Friday, December 28, 2007

RUN NO. 2053

RUN NO. 2053
SITE: Serasa Yacht Club (Christmas Day)
HARES: Emergency Committee
BACK HORN: Readymix
HENS: 11 Hens 4 Roosters

Well it was a motley group of 11 very merry and slightly intoxicated hens and 4 guests that congregated in the pool at the Yacht Club for the Christmas day run.
After many champagnes and the sumptuous feast put on by Reggie and the merry band at the Yacht Club my major concern was that I may sink if I got into the pool or even worse could be embarrass myself as I was rescued by people who were even more merry than myself. After seriously considering the fact that the pool was only shoulder deep I decided I would take the plunge . And what a “bevy of beauty” we were as we floated around in our cozies with drinks held high.

At 5.15 the horn promptly sounded and we all quickly emerged from the pool to grab our shoes (no spikes needed today). With the promise of a fairly short run the front horn was given to Glamour and the back horn to Readymix.

We set off the around the swimming pool and quickly came upon the first check which was found in an instant by Trailblazer. Around to the other side of the pool Naj found the next check. I think the whole run was completed in 10 mins and even after copious quantities of wine and champagne we agreed we need more. Yes More!!!!!!!

The call was made to run to the end of the point, (don't know what it is called) so we all agreed and took off down the road. I started running but found that after a few meters the champagne got the better of me and I slowed to a walk. The road and parks on the side of the road were full of picnickers and motorists and I found this interesting as I had not been down this road before and have always wondered why there is so much traffic continually going past the Yacht Club. The run could have been scenic and interesting except for the amazing amounts of rubbish that was littered everywhere. The nice part was that many of the people we passed were yelling out “Merry Christmas” which was a nice twist.

The shout up then followed with 4 guests, (being all spouses) being introduced and given a down down —my husband being one. “Tell us why you are here” asked readymix and he answers “because I do as I am told”. HHHMMMM! The all enjoyed a cooling green beverage for the down down followed by another swim.

Jan Murphy admitted that she forgot to bring the hashit so willingly claimed that she should be awarded it a second week in a row for this oversight.
We all adjourned to pool again and a few more beverages were consumed before adjourning to the next party. Ah Struth ON ON

HARES: Jane/Angela L

Friday, December 21, 2007

RUN NO. 2052

DATE: 18 DEC 2007
SITE: Morley Movers
HARES: Mardmarg & Never Wrong
FRONT HORN: Misfit (returning hasher)
BACK HORN: Ah Struth
HENS: 26 Hens 5 Chicks

There I was once again caught up in the usual slow driving competition . There was a procession of square box type cars that closely resembled potting sheds on wheels—the type we find in the back yard of your grandparents house.

Anyway it was to be Madmarg’s 250th run so it was a run not be missed.– unlike the run of the previous weeks which had everyone talking for its tropical downpour and treacherous slippery slopes.

I was given the job of backhorn so took off up the hill toward the reservoir and into the jungle. Only about 10 mins later when we came to an abrupt halt with much fussing and concern. A biggish fat green snake had coiled itself in the middle of the track and was not going to budge even though 30 women were yelling and gesticulating at close proximity. I had seen this type of snake before and felt sure it was a pit viper—and confirmed it later after checking on the internet.
I was getting concerned that we were spending too much time here as it was overcast and daylight hours would be short. Eventually after much deliberating about alternate routes around the snake, it was on on again. I was with Naj towards the back when she heard the first check being called and she took off to the right along a track. I thought this path was a dead give away as quite a bit of bracken fern had been cut that day and sure enough Naj was soon calling the On On paper.
With the absence of the front horn I stood on the paper and tooted my horn for all it was worth until the front runners caught up. I was told by Readymix to wait for Magic Roundabout as she had gone off a long way ahead looking for the paper. I was nearly ready to give up when magic appeared and we carried on together for the rest of the run.

I believe that Norma found the second check but by now was too far back to be sure. It was a welcome sight to see the road up ahead after a fairly short run we emerged from the jungle as it looked as it was about to rain and so it did.

The shoutup was lively and we toasted Madmarg and Neverwrong for the great run and also celebrated Mad Margs 250th run and returning hasher and front runner Misfit. (Trailblazer tried to give the hashit back to MadMarg as she had a blonde or "red" hair moment as she had told one of the hashers that the run was at Mata-Mata, instead of oh, where was it Marg she was setting the run herself? Well they all sound the same and start with M& M - but the jury voted! and Jan M got the hashit for the ultimate hash sin of forgetting to sign out.)

Delicious Pizzas arrived by a poor unfortunate pizza delivery boy who was swamped by the semi naked and smelly ladies. The rain continued to fall which created a nice ambience as we solved the worlds problems under the tent. On On (Scribe: Struth)

Serasa Yacht Club - usual start time.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

RUN NO. 2051

DATE: 11 Dec 2007
SITE: Subok 67
HARES: Trailblazer/Trish
HENS: 21

There was a small gathering tonight as most hashers had headed off for the Christmas Break.

