Friday, May 28, 2010

RUN NO. 2179 25 MAY - SPG 1067 JLN MUARA

Rolling over?
Crossing the creek

RUN NO. 2179

DATE: 25 MAY 2010






Having heard the various attempts of the hares trying to get their route correct, and six reccees to ensure the hens were safe and the run great, we arrived at the Simpang to find the tent already set up, but then, I thought our shout up was going to be across the road at Mizusu’s? Never mind, it gave us a good idea for future setting up of a tent if we needed to have a shout up in the simpang, but then again, don’t our JM live just down the road in Spg 1047?

After signing in, the horn took us back to the main road towards the electric substation and into the jungle. Up the track to the pylon where memories of the last hash came to mind when we were milling around trying to find first check… at that point, thunder and lightning was heard in the distance with rain certain to fall, but when? Some hens started to turn around not even waiting to get to first check where they had been recommended to get to should they not want to go round. We had also been warned by JM Diva (who incidentally should have got the hashit coming to the hash all dolled up! Apparently she had a gig to go to and was not hanging around – just enough to start us off and put some notes in the file so that JM Ruthless Pursuit could follow thru during the shout-up.

Once off the pylon trail and as we headed into the jungle saw Satu Lagi running back after being left behind while checking and cursing under her breath! A slippery trail where going up or down some inclines were faced, although once on the ridge, good running trails was there for front runners to enjoy. Checks were found by Pee Wee, Rambling Rose and Ruthless Pursuit. While going around, I did think that it would make a very good run if it was not wet.

Once we popped out of the jungle and found the reservoir, I knew we would soon be out. Relieved that we had come out this side of the reservoir and we did not have to cross it since it was full due to the recent rain. The trail then wound down towards the farm and we were soon on the way out. As we headed towards the locked gate, a group of hens led by Magic Roundabout who after quite a few weeks of enjoying New Zealand was living up to her name, going back into the jungle with no sign of paper. We called them back and soon were all on track heading towards the road, although we had to gingerly walk along the creek with barbed wire on one side along a narrow grassy ledge and deciding where we should cross and then back again to get out by the fence, as paper was few and far between.

We got back to where we start to sign out but found there were still six in although by the time we had cooled and washed down, they were all out. So off we set off to Mizusu’s for the on on and was greeted with a delicious cocktail dressed with a strawberry.

Shout up was orderly and the hashit was still intact with no takers. Ryvita celebrated her 100th run and Suzi her 50th. Mizusu presented them with a gift each as they were guests at her house., a nice touch. Supper put on by the hares had the “Japanese” theme with endame served while we were waiting around. Even the hares wore “Japanese” style outfits for the shout up. Delicious Japanese curry among other delicacies including sushis was sampled with lots of hens asking for the curry recipe. The theme was Japanese and Mizusu even made “hello kitty” short bread, and there was also carrot and chocolate cakes to follow. Thank you hares for such a grand spread, and for use of your house and compound! On on – Trailblazer


HARES: Trailblazer/Readymix/Sarong/Survivor

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RUN NO. 2178- 18 MAY 10 - KAPOK KANAN

Cave enroute

The hares: Cath B/Clare C/Pickled Lilli
Guest Gina with GM Bunny Girl
A new hashhandle in the offing "The joker"? rather than Speedo?

Hashit accepted in good humour

RUN NO. 2178
DATE: 25 MAY 2010
HARES: Pickled Lilli/Cath B/Clare Cole

Our faithful simpang leader 'Call Girl' sends the all too familiar txt around, "Pick up at 16.45!" Thank goodness, because without it I would find 20 or more...reasons to stay home and drink white wine instead. As usual it is always 100% worth the effort. Great work out, live entertainment, delicious food and G & T if you fancy from Legally Blonde.

We arrive at the hash site to softly falling rain. As we gather waiting for the horn, Bunny Girl informs the ladies it is hilly and slippery run ahead. A mere hour for the walkers and hopefully quicker for the front runners. More than likely a muddy behind for some ladies with only trainers.. time to buy those football boots!

