Thursday, December 24, 2009


RUN NO. 2157
DATE: 22 DEC 2009
HARES: Never Wrong/Trailblazer/Leah/Magic Roundabout (absent on holiday)
FRONT HORN: Ryvita BACK HORN: Eastern Promise

Since I arrived at about the time the sign in board was being put away, the first part of the report relies on quotes from those who did arrive on time. The run took place on a warm, dry afternoon, unlike the last time we had been at the site on Founders Day, which saw many Hens slipping through the mud. The ladies kept on their feet and headed up hill for the start. The route incorporated lovely views and 2 checks. Both checks were found by returning hasher Running Bare who was visiting from Manila. It was great to see her back. The front runners would have enjoyed the company. The last 4 who went in went off paper and did their own thing it seems but all came out safely in the end. A good run. Many thanks.

The On On was at the poolside and started with Christmas cheer in a cup served by Santa at the resuscitation centre – how apt. It was certainly an evening for celebrating. There was a great range of festive food on offer. Thank you Never Wrong for cooking the turkey sponsored by the hash. Thanks to Trailblazer for coordinating that and to everyone for bringing something along. The hares in their Christmas T shirts (sponsored by Mr Wright) were thanked and we thanked Magic roundabout for the lovely cake that she donated as a lucky draw prize. This was won by Bunny Girl (although only because Tango was away or she would have won it!). A down down was given to Ryvita for so willingly taking on the role of front horn week after week and we welcomed Nellie’s daughter who was hashing for the third time. Apparently we are all mad in the nicest possible way. I am not sure anyone would argue with that! It was time to say farewell and good luck to Sarah who returns to Brisbane on Saturday. We wish her many more happy hashing days in the future. The best dressed awards for the evening were given to Bunny Girl, Possum and the highest award to the lady in the Christmas tree, Wina. As we ate and drank the evening away we had a visit from Santa who gave us all gifts from his secret sac or was that secret gifts from the Santa sac? We thank Santa for visiting us during this busy season and for allowing us to sit on his knee. There must be a few good shots there for another calendar. Bring on the New Year and another decade. On On.

NEXT RUN: SALAMBIGAR LINK with ON ON at Jane's House, Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong
HARES: Sarong/Jane

Sunday, December 20, 2009


RUN NO. 2156
HARES: Satu Lagi/Peahen/Claudia

4.52pm: I arrived on site, and wondered if I had the wrong place. Only 5 cars and no gaggle of hens catching up on events as usual. Oh, Christmas does take its toll. But by 5pm  the ranks had filled out. Hash baby was kitted up with the bells as this was to be her last run. Very appropriate as she jingled all the way.

The horn sounded and we were off, only to slow to a walk as we tackled the big hill in front of us. Finally at the top, and down we plunged all the way to the bottom moonscape and back into the jungle again. 1st check was called and took a while finding as we were short of  front hares. Finally found by Magic on the side track. Down to the bridge and there was 2nd check tucked in to the side. Ryvita and Claire hared it up the main trail only to return after a long search. As Smarty pants me said it could not be to the right as that was short and out Jessica was sent into a little ferny not well known track. Call Girl went up the right trail and On paper was found simultaneously by Jessica and Call Girl in different locations. Dilemma. Which way to go?, Which was correct.? We took the larger path and found both were correct. Jessica had cut the trail and found On paper too. Up onto the main ridge and another check. Poor Claire ( nice fast long legs) was sent off checking in the wrong direction again . On paper found by Isuzu, and out we went, through the windmill area, only no creaking windmills any more, and out we popped where we started. Down the hill again and we were home.

We had a more than usual number of the halt and lame with Miss Pink and Domestic Goddess taking it easy after their eye ops and Norma crippled with a huge caste. Not done hashing, only a mundane slip on the old bathroom floor.

Peahen asked if we had any encounters in the jungle and told us they had found a little pit viper while laying the run. Lucky we did not know as we plunged around blithely. Any sensible snake would be smart to get out of our way.
To a soft gaslit evening and thunder and lightening in the distance we settled down to the shout up.

One1ist time guest, Sarah from the Gold Coast who promised to come again. Hash baby got her certificate and framed photo to remind her of her hashing adventures in Brunei. She promptly downed her ‘adds’ Aussie style, straight down the hatch. We had 2 birthday girls, Domestic Goddess and Karen. We received our fabulous 2010 hash calendars. Thanks girls, good job.

NEXT RUN: Tasek Lama - Sheraton end
HARES: Never Wrong/Trailblazer/Magic Roundabout

Friday, December 11, 2009

RUN NO. 2155 - RIMBA 8 DEC 09

RUN NO. 2155
HARES: Sarong/Eastern Promise/Speedo
FRONT HORN: Suzi (with assistance from Readymix) BACK HORN: Hash Baby

After the previous week’s more than wetter run, it was a great relief that last Tuesday was dry. Rimba is becoming a favorite location for the hens – not that I am becoming any more familiar with its maze of trails. The instructions from the hares was to follow thin white paper and NOT thick white paper from the men’s 10k run the previous week. That noted, off we went up the road towards the roundabout and up the bank though plenty of long cutting grass…noice…. We crossed the open area and up into the jungle. 1st Check was called and found by Picked Lilli. We carried on for a little bit and came out into the open again and I’m thinking….okay this is going to be a swift run back, hope the greens are cold….but the paper takes us past the old workers hut and we go back into the jungle and get a good run.

