Tuesday, April 29, 2014


RUN NO. 2383
DATE: 22 APR 2014

A fine day for the ANZAC remembrance run as hashers gathered at the Sleazy Gardens site. With front horn held by Speedy Gonzalez and back horn taken up by Sue, hashers made their way out of the tall gates and up left on Tarmac heading towards the grassy path along the big drains. Screams and shouts were heard as hashers were treading over wet muddy paths, through tall grasses which eventually opened into green lush jungle. There were streams to cross as feet were submerged in cold muddy water.....squish, squelch on on. Soon the front runners came to the check point and it was the ever so agile Hash Hound who discovered the on on paper. Hashers moved onto rather hilly grounds alternating with steep and gentle downward slopes filled in some areas by slippery wet brown leaves, so hashers were able to challenge their co-ordination and balancing skills. In spite of that, luckily there were no injuries reported to joints or gluteus maximus, thus eliminating the need to have hashers being carried back for the rest of the run. After what seemed forever, the path suddenly continued to a long steep grassy slope before reaching the top onto clear grounds.

What a feeling of vastness combined with sensation of tightened gluteal muscles after the steep climb! Anyhow the path soon led onto tarmac again and the sounds of dogs barking alerted hashers that they were back in residential areas. A long walk on the tarmac ensued all the way to back to base as the sun was sinking into the horizons. All hashers made it back safely......

During the shout up, Hashers were then presented with a series of poems (by Twinkle Toes and Dr Doolittle) dedicated to those who had fought during the war, including those who never made it back......a one-minute silence was observed to honour the ANZAC day, followed by rendition of the New Zealand and Australian National Anthems performed by hashers from their respective nations.

Hashers then welcomed a new member, Jacyn who were first brought to the hash by her two sisters. Just when everyone thought that no hasher was to be bestowed with the Hashit on this special run, there was a huge gasp of disbelief when Judy , who was given a warm welcome as a returning hasher , was announced as the recipient for the Hashit for failing to sign out. After the shout up, the evening then proceeded to the ultimate indulgence into a beautiful array of barbecued burgers, fried onions, bread, cheese and salad, complemented by interesting desserts of pavlova, lamingtons and of course the Anzac biscuits.....(I think this was Zur's wish list!) Actual menu, compliments of the ANZAC team – roast leg of lamb, roast potatoes, pumpkin, kumera (sweet potatoes), peas with lots of gravy, coleslaw, green delicious salads followed by pavlova and Anzac biscuits.

Next week’s run is at the beautiful and spectacular Dadap waterfalls, and shout up will be at Never Wrong’s house at Bamboo Gardens. Hashers are invited to bring their swimming gear...if they so wish to languish glamourously in the exquisite pool....

On on.....!
Zur and Never Wrong

Monday, April 21, 2014

RUN NO. 2382 SPG 339 SUBOK 15 APR 2014

RUN NO. 2382

DATE: 15 APR 2014




A well known kiwi saying is "she'll be right". That seems appropriate as I was not expecting to do the run report and find my self army volunteered.


A popular kiwi institution is the committee. If you want to do something and you are not sure how to go about it, set up a committee. Therefore this run report will be written by committee. It was a new site at Subok for most of us. We parked our cars along the road with the more daring actually venturing into a large, somewhat rough looking paddock to park our vehicles. (Note again the Australasian influence on the words with the nomenclature "paddock".)


The entrance was flattish and led past a beautiful pool which aroused much admiration from passing hashers. Well done to Cheryl and Alison for finding first check and their call of "On On comma On paper"! It wasn't long before the climb commenced and it was up, up and up some more -- Definitely not for the faint of heart but on behalf of the gluteus maximus of each and every hasher there that day, I would like to say thank you hares. I am sure those muscles were visibly tighter the next day.


We meandered along ridges and just as one hasher was heard to anxiously ask, "Do you think it is an a to b?" we headed on down.