5:15 the horn went - off we went , well... sort of - A very steep hill to start the run with. Working large muscle groups gets the heart working and for sure mine was almost beating out of my chest.. Is the hill going to stop? Finally.. a slower pace as the call for 'checking from here' is heard. I must admit this is one of my favourite calls on the hash as it allows an opportunity to slow down in search of the check. Misuzu flies off to the left in search of the hidden check, Ryvita and Virginie are ahead checking and Satu Lagi arrives at the bottom of the hill and is just about to help checking, when we hear a distant call 'on paper'. The first check was found!

We were led to climb again, this time, a steeper hill and with twists and turns (those football boots would have come in very handy!). When we reached the top of the hill, a fantastic view of the Muara port appeared with a beautiful sea breeze, aaaahhh..!

Long steep slippery down hills and few more ups and downs we finally came out of the jungle.
The sky was an odd orangey colour and there were some storm clouds in the distance...

Let the live entertainment begin! We welcomed the first time guest from Wellington, New Zealand - Gina, introduced by Rachel who by minutes missed the 5.15 horn and was given the hash-shit for not introducing her guest to the GM in time. Cleverly she didn't get changed until after the dousing of water! Well done Rachel. We were entertained by numerous jokes by Nancy - "A statue and Mr. Smith" was the winning joke of the night, made everyone laugh! Down came the rain, followed by delicious food - blood sugar levels stable, time to relax and catch up with friends. On-on!

NEXT RUN: Spg 1067 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar
HARES: Call Girl/Mizusu/Nicole

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


RUN NO. 2177
DATE: 11 MAY 2010
HARES: Never Wrong/Velma/Jo

lots of ladies and 2 cute dogs...(no first time guests)

Its Tuesday...

Its 5.15... so it must be (no not Crackerjack!)..BUT The ladies hash run!

Another week wings its way past us at a ferocious rate and Tuesday is here again..How on earth did that happen? Did anyone see where Last week went as I appear to have misplaced it??

Bunnygirl did the honours and gets Ryvita to be front horn and domestic goddess to be back.. and I know where IM going to be placed.... firmly with Domestic goddess .. that's for sure..

My mum used to tell me off for plodding when I was a kid, but suffice to say, ive remained a plodder for the last 45 years and .. I ain't gonna change now!

We start off walking along the nice sandy path that runs parallel with the shore line...through Mozzie infested areas-where the little buggers feast on my arms like a person at a free Makan session... Nom Nom Nom!! Ooh retaliation was swift and bloody.. but I had the last laugh! 'SPLAT!'

We reach the shore line as the sun descends on us..oooh what a beautiful sight. The Empire at dusk. Its one of them sights that takes your breath away, no matter how long you have been here in Brunei.

The majority of the hash ladies are now way in front of me, I climb the huge breakwater rocks, and decide that I really don't like this bit.. ( im a bit of a ditsy girl, with 2 left feet< & have a tendency to be clumsy around stones- I wimp out from going any further.. and clamber down the rocks..Gracefully .. of course!!)

I heard from Claire that the run then followed the shore line up and down even more breakwaters and with some lovely walks along the sand...

Tango and Ryvita and Claire C all found checks at various stages... my hat goes off to anyone who climbs them huge rocks... I know MY limitations (but a bonus was we were quite close to JPMC had the need of arisen.. which thankfully, It didn't!)

The Sunset that we saw was not sure how the girls arranged that to happen after such stormy weather the last week..

As we all signed out , Velma handed us a white Chrysanthemum as a happy Mothers day gift..what a lovely thought *(dont expect that this week, if we ever suss out a route up & down kapok kannan, it will be miraculous..Kapok Kannan has always been a nemesis for me, as it was one of the first runs I did with karen palmer, and I hated it!! )

where was I....

The down downs started very swiftly this evening.. Psycho got her Goblet and a down down for achieving 50 GLORIOUS runs..(way to go Wina!)

