Monday, May 28, 2007

RUN 2022

Run: 2022
Date: 22 May 2007
Site: Lucky Gardens
Hares: Mad Marg/Norma/Anna
Front Horn: Whistling Carol
Back Horn: Whistling Gordon
New Member: Tracey
We all gathered at Lucky Gardens, we were awaiting the horns, but there were none to be had and so it was Carol and Gordon that would be whistling us around. It was time and Carol blew her whistle, no one could hear it, lets go! I hear so off the front runners went only to find old paper—is this it we thought? Over Here we heard the walkie talkies shout. Off everyone went into the jungle a few hills (One Killer!) How do some Hashers survive without water?

I heard CHECKING FROM HERE!Off I went to check to be told by some ramblers strolling through the jungle that I was going the wrong way, I said I was checking, they just stood around watching me. There was lots of paper—is this the on paper I thought no it wasn't to be as I hear ON PAPER! I ran past the ramblers and gave them a smile as they looked at me oddly.

I couldn't muster the energy this week to run very far after 2 sleepless nights. Up and down and around we went over little bridges and streams then another biggy. One hasher said to me "go on go for it" so I did and when I got to the top I tripped up over a hidden branch and fell over. Bugger that!
I'll just trot around the rest of the way. All three checks were found by
Running Bare (clever Girl )A nice evenings run. We all had a well earned drink, then it was off to Mad Margs for the On! ON!.

Shop Display was great and sales were good—Thanks to Mad Marg and her helper, she now have older stock Ts in smaller sizes for sale.—Ed

We had Tracey joining us as a new member and Nancy a guest of Dizzy's. She was travelling around the world by boat and was 1/2 way!

Smurf had another free B--- or two a plastic long thing stuck on her head and a new man by her side called Pete The Meat! (you could tell why)Happy Birthday Smurf! Oh! and welcome back to Veronica R (Where's She Been)? And she was given a new handle and will forthwith be known as “Cow Girl”.— Ed

The food was great and the birthday cakes yummy! and the company better. Thanks to Mad Marg for the use of her house for the on on.
Scribe: Tango

NEXT WEEK'S RUN: Tungku Beach

Saturday, May 19, 2007

RUN 2021

Run: 2021
Date: 15 May 2007
Site: Salambigar Link
Hares: Dizzy/Julie-Anne/Amanda W
Front Horn: Claire/Whistling Tango
Back Horn: Trailblazer

With some risk to beaks and feathers, the hens congregated along the highway between Mentiri and Sungei Akar. Earlybirds chatted in the shade of the parked cars and some almost missed the whisper of a whistle at 5.15. “Was that Whistling our front horn?”
The runners duly set off followed by the walkie talkies and in turn all hopped the drain and headed into the jungle up a welcoming slope of scratchy ferns.

The chatter of the walkie talkies soon subsided when the first hill proved quite long and steep. However all kept a good pace and the runners were soon out of sight and sound. So were the horns. In fact it seemed one of the quietest hashes I’ve been on. There were very few ‘ons ons’ or front and back horns, and no bouts of confusion. A tribute to the well laid trail with lots of paper often helpfully draped on plants and overhanging branches. The path was soft and springy and just damp enough to give grip without being slippery.

Definitely no need for bathers and snorkels but no excitement of water and mud. The only obstacles were occasional skinny vines trying to trip or choke, and the ever friendly ferns. A pleasure of a run. An enjoyable romp up and down hills and the last few metres down the side of the highway. A mere 45mins for the walkies. I guess the runners did it in half that time?

Some were heard to ask. “Were there 2 runs? Were we on the short run?” But apparently not. Just a lovely run in the late afternoon, the sun glinting through the lush greenery. Of course many may have missed that watching their own feet or the heels of those in front.

Then as the sun dropped down and magical hues spread in the sky the hens clucked to Mandy’s for the shout up, drinks, ‘fill your own delicious pita’ and a bonus of buns.

