Monday, April 28, 2008

RUN NO. 2070

DATE: 22 April 2008
SITE: Diplo (ANZAC run)
HARES: Madmarg/Heather S/Linda G/Cath C

Well, last weeks run turned out to be a bit of a surprise for some people. In hindsight the first indication was when i passed Glamour and Veronica returning back to base having not been able to find first check. I should have realised that something was up then but at that point i was still trying to catch up with the front runners and my focus was on the first of far too many hills looming up infront of me. And there were many of them, slippery and steep; and streams too wide to jump with no bridge available. Three checks, both back and forward, but the back wasn't back enough for me to even hear the callers, even though i was passed at one stage by panting streaks of lightening. And... what a surprise to end up at Subok.

It should be noted that being last on such occasions has the huge advantage of not having to wait for all the walkie talkies who delay the return of the bus, (and that i was being a very conciencious back horn and not just slow!)

The onon looked like a fair without the rides. Scantilly clad women in various states of undress, shouting and laughter and music, ice cream vans selling fish and chips and girls shouting 'free t shits, come get one'.

At the shout up we had more fair ground antics, starting with two visitors and then an outstanding jewellery exhibition hosted by Veronica to celebrate 1000 runs, a truly glitzy occasion. More jewellery ensued with a gift from the Aussie Hi Com of entwined flags, Brunei and Australia, a symbol of the close International Hashing Bondage developed by some of us on our recent trip to Perth. The merriment continued to increase with the arrival of the latest Hash Group, soon to appear infront of Simon Cowal, our very own Tripple Severn Girls - "yes let's hear it for the 777" - with antics galore to relate from their recent trip to Mens Hash on the island of Moon, including singing and dancing a la Can Can. And after that there was no stopping some. Ghetto blaster at the ready Carol managed to be both conductor and sometime lead singer in yet another soon to be famous Hash Group, as yet unnamed, with a corageously wobbly rendition of a very well known Queen song, but i am damed if i recognised it. So keep practicing girls.

A big thanks to Hares for an excellent A - B run. Good fish and chips with coleslaw and Anzac biscuits from the ANZAC girls.

NEXT RUN: Bukit Serdang, Kota Batu (yacht club end) - on on at Dizzy's
HARES: Dizzy/Cow Girl

Monday, April 21, 2008

RUN NO. 2069

DATE: 14 April 2008
SITE: Spg 378 Sg Akar (Opp Rubbish Dump)
HARES: Jane W/Sarah H

Shortly after arriving at the site and parking my car, the tent arrived. It was decided that it was impossible to drive the truck up the steep hill as cars were parked on the side of the hill so the tent was set up at the usual area.

Once the hens had recovered after walking up the steep slope to the starting point, the hens set off at 5.15pm lead by front horn Carol. It was the usual trail in, but then within a short distance we turned left and were heading down the side of the steep hill. First check was two thirds of the way down the hill and it didn't take to long before the check was found by Sarah C who called the on on paper. We continued to the bottom of the valley, crossed a small stream and headed along a nice trail that I hadn't been on, before heading down into the valley again, with the support of a rope from the top of the hill. We continued along the unfamiliar trail until we got onto a well defined path. At this stage it took me a few minutes to realize where we were, actually on the Subok Ridge, we had a few steps to climb first then we were on to a nice easy trail with great views!

In the distance I could see Nancy walking further along the ridge and I was hoping that our trail would soon turn right and down the hill otherwise we were in for a very long run. It did say in the words to bring a touch! As it turned out, Nancy had missed the turn off and was called back and was soon back on paper. At the bottom of the hill we headed to the right, crossed a steam and continued along a winding trail though the jungle, climbing over a few trees that had come down in a storm and as well as the occasional muddy patch. We climbed the hill joining the main trail again and followed this until we reached the ridge, turned right and re-joined the in trail and then it was a short trot down the hill and back to the hash site. We were out just before it got dark and I have no idea who found second or third checks.

It was still very warm by the time the shout up started. The shout up was orderly but Kathy Knell was named for the hashit for forgetting to sign out. Lucky for her she had left early to go home—but watch out Kathy for next week.

The main event for the evening was the official naming of Nellie. Apparently in Perth they kept asking her if she had a hash handle—to which she kept replying “not yet” - so hence she is to be known from this day forward as NOT YET TINA TURNER.

Thank you hares for a great run and for the nectar juice and samoosas.

On On!