The final part of the run was very different also and it was most interesting to see Subok behind the scenes as we walked parallel to the main road. Thank you hares. A great and memorable run and 5 km on my phone. I prefer to use that measurement than my companions 4.8. km. Like fishing, hash results are always to be exaggerated in the retelling. Potties were given to Pee Wee for 250 runs and Hash Hound for 100 runs. Congratulations ladies!! Chit chat was welcomed back on a visit. Lovely dinner with an abundance of potatoes and other goodies. Delicious. Thanks again hares.


Next weeks run, Sleazy Gardens, don't forget your chairs.
HARES: Legally Blonde/Squeak/Twinkle Toes & friends 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

RUN NO. 2381 - SPG 370 - 8APR2014

RUN NO. 2381
DATE: 8 APR 2014

Thanks to the hares and host for a wonderful hash last week.

A celebration of happiness and thanks for the life of a fallen hasher Lee "Roadrunner" McGrail Jefford. A memorial hash enabling our members, past and present to reflect on Lee's life and untimely death here in Brunei and on the impact she had on others. Herself, I understand, having survived breast cancer and anorexia nervosa, she was an inspiration to others, encouraging a healthy lifestyle of good eating and good exercising, inspiring people around the jungle with her ever present little blue jay cloth in case of emergencies.

This was one well loved member of the community I decided, I can understand why her loss is so heavily grieved here.  So, fittingly, the ladies hash romped off into the jungle on Tuesday April 8th 2014 at 5:15pm sharp on spg 370/420 to exercise their little buns off, expand their lungs and flex their quads and then eat fish and chips for the 5th and last year (I was going to say without Lee but I think she is still here with us in the jungle).

One year from now a red dress run is planned on the date of this memorial run.

The run itself was beautiful, lush jungle, water crossing, hills, a bit of road, all a hasher could want. A good length, well marked and with craic and cheer along the way. On on on on on on on where ever you are H3.
This week......stretch your calves, the only way is up....baby.


Monday, April 07, 2014

RUN NO. 2380 DIPLO 1 APR 2014

RUN NO. 2380
DATE: 1 APR 2014

Good old Upper Diplo with a twist. A trail we haven't seen for a long time; connecting Upper Diplo with SPG 378 Jln Subok. A nice long stretch of a trail with a few tricky checks making some of the hens crawl up a few more hills than necessary, never the less loads of fun and all that hashing is about.

Whilst all hens chatted away a monster hill came to sight and slowed us down On Up and Up and Up was shouted...than called...later wheezed....followed by the only sound left...panting.

Continued through the fine Brunei jungle we got welcomed by half naked men at the end of the hill/ trail who had spun a little wire to flatten some ladies (no names to be called as promised) and therefore be helpful lifting them up on their two feet.

The bus was awaiting the hens for a safe route back to Upper Diplo where the On-On continued.

The rule book came out again with presentation of Hashit rules followed by the usual tossing of water over two hash offences: spoiling hash beer and not signing out. Trailblazer and Mew Sum took it
as real Hashers whilst chased by our very own JM Wonder Women.

For this weeks run the trail is moderate, not to long, not to short....making everyone on time for the Memorial run's On-On. As your committee we have decided that this 5th anniversary of Roadrunners passing aka Memorial run will be the final one. To some of you this might come as a shock; the primary reason for this is that it's still upsetting one (maybe more) of our members too much and when time passes we feel with lesser members knowing Roadrunner Lee Jefford a time has come to move on. We want all our members to enjoy the hash and once a day is becoming too emotional we should remember that there are other ways to remember our lost ones.

Therefore we have decided to continue next years second Tuesday of April with Red Dress Run! A run known all over the hashes for raising charity to a good cause of choice. We believe this is a great way to memorize all we have lost, all that have left the hash and all that we can help with our
friendship and charity!

Please for this last Memorial of Roadrunner ask those that may know her and explain this 5th Memorial will be the last in the ladies hash. We assume we have enough chair but just in case bring a chair or sit on the concrete! Hope to see you all.