Thanks hares for a super hash and great refreshments. A splendid time including the tremendous downpour—most of use left behind were glad it was under a roof rather than a tent which would have included some feet washing!
Scribe: Norma

NEXT WEEK: Lucky Gardens, Off Jln Muara and then off to Mad Margz for the onon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

RUN 2020

Run: 2020
Date: 8 May 2007
Site: Rimba
Hares: Ah Struth/Karen P

The start was prompt as usual, which is not always convenient for someone like me although on this occasion I was signed in and almost ready to go.
An open trail led to a splendid bit of jungle with a bit of an up and a down, but I was so busy looking at my feet that I missed the paper leading in and then came across the front runners coming out to open ground once more.
On on for a while to first check near the half built houses. Never have the girls been quite so sure as to where the paper would resume. We were all expecting, and indeed looking forward, to a glimpse of the toy boys up on the 2nd floor somewhere, offering us a swig from the holy grail.
We divided into search parties running down each row of houses. Once Smurf had reached the far row and was nearing the end, the sound of on on back was heard, coming from afar. Good timing I thought, and a check that had everyone foiled. A sneaky snickett led us back into the deep and dark, around the back of Rimba housing and up and down some lovely trails, often run in the opposite direction.

A couple more checks on the way, until tired and weary, out was reached next to the in. Except the hares took us back in at the other side of the normal in to another out.

Like all good hashes, the best was yet to come, and that was the sight of a sprightly Smurf springing from the swamp, smug smile firmly spread from satisfied side to side of her sweet little face. This sight was all the more amusing as the rest of us had already had plenty of time to down a few glasses of grape juice. The silver service waiters were a couple of rather delectable Toy boys, elegantly attired in skimpy black bathers, the tightness of which was modestly hidden by a becoming apron— Shame!

A good shout up followed by tasty calories and beverage. Thank you.
Certain beverage has a habit of letting the mind explore its full potential, and this was ultimately realized in the naming of the Ladies Hash second honorary member. Thus evolved “Slippery Tipple”. Welcome, and thank you for making our evening so enjoyable.

Scribe: Dizzy from Amanda W’s email! (a ploy which eluded Trailblazer as she was looking high and low for the run report after deadline…)

Site: Salambigar Link

Saturday, May 05, 2007

RUN 2019

Run: 2019
Date: 1 May 2007
Site: Lower Diplo
Hares: Jane/Angela L

The horn was sounded by Carol (as Trish who was at that stage to be front horn was caught short!) and off went approximately 30 hens on what could only be described as a wonderfully diverse run that had something for everyone.

The run started off on the road with a slight incline testing everyone’s stamina before entering the jungle at Diplo. The trail then went into the heart of a superb example of a jungle. A narrow trail took everyone over and through rivers, over and under many fallen trees and up and down a few challenging inclines! First check was found by Readymix and the trail continued with a death defying (not really) type rope style crossing of a swollen river, to then continue along side and over streams – giving only the most sure footed the chance to get ahead. Second check was found by Carol in similar jungle terrain, third check was found by Tango – apprentice front runner!!

After up, up, and up again (sure there must have been many more or at least it felt like it!!) the canopy opened up to provide some stunning views of Bandar and with a clear night and a beautiful sunset and one just wanted to stand and admire the view (there was even a bench from which one could!) and hens were questioning their location – ‘that looks like tasak lama’. I myself looked at my watch and wondered how, if we were at Tasak Lama, we could get back to Diplo in 15 mins!! The last part of the trail opened up into wide established tracks enabling runners to have a good workout – something for everyone.

To stand and admire the view (there was even a bench from which one could!) and hens were questioning their location – ‘that looks like Tasek Lama’. I myself looked at my watch and wondered how, if we were at Tasek Lama, we could get back to Diplo in 15 mins!! The last part of the trail opened up into wide established tracks enabling runners to have a good workout – something for everyone.

On exiting the trail hens were found relaxing on the grass – were they resting before the onward journey to Diplo or was this an A2B? I’m pleased (at that stage!) to say it was an A2B – well done hares—what an excellent run.

The air conditioned bus (must have gone up in the world, as many were only used to an open back truck!) crammed with wet, smelly (no offence!!) hens got on its way back to Diplo to the dulcet tones of ‘show me the way to go home’ which to me finished off an excellent run.
The shout up saw thanks to the front horns (a duty shared) Carol, Trish and Running Bare, and the back horn – Trailblazer. Thanks to the Hares and congratulations to Tango who had completed 50 runs. Thanks also to the hares for the delicious samosas.
On On

Next Week: Run 2020 - Rimba
Hares: Ah Struth/Karen P