Monday, November 26, 2007

RUN NO. 2048

RUN NO. 2048
SITE: Serasa Yacht Club
HARES: Committee
FRONT HORN: Readymix
HENS: 54 Hens 8 Chicks

Our Founders Day Run. The big event of the year. Our last run of the year! Next week a new hashing year begins, with a new committee.
We all gathered at the Royal Brunei Yacht Club under grey skies, to sign in. The tent was up, and decorations laid out for the night’s festivities.
It was to be a run with a difference, befitting our last run for the year. , no one wanted to be lost in the jungle. Our first clue was laid out for us at the sign in board. NO PAPER! We had to follow clues and work for our dinner.
A cryptic turn south which had some of the hares a bit puzzled, but turned out to be easy, just follow the front runners, if they were wrong, we all were wrong, then we were each given a plastic bag and had to collect rubbish, one plastic bottle, one can etc, an easy task as these items were in abundance before moving on to the next clue involving dragon boats, we passed that test then around the lollipop and a sprint home, keeping an eye out for a survivor and a sunset, both easily spotted then back to the yacht club to look for a tree with purple and pink flowers. All done, then a quick shower and all the beach belles gathered for the evening’s entertainment.

Prizes were given for best beach girls, taken by Alison and Cheryl. No contest, who could beat the frilly knickers, shower caps, rugs, sustenance and wind break that one must need for a day at the beach in Brighton.
We then had the year’s awards. Guess who got the perpetual trophy for most hashsits of the year, Linda G, again no contest. Longest run, shortest run, most runs, taken by Yann and Mad Marg. We welcomed a returning hasher from Singapore, Vigi who came just for Founders day.

After a sumptuous al fresco dinner the final work of the evening. The changeover of old committee to new committee, and a thank you to the old girls for a year’s hard work. At this stage we realized that our old J.M, Naj was not going to go quietly and a bit of push and pull ensued before the microphone was relinquished and our new J.M.s Nellie and Sarah B. could take over. Sorry Naj, we have enjoyed hassling you all year.
After the changeover the fun could begin with D.J. Martin at the controls.
A bit of “limbo some more” started the party and got the ball rolling, then it was dancing, swimming, dancing, swimming for the rest of the evening. Some of the swimming was involuntary!

A lovely Founders Day. Thank you committee.

NEXT RUN: 2049

Monday, November 19, 2007

RUN NO. 2047

RUN NO. 2047
DATE: 13 NOV 2007

For some reason, many of us gathered early for this run; the impending excitement was just too much, we were chomping at the bit. After several pleas for a front horn were unsuccessful, I volunteered giving Carol and Mad Marg a rest. 5.15 on the dot, I sounded it and off we ran, down the road and right at the bottom whereupon we headed into the jungle. The track in was wet and swampy, and a lot of pieces of bamboo on the ground made this all the more difficult, as we slid and tripped our way in. The paper led us up into familiar territory, and after a bit of a run, we met the first check. I stood calling as Running Bare and Kathie went to the left and Lee and Carol went off to the right. This left everyone else to check back. I was calling for a long time, wondering what was happening, only to realise the check had been called on back, but sadly the sound of diggers and lorries and other means of jungle destruction obscured the calling. So as front horn I quickly became back horn, Jane thankfully did a sterling job in my place.

The on paper led us up a fairly steep track and through more jungle, this was quite good for running. And everyone had been bunched together by the first check, which is always good. Second check was called and laid through before I got there. We then came out onto more open ground, again good for running. Across and up a bank and onto a path, pretty much at the end of which was 3rd check. A bit of confusion ensued, before it was called on ahead. This took us into the jungle again, which was incredibly trippy, for another 10 minutes or so then up a fairly steep bank by a barbed wire fence, then we came out onto wasteland again. Ahead was a decent expanse of water, and I arrived just in time to see Carol, Running Bare, Trish and Kathie disappearing into a boat. Yes, a BOAT! A quick shufty around the water and it became clear that there was really no way around on foot, so Lee appeared out of the dark and we waited for the next boat trip. The two trusty boat men steadied the boat for us and in we hopped for a very pleasant little taxi across the water.

Upon exiting the taxi, and narrowly avoiding a ‘one foot land – one foot boat’ disaster, we set off for the run in. Again over more wasteland before back via a bit of jungle. A good chance to stretch the legs before the descent back to the house. Everyone came out in good time – a sure sign of a good run! The hares looked after us with some delightful punch, followed by lasagne and a vegetarian pasta dish, with fresh bread and a green salad. Yum! The shout up was routine, hares thanked, horns thanked, Happy Birthday sang, announcements made. And so another happy evening’s hashing was concluded, later by some than others, under the darkened Brunei skies, leaving us all to ponder our outfits for next week’s founders’ day beach party at Serasa, on on!


