Friday, April 24, 2009


RUN NO. 2122
DATE: 21 April 2009
HARES: British Ladies

What do they say – Hurrah Hurrah!!!!

It was an overcast afternoon that saw us all gather at Serasa Yacht
Club for the prestigious St George’s Run. We arrived to a colorful
array of… Red and White… Everywhere.

Gathering by the pool we were to discover an interesting run of sorts
– find a clue, go to another clue, complete all the clues to
eventually complete the run. For some of us antipodeans a bit hard to
do when most clues meant very little to us… But with a few brilliant
minds amongst the group nothing was too hard.

Now a bit hard for me to remember all the clues but here it goes:

First clue… “Peewee - spend a penny”... If you ask me I thought she’d
be like any good kiwi spending a penny - AT THE BAR. But no… off to
the long drops we go!Next clue… “Down Brighton’s Pier” (Where’s that?)

And off we go again. Next Clue… Shoes by the beach... Ah – one we

Next Clue… Ok real tricky – why cant we just say LAMPOST!!

Next clue… Oxford and Cambridge… Visiting universities? No it’s rowing
(go figure)

OK, from here to flag poles then to the ends of England. Or should I
say Serasa Spit!! Then the long run/walk/chat home to Serasa Yacht Club.

Aaah, we made it to discover we get stickers on our chest and off to
play Top Town (Ha one for the kiwi’s!). First skipping, which I must
say was very good fun. Next Hula Hoops – ok, you’d think with hips and
thighs like I’ve got the thing would stay UP! Egg and spoon race (nice
style Willi and Kate) and finally up and down up and down in the sacks
we go (again hip thigh problem of getting them in the sack). RUN
COMPLETE!! Then lovely bandana gifts and off to the showers.

The On-on was very enjoyable. Lovely cocktails and Bunny Girl looking
HOT! Everyone dressed in red and white. We welcomed a new guest Willi

On-up made special mention of those who stood OUT in the various
games: Yann and Smurf proving GREAT IN THE SACK, Melissa and Gail
proving GREAT WITH THEIR HIPS IN THE HOOPS, Kate, Willi and Judy
proving they GREAT WITH KITCHEN UTENSILS AND FOOD, and Ready Mix and

Lucky draws followed then a wee music quiz!!!!

A special mention was also made in regards to a collection to go to
the Breast Cancer Society in memory of Lee. So dip deep ladies as Hens
Hash is going to match whatever we donate. Also, our wonderful Jane
will be doing a 5km walk and we can all sponsor her through a special

Satu Lagi accomplished her 50 runs and rewarded with the customary pot.
Shout up done.

And finally an English evening would not be complete without yummy,
yummy fish and chips (& green mushy things too!!!) followed by home
baking. (On-up – want your sponge recipe!)

Then BOOGIE ON DOWN to Disco Diva! We love you WHAM!!

Hey you wonderful English ladies – a really enjoyable, fun great
night. Thanks so much for all your effort and time.

On On Cath C

NEXT RUN: Spg 1087 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar - ANZAC RUN - Dont forget your colours of support!
HARES: Cath C/Ruthless Pursuit

Sunday, April 19, 2009

RUN NO. 2121 - MTF

RUN NO. 2121
HARES: Tiga/Magic Roundabout
FRONT HORN: Anna BACK HORN: Trailblazer

It was with heavy hearts that the hens met for the run that afternoon. We were all still reeling from the tragic news of the death of Lee ‘Roadrunner’ Jefford.

The hens came to the run to pay their respects to Lee and find support within our Hash family. The love, support and kindness that I have seen and experienced that night and throughout the week makes me so very proud and privileged to be part of the Brunei Hen House Harriers. Together we are strong.

In Hash tradition the horns were carried on the run but in respect to Lee they were not used. The Hash horns were silent. The start to the run was quiet and respectful.

Off we went doing what we do best and what Lee would have wanted. Into the... mud. So much mud... and so deep... that’s MTF!

After negotiating our way through the mud and most hens managing to keep their shoes on we went into the jungle. This was much nicer than the mud and I was enjoying the scenery when we came upon the signs directing us to either the short or long run. Not one for the easy option (well…) I went on the long run. The run was great with everything we Hashers enjoy and some crafty checks – I even found one!

The run ended with a bit more mud and then we were out.

The shout up was a sombre affair and started as usual by thanking the Hares. We also had 3 first time guests Jane, Monique and Vix. Virginie was also made a new member so a big Hash welcome to her and we look forward to getting to know her.

A few words were said in tribute to our beloved Roadrunner and we made Lee an honorary member of the Hash so we will always have her with us.

As mentioned in Lee’s Memorial Service we will have a yearly memorial run for Lee to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness to continue with the work she was so passionate about.

