Monday, September 24, 2007

RUN NO. 2039

DATE: 18 Sep 2007
SITE: Tanjung Bunut Kanan
HARES: Legally Blond & Mad Marg
HENS: 40
CELEBRATION: 150 RUNS: Legally Blond

As I tried to find a suitable parking spot, having arrived too late to nab a park inside the “Salziela Garden Estate” (or Sleazy gardens for short), I realised we had been here a year or so ago, but it turned out the trails were quite different. The on site was rather more impressive than the usual, with swimming pool and extensive entertaining area.

Claire was rearing to go when she sounded the horn at 5.13pm, by my watch anyway. We soon got onto a long dirt trail of red clay which became more and more like a 4WD track by the time first check was called. Glamour had been off checking and Carol thought it must be a back check because there were only 4 pieces of paper on the check. Sure enough, the back check was found by Karen and we headed on down a lovely jungle trail which followed a ridge and opened out onto a nice viewpoint.

Just as we got to the bottom of the hill, the call of “checking ahead” was heard. There were trails left and right as you hit a stream and I could already hear people checking across the stream. I checked left, but of course, the on paper was found right by Sarah. After a nice cool stream crossing, there was a muddier section. Amanda was doing her best to trip up in some vines and wondered what lurked in the muddy waters just as she stepped into a knee deep muddy hole.

Shrieks were heard ahead and just as I came to a fairly steep down bit, Karen had twisted her ankle and was being helped along by several fellow hashers. After a boggy bit and a log crossing, the trail became easier, following the stream and going through a bamboo grove. It was starting to get rather gloomy under the trees and it was only 6.10pm. More bog and scrambly bits, but the mud was nicely washed off in a lovely clear, deep pool. Amanda declared this must surely be the last stream to cross, but we waded our way through at least 3 more.

I was too far back for third check and could only hear the horn in the distance, but apparently Irene did a great job of calling everyone through. After an open bit and some more bamboo, the trail led us on out through fern to the sound of swamp hens, then back onto the road at a large culvert.

We all congregated back at Cath’s place, some taking a cooling dip in the pool, some entering the fashion stakes (Naj and Running Bare) and others just trying to wash off the mud. The bar was well stocked with G & T’s and once Karen got her foot strapped with ice, it was time for the shout up. The hares were duly thanked for a great run in new territory. First time guests were called up (but actually all 3 had hashed once or twice before) – Jane, Alison from the US embassy and Cathy, who works in the army. Legally Blond was given her down down for 150 runs, Naj gave a parking demo on how not to leave your rear end sticking out, Smurf tried to sell the last places for the Tiga hash and tickets for the St Andrew’s ball and Mad Marg enthusiastically tried to sell her wares from the hash shop. Thank you to the hares for the lovely samosa’s and chocolate cake. Naj insisted on a photo shoot and then everyone was left to relax for the rest of the evening.

Next Run: Diplo
Hares: Alison/Cheryl and Sue

Monday, September 17, 2007

RUN NO. 2038

Date: 11th Sept 2007
Site: Mata Mata
Front Horn: Sarong
Back Horn: Jenny
First Time Guests: Three

There was a bit of confusion as to where the Hash site was, as a few of us went around the roundabout at Mata Mata a few times looking for a second sign, as the small sign was upside down but it was soon sorted. Thanks to Naj for putting the big H3 sign to the end of the road.
It was a nice cool evening, which is a bonus when we have a very adventurous Hash ahead of us. The pack set off in good spirits, I went 100 metre along the trail then turned back as I had forgotten to sign IN, a hashitable offence!! I eventually caught up to the back of the pack and then it wasn't long before I could hear “Checking from here!” It took some time before the first check was called by Sue, a back check. We continued winding our way through the jungle for a while until we got to the first waterfall which slowed everyone up; with a nice rope to support us go down the hill. Once at the bottom we got back on to a nice running trail before getting our feet wet a few times crossing back and forth through the streams.

Second check was called, not sure who found it, but a few of us kept going in the wrong direction as we checked. We then got back on to a nice trail for a while before third check was called. Ready Mix had seen a trail across the stream and it paid off as she found the check. We then worked our way steadily up the side of the hill with once again the support of rope to pull us up, but there were still a few more hills in store of us. It felt like we were climbing Mt Kinabalu, it was one of those hills that kept going up, up, up, up! Eventually we made it to the top for which we were rewarded with a lovely view looking back on the canopy of the jungle.

We had one more check and by this time darkness was slowly setting in, Jan found fourth check and then wasn't long before we were out. It was a very enjoyable run so Thank You Sid and Hubby for showing us the two waterfalls that Ah Struth and I have wanting to find for ages. Thanks for the great Kebabs!
PS: missed on last weeks words: Naj must be thanked for the time and effort she put into the book markers presented to the cast and crew.

Run No. 2039 - 18 September
Site: Tanjung Bunut Kanan - opposite Hua Hall new Bunut mall, Jln Tutong
Hares: Mad Marg/Legally Blond

Sunday, September 09, 2007

RUN 2037

Date: 4 September 2007
Run No. 2037
Site: Diplo
Hares: Black Beauty and Sarong
Bollywood – Brunei style

A large cast gathered at the main Bollywood site in Brunei. The two directors prepared to instruct actors thru stage directions cunningly concealed on long paper strips. It was obvious that the main director had a strong interest in the environment as actors were guided by use of recycled paper which would soon break down under the elements. The scenery made great use of natural assets available on site, incorporating rivers and stream crossings, unnaturally high hills and sufficient mud to keep the audience intrigued. Natural props were favoured with the occasional log being available to help performers avoid getting their costumes wet. The wardrobe department were particularly appreciative of this.

The plot followed the usual Bollywood line with extras and stars all following the hash trail until a check was reached. It was at that point that the audience could distinguish the leading roles from the rest of the cast as their performance enabled them to stand out. The first performer to reach these heady heights of success was Tiga who located and called first check with considerable aplomb. The next to offer a stirling performance was Rosie who located second check on the far side of a raging torrent and made the most of this filming opportunity by wading across the deepest part to call the check. The camera crew got some very good shots of that. The third cameo was performed by Sid who following advice from Mad Marg found the third check. Interestingly Mad Marg chose not to act on this occasion, but to direct through use of the front horn. Her performance was such that audiences hope that she will continue to provide this skill.

Trailblazer also chose a directing role and assiduously used the back horn to support stage directions from Mad Marg. Keen to develop talents in the masses, Trailblazer took Julia as understudy.

After the hash crew and cast had a celebration film launching As only Bollywood performers can. Black Beauty and Sarong were thanked for their original and thoughtful plot twists in the story line, particularly during scenes involving checks. The food provided was outstanding and the chorus girls looked beautiful in their colourful Bollywood garb. (Cowgirl did not want to be left out and was party to the catering – Thanks ladies for some delicious food. Ed)
Survivor was a gracious hostess and was both complimented and complemented by her leading man when he arrived late in the evening. Naj received an award for 400 performances while Annick made a guest appearance after a long time out of the industry. Naj must be thanked for the time and effort she put into the bookmarks presented to cast and crew.

And so the curtain fell on another very special Brunei hashing event, performed Bollywood style.

Next Run: Mata-Mata
Hare: Sid