungle in my treadless croccs.

At 5.10 the heavens opened and it just poured down. Within moments the ground was muddy with lots of puddles. Most people dashed for the tent and that is where they remained for the duration. Front horn Sally bravely led her first time guest into the dusk, indeed both first time guests went into the jungle which is a very good sign.

In a bit, up the hill and then down to the left. I'm not sure what happened to Sally but she ended up leading her unsuspecting companion on hands and knees through a tunnel of fallen branches. Having lost her bearings and the with the paper disintegrating at an alarming rate the hashers decided to vere on the side of caution and return to base by the same route they had entered the jungle.

Having had no exercise and consequently an extra hour to use up some tokens, the shout up was rather more boyant than usual. Two first time hashers were welcomed - girls we hope the weather will not put you off joining us in the future. Legally Blond had us laughing with her jokes as did the musical rendition, performed by Aunty Lynn and Tango, which accompanied the goings on and Aunty Lynn celebrated 102 runs

Samosas were enjoyed by all - thanks to the hares. On on DIZZY


Monday, June 06, 2011

RUN NO. 2232 - SG AKAR 31 MAY 2011

RUN NO. 2232
DATE: 31 MAY 2011
HARES: Alison/Sue/Cheryl

After parking the car and triple checking my handbrake I made the journey up the hill to the Hash site. For many this was enough of a Hash – and who can blame them – what a bloody hill!! Although there were very few of us gathered for the evenings run we all set off excited by the prospect of a new trail!

The walk down the hill concerned some as we knew we had to go back up to sign out but down we went and after crossing the busy road we were in the jungle. Thank goodness it hadn’t rained as it was slippery enough as we went up and down on the trail.

It wasn’t long before we hit the first check and with so few runners we were all at the front checking! GI Jane found the back check and we were off again. The trail had all the components of a good Hash run with hills, water, mud and brambles – lovely!! Satu Lagi was on top form and found checks 2 and 3 and then we were out.

We were greeted by the Hares Alison, Sue and Cheryl with a lovely cocktail and a gift of a bag to celebrate Alison’s 950 runs and Cheryl’s 450 runs – what a great achievement girls – and Alison nearly at her 1000 runs!!

Dizzy duly started the shout up and brought the Hares up so we could give them their much deserved down down. Alison and Cheryl also got another down down to celebrate their Run Awards which they had spent on the bags for us – so thank you! The Hares also gave prizes to the best and oldest Hash T- shirts which proved to be fun!

At this point the Bar Flies realised that we were being bitten alive but as nobody was prepared to venture down the hill to their cars to get their Off we decided that drinking more was a better option!

Legally Blonde told us some fab jokes and has kept some for next run which I look forward to! Madam Sin also added another joke to the evening’s entertainment. With jokes like these every week I am sure we wouldn’t miss Speedo so much!!

The Hash Shit came next which went to Legally Blonde – again – and MadMargz for not signing IN or OUT! However I hope none of the other Hash Chapters find out that we faked the water throwing!! We really are getting TOO soft!!

The Hares put on a lovely spread of pasta and salad with cake to follow. Thank you Hares for a great run, yummy food and a lovely gift!

HARES: Madmarg/Bunny Girl/Marcella