Monday, November 12, 2007

RUN 2046

SITE: Spg 702 Kota Batu
HARES: Sarong/Ah Struth/Carol
FRONT HORN: Kathy Knell in training under Pussy Pelmet
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

The Hens gathered in the car park of the palatial house at the top of Simpang 702. After a few words exchanged in Malay with the builders it was established we were OK to leave our cars for the duration of the run. The horn sounded at 5.15pm and we set off behind the mansion to find the in-trail, much to the bemusement of our generous builders - they must have wondered what we were all doing! After a steep and slippery climb up into the jungle the pack were on their way. A number of hens decided that this run was going to be a little too adventurous, as we’d had plently of rain during the afternoon leaving the trails extremely wet, muddy and slippery. For the hens that continued we had a fantastic run/walk taking in the beautiful jungle sites along the way.

As we negotiated our way along the slippery narrow paths, taking care not to fall over, the sound of ‘checking from here’ was heard. Jane found the on paper and the hens were called on-back. More precarious paths and plenty of up, up and a bit of down – it’s a good work out for the buttocks and thighs.

Second Check was found at the bottom of the slope to the river and the on-paper called by Helena. As we all cross the river the beautiful waterfall could be seen. Yet more up hill taking in the as we ascended. The huge trees reminded me of the major oak in Sherwood Forest where Robin Hood and his Merry Men were supposed to have hidden! If trees could talk I bet they could tell a good tale. Back up on to the ridge and on-on we went. Time was ticking by and third check was found by Angela. As darkness fell we picked our way through the trail hoping to find the out paper. Just as the noise in the Jungle was becoming deafening – some sort of cricket like insect I am told! The end was in sight. We made our way back down the slippery, muddy, wet path and out!

After the hens were all accounted for, we continued the shout-up at Dizzy’s place just down the road. A warm shower awaited – maybe we could organize this luxury at every hash! After thanking the hares for a great run we then wished our GM happy birthday. Dizzy nearly got a hashit for bringing a man to the hash…..until we realized it was ‘guy’. The Brownies had made him for Bonfire Night and a ceremonial burning took place as we all enjoyed the wonderful food provided by Sarong and Co.
(Cheryl and Alison had reported that they had spotted an animal larger than a rat on the way back on the in/out trail before 1st check. They have since confirmed that it was a moon rat they had sighted. Despite coming out in the dark, all made good time to get to Dizzy’s for on on. Tks for use of your abode! ED)

NEXT RUN: 13 November

Monday, November 05, 2007

RUN 2045

SITE: Jln Jerudong
HARES: Pee Wee/Trailblazer/Tango
BACK HORN: Alice in Wonderland

This weeks run was a later start than normal and in new territory and so it was difficult to guess how long it would take to get to the hash site.  Going via the coastal road seemed to be no problem but those taking Jln Telenai were stuck in traffic for nearly an hour, almost being late for the run.  .  The horn sounded a little after 6 (with Carol being front horn and Alice in Wonderland taking the back horn) and the group of hens soon split, with the front runners at quite a good pace.  To the main road and left and then up the next simpang took us to some pretty spooky areas.  We watched out for ghosts and ghouls in the deserted bungalow and mansion and followed the paper towards the shooting range and jungle area.
First check was positioned behind a tree and all front runners went off checking into the depths of the jungle.  With torches on, the hens slowly checked each trail, only to hear a back call by Sarah to the paper on a mud trail.  Careful to pick up all the paper and lay it through, the front runners were soon at the back of the group catching up with the others.  The mud trail was beautifully lit with candles, glowing a soft orange in the night.  Just as I reached the check, the call from the on paper could be heard in the distance by Trish, following more golden candles.  This trail took us to the start of another simpang, which we followed to the main road and then on back to Nellie’s house.

At the end of the run, the hens soon transformed themselves into a variety of ghouls, monsters, devils and witches.  Once the potatoes arrived, there was as usual a noisy shout up (with the assistance of the laughing pumpkin) and photo opportunity in and around the Halloween d├ęcor of the patio and garden.  Best dress ups were awarded to Dizzy, Carol, Rosie and Julie-Anne and Trailblazer went trick or treating.  The scary hens put on a fine spread of hot potatoes, grated cheese, baked beans and salad to end the evening.