The horn went and off the ladies headed in to the jungle. I was still getting my footwear sorted out as I had left my good shoes behind, but in hindsight it was Just as well with all the mud, glorious mud we were going to encounter along the trail!

I ended up at the back of the pack until I reached first check when at this point a few hens decided to turn back what a wise decision that was. First check was found by Tango down the ridge. The rest of the ladies continued down the hill and across some flat land when Amanda decided to take a slightly different route and landed in the mud up to her knees which would have been a good camera moment. At this point everyone was in good spirit and we were on a very nice trail headed now down the valley when the wind started to pick up and then within minutes the heavens opened and it started to rain …..Rain …. Then it pored down!

We were just over half way at this point so there was no going back. We continued along the trail which was fine until we started to go up the first hill which was very slippery and that when Nancy lost her footing and started sliding down the bank, she was very lucky there were a few trees around that stopped her going to the bottom of the valley. Between Alice in Wonderland, Nancy and myself we were covered from front to back in mud with all the slip sliding up and down the hills. Towards the end of the run Trish & Karen came in looking for us - what a relief to know we were nearly out of the jungle in one piece. . It was a marathon mud hash. Thank you hares for a memorable run.

*The less adventurous hashers gathered huddled under umbrellas hoping our cars would not get bogged and planned our best routes home in case of flooding. All the while the hares were looking for lights hoping hashers would be out soon.
The hashit went to Trailblazer and Trish for forgetting a H3 sign last week. And a double for Trailblazer and Alice in Wonderland for leaving their towels in the jungle.

NEXT RUN: Morley Movers - Spg 591 Jln Muara, Kg Tanah Jambu
HARE: Mad Margz/Never Wrong

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

RUN NO. 2050

SITE: Diplo
HARES: Sarong/Heather S/Dizzy
BACK HORN: Alice in Wonderland
HENS: 32

We all wondered if the run was safe as we heard Dizzy was somehow involved in laying the run, but on the other hand Sarong was there to oversee matters. So we all started eagerly as front horn was sounded at 5.15 in between maneuvering cars so that the truck that had arrived with the tent could go thru.
We soon found ourselves going up, up and up and 1st check back was called. The next two checks were found quickly forward but the last check had everyone checking for a good 20 minutes. Alas, it was a back check and once found we were all soon on the way again. We found Glamour ahead near the last hill, well done, she has managed to go round.

As promised it was a bit of up and bit of down and some around!!
Pussy Pelmet ran thru the jungle with the bells jingling, this being her last run and week in the “Abode of Peace” - all the best Karen & Roger as they settle back in their home in the UK. I am sure you will remember us on those cold Tuesday evenings.

Alice in Wonderland introduced herself as Hash Cash so everyone will know who to pay their subs and claim for their payments!

Madmarg and Legally Blonde were busy talking (in the front row) and the JMs and the coup gave Madmarg no mercy as she graciously took the hashit gingerly vowing to give it away the following week.

Thanks to hares for providing the chilli, as there was a shortage of utensils, some primitive leaning was implemented and very interesting to see what you can do with a few plastic cups.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

RUN NO. 2049

RUN NO. 2049
Site: Kapok Kanan
HARES: Magic Roundabout/Running Bare
BACK HORN: Virgin “Nancy”
The horn sounded and off we headed down the road, it didn’t seem very long before we came to the first check.  I went checking on ahead, then re-evaluated turned a 180 and went checking back, convinced by Alice in Wonderland to head forward again off I went checking yet again, it was naturally called ON BACK!  Check found by Cheryl & Alison. (Cheryl called the back horn thru—wow we got there before the front runners—what a cheeky check, but being experienced hashers, Alison and Cheryl knew there was no other way!!. Ed) Hey I needed the extra distance and luckily there was no climbing involved!
On up we went, and up, and up.  As the hill got higher the chatting became quite limited, any remaining breath was used for the usual questions “who laid this?”, “did it say it was a short run?”, “do we believe these particular hares would lay a short run?”, “is their and our opinion on a short run the same?”, and on up we kept going and panting.
Once we reached the ridge the views of Serasa and the port were fantastic, the hill was strangely forgotten (amazing how that happens), and breath and banter returned.  After that all I can remember is the lovely tootle downwards and chatter, chatter, chatter.
Mud, thorns, hills and the weekly catch up chatter, what more could anyone ask for!
Thank you very much for a fantastic run, and no it wasn’t too long. 
As for who found the checks, I have no idea I was to busy coping with the hill at the beginning and everything there after is a bit hazy.
(Next check was found by Sarah B (our new JM) ed.)
Welcome to the new committee, Nellie and Sarah well done on your first true hash shout up of the new hashing year, I just sorry I couldn’t be there for it but I’m sure it went well.  Good luck for the coming year, and give as good as you get!
OnOn! Scribe Heather S.
(Thanks to hares for the delicious healthy food, the aubergine (egg plant) dip was fantastic, do share your recipe Running Bare, we have had lots of requests. The birthday cake for Magic was good too. Ed)