We look forward to having Auntie Lynn back with us at the Hash soon.

Lee ‘Roadrunner’ Jefford so greatly missed but never forgotten.

On – On
Bunny Girl

HARES: English ladies

Monday, April 13, 2009

RUN NO. 2120

RUN NO. 2120
HARES: Eastern Promise/Norma

Rain in the late afternoon did not deter a good flock of hens from gathering at the electrical substation that marks the start of Bukit Serdang’s trail. Only one way to go UP ! Muttering, cursing, swearing, sweating, we all made it to the top eventually. How many hens stopped to look at the view or to catch their breath?
The trouble with Bukit Serdang is once at the top one does not stay there, it is down and up, down and up. We met our veteran hasher Glamour who had found all checks and was going all the way, Go Glamour! You inspire us all.

We eventually popped out onto Jln Kota Batu and a short run along the road to sign out and head off down the road to Dizzy's house.

The Easter Run shout up started to the usual banter of hens, pullets, layers, no doubt discussing the desirability of Dizzy’s house as a permanent shout up spot. A Coop with a view, yes, that would work.

Hares were thanked, a lone guest introduced, Gail from the Gold Coast. Wonder if she still has a home there or has it floated away.

A Joke was bought by Gordon who couldn’t read it as she needed her glasses. I can relate to that Gordon.

Rosie urged us all to trip over out tongues with a rendition of Egghunt Egghunt Egghunt. Say that fast and see what happens.

Hash handles were bestowed on Lee, now to be known as Roadrunner. Heather S: Fertile Myrtle. Lynn: Aunty Lynn. And Amanda S: Bunny Girl. All very appropriate and well received.

In the midst of all the gaiety Madame Sin’s voice was heard to cry out Beer! I don’t drink Beer. Now we all know that’s a whopper. She must have been having a little off day!

Hashits were finally passed on to the hares eastern Promise and Norma for not staying at the hash site to ensure all hens were out safely. Gail the guest’s mobile phone went off so Rosie had to take it in her stead. How many people have whales in their garden?

A repast of curry puffs and Easter Eggs rounded off another Tuesday in the life of Brunei’s feathered friends

On On
Magic and Tiga

Next Run: MTF, Kg Bukit Kebun, Jalan Muara - Towards Coastal Highway end
Hares: Tiga/Magic Roundabout

Monday, April 06, 2009

RUN NO. 2119

RUN NO. 2119
DATE: 31 Mar 2009
HARES: Mad Marg/Lee
SITE: Spg 338 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong
FRONG HORN: Mrs Pingu BACK HORN: Eastern Promise

Well the Words did say to expect the unexpected!! and it was the April Fools' run!!!

School is back in as it was a chalk and paper run - eco friendly said Mad Marg. 5-15pm came around too soon as we gathered in Mad Marg's carport and off dashed Mrs Pingu with the hens scurrying after her - down the simpang we ran and walked and along Jalan Muara much to the bemusement of a lot of passing traffic wondering who the pack were!! We dutifully followed the eco friendly chalk arrows on the roadside until we got to Simpang 370 and into the jungle we ventured.
Down a ladder we had to clamber one by one and along a path until we had to step into the water (or was it sewerage!!) to get across and up another ladder to get back onto the trail.

Just as some of us got up to the otherside to carry on following the road up a steep hill, we looked back as Miss Pink had slipped and fallen so lots of Hens ran back to make sure she was ok, then we came across Legally Blond's guest who was feeling faint and had her head between her knees and Nurse Cath was feeding her some sugar to get her back on her feet.

On we went up the hill and through some new houses being built and past some terrible rubbish strewn around the simpang and eventually the road curved around and back down the ladder we had to clamber though some clever ones knew the way back and avoided the smelly drain again.

Back onto Jalan Muara and there was Simpang 338 just along the road and it was a relief for us to get back to Mad Marg's. A pleasant run of just over an hour with a bit of jungle running (mind the poo!!!) and road running and walking.
The JMs did a song and dance routine for us at the shout up to help the Birthday Girls to celebrate, 2 guests were introduced, Layla from the UK and Anna from the Phillippines and a down down given to them.

Also we cheered Smurf on as she celebrated her 500th run.

Announcements were made - Gabby has plants to sell as she is moving house, PeeWee told us that some of the hashers are appearing in the next production of Hamlet or is it Hashlet so buy a ticket off her and Satu Lagi is looking for people interested in learning about Cameras.

Miss Pink entertained us with a joke involving a husband and wife and a policeman!.
Thanks to the Hares for an unusual run and also for the delicious dips and pita bread supper.

NEXT RUN: - Easter Run at Bukit Serdang, Jln Kota Batu. On on at Dizzy's (next to RBYC). Parking spaces are limited so park carefully on the road.
HARES: Eastern Promise/Norma