She also managed to clear the beach up while we were there too (bless)

It was mentioned by Allison that Sue was in hospital after having some surgery, and also Alice in Wonderland mentioned that Glamour was back at home after her surgery. Heres wishing them BOTH well..

Ruthless Pursuit did an fantabulous job at manning the decks of the ladies hash single handedly..keeping us all in line in a matronly fashion! Only minor heckling was heard from some...

The hares provided us with some rather lovely Roti and Dhall and curry ease our hunger after mountaineering up the rocks of Tungku beach

Thanks to the hares for the Run and the food ..

Its soup in a basket for this weeks run!

NEXT RUN: KAPOK KANAN ---- change of site

Monday, May 10, 2010

RUN NO. 2176 4 MAY - SUBOK 67

RUN NO. 2176
DATE: 4 MAY 2010
HARES: Domestic Goddess/Clover/Ms Pink

We arrived at the hash sit to be greeted by a very cute puppy which immediately befriended Rambling Rose who decided to forgo the run and adopt it and take care of it.I believe others were taken by Alison and Tiga too.Please let us know of their progress.

We were warned that it was not going to be a short run. We started along a track and gradually proceeded up to the rigde and hut at the top.

I could have turned back but decided I needed to do more,that was probably my downfall.From there on it was up and down, up and down, across streams and over and under logs.Whenever I got to a top of a hill I saw another one coming up.

There was some confusion at a check with paper spotted in two directions but eventually the correct route was found and we continued on. It was getting dark by the time I reached the out trail and there were some large drains so we tried to warn those following.I was very relieved when we reached the end.

Domestic Goddess and Legally Blonde headed in to help the last four still in the jungle and they returned at about 7.30

The shout up began and we welcomed one first time guest Malika a born and bred Bruneiian.There were other first time guests but they had to leave earlier.
Madam Sin celebrated her 400th run and said she is purchasing a pie maker and we toasted "Eric the Cleric" her wonderful father.

No one was awarded the hashit again.We must be too well behaved.

The hares provided delicious Vegetarian Lasagne with quite a tang to it.Thank you ladies.

HARES: Never Wrong/Velma/Jo

Monday, May 03, 2010

RUN NO. 2175 - 27 APRIL - SPG 787 JLN MUARA

New hens Miaei and Jane
Diva's hubby acting on the barbie
Hares Legally Blonde/Madmarg/Diva

RUN NO. 2175
SITE: Spg 787 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar - ANZAC
HARES: Diva/Madmarg/Legally Blonde

What a lovely celebration of ANZAC day – thank you to all the hares …Diva,, Mad Margz. Legally Blonde, & Ruthless Pursuit for providing such an enjoyable evening …

We started by catching up and chatting with all our friends…then…5.15 Beeep Beeeep …Oink Oink & we’re off down the hill – along the road and then right following a tract through some interesting kampongs & fruit farms – such a lot of flora and fauna to look at on the way – An amazing yellow flame tree full of flowers, coconut palms sago plants ?? – it was a bit like a Sunday afternoon stroll through the lovely countryside no hills, water, mud or thorns to be seen.

We were welcomed back with a squirt of water as we scrambled through the tunnel to reach our well deserved 100 plus. Unfortunately Trailblazer’s sister Tina took a tumble and hurt her already bad knee – ice was applied with lots of fussing and care – hopefully nothing too serious! (Since then she has had an operation for her badly fractured patella and resting at home with her "leg up" literally with time off work!)

On On was fabulous – such a lot of thought to give us a great evening – the food –so delicious and varied – I loved those Anzac biscuits… We were all given a T-shirt to remind us of the day…New members were welcomed Miaei & Jane ..both given a down down and a hash ‘bible’ to study to avoid being nominated for the weekly ‘hash shit’- talking of which we were obviously all so good this week no one was given it.