Second check is in another open area, one I didn’t recognize. We all spread in various corners and Pickled Lilli found the on paper again pretty swiftly so off we all went to her and carried on only to find that the paper ran out….doooohhhh…it the wrong paper. So we are all back to checking and I found the on paper further up the open area on a rocky slope. We’re back in the jungle and I still don’t know where we’re heading. I’m with Alison and Sue and we come across third check on the trail. Most obvious thing to do….run ahead and that’s what Alison did and found the on paper just a little ahead. Or so we thought it was. The paper was the same colour, new but shorter, if a little damp. There was plenty laid and we guessed the hares just ran out of the longer paper. So on we went for another 5 minutes until the paper ran out again. By this stage it was close on to 6 and getting a little dark – time to call for real directions! Wrong paper yet again and it was actually a back check. So like the family on The Bear Hunt, Back through the forest! Stumble trip! Stumble trip! Stumble Trip And by this time it was becoming a big dark forest. Sue and Alison find the on paper and after following the trail for about ten minutes we find our way out to the back of the abandoned houses. Apart from the minor confusion with the papers it was a very enjoyable run and a good workout for everyone! And well done to Suzie as virgin front horn!

Back to the tent for a quick wash and the OnOn. With our two JMs away on their hols, the evening proceedings was handled by Bunny Girl. Firstly thanks to the hares followed by a welcome to our first time guest Aria – we hope to see you again – and a welcome back to returning member Jessica. Congratulations to Naj who officially celebrated her 500th run this evening. And we had a good poem and jokes about boobs and bits from Bunny Girl, Speedo and Wina. We were reminded of Secret Santa for the Christmas run – don’t forget if you are staying for the OnOn, please bring a wrapped gift of no less than B$10 in value.

We ended the evening with delicious briyani from what is becoming the favorite H3 Indian The Maharani - thank you Sarong! On…On!!!

HARES: Satu Lagi/Peahen/Claudia

Thursday, December 03, 2009

RUN NO. 2154 - SPG791 JLN MUARA - 1 DEC 09

An array of head gear to keep the rain out at the signing in board keeping dry at the back of JM Diva's car.
Umbrellas galore

RUN NO. 2154
HARES: Sid/Fiona & Beluga
FRONT HORN: Ruthless Pursuit
BACK HORN: Jane Woolley
NO CHECKS due to torrential rain all day

And the rain came down!! in buckets all day long!! was on the golf course and got rained off so knew that the Hash would be similar tonight.

Arrived at Morley Movers with Eastern Promise and no tent to huddle under!! Just lots of big black plastic bags of rubbish to look at!!! About 25 brave hens turned up standing under umbrellas, wearing wet weather ponchos and me with my shower cap over my headlight! waiting to sign on.

Too soon, it was 5-15pm and off ran Ryvita, her guest, Miss Tango and Ruthless Pursuit (front horn) up the hill past the water tower. We had been advised to go only to the top of the ridge as it was too wet and parts of the river was in full flow - go in for 30 mins and then turn around but if you you were by the waterfall before the 30 mins, take a look, admire it's churning and thunderous beauty and come back. (was this said? ed? That was not the message I passed on!)

The tracks were wet and slippery - it is the monsoon season in Brunei now!. we slithered our way down and Diva performed a few acrobatic stunts for us as she slid down the hill. I remember Diva doing exactly the same party trick at Tasek Lama on Founder's Day!

The few brave souls who ventured on to the waterfall had a good run through. Miss Tango and Ruthless Pursuit decided to forge their way through after the waterfall but eventually came back to where Diva, Ryvita, Ryvita's guest and myself were. We crawled over a long wet log and got to the other side of the waterfall.

Phone calls were made and rescuers came to our aid - Fiona and Sid came down and met us at the waterfall and guided us out. Thank goodness for our torches and mobile phones.

Miss Tango fell into the river just as we made out way out so she was soaked through right up to her neck.

I thought it was a superb run, pretty views and the little rivers of water to stamp our way through were refreshing and washed off the kilos of mud we had picked up sliding down like slalom skiers going from tree to tree - the noise at the waterfall was worth the run!!! - too bad about the weather though, what to do lah!!

For a change, the front runners came out last which really tickled my sense of humour!!! Still no tent had turned up so off everyone went to JM Diva's garage for the shout up.

Congratulations to Eastern Promise on her 500th run last night and next week the honour goes to Not Yet also celebrating her 500th run.

As the tent had not appeared by the time everyone was out, Trailblazer (jeopardising her friendship with Paul!) made a call to Diva's hubby seeking permission to adjourn to their garage.

After a concensus from the hares & Diva as to where we would have the shout up/meal - with food to be picked up enroute, directions taken as to how to get to Diva's place, most of the hens trooped off in convoy but which time a H3 sign had been placed by the roadside. We settled ourselves around the garage as Wina set up shop with xmas goodies she had prepared with Rozi to raise funds for the Animal Shelter. Certainly a flurry of activities as everyone tried to get dry, shopped and then the hares arrived with the food and shout-up began. We were all quite happy as Hash Baby had brought a bottle as she was clearing her cabinet before her final exit from the Abode of Peace.

Proceedings started with Never Wrong celebrating her 250th run. One guest was introduced, and Jane Woolley given a down down for following instructions about the run and came out on schedule. Hashit was given to the JMs for not practising what they asked the hens not to do, i.e. only go in for 30 mins due to the rain and the waterfall was too high to cross! Dizzy was quick in giving them a dousing with the nearby handy hose but the hashit was well taken.

Yummy dosai with sauces of varying degree of heat was served - thanks hares. It was quite an early night for all as the usual latenight stoppers had either gone on holiday or too busy to be around!