NEXT RUN: Diplo (Anzac Day followed by fish & chips!)
HARES: Madmarg/Heather S/Linda G/Cath C

Sunday, April 13, 2008

RUN No. 2068

DATE: 8 April 2008
SITE: Lucky Gardens
HARES: Trailblazer/Cheryl/Alison T
Hens:41 Chicks: 3
Front Horn: Lee
Back Horn: Alison

The hens gathered at an old favorite site of Lucky Gardens –don’t think we’ve been here since the New Year. Thanks goes to the Hares for laying an ‘emergency run’. The hare line is still a bit thin, so if you can lay a run please sign up! As we were waiting for the horn to sound the tent arrived and promptly got stuck on the muddy verge to the site. A few strong hashers gave the truck a good shove to get it moving again.

As the horn sounded we were off - some a little faster than others. We skirted left around the edge of a small ‘lake’ and then 1st check was called. Hens wandered this way and that ‘checking’, ‘checking’ to no avail. Just as we thought we need to check further a field the ‘on back’ was called by Sue Johnson - an advantage to arriving late to the hash! With the pack turned around we set off again - up, up we went to the top of the ridge. Back horn informed me that if I could make it up this hill I’d be fine to go right round. I had planned to do a short hash as I was recovering from a chest infection but these words spurred me on to go right around. I am very glad I did as the run was superb, a bit of something for everyone. Stunning views greeted us as we reached the top of the hill and a small plantation of sago (so Heather informed me). The only distraction being the squeaky windmills - next time we’re up here maybe we should bring some WD40! No-one was sure what the windmills were for maybe for irrigation or to scare off the birds.

Along the ridge we all trooped until 2nd check was called again the hens were running around checking back and forth not sure which way to go. Eventually the on paper was called by Magic. Back down into the valley we went and crossed a small muddy stream. Tina I commented that it wouldn’t be a hash without going though water. Fortunately this was only a quick paddle and we were up again. The paths became easier and were on good terrain for the FRB’s. Just as hens were looking for the homeward straight 3rd check was found by Trisha and it was plain sailing on the out trail to the road and the hash site.

An entertaining on on with JM’s Sarah and Nellie. New guests were to be welcomed but they had already left to go to the Nature Society meeting. We welcomed 2 new members into the fold Boel and Julie. Birthday wishes were sung in true hash style to Never Wrong and Madam Sin. The Ladies hash representatives gave us a quick run down on the Interhash in Perth and encouraged all to register for the 2010 Interhash to be held in Kuching. Brunei was well represented in Perth and it was interesting to note that the average age on the interhash was 52, makes me a young whippersnapper then.

On On

SITE: Spg 378 Subok (opposite Rubbish Dump Sg Akar)
HARES: Jane W/Sarah H

Sunday, April 06, 2008

RUN NO. 2067

DATE: 1 APRIL 2008
SITE: Menteri Dam, Salambigar - Menteri Link
HARES: Sarong/Never Wrong
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

We arrived at the site with hens parking along the highway having been warned that the boom gate would be down although no one knew at what time. As good hashers, all who had park beyond the boom gate moved their car in case they got shut in - hence no tent had been ordered as the truck may not have been able to go through.

As it was a new site, the horn sounded at 5.15 and we tracked along some barren land and was soon into the jungle. Once in pretty wide trails followed and we could see it would be great running for the FRBs. Not far in we met Pee Wee who was already heading back as she had tripped and hurt her hand. We went up and up and 1st check was found by Magic Roundabout, keen as mustard after World Interhash in Perth that had no jungle like Brunei.

Tango found 2nd check but turned back as she had seen trees with 2 balls hanging and was not sure if it was an apparition (was Greg in town?) She reckoned she had seen this twice and called it a day. However, Cannibal and Magic have since confirmed that they were no more than ant nests!

We were rewarded with a fantastic view at the top of the ridge and certainly worth a "Kodak moment". We saw the Menteri Golf Club and right across to Brunei Bay....... a sight not seen on the Ladies Hash.....

The sojourn to Perth had certainly sharpened Running Bare's skills in checking and she was rewarded by finding third check. The trails were well maintained (by the villagers, so we learned) and even had ropes along the sides of most inclines. Periodically there were signs with names and mobile numbers in case anyone needed assistance. And as we reached the top of the last hill a sign in malay gave encouragement and expressed that should you be tired, take a breather, have a rest before carrying on.

Shout up by JM Sarah B assisted by GM Ellin started orderly and Legally Blonde had a birthday card that sang given to her. Hashshit changed hands as Heather S's mobile rang during the shout up. Delicious curry puffs and a variety of dips were served up by the hares on a makeshift table and so the night went on. Thank you hares.

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens, Jln Muara, Kg Sg Hanching
HARES: Trailblazer/Cheryl/Alison