Another welcome was given to Catherine visiting her auntie Alison on her adventurous world tour…from Manchester… She was given a grand applause and a warm welcome by everyone.

A few announcements… Coffee morning at Carolyn’s house Wednesday 1st May 9-12 with lots to buy hopefully. 800kg of rubbish was collected from the beach this month by volunteers. Looking for more volunteers for next week’s clean up which will be on Muara Beach The Nash Hash will be at Diplo – forms for attending will be at the next Tuesday hash .. JPMC asking for volunteers to donate their blood for a transplant if you have O +. blood. We were asked to join forces on Saturday afternoon 1st May at 2pm to give support if needed to Lee’s case To conclude - we were reminded of what took place on 25th April during world war 1 … a toast was offered on on………

Next Run: Subok 67
Hares: Never Wrong/Velma

RUN NO. 2174 - 20 April 2010

Hashit taken in the pool and dont they look happy! It was cooler than out.

English roses who sponsored socks for the ladies all appropriately dressed.

Banner for the day

Dizzy with view of Muara Bay in background and the bush

Sunset at serasa

RUN NO. 2174
DATE: 20 April 2010
SITE: Serasa
HARES: English Roses

It was off to Serasa for the St Georges run - which means pretty much one thing - -ON UP and ON UP and ON UP.

Upon arrival at the run site we were greeted by the lovely smells of nature – like nappies and food and other rubbish strategically placed on the side of the road. After signing in on the front window of someone’s car – front horn Claire gave us the signal and we were off.

And guess what - - it was On Up!! The trail was very clear and there were some great strategically placed ropes to help assist us with the climb. Towards the top of the first big up there was a lovely view of the Muara area and a few of us commented on the lovely cloud formation – I thought they looked like Mickey Mouse ears. At the top of the hill we were off to the right and just a bit down we heard the call “checking from here”. So a few ladies went back and I carried on down towards the check to show the guest I had what happens. By the time we reached the bottom someone had found the on paper and we were off again. Along a bit, then back on up to get to the top and find we were going back out the way we came in. So down down we went to the bottom – sign out – and off to the yacht club.

All ladies dressed in Red and White and in the mood for a good time. Thank you to the English Roses who had done a lovely job in decorating the poolside area. We arrived to yummy cocktails and lovely gift!!! Thank you English Roses for the socks.

Before the shout up there was a quiz to do and then shout up began. A new first time guest – Jade (Fiona’s daughter). And a special shout up for Gordon who had celebrated 300 runs!!!! We had Velma’s daughter’s birthday – Emma – and yummy Tiramisu followed!! Then on to announcements and some fun activities with the English Roses. A music quiz – pick the movie/tele show from the song – and it was hard for a kiwi girl like myself although I need get Coro St and Emmerdale!! There were winners though!!!

Then hashit time – and tonight the question was not – any calls for hashit – NO IT WAS – who out of the following should get hashit:
FIONA – for not accompanying her guest all the way round and her guest came out 20minutes before her
DIZZY – who did not sign out
SARAH – for signing herself out as Karin
KARIN – for signing herself out as SARAH
And due to the fact that all of them had pitiful excuses – they all got hashit!!!!! And - - due to the fact that our hashit holder was away and Aunty Lynn may have quietly advised the JM’s of these misdemeanors - - she got to apply the punishment, which was of course the pool!!! And Aunty Lynn got soaked too!!!! Well taken by all the ladies!!

Yummy fish and chips followed and green mushy peas – then tea and cake!! Disco pumping out good sounds and all in all a fantastic night.

Next Run: Spg 787 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar - ANZAC
Hares: Diva/Legally Blonde/Madmarg

RUN NO. 2173 - 13 APRIL - SPG 338

Setting at the on on
Melissa with the hashit


Marcella with "blue" cocktail

White & blue flour to mark the route

SITE: Spg 338 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong
HARES: Madmarg/Karin/Aunty Lynn/Marcela & Sarah
Hens: 48 Chicks: 17

It was with a heavy heart that I made my way to the site that evening. It was the first Memorial Run for Lee ‘Roadrunner’ Jefford who was taken from us so suddenly last year.

As expected there was a great turn out from the regular Hashers all wishing to pay their respects to and celebrate the life of Lee the way that Hashers know best. There were also so many guests their names went off the sheet!

The run was to be a similar one to the last run Lee had done with Madmargz. We all had been given a piece of ‘J-Cloth’ [sorry I am English!] as a memory of Lee who always ran with one incase she needed a wee! We were following blue paper and blue flour on our run as blue had been Lee’s favourite colour.

It was a run with a lot of road running and a fair amount of hills. They slowed us down but as someone commented Lee would have raced to the top with ease. Saying that Ruthless Pursuit and Claire C made a great attempt!

There was one check which seemed to be where people went off on different trials as later, on the out, when I came onto the main road there were Hashers joining from a different direction! Anyway it was a lovely run with time for quiet reflection.
Run over and back at the site lovely cocktails were flowing. The shout up started with the hares taking their down-downs. We were introduced to our first time guests and the Hashers were taken aback that Kerri said that she wouldn’t be coming back – are we that bad!!

Mark was given a down-down for letting us invade his house – but then he tied to give our beloved Madmargz the Hash Shit by opening his drink too early – better luck next time Mark! The Hash Shit went to Melissa for the cardinal sin of not signing in or out – then later in the shout up her phone went off so it was well and truly deserved and well taken!

After the normal Hash fun – which Lee would have approved of I am sure – we turned our attention to the reason for the run – celebrating the life of Roadrunner. Karin had lit the candle earlier by the lovely photo of Lee. Ruthless Pursuit bravely spoke some very moving personal words about Lee. Mike had also written some words for me to speak to convey his feelings about Lee and the Ladies Hash. There was also a card from the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation thanking Mike for the contribution he made on behalf of the money collected from the Ladies and Hetero Hash.It was a cause close to Lee’s heart and I hope that we can raise more money for the charity on our Breast Cancer Run. Auntie Lynn shared a few things her medium in the UK had told her that day about Lee which explained why there was a bottle of Oyster Bay by her photo! I certainly felt like Lee was with us. We then had a minute silence for quiet reflection.

The evening concluded with delicious fish and chips and many drinks which led to some loud singing later!

In memory of Lee ‘Roadrunner’ Jefford died April 13th 2009. Gone but not forgotten.
On-On Lee.

Next run: Serasa - St Georges
Hares: English Roses


Some of the ladies all dressed up for the occasion
The hares Fiona and Sid
Titanic slide in Fiona's garden for the on on

RUN NO. 2172
DATE: 6 April 2010
HARES: Sid/Fiona
Hens: 44 Chicks: 2

When I arrived at the hash site there was a big bouncy Titanic water side on the front lawn. A change of clothes was mentioned at last week’s Hash, so be ready after the Hash run for some fun. The run tonight had a good mixture; road, jungle, and urban trail. Ryvita and Tango lead the ladies at 5.15 along the road heading toward the roundabout where we turned left and ran behind a few houses which then led us into the jungle where first check was eventually called by Ryvita. Tango found first check, we then continued along the trail and it was not too long before second check was called by Satu Lagi. When we got to the creek we then went left back onto the road and from there was a nice easy run/walk back to the Hash site. On arrival back at the On On site we were given a boarding pass by the Hares to board the Titanic and what fun some Hashers had. Many went back several times, having so much fun, which took you back to our childhood memories of a water side on the back lawn, but not so amazing as tonight’s bouncy slide. Before the Shout Up we were offered Singapore Slings and crackers & pate, a nice touch. At the shout nothing too exciting to report, Wina told a joke, but no hashit. Thank you Hares for the delicious food and cucumber sandwiches and a lovely evening.

Next Run: Spg 338 Jln Muara - Roadrunner Lee's memorial run
Hares: Madmarg/Karin/Aunty Lynn